Chapter 71 – 72: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 71: Handcuff him!

Colin Ward looked at the man in front of him coldly.

He still said arrogantly, “Gee, you have an exaggerated opinion of your abilities. This is Martin group, you …”


Colin Ward raised his hand and slapped him.

“You are so nonsense!”

Colin Ward’s slap was very strong. After he was slapped, he felt stunned and became furious. “Fuck you! I want to kill you! “

With this, he lifted his foot and kicked it out sideways.

Unfortunately, as soon as his feet were lifted, Gerd Ward kicked him in the chest, and then he flew out.

“Ah! Ouch!”

The man who flew out upside down hit several people, and all of them fell to the ground.

When he fell to the ground, he rolled his eyes and then passed out.

The twenty or thirty people were all stunned.

Wasn’t this man Lord Martin’s bodyguard?

Didn’t he just say that he was the taekwondo black belt nine?

Did he faint when he was kicked? Were you fucking kidding me?

Everyone had retreated.

Colin Ward looked at these people with calm eyes.

Looking at the video at the office, Barr Martin was shocked after seeing this scene.

The long-haired man was his royal bodyguard, and he was the eighth black belt of Taekwondo. He really had some strength. But he was knocked unconscious by the man behind Colin Ward. Was he really fucking sick?

Doris Lee also showed a shocked face, but her expression was much better than Barr Martin’s. She only recently saw Gerd Ward’s prowess.

At this time, someone in the video yelled, “We have many people, what are we afraid of? Let’s beat him together! “

Seeing this, Doris Lee began to feel worried again.

In the face of so many people, even if Gerd Ward was so powerful, he was only a person, if …

However, the next scene shocked Doris Lee to widen her mouth and it Barr Martin stunned.

Twenty or thirty people with sticks all wanted to hit Gerd Ward.

Gerd Ward did not dodge and let these people beat him, but he still stood there and never moved.

Those people were shocked and became less and less imposing.

Gerd Ward grunted and raised his hands. All the people standing on both sides of him flew out. Whenever he kicked his feet, a person would be kicked out by him.

Everyone was extremely shocked.

Wasn’t him too fucking strong?

After a while, none of these twenty or thirty people were still standing.

Colin Ward walked over everyone who was in the way with a straight face, and then walked to the elevator.

Barr Martin in the office suddenly felt flustered after seeing this scene. As he walked along, he picked up his coat and said, “Doris, let’s see. Before long, I will make Colin Ward to his true face and let him continue to be the waste. “

Doris Lee stared helplessly at Barr Martin. She seemed to want to say something, but she didn’t say it. She just watched Barr Martin open the door and run away.

Shortly after Barr Martin left, Colin Ward kicked open the office door and saw Doris Lee lying on the sofa.

“Doris…” Colin Ward jumped directly and picked up Doris Lee. He found her soft and asked anxiously, “Are you all right?”

Doris Lee shook her head, and suddenly saw Colin Ward’s hospital gown turn red, knowing that his wound was broken, which made her full of apologies. She wanted to say something, but she really didn’t have the strength to speak. After that, she passed out and didn’t know anything.

At that moment, sirens sounded outside the building.

Colin Ward didn’t care about it, and he held Doris Lee and walked on.

Out of the door, the corridor still lay those whining people.

Gerd Ward came over. “He ran out the back door.”

“Hum! He has nowhere to escape! ” Colin Ward cold track.

Whether at Lee Group’s banquet, Martin Group’s banquet, and KTV before, he had repeatedly warned Barr Martin to stay away from his wife, and not to attack Doris Lee. But Barr Martin didn’t listen to him at all.

This time, Doris Lee was drugged, which touched his bottom line.

In this case, he must teach Barr Martin a lesson and let him know that he shouldn’t bother anyone or do anything!

Colin Ward calmly walked out of the elevator with Doris Lee in his arms, and then headed for the door.

There were many Martin group employees standing in the hall, and they all came to watch the excitement when they heard the noise.

Out of the door, in addition to the crowd, there were a group of policemen.

In the crowd, Belle Moore saw Colin Ward holding Doris Lee out, which made her feel strange.

The former Colin Ward and the present Colin Ward kept changing in her mind, and finally her eyes were fixed to Colin Ward’s present appearance.

Colin Ward had really changed …

At this time, the police surrounded him, “Hey, do you want to go after you have done this? Dreaming! “

“Policeman, the strong man behind him are also involved in the trouble!” The beaten security captain quickly pointed to Gerd Ward and said.

With this, Gerd Ward was expressionless and completely ignored the security guard.

Colin Ward ignored the policemen. Instead, he held Doris Lee and walked on with a stern look.

When the policemen were ignored, they immediately became angry. They stepped forward, stretched out his hand to stop Colin Ward, “Smelly boy, you are so contemptuous of the police. You are lawless and still so arrogant after the trouble. I think you deserve a lesson. You don’t know what it means to obey the law until you go to the police station! “

“Come, handcuff him, I see how arrogant you are?”

With this, a policeman stepped forward and took out his handcuffs, ready to handcuff him.

“Wait a minute.” A voice came from behind the policeman.

Several policemen looked inside and found that it was a tall and thin policeman. He came out of a police car, went to the policeman with handcuffs and then stretched out his hand and pressed it back.

“Well…” The policeman looked at him in embarrassment.

Colin Ward looked up, his eyes flashed a trace of surprise and then he didn’t speak.

This policeman released Colin Ward after he was caught in the police station, and handcuffed the fat policeman. This person was called Jason Brown.

Jason Brown smiled at Colin Ward, turned and whispered some words to the policeman, and then backed away.

The policeman looked at Colin Ward unwilling and gritted his teeth. “Go back!”

With this, he took the police and drove away in a police car.

Everyone was in a daze.

What on earth was this situation?

They had to arrest people just now. Why did they leave now?

After seeing this scene, the security guards felt unwilling, and the security captain ran out reluctantly and shouted, “Captain Brown, haven’t you arrested him yet? Captain Brown… “

However, no one answered, because the police car had already driven away.


Belle Moore in the crowd was stunned for a long time and suddenly reacted. Just now, a policeman said something to let the policeman name Brown leave. Wasn’t Colin Ward a important figure?

But she only knew that Colin Ward was the general manager of Marquis group. Was this status very powerful?

This was more than awesome. What exactly was the Marquis group?

Even a small supervisor was powerful, not to mention a general manager?

Of course, the most important thing was that Marquis group was a big large taxpayers and they paid salaries to government agencies, so they certainly couldn’t offend him.

Colin Ward held Doris Lee and walked on when two security guards blocked the road. When they saw Colin Ward coming, they suddenly felt flustered. “What are you … what are you going to do?”

Chapter 72 Take off your clothes quickly!
However, Colin Ward didn’t look at them at all, and went straight over.

Security guard, “…”

Colin Ward took Doris Lee to the taxi. Instead of going to the hospital or going home, they went to a nearby hotel and got a room.

Then he told Nina White to call a doctor.

In the hotel room, Colin Ward sat on the sofa and was lost in thought.

This time, he must teach Barr Martin an unforgettable lesson, so that he would never have bad ideas for Doris Lee again.

Wasn’t Barr Martin most proud of his identity?

Then he would make him lose everything!

He wanted to bring down all the companies under his name, so that Martin group couldn’t protect him, and let him fall from the top!

At that time, did he dare to take Doris Lee away?

“Knock…” A knock on the door interrupted Colin Ward’s thoughts.

Colin Ward got up and opened the door, and suddenly felt stunned.

There was a big, plump beauty standing at the door, but that’s not the point. The key point was that this great beauty had a unique temperament, which was not charming or pure, but a quiet scholarly temperament.

Colin Ward couldn’t help looking at him twice. After all, women with good figure and such temperament were rare.

“Are you…” Colin Ward asked.

“Doctor.” The beautiful woman answered faintly and asked again, “Are you Colin Ward?”

Colin Ward nodded, and then turned to let the beautiful woman into the house.

When the beautiful woman entered the room, she saw Colin Ward wearing a hospital gown with blood on it, and frowned immediately. “Since you are injured, don’t run around. People nowadays don’t care for their bodies at all! “

Colin Ward was a little embarrassed by what she said and nodded quickly. “Yes, I know.”

She said impatiently, “Well, take off your clothes quickly! Let’s finish it early! “

Colin Ward widened his eyes. “What?”

Take off his clothes?

Get things done quickly?

This beautiful woman was puzzled to see Colin Ward react so much. When she was about to speak, she suddenly thought of something and came to her senses. She suddenly blushed, “What are you thinking? I said I’m a doctor, I’m here to see you! If Nina White hadn’t asked me to come, I wouldn’t have come! “

Colin Ward knew this was a misunderstanding and smiled awkwardly. “Well …Okay!”

This beautiful woman glared at Colin Ward unhappy. “Well, take off your clothes quickly.”

Colin Ward was in a daze, and then pointed his finger at Doris Lee in bed. “No, I asked the doctor to do some eaxm for my wife.”

With this, he led the beautiful woman to the inside room, and then the beautiful woman saw Doris Lee lying in bed.

Seeing Doris Lee’s outstanding face and Colin Ward, she couldn’t help but frown slightly, and she looked at Colin Ward with a hint of disdain.

After watching it for a while, the beautiful woman whispered, “Since this is your wife, don’t use this dirty thing. Fortunately, this drug has little side effect on the body, otherwise you will regret it! “

Colin Ward was speechless.

“Not like that. I didn’t … “Colin Ward wanted to explain.

She stopped, “I told you it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to explain to me. I don’t want to know about your mess either. I’m just a doctor. “

With this, she didn’t give Colin Ward any chance to explain, and left directly.

Anyway, the fact that Doris Lee was fine was the most important thing.

But the feeling of being misunderstood really made him feel uncomfortable, and Colin Ward shook his head helplessly.

But soon his eyes were cold.

Seeing Doris Lee sleeping fairly well, Colin Ward walked to the window sill and immediately dialed Nina White.

“I want details of Martin group, especially about Barr Martin.”

After that, Colin Ward called Flora Lewis again and told her their current room number, “Please take care of her for me.”

“Doris, what’s the matter? What are you going to do?” Flora Lewis asked in confusion.

“Me?” Colin Ward chuckled. “I’m going to avenge Doris.”

With this, Colin Ward hung up the phone, walked to the bed, kissed Doris Lee gently on her forehead, and then turned out of the room.

Flora Lewis on the other end of the phone was very confused. Was he going to avenge Doris?

It was Barr Martin who did this to Doris. Ias Colin Ward going to fight with Barr Martin?

She didn’t think so. Colin Ward was obviously not that kind of person!

Forgot it, she’d better hurry over!

“Go and ask me for a holiday.” Flora Lewis quickly left the company and went to the hotel Colin Ward said.

At the same time, Colin Ward went to the office of the chairman of Marquis group, held a stack of materials and looked at it carefully.

Nina White, who stood on one side, simply concluded, “There are two companies under Barr Martin’s name, Martin Group Light Steel and Martin Pharmaceutical. In addition, he also operates ten hotel chains and ten supermarket chains. “

“The chairman of Martin Group is Alan Martin, who has three sons. His eldest son went abroad, his second son John Martin took over 80% of Martin group’s industry, and his third son was Barr Martin. “

“Alan Martin now gives almost all of his industry to John Martin and Barr Martin. If there is no accident, this is John Martin and Barr Martin to control the company. “

Colin Ward frowned and looked through the information for a while. After learning that Barr Martin had no strength, he felt that it was not difficult to make trouble for him. But it’s a bit difficult to knock John Martin over.

Nina White hesitated to ask, “Chairman, you are investigating Martin group to …”

Colin Ward raised his mouth and smiled, suddenly showing a cold face, “I want to ruin all the industries under Barr Martin’s name.”

“What?” Nina White said in surprise, “Chairman, you should think twice. Martin group’s financial resources are not as good as ours, but it is only the company next to ours. It will also do harm to us. What’s more, Martin group has a lot of business dealings with our company. “

Colin Ward raised his eyes to Nina White, and his eyes gradually became cold.

With this, Nina White was shocked and immediately bowed her head and said, “I see, chairman.”

With this, Nina White quickly turned and walked out.

Colin Ward’s eyes just now were terrible. She had worked in the workplace for so many years, and she was used to all kinds of powerful people. She was afraid of Colin Ward’s eyes, which made her shut up subconsciously and stop talking.

Although Colin Ward said so, the most important thing was to bring down Barr Martin. As for Martin group, John Martin was not an easy person to deal with. It would be hard to bring him down.

Sitting in the office and thinking for a while, Colin Ward called Lenard Wang.

“In a few days, you will join Marquis group to bring down all industries under Barr Martin’s name.”

Lenard Wang wondered, “Barr Martin is also under Martin group. You want to bring him down, what happened? “

He knew Colin Ward well, so he wouldn’t persuade him like Nina White. He just thought that Barr Martin must have pissed Colin Ward off, and that’s why Colin Ward wanted to bring him down!

Colin Ward gave a brief account of the matter and said, “When the time comes, you will do something specific.”

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