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“Do you want to eat bullets? I’ll give it to you for free.” Black Rose got fired, what a joke? Do I want to do a fake show with him?

Is there no other man in the world?

Even if it didn’t, I would definitely not!

“Okay, as long as you are willing.” Chuck Cannon smiled and pulled the Black Rose into the hotel.

“Let’s go!” Black Rose scolded.

“Don’t worry, what I said to you before has always been useful. After I said it, I won’t think of you. Don’t you believe me?” Chuck Cannon was sincere.

“Hmph, then you let me go, who let you grab my hand? Pretending to be a lover, don’t have to do this!!” Black Rose was indifferent.

“Then hug your waist?”

“Dare to hug me, I must shoot you to death!” Black Rose glared!

Chuck Cannon was speechless and stopped teasing her. This time he didn’t come to play, he came to assassinate.

“Well, just get closer to me. Is this anyway okay?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.


Black Rose was still far away from Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon could only force her to pull her close to her, and Black Rose broke free, but she also knew that this time was not a time for resistance, so she moved closer.

The two opened the room smoothly and took the elevator upstairs.

When Chuck Cannon came, he had already figured out how to do it, and when there were no innocent people in the room, he would throw a bomb in.

Everyone was going to die.

When this thought came out, Black Rose immediately denied, “You will be assassinated? Why don’t you call your mother and throw a missile over? Wouldn’t it be better to blow up this hotel?”

“So?” Chuck Cannon felt a little reasonable.

“Never do that kind of hurtful things, whether you are a killer or assassin, don’t touch innocent people, it’s too the bottom line.” Black Rose was serious.

“En,” Chuck Cannon was right when he accepted the lesson.

No wonder Black Rose can be the first female killer.

In addition to strong strength and rich experience, she is able to hold on to the bottom line, which is also an important reason.

Upstairs, top floor!

Chuck Cannon found the cordon, and many men in black clothes were holding hands. Seeing their cold eyes, they knew that they were all master fighters.

Still, the kind of powerful master of Stewart, to ensure that the descendants of Stewart having fun and will not suffer accidents.

The man who was barely an opponent of Brayden Stewart should be playing inside.

Looking at it now, it turns out to be a scene similar to a feast.

Definitely the wine pond meat forest inside.

Needless to say, Chuck Cannon also understands that everyone who knows how to play is like this. He is also rich now and can think of this kind of life.

In fact, Chuck Cannon’s current financial resources are too simple to host this kind of banquet. You can call a house of beautiful women, but if his mother knows then he will be beaten to death and scolded to death.

Chuck Cannon dare not! He doesn’t have that thought. After all, Chuck Cannon is also satisfied. He also has a few women, Queenie Carson, Kristen, Zelda Maine, and Alice.

No need anymore.

“How to get in? There should be an invitation letter?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“There must be. You wait here. I will go downstairs and steal invitations from a few people.” Black Rose went downstairs.

In this regard, she is a master, so Chuck Cannon just waited.

Sure enough, after a while, Black Rose took two invitation cards up there, which means she must have knocked the two people out.

“Is everything in the car just now? It’s a full-body scan when you go in,” Black Rose said coldly.

Chuck Cannon knew that he put down the dagger given by Alice and only had a few bombs in his hand, but this kind of bomb could avoid scanning, so it was fine.


“Take it away,”

When they arrived at the door, the bodyguard at the door raised his hand indifferently, “The man is casual, the woman is Bikini.”

Chuck Cannon was shocked, so not all of them are beautiful women?

He looks at the Black Rose.

Black Rose’s expression is cold, “I don’t wear it, I can’t go in with invitations? You let him out!”

I have to say that Black Rose became angry, with the kind of aura of the super-rich girl!!

These bodyguards looked at each other, a little dumbfounded!

“I’m showing it to you? Don’t you let me in?” Black Rose scolded!

Full of aura!

If it were an average woman, she would be obedient, but how could Black Rose be obedient?


The bodyguards were speechless, they discussed a few words, only scanned the Black Rose, no problem, and also scanned Chuck Cannon, no problem.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, but the bomb still couldn’t be scanned.

“Go in!” The bodyguard was indifferent.

The two went in.

Sure enough, Chuck Cannon was dazzled by the feasting, beauties’ paradise, but didn’t feel anything, because these women, compared with Logan and Yvette Jordan, are vulgar fans.

The gap is huge.

Black Rose looked at Chuck Cannon with pure eyes, she was taken aback, this guy didn’t look randomly!!

This was her accident. She thought Chuck Cannon would not be able to walk when he came in, but no.

“Where is that person?” Chuck Cannon was dumbfounded.

“Find it.”

“Look separately.” Chuck Cannon felt that there were too many people. When did they find this? ? Must hurry up.

“No, you have to be with me.” Black Rose refused directly.

No matter whether she can kill that person this time, her first priority is to protect Chuck Cannon’s safety!

In addition, compared with Chuck Cannon’s safety, nothing is worth mentioning.

“Okay, I won’t be separated from you,” Chuck Cannon was moved to tears.

“Are you going to die? Start looking!” Black Rose was annoyed.

But at this time, a handsome guy came over to talk to Black Rose, “Hi, beauty…”

The Black Rose was icy. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to have extra branches, and immediately pulled the Black Rose, “You are late, she is my woman!”

How many people passed it to Black Rose’s ears, she was very angry, she was Chuck Cannon woman? I am just his bodyguard!

Black Rose struggled, and the tighter Chuck Cannon grasped, she gave up. Well, Chuck Cannon grasped too tightly, so she couldn’t break free.

Thinking like this, Black Rose was not so angry.

“Beauty, are you blind?” The handsome guy frowned, disgusted to see Chuck Cannon, and hummed to find other women.

“Not letting me go?” Black Rose scolded.

Chuck Cannon shrugged. At this time, Chuck Cannon and Black Rose were looking for them quickly, but Chuck Cannon discovered that there were a lot of women standing at the door of a room, all of them beautiful and blonde.

The door kept opening, and some beautiful women happily ran out with money, as if they had encountered a big money.

Chuck Cannon, Black Rose looked at each other!

“I think it’s that room.” Chuck Cannon expressed his opinion.

“I think too,” Black Rose considered how to get in because there must be many beautiful women in it.

Assassination is not convenient.

Still have to consider, after all, they are descendants of the Stewart family, and security is not that simple.

Black Rose has her own way of assassination. In this case, if Chuck Cannon is not around, she will feel a little better, so she can easily enter, after all, she is a superb beauty!

But with Chuck Cannon by her side. She didn’t want Chuck Cannon to see anything. Chuck Cannon thought about going, so he’d better get closer before talking.

“Black Rose, let me take a look. Don’t go there. I’m worried that if you go in, you will be taken advantage of,” Chuck Cannon said seriously.

“You don’t take advantage of me, I’ll thank God,” Black Rose glared!

Chuck Cannon was speechless, but at this moment, someone spoke, “Hey, it’s so lively tonight, Chief Kim is looking for the most beautiful woman in the audience, who is it?”

Chuck Cannon looked at Black Rose, she was the most beautiful woman in the audience!

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