Chapter 701 – 702: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 701: The Birth Of The Blood Spectre

“Emperor Jiang, you will die today!” Tianhe Ren was agitated. He was excited at the thought that an emperor might be killed by him.

Gou Zhang took a deep breath and knelt down on the ground, “Your Majesty, Emperor Jiang is fierce. Please give me the power to kill the thief!”

In Zhang region, Emperor Zhang was the real master. The Tao of the emperor had played to the extreme in Zhangyu, and Huangdao’s spirit has spread throughout the whole region.


At this moment, an ethereal voice was rising.

The emperor’s seal bloomed thousands of imperial Qi and infused into Gou Zhang’s body.

His power soared at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The bright imperial Qi made people not be able to open their eyes.

“Thank you, your majesty!”

Feeling the huge power close to detachment in his body, Gou Zhang was quite happy. Even it was just power injection, not his own, but he could still feel it in advance.

It could be said that the shackles of breaking through half detachment had gone.

Only when the war was over and the troops were drawn up could he begin to prepare for a breakthrough.

“All over the world, could it be the king’s land. The guards of the lands are the king’s officials. The Jiang thief, you should give up resistance, hand over the treasure of transcendence, and I will spare you from death!”

After the sudden increase of strength, Gou Zhang’s magical power was also multiplied.

Emperor Jiang didn’t speak because he didn’t feel well now.

The ghost king and ghost slaves in the 18th level Shura hell had been completely swallowed up, but fortunately, many new ghost slaves had been created on the battlefield, which could be used as his energy source.

A steady stream of ghost slaves and ghost kings were devoured by him, “You think only you have the secret weapon? I have too! “

Billions of ghost slaves, even if just newborns, could form qualitative changes when the number reached a certain level.

The power of Emperor Jiang, who was already infinitely close to the detachment, was still climbing.

“Not good. He’s going to break through.”

“Do it together!”

Lin Wang was also surprised. In fact, he had a backhand, but he was reluctant to use it. Because it would consume a lot of Qi. But there was no other way, so he took out the Mr. bone!


Mr. bone bombarded the shield of the Pingtian Mirror, but it did not rebound.

“Crack!” Tiny cracks appeared.

Everyone was stunned at first, and was immediately overjoyed!

“Continue to attack. The protection of the mirror will be broken soon.”


The great powers also made Emperor Jiang vomit a mouthful of blood.

He looked at the white Mr. bone in Lin Wang’s hand in astonishment.

“Treasure of Transcendence. It is the real treasure of transcendence!”


As soon as people heard these words, the other four looked at Lin Wang, with storms in their minds.

The second treasure of transcendence!

How could that be possible?

It was not long since Wang region’s rise and it was just thousands of years? It was amazing that they had a Dao chopper. Now they had Mr. bone.

And the power emanating from the head of Mr. bone was amazing.

The treasure of transcendence could connect with each other, so they trembled together. This treasure of transcendence was not only very powerful, but also of high level!

Lin Wang didn’t like the feeling of being noticed. He liked to get rich secretly.

But he was not willing to lose, because that would expose his real secret weapon.

At this time, the incarnation of fate had reached the most critical time of transformation. He could not be disturbed at this moment.

“Do not watch what I do. Attack together. Don’t let him break through!”

Lin Wang pointed to Emperor Jiang who showed a vicious look, and his Mr. bone flied out again.


There were many more cracks in the mirror.

“Faster, faster!”

Emperor Jiang quickly moved, because only fool would stand here being attacked, and he was obviously not a fool.

“Ban the space together. Don’t give him space to dodge!”

“In the name of the emperor, ban and seal the ten thousand mile space!”


At that moment, the space of ten thousand mile was sealed, and Emperor Jiang stagnated, but he soon broke it by the divine light from the Pingtian Mirror.

Although the emperor’s seal had great power, it was not as powerful as the emperor himself.

Pingtian Mirror had suffered a lot of attacks, also from a real treasure of transcendence.

But since there were ghost slaves, those damages were repaired fast.

“Soon, give me a little more time, and I will be successful.”

If possible, Emperor Jiang didn’t want to expose the incarnation of blood spectre, which was his real trump card.

And once the incarnation of blood spectre was exposed, everyone would know he arranged everything before.

At that time, the emperors of the four regions would come to kill him.

“God Spirit is forbidden!”

“Four great emperors, Southeast, northwest.”

“Five elders from five sides, ten gods…”

The virtual image of God Spirits showed up in the void one by one, using their great power to block the space of ten thousand miles.

Gou Zhang didn’t dare to delay, and constantly banned the space, even if it could only hold the Emperor Jiang for a moment, it was enough.

Zhen Xuanyuan’s Lingyuan sword could not help, so he constantly released sword energy.

Lin Wang held Dao chopper in his left, while Mr. Bone in his right hand.

They attacked together.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!

Within ten thousand miles, Jiang Emperor was beaten very tragically, and the protection of the Pingtian Mirror was also shaking.

The resentment in his heart rose to the top.

He even desperately wanted to show his trump card, but he didn’t at last.

After scurrying for a while, the mana in Emperor Jiang’s body had reached a critical point.

At this moment, he stopped and shouted, “Break through!”


At this moment, under the help of the Pingtian Mirror, he finally broke through the detachment stage. Although he could not keep this huge power for long, it was enough for him to solve all the battles.


Emperor Jiang, who broke through the detachment stage, already had overwhelming power, and he could not exert most of the power of Pingtian Mirror.

“Get away!”

As he threw the divine lights, the emperor’s seal was scattered. You’re right. It was directly scattered.

After all, it was just a projection.


Gou Zhang had been beaten hundreds of millions of miles away, as vomiting blood.

Countless images of god Spirit had also been smashed.

“Do you like god spirit so much? Then I’ll let you seal enough of them! “

As the huge fist bombarded on the divine whip, Tianhe was seriously injured in an instant, and the whip collapsed completely.

The projection of the treasure of transcendence only contained one percent of the power of its origin. No matter how weak Emperor Jiang was, he was still in the detachment stage now!

“Who’s next? Oh, it’s you! The little bastard of the Xuanyuan family!”

He didn’t like Xuanyuan region. If it wasn’t for the Imperial War, he wouldn’t be friendly with them unwillingly.

With the protection of the Pingtian Mirror, he did not care the attack from the spirit aspect at all.

Zhen Xuanyuan was also startled. As he was about to launch an attack, Lin Wang took action first.

“Thief Emperor Jiang, don’t be rampant.”

The breath of Mr. bone became amazing. It directly tore the space and knocked on the Pingtian Mirror. The divine light was about to rebound, but it could defeat its power to attack.


Emperor Jiang took three steps back.

Zhen Xuanyuan quickly said, “Thank you, Lin Wang!”

“Marshal Mutian Yao, if you’ve been here watching good plays all the time, I’m afraid we’ll lose.”

Lin Wang looked at Mutian coldly, and he didn’t care what Mutian was planning.

As changing his expression, Mutian hummed coldly, “I know what I’m going to do. I don’t need you to say much.”

“You two, this is not the time for infighting.”

Zhen Xuanyuan immediately persuaded them to make peace. Although he didn’t like Mutian, it would be more difficult to suppress Emperor Jiang without Mutian’s God Slayer Fling Knife.

Gou Zhang and Tianhe had no treasure of transcendence. At this time, they were totally useless.

Now it was a battle for just three of them.

If they could not unite, they would definitely be defeated.

“Emperor Jiang, please turn around!”

This time, the power of God Slayer Fling Knife from the God Slayer Gourd was several times greater than before, and it was covered with the fierce spirit of God Slayer.

Practitioner of half detachment and or close to detachment could not resist it at all.

In particular, the number of God Slayer Fling Knife was overwhelming and frightening.

It was worthy of the top grade treasure of transcendence, which was so powerful that it’s frightening.

Even if Emperor Jiang had achieved the detachment stage, he also felt great pressure.

Countless flying knives hindered his action, and Lin Wang held two treasures of transcendence, so he naturally ignored Zhen Xuanyuan.

What should I do?

It seemed that the situation had become more and more anxious, and he had already been restricted before they tried their best.

Countless observers wanted to see how the Emperor Jiang could break the situation. If only to this extent, the collapse of the Jiang family was inevitable.

Emperor Xuanyuan, Emperor Ren, Emperor Zhang and Emperor Yao were all watching.

Everyone held different thoughts. If Emperor Jiang was dead, who would get his treasure of transcendence?

To Wang Lin? No kidding!

He already had two treasures of transcendence. If he got another one, the balance would be completely broken.

Any treasure of transcendence was a must for everyone.

Nobody really cared the subordinate domain controlled by Jiang region. What they craved was the treasure of transcendence.

As long as they could absorb the Pingtian Mirror, their treasures of transcendence could definitely upgrade to a higher level.

“The Pingtian Mirror with the functions of attack and defense should belong to our Xuanyuan family.” Emperor Xuanyuan said lightly.

“Agree!” The ministers knelt down one after another.

They sent more than 30 trillion troops. Why? They were just waiting for this moment!

At the same time, Ren Region!

“The treasure of transcendence belongs to those who are virtuous. I am in charge of educating the world and have great merits. This treasure should belong to Ren family!”

Emperor Ren, holding the whip in his hand, thought that if he could get the Pingtian Mirror, he would be the only one to get the ticket this time!

Even in the upper world, he could bring one more treasure.

Zhang Region!

“When the five emperors crusade the Jiang region, we Zhang Region have made a lot of efforts here. The Pingtian Mirror must belong to Zhang Region.”

Emperor Zhang sat on the Dragon chair with a dignified face. His voice seemed to be the will of heaven and earth.

The emperor’s seal was on his right hand. He was ready to take action at the last moment.

Yao Region!

Emperor Yao squinted at the picture in the Xuanguang mirror, “there’s only one array eye left in the Heavenly Demon Formation. The Pingtian Mirror is very suitable. If we could put it in the array eye, even the detachment stage will die to break into. Only the Three Detachments can enter!”

The Yao family had a very powerful foundation. They had continuously improved the array of Heavenly Demon Formation more than 6 million years, with 360 stars guarding the emperor’s star. The detachment stage will be seriously injured or die in it.

This was also their strength to fight against Feng family, Xue family and Lei Family.

He was also waiting for an opportunity, same as others.

Ii was not easy. It could be another big war to fright for the Pingtian Mirror among so many people.

Lin Wang waved his knife with his left hand, and kept hitting Emperor Jiang with his right hand.

Seeing that the protection of the Pingtian Mirror was about to be broken, the Emperor Jiang roared, “come out, and kill them for me!”

As he said so, the emperor star kept shocking, as a more terrible breath came from emperor star.

Even only the breath made the space tremble.

Zhen Xuanyuan got shocked, “it was the true breath of the detachment! That’s impossible!

Mutian was also frightened. His indifferent appearance also became dignified.

So did Lin Wang. He didn’t expect that Emperor Jiang still had another trump card, and this card was still detachment!

The smell of killing and the smell of ghosts were swept over hundreds of millions of miles around, which made people frightening, as if their souls had been frozen.

Chapter 702: Drastic Battle

A sanguineous figure blasted away the Transcendence Bone in Lin Wang’s hand and crushed the blade.

So was Zhen Xuanyuan, who was also hit away along with his Spirit Sacred Sword completely destroyed.

The blood shadow opened his mouth, swallowing countless God Slayer Flying Knives, “Crunch, crunch, crunch…” The sound of chewing was nauseating.

Mutian Yao was also beaten up instantly.

The original situation was completely reversed.

Blood Spectre stood beside Emperor Jiang, and the two Detachment Stages are formidable.

Emperor Jiang’s trump card was even unknown to the Jiang family.

“Long live, long live my emperor!”

“kill!” Jiang’s Army already had the advantage, but now they fought more fiercely.

Lin took a deep breath, extremely terrified at the sight of Blood Spectre.

Isn’t that the blood shadow that split from the Incarnation of Fate?

Did Jiang cultivate it as an incarnation instead of killing it?

In addition, how did he let the blood shadow break through in such a short time!

Too many questions haunted him.

Two Detachment Stages plus Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence, how can he win?

The mighty five emperors fought with Jiang, only left himself standing here alone.

“Jiang, it is you who did all of this, now how can you prove your innocence!” Lin pointed to him, “You damn it, today I will avenge the people for the innocent death of my kingdom!”

As he said, he stretched out to pull out his thigh bone abruptly.

To Jiang’s surprise, Lin punched the Transcendence Bone into his thigh.

At that moment, the majestic power of the Bone came into effect, which changed his flesh and blood totally.

A powerful strength diffused from the body. Lin has gone from half-step Detachment to infinitely close to Detachment. His power has been still increasing rapidly.

“Don’t let him complete the transformation!” The two figures were like ghosts, rushing towards Lin.

“Boom!” Lin dismantled their attack, “Want to kill me? You are not qualified!” He kicked at Jiang and Blood Spectre with right foot.

The two flew out far away.

This scene was also clearly seen by everyone through Xuanguang Mirror.

“It’s clear that everything is directed by Jiang, he should be responsible for the sins he committed!”

Until the moment when the Blood Spectre appeared, everyone discovered the truth.

Yuan Kris and others also frowned secretly at the unfolded story. They doubted the reason why Jiang did so as it’s not necessary, which completely violates common sense.

“This matter is not as simple as we saw!” Yuan Kris hurriedly reckoned, but nothing could be calculated with disordered secrets.

“These people really can’t be underestimated as they made breakthrough in a row.” Buddha Kris sighed. Logically speaking, the strongest stage allowed in this realm is infinitely close to Detachment. Once the power breaks through Detachment, it will inevitably be rejected.

Whereas, the ship did not appear. Neither did they broke through the boundary of the realm, which seems quite weird.

The secret behind is definitely terrifying.

“Is it that there is another eye monitoring us in the Other Realm Chaos World to see who will be winner?” Buddha Kris words caused everyone to fall into contemplation.

The strength of the original soul has long surpassed the ordinary Detachment Stage, but even so, he failed to break the barrier between the upper and lower realms.

All of this reveals a sense of conspiracy.

“Keep watching.” Demon Kris said, “Anyway, we have to get the Ping Tian Mirror.”

In fact, he wanted not only the Ping Tian Mirror, but also the Tao Cutting Knife in Lin’s hand.

The Demon King Army was not free for utilization. If someone wants to take advantage, he must be prepared to pay the price.

Finally, Lin broke through to Detachment Stage.

The consequences of the battle among three Detachment stages can been seen: the space was in ruins with countless galaxies broken, affecting numerous Chaos Worlds and causing casualties of hundreds of millions of lives.

Ping Tian Mirror continuously absorbed and created ghost slaves to maintain the power of Emperor Jiang to stay detached.

There is merely half an hour left, if Lin cannot be defeated within this time, he will fall from the state of Detachment.

Though Blood Spectre is strong, it has just broken through Detachment, and the stage is still unstable.

“We must play all our strength!” said Jiang to Blood Spectre with Ping Tian Jing releasing immeasurable divine light, all kinds of attacks rushed towards Lin desperately.

The strongest skill of Blood Spectre is not attack but his bloodthirsty ability. He opened his mouth to swallow, the spirit and energy of Lin almost burst out of his body.

Lin quickly sealed all the pores to prevent the flow of essence and performed Heavenly Vital Battle Body. Tao Cutting Knife in his hand was brought to full play.

The power that Transcendence Bone renders him is not temporary but permanent.

But he was terrified that he could feel the thigh bone was transforming himself, which might be considered as another kind of seizure?

So he must defeat them as soon as possible.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Every confrontation was earth-shaking, and the battlefield below has already been forced to retreat because of the aftermath, and the Five Emperors’ coalition has also retreated.

Everyone did not expect this result.

“Your Majesty, we will help you!” Zhenglie Jiang wanted to offer help, but was stopped by an old ancestor, “Don’t go there, that is not a battle we can participate in.”

He looked at the scene like the end of the world, “I believe Majesty, he will definitely win.”

Jiang’s trump card was beyond their estimation, which laid the foundation for victory.

Zhenglie nodded. Indeed, that level of battle is beyond their power. The so-called offering help definitely means death or a drag.

What he can do now is to further expand the victory of the middle and lower battles.

“Your Majesty, it’s time to take action, Emperor Wang can’t hold it anymore.” In Xuanyuan Realm, a minister suggested.

No matter how strong Lin Wang is, he fought alone with two opponents.

Emperor Xuanyuan stroked the Spirit Sacred Sword, “Don’t worry, just wait!”

He hopes that Lin had a life-and-death fight with Jiang. Although Lin was at a disadvantage, it is still not a disastrous defeat.

Some people in the other three realms also asked the emperor to take action, and all the answers were “wait”.

If the emperors make a move, they will definitely kill the opponents.

Emperor Ren waved the Beating God Whip, tore open the space and went straight in.

Emperor Zhang urged seal and also walked into the space tunnel.

Although it was not time to take action, but preparations were about to be made.

Though they can do it in their realm, the power will be greatly reduced. And it is not convenient to snatch magic weapons.

Hidden in the void, the Treasure of Transcendence interacts with each other, and they tacitly agreed that when the time comes, they will snatch the treasure by virtue of their ability.

Whoever wins depends on each family’s ability.

Emperor Yao is the most confident in his strength and bound to win.

Zhang Realm was the victor of the Fifth Imperial War. The Emperor Seal in his hand was also the Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence with extremely powerful strength.

In addition, the rest are Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

Because after the sixth Imperial War, the Other Realm’s Chaos World’s luck has become thinner, and it has become more difficult to cultivate the Treasure of Transcendence.

Unification is inevitable, unlike the previous Imperial War which was a hasty issue, the sixth Imperial War is of vital importance.

Boom! boom! boom!

“See how long you can hold on.” Emperor Jiang was also very ruthless, if it weren’t for Lin, Jiang Realm would not have fallen like this. The trump cards were all out, and even if he wins, it would be a terrible victory. “I’ll kill you!”

Lin passively endured it, under the attack of Jiang and Blood Spectre, he also vomited blood.

He really wanted to expose his cards at all costs, but…it’s not the time yet, even if he dies!

Transcendence Bone continued to transform his physical body, and his strength kept rising.

The initial stage of Detachment, the middle stage of the initial stage, the latter stage of the initial stage, the fulfilled period of the initial stage of Detachment, and it is only one step away to break through to the Middle period of Detachment!

It is a pity that the energy of the Bone is not enough to make him break through the Middle period.

“Is this the power of Detachment Stage?” Fist squeezed, the whole world became fragile in his eyes.

“Heavenly Vital Battle Body, Heavenly Domain Fist.”

Boom! A fist blasted Emperor Jiang away, but Blood Spectre caught Lin’s body with one claw.

A deep wound appeared with bone invisible, with the suck of Blood Spectre, blood leaked from the wound.

Lin could feel that the power in his body was fading fast.

“Get out of here!” he was furious. He didn’t expect that the decision he made would become his hindrance.

The two counterpart fought each other, even though Blood Spectre was overwhelmed by Lin, Lin was uncomfortable.

The three of them stood together, Jiang wiped the blood, and revealed the last trump card that he turned into a million-foot giant, flattening the Jiang family imperial city by hand, which crushed considerable servants and maids to death.

“Boom!” Grasping the top of a pagoda, the arm suddenly exerted force. A huge pagoda pulled out from the ground, this is the body of the eighteen-story Asura Hell.

Back then, the Jiang family relied on this magic weapon to rise step by step from the Imperial War.

This is also a Treasure of Transcendence.

“Another Treasure of Transcendence!”

“Is this the total strength of the Jiang family?”

“Hey! There is a second Treasure of Transcendence, which is incredible!”

Seeing this, even the four emperors hiding in the void were slightly shocked.

With two Detachment Stages and two Treasures of Transcendence, the Jiang family is pretty affluent.

Holding the Asura Tower in his hand, Emperor Jiang panted,” Lin, little kid, you should be proud of driving me to this point.”

“Go!” The Asura Tower instantly became hundreds of times larger, and the powerful suction force firmly locked Lin.

If taken in, Lin will be the fish on the chopping board to be killed at will.

Sure enough, the Imperial Clan should not be underestimated. Not every force has the power of the Demon King army.

Even if Lin had broken through Detachment now, he didn’t think he could stop the man who controls the Demon King Army.

The world is too sophisticated. He even wonders if the Demon King Army is supported by Supreme Lord.

If so, then he… is not the only option.

In an instant, Lin contemplated. He thought he had got Transcendence Bone, which could crush Emperor Jiang, but the opponent’s cards were shocking.

It is absolutely impossible to take out the Incarnation of Fate, not to mention that the incarnation is still transforming to reach the Detachment Stage.

Even if the incarnation was detached, he did not dare to show it easily.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to be sober. Even if the original soul is dead, it doesn’t matter, but if the Incarnation of Fate is gone, he really has no other way.

Thinking of this, he took out the Reverse Luck Bead, which must be an extraordinary stuff since it was given by that old guy.


Boom! The Reverse Luck Bead hit the Asura Tower, making the latter shaken directly. On the other hand, the Reverse Luck Bead was unscathed!

“Sure enough, this Reverse Luck Bead is also a good treasure that can match the Treasure of Transcendence!”

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