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Chapter 7 – 8: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 7: Her choice

Colin smiled gently. Home, this word let him feel very warm.

“I’ll drive it!” Colin took the driver’s seat.

Doris agreed and went to the co pilot. She was just about to open the door. Barr said again.

“You must think clearly. If you marry me, you will have Martin family behind you and get what you want. If you are with this trash, you can only be humiliated. I have seen the situation today. You should know which is good by comparison.”

Barr looked at Colin in the car, “you choose him or me?”

Doris didn’t even look at Barr. She threw away his hand and sat in the car.

Barr looked at his hand and was stunned.

Colin smiled. He was very happy that Doris chose him.

Barr collected himself and shouted at the window, “Doris, why did you choose him? He can’t give you happiness at all!”

Doris raised the window and said, “because he is my husband.”

With that the windows was closed. Barr can not see her or hear the voice.

And Colin was excited. She said “husband” again.


Doris saw Colin. She was suddenly shy, “Let’s go.”

Colin coughed, “Well!”

No hurry! Doris would be his sooner or later!

They started and drove away.

But Barr, standing in the same place, can’t believe this scene. Doris admitted that Colin the rubbish was her husband!

On the way, Doris said suddenly: “I rent a house outside. You live with me!”

Colin tightened the steering wheel in his hand.

He knew that Doris quarreled with her family for his sister. Now she went out to rent a house by herself and let him live together at the same time. Colin was heartache and moved.

“OK.” Colin answered.

How can he let Doris go?

According to Doris’s instructions, they came to an old community.

Doris took Colin to the third floor. The house was 60 square meters with two bedrooms.

“You live in that one.” Doris pointed to the bedroom near the inside.

Colin nodded, and Doris went back to her bedroom.

Oh! He thought it was living together, but they still lived separately.

Colin looked around. Although it was clean and tidy, it was far worse than the place where they had lived before.

He didn’t want Doris to suffer. She deserved better!

It seemed that he had to go to the sales center tomorrow.

As soon as he turned around to go back to his room, he heard a voice from Doris’s room, “dear…”

Colin opened his eyes immediately. He was excited, and dare not turn around to see.

Then the voice sounded again, “honey, what about today’s family meeting?”

This was Flora’s voice, and they were communicating in video.

Colin immediately felt a basin of cold water drenched down. He thought too much!

Take it easy. There would be such a day.

Colin listened for a while. Flora didn’t say that he bought a car today, so he was relieved.

After that, he went back to his room, washed himself and lay in bed.

Now thinking about it, he was really jealous of Flora. If he had such a good relationship with Doris, he would laugh from the dream.

The next day, Colin found that Doris had gone to work.

The breakfast was on the table which was cooked by Doris and there was a note, “don’t forget to have breakfast.”

Looking at this simple sentence, Colin felt that he was happy. Did this mean that his relationship with Doris was close. Doris even cared about his breakfast.

After breakfast, Colin went straight to Tianbei hotel.

Today, his father Abe asked him out.

On the top floor of Tianbei Hotel, Colin knocked on the door of a presidential suite.

As soon as the door opened, Colin saw Abe in pajamas.

Abe was very excited when he saw Colin,” Colin, you are here. Come in!”

Colin into the room, looked around, “the house is very well, so luxurious.”

Abe was embarrassed, “no, are you still blaming me?”

“I don’t blame you. Do you believe it?” Colin sat on the sofa casually.

Abe was even more embarrassed, “Colin…”

Colin said coldly.”I know that you have difficulties, but I don’t want to know what they are because I can’t understand. It doesn’t matter. After all, we are related by blood. “

Abe didn’t know what to say for a while.

It was quiet for a long time, and Colin just said, “I have one request.”

“You say. Two or three are OK!” Abe was a little bit happy. It was a good thing that Colin had requests.

Colin glanced at him and said, “I can accept, but I’m used to living here. I don’t want to leave Tianbei City for the time being.”

“No more?” Abe was a little surprised.

Colin nodded,” if you think it is not good, we shouldn’t bother each other in the future. You can think you don’t have me as your son. “

Abe said with a smile immediately: “no problem! Absolutely no problem

How can he not agree such a simple request?

After that, Abe told Colin about his so-called bitterness and past events.

At this time, Colin knew that his mother was Viola Harris, and his father was the richest man in Jing City and a great figure in the business world.

Abe got up and took out a stack of documents from his bag and handed them to Colin. “This is our property in Tianbei City, and now it’s all handed over to you.”

Colin was surprised.

Looking down at a pile of documents, he thought his parents had some money at most, but they still had property.

Colin was in a trance, feeling he suddenly becoming a prince!

Abe took a glance at Colin, and said, “Marquis group, this is our family.”

Colin was shocked again. Marquis group was one of the two largest groups in Tianbei City. It had many branches and cooperated with many companies.

It was no wonder that the boss of the 4S store gave him a car yesterday. The boss must want to establish a good relationship or cooperate with him. Or the boss was the partner.

Abe introduced Marquis group briefly, then ask his man to buy suits, and then took Colin to the company to hold a meeting. The whole process took only a few hours.

After everything was finished, Abe left because he had something urgent to deal with.

When Colin collected himself, he has already stood in the chairman’s office.

Colin looked around the office, and then went to the French window, looking at the endless stream of traffic in the distance. He was in a daze.

During these two years, he worked hard, but God was just joking with him. All the opportunities didn’t belong to him. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t succeed!


Now it was different. He was the chairman of Marquis group, so that all his ideas and aspirations can be realized!

Colin was excited to clench his fists. From now on, he would make the people he loved live a good life.

They would not drive a rotten Changan car or live in a only 60 square meters house. They would not be afraid to get sick because of lack of money!

At this time, the beauty assistant Nina knocked on the door of the office which let Colin return to his mind.

Colin, looking at the door, said, “come in.”

Nina was dressed in a professional suit. Her figure was even better than Flora. She had no expression on her face. She was cold beauty. “Chairman, what can I do for you now?”

Chapter 8: Buy villa

Colin raised up his eyebrows, “go around.” The group was so big that he needed to get familiar with it.

Seeing this, Nina had to follow. She sighed in her heart that a good group had to be handed over to such a dandy. Didn’t he ruin the future of the whole group?

Anyway, she was paid. Besides, he was the second generation of rich people. What can she do?

Colin was curious, looking around, as if in a tour.

On the way, he met many managers in charge. When they saw him, they would greet him respectfully and call him “chairman”.

Colin was not used to it at the beginning, but he got used to it after he was called many times.

At this time, Colin has gone to the purchasing department, and heard the conversation in the purchasing department office.

“Manager Xu, our company is very sincere. You see…”

Manager Xu laughed, “Flora! Sincerity is more than just talk. And there are more people who are sincere than you.”

“The sincerity that manager Xu said is…” Flora asked carefully.

Manager Xu’s eyes have been on Flora’s thighs, “Flora! You know what I’m talking about when you’ve been in society for so long, don’t you? “

Flora noticed manager Xu’s eyes and her face darkened suddenly.

“Manager Xu, I’ll talk about the cooperation another day. I have something else to do. I’ll go first.”

Flora got up and wanted to go out and was stopped by manager Xu.

“Now that you’re here, don’t leave.” Manager Xu leered at Flora, “We can continue the cooperation. As long as you stay with me one night today, we will definitely cooperate with your company next time.”

Doris had video chat with Flora every night. Flora’s voice was so familiar that Colin can’t be wrong!

Colin roared immediately, “Nina!”

Nina glanced at the office, wearing high-heeled shoes, and walked to Colin, “chairman.”

“Deal with it. I don’t want it to happen again.” Colin said coldly.

He just came to the company on the first day and knew such a thing. He absolutely can’t bear!

What was more, it was Doris’s best friend Flora!

Of course, if it was other woman, he would also deal with it. Since the company was his, he would never allow such things to happen.

When manager Xu heard Colin’s roar, he was so scared that he didn’t dare to move.

Flora took the opportunity to go out of the office and wanted to thank the man who helped her. As a result, she only saw the back and Nina.

Seeing the back, Flora’s heart thumped.

Wait! Why did I feel a little familiar with this man?

Have I seen him?

In the chairman’s office, Nina reported after dealing with it. After reporting, she looked at Colin and wanted to say something.

Colin raised up his eyebrow, “what’s the matter?”

Nina thought for a moment and said, “manager Xu is an old man of the company. In addition, he has both ability and connections. If he was fired directly…”

“So you don’t think he should be fired?” Colin asked calmly.

Nina frowned and said, “just give him some punishments.”

Colin snorted. “I will never leave such a person in the company.”

Nina opened her mouth but said nothing at last.

At this time, Colin asked, “what kind of business did that person come to talk about just now?”

“It’s about building materials,” Nina replied dutifully. Then she handed Colin a piece of information.

Colin looked over and found that the quotation of building materials was relatively low, so he signed directly and threw it to Nina.

Nina frowned more tightly when she saw this. This kind of rich second-generation dandy liked to be emotional. He was irrational when he saw a beautiful woman.

But Colin was not like this. He knew building materials. After reading the information, he signed it only when he thought it was feasible.

“By the way, inform the top management and let them don’t disclose my identity for the time being.”

Nina did not like Colin, but she still nodded, “OK, chairman.”

Colin did not want to be too ostentatious now. He understood a tall tree caught the wind!

He would not disclose his identity until he was in charge of the group completely.

After Colin asked Nina to do some things, he left. he gave Nina a lot of authority to deal with many things for him, so he didn’t have to worry about the company for the time being.

After leaving the company, Colin remembered that he had to buy a house for Doris, so he stopped a taxi and went to the sales center of Lanbo port.

The houses in Lanbo port had the highest prices in Tianbei City, with the largest number of green residential areas and high-tech facilities and equipment, which were favored by all kinds of rich people.

At the moment, only a few people were looking at the house. It can be seen that rich people can really afford to live in this place.

As soon as Colin went in, a saleswoman in professional clothes came over and said, “Sir, do you want to see the house? We have a lot of Suites here. “

Colin nodded. He can’t adapt to the enthusiasm of the salesperson.

When he went to buy a car before, he was looked down upon by people because of his clothes. Now he just wore a famous brand suit. These people treated him like he was their parents!

The salesman asked with a smile, “this way, sir. What kind of apartment do you want to see?”

Colin had a look, and said: “the scenery is good. The floor is a little higher. The area is big.”

“This way, the 28th floor of six buildings in phase one. It is 200 square meters. It can meet your requirements.”

Colin nodded, “not bad.”

After a pause, he asked, “do you have larger one?”

The salesman was stunned for a moment, then ecstatic. The salesman introduced: “the bigger house is in the villa area over there.”

Colin looked and found that the environment of the villa area was even better than that of the community. In addition, the area was large, so he nodded and said, “the villa!”

The salesman was so excited. This villa was worth five million dollars! Her commission was at least 100000 dollars. Even if there was no commission in the next three years, she would not be worried!

“All right, sir. Just wait for a moment. I’ll go and get the contract for you.” The salesperson tried to keep calm and went to deal with the contract.

Colin was waiting in place and saw other buildings.


A voice full of surprise and anger sounded.

Colin turned around. He was some speechless.

How did he meet Dean again? Can’t he avoid him?!

Dean thought so. At the moment he saw Colin, the embarrassment he had yesterday made him cry out subconsciously.

Because of this roar, people in the hall heard it and looked at them.

Colin looked at Dean lightly, and thought Dean should be to talk about cooperation.

Dean came over and said, “Colin! Are you rich now? Come here to buy a house? “

And then he sneered.”Can you afford it? Don’t think that if you can afford a car, you can afford a house. The houses here are three or four million dollars! “

He thought that even if Colin was rich now, he had two million dollars at most. It was impossible to have more money.

Colin didn’t want to pay attention to Dean. But seeing his arrogant appearance, he sneered: “Oh, because I have money, you don’t pay back the money?”

Dean ground, “don’t you know what the life I have? You still let me pay back the money? “

Colin shrugged, “I do not know, and I do not want to know.”

“You!” Dean was so angry.

Colin looked at his briefcase and asked, “Talking about cooperation? What cooperation? With Lanbo port? “

“It’s none of your business!” Dean glared at Colin and said, “hum! When my company cooperates with Marquis group, my situation would be changed completely. And then your two million dollars is nothing for me! “

Lanbo port was a small branch of Marquis group.

Colin raised up his eyebrow. Dean wanted to cooperate with Marquis group? That was easy.

He ignored Dean, and called Nina directly.

At this time, Dean noticed Colin’s clothes and said sarcastically, “Oh! You think you are rich now? You learn from others to wear clothes of famous brands. Do you really regard yourself as a rich man? “

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