Chapter 7: On the Alert: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Me, Grandma, I’d like to go!”

“Let me do the negotiation, Grandma, I have a lot of negotiating experience!”

“I’m willing to go too!”

People present all raised their hands no matter whether they could or suitable to negotiate or not. But only Mary Su did not raise her hand, because she knew that even if she raised her hand, this opportunity of negotiation and cooperation would not be her turn.

The old lady of the Su family looked at the enthusiastic crowd, she nodded her head without a trace, and with a smile on her face, she pointed at Hai Su, who was standing at the side and said, “In my opinion, I’ll just let Hai Su get this opportunity.”

“Hai, tomorrow, you should go to Huanyu Group to negotiate.”

“Thank you, grandmother.”

Hai Su ran up to the stage hastily to help the old lady step down. He was almost grinning from ear to ear.

After Kris Chen returned home, he went to bed early. He could face what happened during these days with a positive attitude. In the past, he had no money. Now that he became rich, then all problems were no longer be trouble.

Being a rich man, Kris Chen felt he has deeper pockets, and he slept particularly well this night. The next day, Kris Chen got up early in the morning. After making breakfast and cleaning up, he rode his new scooter to go to Huanyu Group.

When he woke up in the morning, he received a message from his middle uncle that Huanyu Group’s secretary of the President, Xue Mi, was already waiting for him at the company.

This kind of feeling was really good. Kris Chen was so delighted that he even whistled and arrived at the Huanyu Group.

Huanyu Group was located in the most prosperous area of Westriver City, and this Huanyu Building was also developed by the real estate company of the Chen family.

Looking at the rows of luxury cars at the entrance, Kris Chen looked for a parking space, locked up his scooter, and then walked towards the front gate.

“No, no matter what, I can also be considered as a CEO, I can’t ride a scooter to work in the future, that’s too disgrace. What if the company’s artists saw me, then I would be a joke.”

Kris Chen thought as he walked, within a few seconds, he heard an ear-piercing sound of tires rubbing against the ground behind him, followed by a loud sound.

He turned around to see that a Mercedes-Benz G350 and his scooter had come into close contact.

The large and heavy car Benz G350 directly ran over his scooter, crushing the scooter under the car.

His scooter was so overwhelmed that it was crushed into two pieces directly.

Damn, this is my new scooter! How can it be chopped now! I couldn’t even send it to repair.

I’m having a bad year. How come everything can’t even get along with my own scooter.

The loud noise drew the attention of all the passersby around the area. They stood in a circle around the periphery, waiting to see what was going on.

At this time, the door of the big Benz G350 opened, and a woman wore sunglasses with a tall figure got off from the car.

“This parking space isn’t for electric vehicles, don’t you know?”

“Wow, she’s pretty and cool.”

“This beauty is cool enough to drive a Benz G350.”

Such screams were endless, especially after this beauty took off her sunglasses came to the peak.

“Rui Liu?”

Kris Chen frowned. He didn’t expect her really come to the company to sign up. He wanted to hold accountable, but he thought that she would soon become the company’s artist, so he didn’t intend to fuss about at this time. After all, an artist’s image was very important.

Kris Chen hadn’t spoken yet. Rui Liu spoke first, “Look at the lousy car you parked, if your scooter punctured my tire, see how much you need to compensate me!”

Rui Liu was heartbroken, the Benz G350 cost her more than two million dollars, and it’s rubbed in less than one week after she bought it, especially the electric car was crushed under the tires. How much would it cost to change a tire if it’s punctured?

“My car didn’t move at all, you hit it yourself …” Kris Chen threw up his hands, helplessly, “How can you blame me while you are the one to be blamed!”

“What are you guys doing around here?” At that moment, a group of security guards came over.

The head of security squeezed through the crowd. He froze when he saw the scooter that was crushed under the Benz G350 tires. How could the scooter hit this Benz G350? This woman was so beautiful and drove a two-million-dollar Benz. She looked like someone he couldn’t mess with.

In a second, the head of security already made a decision.

“Where are you from? Don’t you know you can’t park an electric vehicle in front of Huanyu Group?” The head of security pointed at Kris Chen’s nose and roared, “You better wrap up your scooter, or I will take coercive measures.”

“Wow, you scared me, who said people can’t park an electric vehicle here?” Kris Chen’s eyes went cold as he looked at the security and said, “I won’t leave here today, and I’ll see what you can do!”

“When I say no, then you can’t!” The head of security was authoritative, “If you don’t cooperate, then don’t blame me.”

At this time, the security behind him already had the electric baton in his hand, and looking at his momentum, if Kris Chen didn’t cooperate, maybe he wouldn’t be able to miss a beating.

“I’m here to sign a contract with Huanyu Group, I didn’t expect my car would be rubbed on the first day, if that’s what the company’s security can do, you wait until I signed a contract, and I will report that to my superior.” Rui Liu crossed her arms and said indifferently.

The security’s heart trembled. He didn’t expect that the lady in front of him was a new artist in the company if he couldn’t satisfy her, then his own position would be dangerous.

At this point, the security came to Rui Liu’s side hastily. He nodded and smiled, “I’m sorry, lady, this is my negligence! I will give you an explanation, please don’t be mad.”

“Hmm,” Rui Liu answered softly, crossed her arms, and waited to see how he would handle it.

After that, the security looked at Kris, his face instantly changed, and yelled, “I command you, apologies to this beautiful lady, or I’ll make you look ugly!”

“It’s not my fault, why should I apologize to her?” Kris sneered, “Besides, I’m also an employee of the Huanyu Group, what qualifications do you have to command me?”

“You’re an employee of the company too?” The security was stunned, he looked at Kris closely, but he didn’t seem to remember who Kris was.

“Kris Chen, enough, in order to preserve your ridiculous manly dignity, you lied that you are an employee of Huanyu Group, shame on you.” Rui Liu looked at Kris with disdain and said, “Fine, I’ll just take you as an employee of Huanyu Group. He’s not qualified enough to command, the company’s deputy director should be able to command you, right?”

Saying that Rui Liu took out her cell phone to make a call and hung up after she said a few words. Not long after, a woman in professional attire and high-heels stepped out of the company.

This well-preserved woman was in her early thirties with white skin. If it not for the faint crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes exposed her age, Kris would think she’s only in her 20s.

“Director Xu.”

After Fang Xu came out, all the security guards were astounded. They didn’t expect this new artist would know the Vice Director of Huanyu Group.

The head of security thought fluky, “Luckily, I didn’t make a mistake, this pretty really has some relationships. If she speaks to Director Xu casually, my position as the head of security would be removed in a second.”

“Sister,” after seeing Fang Xu, Rui Liu went forward quickly. She was able to sign up for Huanyu Group thanks to her sister Fang Xu; without this relationship, it probably wouldn’t have been that easy for her to enter the Huanyu Group. Although beauty was her capital, but beautiful women abounded in the entertainment industry, so she was nothing in comparison.

Fang Xu nodded her head and said, “Who is Kris Chen?”

“That’s him,” Rui Liu said and pointed at Kris, who was standing beside.

Fang Xu turned to look at Kris, “Apologize to Rui now.”

What? You want me to apologize to her? Are you kidding me?

Although Kris smiled, his eyes grew even colder, “Do you understand the cause and effect of this matter? If you don’t understand, please speak like that after you figured it out.”

“Damn, this brother is awesome, he dares to talk to Director Xu like that,” the security guard beside whispered.

“Stupid pig, in Huanyu Group, it would be better if you mess with big names rather than Fang Xu, this saying didn’t come out of nowhere.”

Fang Xu was speechless, then she frowned and pointed at Kris Chen, “I don’t care which department you’re in and whoever is your superior. But what I can tell you is that from now on, you’re no longer work in the Huanyu Group, you’re fired! Hurry up and apologize to Rui Liu and get out.”

What? Ask me to get out? This was definitely the biggest joke that Kris had heard today, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Crazy, he’s insane,” Rui Liu looked at the laughing Kris. She felt so disgusting as if she saw a fly, “today and is the good day for me to sign my contract with the Huanyu Group. It’s my bad luck to run into a madman like you, I’m not going to hold you accountable. You get out from here right now.”

Fang Xu, who was standing at the side, gave the security a look, and the security understood immediately, he waved his hand, “Arrest this boy and bring him to the security room”.

After getting the order, a group of security surrounded Kris in the middle and stared at him wickedly.

At this moment, a loud horn came behind the crowd. A Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the crowd with a sharp brake.

Immediately afterward, a good-looking woman in her early twenties dressed in a black professional attire walked out of the car and pushed the security guard who blocked her way. She came to Kris and said respectfully, “Mr. Chen, I’m sorry, I’m late”.

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