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“Miss, it shouldn’t be difficult to catch Chuck Cannon.” The old man continued.

“It’s not that difficult, have you seen him?” Gracia Stewart snorted coldly.

“No, but I heard it’s not very good.” The old man was also an intelligence officer of Stewart.

He knows some about Chuck Cannon.

“Not so good? He can take that woman out in Stewart, don’t you think so?”

“Yes, you are right, Miss, but Chuck Cannon is still not qualified for you, Miss!”

“You didn’t fight him again, how did you know?” Gracia Stewart frowned and his mood fluctuated.

“The lady, do you mean you have already fought him?” The old man was astonished.

When Gracia Stewart was restocked, he knew that Gracia Stewart was a talent that could be cultivated. Now, this temperament is better than any descendant of the Stewart family.

Sixteen years of training, today has results.


“Then, with the strength of the young lady, it is easy to catch him or kill him, young lady, why didn’t you kill him?” The old man was unbelievable. Gracia Stewart actually met Chuck Cannon, so he should be killed immediately. what!!

Why is Chuck Cannon still alive?

“Why should I kill him?” Gracia Stewart hummed softly.

The old man was shocked, “Miss, what are you talking about? He trampled on Stewart’s majesty, and almost killed so many people in Stewart. It’s not a shame for us that he is still alive!”

“When I met him, I didn’t know who he was. Besides, he still…” Gracia Stewart pouted.

“What else is he? Miss, did he do something to you?” The old man was furious.

“No, he is not interested in me, and I am not interested in him, so nothing happened, don’t think too much,” Gracia Stewart pouted.

It was originally, Chuck Cannon suddenly appeared, and that night he slept in her own home and on her own sofa.

He snored, and the two of them have nothing to do, just like that kind of brothers and sisters.

Because of similar experiences, Chuck Cannon sees her as a brother, and Gracia Stewart sees him as a sister.

Even if you sleep together with your arms around, nothing will happen.

She was relieved, Chuck Cannon was also relieved.

Maybe this is how she understands him and understands his relationship afterwards.

“Huh,” the old man heaved a sigh of relief, “then I can rest assured, Miss, your body is noble, why is that kind of person qualified to touch? He can’t even touch the finger of Miss, he doesn’t have that. qualifications!!”

Gracia Stewart whispered in his heart?

Fingers? Is that guy still hooking her up?

There is really no difference between men and women.

“I know, I won’t let him touch it, not to mention, I’ll take him as a sister…” Gracia Stewart didn’t say it anymore, the sister’s words haven’t been said yet!

“Miss, what are you talking about?” The old man was shocked! What does it mean?

sisters? Isn’t Chuck Cannon a man?

He is an old man who can’t figure it out.

“I didn’t say anything, don’t tell the people in my family about what I came here for you.” Gracia Stewart warned this.

“Miss, don’t worry, my heart is honest towards you,” the old man said.

Gracia Stewart looked at him again and understood what he meant. He was standing in line now and felt that she could eventually become the head of the house.

“Wait, miss, what will you do now? See Karen Lee or Chuck Cannon?” the old man asked.

“Grandpa’s situation, there must be a problem, so I must see her, you don’t care what I see,” Gracia Stewart left after speaking.

She had already confirmed that after Karen Lee brought Adam Stewart, what did he do to Adam Stewart, then to save her grandfather, she must see Karen Lee!

Then, seeing Karen Lee directly is definitely not good, because Gracia Stewart knows that Karen Lee can defeat the number one master of her family. Also, she is a bit afraid of being young, it can be seen that Karen Lee’s strength is strong.

She will not underestimate anyone!

Then, only to see Chuck Cannon first, but she doesn’t know, is he still willing to see her?

No, it should be whether he wants to see him or not because he betrayed her. Otherwise, what is he running now?

So Chuck Cannon knew what was going on with her, and he didn’t know how to be grateful. She let him go, and he betrayed her.

So he is a bastard!

The more she thinks about it, the more Gracia Stewart gritted her teeth, Chuck Cannon, if you kill me alone, I will never end with you, forever!!

The old man was surprised and sighed, “Miss, as far as I know, Young Master Brayden has moved recently, so be careful!”

She must not hear these words. Thinking of this, the old man sighed even more. The family fight is terrifying!

He felt that if Gracia Stewart became the head of the house, then the house would improve faster, and it would not be impossible to surpass the Hudson!

After dozens of generations of the efforts of the Stewart, it has been suppressed by the Hudson after all, so for the Stewart to become the head of the three hidden families and the real world’s first family. It is just around the corner!!

He smiled relievedly, hoping that Gracia Stewart could do it.

What is Chuck Cannon doing here?

Brayden Stewart’s biggest opponent, Gracia Stewart, is also going to take the position of Patriarch. She is the Patriarch, so her own trouble is very big!!

So Chuck Cannon must help Brayden Stewart as soon as possible! Otherwise, he might be miserable.

Gracia Stewart is powerful!!

His mother has already done other things, and Logan also has other things to do. There is a task assigned to Chuck Cannon, which was actually assigned to Chuck Cannon and Black Rose.

Yvette Jordan wanted to follow, but Chuck Cannon refused.

The main reason is that Yvette Jordan also has other things to do, which is also assigned by her mother. She wants to help Chuck Cannon to solve her problems before doing her things, so hard work, of course, Chuck Cannon is not willing!

How can he make his wife’s life so hard?

What is Chuck Cannon going to do?

It’s actually very simple. The last time he failed to kill Gracia Stewart, Chuck Cannon was actually a little bit upset in his heart. When it was a critical time, he couldn’t do it.

Maybe, after knowing her, knowing her growth experience, he has regarded her as a confident friend in his heart.


He didn’t know what Gracia Stewart thought of him in her heart.

Chuck Cannon sighed, he could be regarded as solving another opponent for Brayden Stewart.

This time the opponent is not female, but male.

He found this opponent’s place through the information provided by Brayden Stewart.

It was a hotel. Brayden Stewart said that his opponent likes to play, so Chuck Cannon certainly knows that this only requires assassination.

This time it can definitely be done, Chuck Cannon discussed with Black Rose, and Black Rose said, “Brayden Stewart actually meant you to come and die, you understand?”

Black Rose was cold.

“Of course, I know, but he didn’t know that I would use this to die to exercise myself, how about it? Are there any good ideas?” Chuck Cannon treated it with a calm heart.

“Let’s get closer,” said Black Rose.

“Why don’t you pretend to be a couple,” Chuck Cannon thought of a way.

“F**k, who would pretend to be a lover with you?” Black Rose was annoyed. In her opinion, Chuck Cannon had bad intentions.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, “Sister, I call you sister, pretend, do you want to do a fake show with me?”

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