Chapter 699 – 670: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 699: Each shows its own skill

As the Wang domain began firing, the others followed. There were trillions of cannonballs in one round, blowing up the shield in chaos.

Perhaps the person who designed the Royal Star Shield didn’t expect to be surrounded by an army of more than two hundred trillion one day!

Trillions of shells impacted against the shield, and it seemed that it would be torn apart by endless cannonballs the next round.

Although the shield trembled terribly, it still tenaciously guarded the Royal Star.

If only the battleship cannons had been of the same level as the Divine Light Cannon of the Demon King army, the shield would have been broken in just one round firing; but it seemed that it would be difficult to destroy it within a short time for the weak power.

“Fire fiercely!” shouted Zhenglie Jiang.

“Boom boom boom!”

It was a battle of consuming, and the Jiang Family had to shoot the enemies as many as possible before the shield broke.

The subjects of the Wang Clan showed their material Asura bodies, and so did those old ancestors, and the front was billions of ghost slaves;

These ghost slaves had no form, hard to hurt by shells, and possessed Ghostly divine abilities, which were not as easy to deal with as Yan Wang had said.

The ghost slaves were sent to the war, which meant that their cannonballs were ineffective; while, the Jiang Clan was still attacking fiercely.

Together with the Royal Star’s reserves of shells and cannons, hundreds of millions of battleship cannons were bombarding in turn!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”


The front-most battleship was also the unluckiest, hit by thousands of cannonballs and directly exploded into pieces. Naturally, the people on the battleship were hardly spared, and even those who managed to survive were also crippled; besides, they also panicked in the face of the raging Asura ghost king and ghost slaves.

“Your Majesty!” said Yan, looking at Lin Wang.

“Don’t stop bombarding, all officers above the rank of Adjutant General charge!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Yan passed the order, and soon, millions of general grade cadres came to the forefront.

“Attack it hard!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Some people drew bows, some held swords, and some used spears.

Millions of strikes were launched in unison, and except for those strikes that were blocked by the Ghost King, all of them hit on the ghost slaves.

Although the attacks are powerful, there was a limit to them, so that was not a long-term plan.

“Huan Wang , Lei Wang, Teng Wang, Mou Wang…”

Lin called a dozen names in a row that all of them were direct descendants of the Wang Clan, or rather, these people were all once Lin’s older brothers.

“Your Majesty!”

Lin waved his hand, then a large golden sword appeared on each person’s hand, which was clearly a Treasure of Transcendence, the projection of the Chopper.

“Kill more!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

With the Treasure of Transcendence, their combat power skyrocketed, and even the Ghost King couldn’t stop even a single slash of that.

After that, Lin threw the Dao Chopping Blade to Yan, “This is the material Dao Chopping Blade. kill fiercely for me!”

I t was the Treasure of Transcendence, and Lin threw it to Yan without even thinking about it, which made Yan indescribably moved.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Yan said, “Charge!”

With the Dao Chopper in his hand, Yan was confident and full of energy, and he even thought that the Asura Ghost King was not a match for him; the number of ghost slaves was big, and a few warships were hit, so gradually, more the dead and wounded.

The other four powers also joined the battle and had many casualties.

Now they did not dare to stand by and watch because the Jiang Clan’s power was shocking and dreadful.

“Hahaha… Even you five clans together can not defeat my clan.”

Looking at their defeated and ash-faced appearance, the Jiang Family crowd was overjoyed; those ghost slaves were just resentful spirits, and they didn’t feel any pain even if they died more.

Dozens of Lords of the Jiang family were holding the projection treasure of the Ping Tian Mirror collecting the resentment spirits that died in battle and transforming them into new Asura ghost slaves.

Although the newborn Asura ghost slaves were only a tenth of the strength of their last lives, the Jiang family didn’t care; What they wanted was numerical suppression, a preemptive strike.

“Ah!” A soldier was grabbed and swallowed by the Ghost King.

“The fragrance of the living!” The power of the Ghost King who had swallowed a living surged.


A slash to destroy hundreds of thousands of ghost slaves, and Yan looked grave, for he indeed killed lots of ghost slaves, but the speed of their transformation was rapid, too; the attack of the Jiang Clan also cost them a lot.

It seemed that the Jiang Realm had taken control of the war.

Just when the Jiang Clan was complacent, a stream of light flew from the sky and smashed against the shield.


The huge impact instantly smashed through the shield, breaking the surface with a point, directly collapsing the shield and dissipating it into a dotted energy residue in the air.

The Jiang family stopped smiling, for then had no clue who attacked them.

The Treasure of Transcendence’s attending showed that there must be an emperor that interfered in this war under the table, and only the Treasure of Transcendence was able to break the protective shield.

Boom, boom, boom!

Without the protection of the shield, the Imperial Star was vulnerable.

The Transcendence Bone cut through space and returned to Lin’s hand, all the processes above had been going smoothly, and no one could guess that Lin had done that.

The other clans thought it was done by their own King in secret, so they were inspired and fought even harder.

“Attack hard!” Countless shells landed on top of the Imperial Star.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this point, the Imperial Star had just become a human purgatory, and countless people had died!

Lin took the opportunity to plunder the pneuma of fatality.

“Yes, kill them, and the more people die, the better!”

Lin could feel that his strength was progressing and improving.

“The dead is not enough. We need to kill more!”

Lin couldn’t stand this speed of dying, so he decided to accelerate it with the lives of his people. It was all worth it anyway, for his transcendent hegemony.

“All the generals listen to the order,” Lin shouted, “charge!”



As nearly a million billion generals charged as the bugle sounded through heaven and earth!


“Kill them all!”

Zhenglie also ordered and was holding the projection of the Governance Stage, charged ahead of the others.

The second stage, the third stage, the fourth stage!

“All ancestors, implement the decapitation strategy, please.”

He was ready to follow the strategy of the Demon King Army that decapitating the high-end battle force first and then turned to the rest.

Without the high-end combatants, the rest of the ordinary soldiers were just dishes on the plate; sooner or later, they would be theirs!

Demon Kris, who was hiding on the side, said, “These people are very good at learning, but they will have to suffer if the Jiang family implements this tactic.”

Xiu Chen nodded, “Although there are many soldiers of the five emperors, they are fighting for themselves separately, and it is easy for the Jiang Clan to defeat them one by one.”

“Did you guys see the magic weapon that broke the Jiang Clan’s Imperial Star just now?” Instead of focusing on the winner of the war, Yuan Kris kept trying to deduce whose magic weapon it was, but he had no clue.

“It should be one of the five emperors, right?” Kun Chen said.

“There is no hurry, for it sooner or later will be revealed in the Imperial War.” Fo Yang said. The others also nodded and refocused their attention on the battlefield.

“Throwing Beans into Soldiers, the Dao of the god spirit!”

Tianhe Ren waved the whip in his hand and named countless bean god spirits, each of which was comparable to the Supreme Lord’s stage; although the strength was not excellent, there were many of them.

But the consumption is also high.

Not only could the God Whip title god spirit, but also the physical body of the God Whip could title General of the Endless Stage, but the cost was high; so for years, Ren Realm didn’t dare to endlessly title Generals of the Endless Stage.


With these bean god spirits front, their pressure decreased a lot.

Xuanyuan was holding a Treasure of Transcendence –a projection magic weapon of the Spiritual Element Sacred Sword, and kept collecting the Spirit.

The Spiritual Element Sacred Sword could transform the Spirit into pure Spirit power and instill it into others. Therefore, the people of the Xuanyuan family have the strongest Yuan spirit power.

As a sword swing, countless soldiers’ spirits broke, and it specifically restrained these ghost kings and ghost slaves, the soul of many ghost slaves with weak cultivation even directly being broken.

But the ghost slaves were good things, for it was a source of the Spirit as long as deleting the ghostly energy.

Watching the Xuanyuan family’s people harvesting ghost slaves, the Jiang family was jealous and angry.

To say who the Jiang family hated most among the ten emperor clans, the Xuanyuan family must be top 1 on the list, for no one would like a family who restrained itself.

“Kill them!” Xuanyuan led his men to charge and kill.

Feeling a constant stream of Yuanling power pouring into his body, Zhen’s spirit was greatly lifted.

On the other side in the Zhang Realm, the general of the army, Gou Zhang held the Heavenly Imperial Jade Seal, on which were engraved words Commanded By Heaven, Both Longevity and Eternal Prosperity.

Comparing to the Heaven Turning Seal, the Heavenly Imperial Jade Seal was the seal of the emperor in the true sense.

The brilliant imperial Qi was also strong in restraining these Asura ghost slaves and ghost kings.

“With Imperial Qi protecting body, no attack could invade, and evils and demons would go away!”

The huge Heavenly Imperial Jade Seal transformed into a huge mountain-like square seal and moved towards the ghost kings and slaves.

“Boom!” millions of ghost slaves were killed in just one strike.

That was the power of the Heavenly Imperial Jade Seal, and it was much stronger than the Heaven Turning Seal, for this was the upper-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

When facing the treasure seal, it made you unconsciously feel awe and even want to kneel and submit to it.

But the Jiang family’s ancestors were not foolish; they opened their Asura bodies, and their combat power soaring wildly.


The upper battlefield split into tens of thousands of small war zones, hitting the space shaking, stretching for billions of miles.

Lin did not rush to strike but was waiting for the right moment.

Three or four hundred trillion people fighting, how many people must die? Every time thinking of this, Lin was excited since his Qi doppelganger might breakthrough after this battle.

He tried to restrain his excitement, and the Reverse Luck Bead was also in his hands; before he succeeded, he absolutely could not get carried away!

At the same time, under the Jiang Family’s Imperial City, the eighteen layers of Asura Hell.

Except for the Ghost King and slaves rampaging outside, the vast majority of them went into the belly of the Blood Grudge doppelganger.

Manipulating the Blood Grudge Doppelganger, Emperor Jiang gently squeezed his fist, and the space around his fist shattered. “click, click!”

“Hahahaha, power, this is the power I want; the Detachment Stage, the true power of transcendence!”

His body trembled; although it was a transcendence of his doppelganger, he had already felt the real stage of transcendence.

“It is meant to be our family; the winner is meant to be the Jiang Family.”

The accumulation of two million eras had finally paid off at this moment.

“Consolidate your strength well, I’ll reach out to the war, and when the time comes, I’ll kill them by surprise!”

Jiang Huang’s eyes flashed with an incomparably fierce gaze.

The Pingtian Mirror appeared in his hand, and with one step, he exited the Asura Hell!

Watching the fight in the outside world, Emperor Jiang narrowed his eyes.

The ink-black armor made of ten thousand ghost kings manifested outside his body; with great defensive power, it could also release ten thousand advanced ghost kings if necessary; it was powerful for both defense and combat.

Through the layers of space, he saw Lin, who was standing on the battleship.

“Concubine’s son Lin Wang, do you dare to fight?” said Emperor Jiang.

Chapter 700: All Performed Their Expertise

Lin Wang narrowed his eyes; his original soul was at Half-step of the Transcendence and was far powerful than that at the fulfilled period of the Normalization.

“You traitor Jiang, You have utilized your power to provoke the gods and abuse the subjects, and this day will be your last day alive.” as Lin replied, Yan Wang hastily returned the Dao Chopper to him.

Although the Dao Chopper was a prototype of the Treasure of Transcendence, that was also the Treasure of Transcendence and was much far powerful than the Spirit Weapon.

“Go to hell!” said Wang Lin, and then turned into a light shadow; the Qianyuan fighting techniques he cultivated was also one of the Achievement Methods that could contain thousands of divine abilities. A single slash with countless Divine Dao techniques and thousands of variations.

Emperor Jiang’s eyes wide opened, and he didn’t expect Lin had such a powerful Actual Body that even a little bit stronger than that of himself. However, Emperor Jiang wasn’t bad, for he was the Jiang family’s famous Shura Fighting Body. Once Emperor Jiang started the Fighting Body, his fighting power would increase tens of times; moreover, Emperor Jiang had the Pingtian Mirror, so any attacks launched out by Lin would be bounced back by the Pingtian Mirror.

Flicking the Dao Chopper away, Emperor Jiang sneered, “It’s useless. Although the chopper in your hand is violent, it’s not even a lower grade Treasure of Transcendence; it’s not a literal Treasure of Transcendence, and it has the strength of the Transcendence but no Transcendence power.”

Lin was resentful; he launched the Qianyuan Fighting, and hundreds of thousands of Great Tao collected altogether to a single slash, one slash after one, and stronger than the previous.

The Pingtian Mirror was formidable and able to rebound a large amount of attack, but what if Lin’s attack was strong and fast enough, so fast that it wouldn’t be able to reflect in time?

Lin also had a Fighting Body collecting various Daoist divine abilities to his body to complete multiplication of strength or a speed increase; although it was not as good as the Shura Fighting Body, it was not that bad. Lin’s Fighting Body was condensed for him by Supreme Lord, and he had never used it because of danger, but at a time like this, he couldn’t care less.

Emperor Jiang felt Lin’s attacks severe and powerful, and speed of Lin was getting faster and faster, so he didn’t dare to be reckless, “Shura Fighting Body on!”

Having restored his Shura Actual Body, Emperor Jiang’s strength was infinitely close to the Half-step of Transcendence; with the Shura Fighting Body on, his power surged again, directly reaching to infinitely close to the Transcendence. Although that power was short-lived and could not maintain long, it was enough to change the war.

“Say goodbye to the world!” Emperor Jiang laughed, and his speed was so fast that in that instant, it surpassed the speed of light.

“Shoo!” He put away the Pingtian Mirror and blasted wildly against Lin.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The galaxy trembled as an unknown number of stars shattered and turned into pieces.

Lin was in shock and suppressed by Emporer Jiang; even if he had the Dao Chopper in his hand and with his Fighting Body, he was still no match for Emperor Jiang, and he even wanted to pull out the Leg Bone.

“Be patient. It’s not the right time yet.” Lin thought to himself.

Lin was a little worried, although Emperor Jiang was in close combat with him, the Pingtian Mirror turned into a protective mirror that firmly protected Emperor Jiang, releasing a heaven-destroying divine light every now and then, which was very difficult to deal with.

Although the Leg Bone was powerful, it was only comparable to a mid-grade Treasure of Transcendence, and the Mirror’s defense was a little bit stronger than the Heaven Turning Seal, so it was hard to broke it.

“With an agreement on fighting against the Jiang family, now there is only me myself.” Lin thought to himself.

Just then, the Yao Clan, who had no much drive on this, was also involved in this combat between Lin and emperor Jiang. Mutian Yao was the Yao Clan’s Shepherd King who held an esteemed position in the Yao Clan and was also the commander-in-chief of Yao Forces and had been secretly observing the strength of the clans, which was also explained by emperor Yao.

The Yao Clan, also known as the Demon Clan in the old days, was a transition of demons; and the origin of the Yao Clan was the Golden Crow.

Mutian held a gourd in his hand, the God-Zapping Gourd, which was one of the Treasure of Transcendences.

The God-Zapping Gourd itself was a top-grade Treasure of Transcendence, and even if it was a projection, it was not much weaker than the Dao Chopper in Lin’s hand.

Lin was losing his ground. If Lin failed, Mutian people wouldn’t be able to reap any benefits, so Mutian said, “Marshal Xuanyuan, Marshal Ren, Marshal Zhang. Emperor Wang will lose his ground, so we should join him to fight against Emporer Jiang.”

Zhen Xuanyuan, Gou Zhang, and Tian Ren nodded; the five emperors joined forces to fight against Emporer Jiang, and they must win!

“Let’s knock him down.” Zhen wielded the Spiritual Element Sacred Sword, which could release thousands of Sword Energy to suppress the soul. Even if someone at the Half-step of Transcendence hit by it would be spirit-flesh-apart, and that was the horror of the Sword of Spiritual Energy, for it was striking the Sun Soul.

The Jade Seal in Gou Zhang’s hand turned into a mountain and blasted towards Emperor Jiang.

“Whip of Ten Thousand Gods.”

The God Whip gathered the will of thousands of god spirit, and in front of this will, even heaven and earth had to bend, let alone human beings.

“Get out of my sight!” Emperor Jiang roared as his Shura Fighting Body erupted with great power.


A fist struck on the Heavenly Emperor’s Jade Seal, and the immense force directly sent it flying for thousands of miles; the Pingtian Mirror on his chest also rebounded Sword Energy back.

“Watch out!” Zhen shouted because he did not expect that the Pingtian Mirror could even rebound spirit-type attacks. It was no wonder that people said the Pingtian Mirror was the supreme Defence Treasure of Transcendence; as long as the attack did not exceed its limit, any attack could be bounced back by the invulnerable magic weapon.

“What to do next?”Zhen asked as he wielded his sword repeatedly to counteract his attacks rebounded by Pingtian Mirro, and he didn’t know how to go on attacking for a while.

Emperor Jiang was like a hedgehog to the Zhen people, and they didn’t know where to put their fingers.

“The sky cannot blind my eyes, and the earth cannot bury my heart; how can a mere will of the Divine Tao make me submit? I am the Emperor, the Peerless Supreme Lord of the Jiang Realm.”

As he did to the Jade Seal, Emperor Jiang blasted the God Whip away, and Tianhe was shaken by the recoil, spitting out blood. Tianhe’s starting point was correct, but he forgot that the man before him was the Emperor of the Jiang Realm; as Emperor Jiang said, Emperor Jiang was the Peerless Supreme Lord, and countless beings had to bow to him.

In a way, the Imperial Throne was top rank among the God Spirit Tao, and it was no wonder that the God Whip also was non-effective to that.

“Huh, what familiar words, it seems a bit pretentious!” Demon Kris couldn’t help but laugh, and he remembered he read it from a book, “Just being infinitely close to the Transcendent, and how could he be so arrogant and say such things.”Demon Kris thought.

They all understood what Demon Kris was talking about except for Nan Chen, so he muttered, “That’s quite a domineering statement.”

North Kris smiled, “I have the full version of that proclaim; do you want to hear that?”

“Do you?”

Nan was instantly interested, “Please tell me, Master North Kris.”

“Well, listen up then.”

North Kris said, “I want this sky to no longer blind my eyes, I want this earth to no longer bury my heart, and I want all the gods and Buddhas in this sky to vanish into smoke.”


Chen Ye and the others felt goosebumps, wondering how proud the person saying this should be.

Xiu Chen and the others laughed, for they had read it, too; it was indeed arrogant. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was the Other Realm of the Chaos World, they would have doubted if Emperor Jiang had been to the universe they lived in.

“Watch on; it’s getting interesting.”

Yuan Kris said, “These people haven’t performed their expertise, and only with the power they are showing now, it’s not quite possible to defeat the Jiang Realm.” then, the rest all agreed.

Emperor Jiang’s power was overwhelming, and he resisted the strike of the five people; so did the Jiang Family’s ancestors, but there got casualties on both sides!

“My majesty. Kill them!” one voice came from nowhere.

“Brothers, kill all these invaders.” came another.

“All generals and brave soldiers, charge!” Zhenglie once again beat the marching drums, “Bom


The drum was a magic weapon that boosts morale, and its sound arose the passion of the army.


A line of warriors rushed ahead, and with Asura ghost kings and ghost slaves flying around, and it looked like the alliance of the five powers would be suppressed.

“Guys, now we have to perform our expertise and kill the Jiang Emperor as soon as possible; otherwise, we don’t know what will happen!” Tianhe said as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and he knew that he looked down on Emperor Jiang before; once the alliance of the five emperors was routed, with Jiang’s ancestors joined in, they would fail sooner or later.

The rest four also understood that they had underestimated the Jiang family’s deposit and strength before the battle.

Zhen took a deep breath and activated the Spiritual Elemental Sacred Sword then a mysterious power came from the sword. Infused with Spiritual Element, his sun soul exceeded the Half-step of the Transcendence and was infinitely close to the Transcendence, and his power skyrocketed by dozens of times!

“We must be quick. I can only last for two hours,” said Zhen, for once the exceptional function was non-effective, Zhen would be knocked back to his original, or even weaker than that.

With that, Zhen carried the Spiritual Element Sacred Sword and charged forward.

“Emperor Jiang, look here!” Mutian said, and Emperor Jiang turned around.

“Whoosh!”A flying sword that flew out of the God Zapping Gourd in a sudden and reached to Jiang’s.

“Ding!” The Pingtian Mirror on his chest released a soft glow, enveloping Emperor Jiang in it.

The God-zapping Flying Daggers were rebounded, but after being rebounded away, it turned into ten and then became a hundred; finally, Emperor Jiang was surrounded by countless flying daggers, and the sound of “clanging” was incessant.

“Shura Divine Fist.” Emperor Jiang uttered.


The fist shattered countless flying swords, but there were more swords formed.

Mutian frowned and bellowed in a low voice, “What are you guys waiting for? Come, get him!”

And at that moment, Zhen waved the Spiritual Element Sacred Sword towards Emperor Jiang.

“Now, break!”


Sparks flew everywhere when the Pingtian Mirror once again rebounded his attack, but Zhen clearly felt that the rebounding power was much weak than that before.

“What caused this? Is it because the flying daggers keep attacking and the Pingtian mirror needs more power to bounce back the attacks?” Zhen thought to himself, and then he got an inspiring, “Now, it’s time, for the rebounding force of the Pingtian Mirror become smaller.”

“Incense covering body!”

Tianhe also had people in Ren Realm worshipped him, the power of incense was endless, and the God Beating Whip in his hand could easily extract the power of incense to himself. The Half- step of Transcendence, infinitely close to transcendence; He was even ambitious enough to break through the Normalization to Transcendence, but it was not easy.

One-tenth of the incense was used up; Although it was heartbreaking, the power was stronger than ever, and unlike Zhen, as long as the incense of the Ren Realm continued, Tianhe’s power would not diminish; the only drawback was that it was a huge drain on his physical body, and the incense was actually poisonous; so they all needed to spend some time to detoxify themselves when they used the incense to cultivate.

“Kneel!” Tianhe couldn’t care less; after his power increased, his confidence improved, too.

One after one of the God Whip struck Emperor Jiang, and although they were all bounced back, the bounce was indeed slowly weakening.

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