“Of course, I am alive! Afraid that I will die? Do you care about me so much? You couldn’t tell it before!”

Chuck Cannon has injuries on his body, this one beat a few bodyguards!

After Black Rose entered the private room just now, several bodyguards surrounded Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon knew what had happened in an instant. He knew that Black Rose was definitely in danger. He didn’t panic, and ran out with the greatest strength!

Why run?

It’s very simple. A few bodyguards join forces. Chuck Cannon knows and understands that he is unlikely to be able to fight. Black Rose is in danger, so it will definitely not work if you delay!

So run, lead these people out, and then run back by yourself and take Black Rose. This is the best way!

But the few people who were led out were too powerful, and Chuck Cannon was still injured, kicked his back and vomiting blood.

But for the sake of Black Rose’s safety, he held back and must rush back!

“No, I didn’t care about you, but if you are dead, I can’t explain it to your mother Karen Lee!” Black Rose shook her head, she felt pain in her body.

Chuck Cannon was still alive, she was not so desperate, the crazy sequelae just came out.

“En, I’m sorry, just let you in alone.” Chuck Cannon said sincerely.

Black Rose was too dangerous just now.

“It’s okay, I won’t let you leave my sight,” Black Rose said subconsciously.

The two looked at each other, and then they subconsciously looked away.

Black Rose was thinking, what did she say about this?

Don’t let him go out of sight?

Black Rose was puzzled by herself.

What happened to me today?

Chuck Cannon helped her, and Black Rose couldn’t help but vomit blood, her expression was weak one.

It seems that he has to take Black Rose to leave. Black Rose was seriously injured!

This kind of master of fighting, his hands and feet are as good as steel, and she really can’t hold it.

If Black Rose hadn’t been distracted by Chuck Cannon, she wouldn’t be like this, and she would have worked very hard if she could last so long.

“I’ll take you out,” Chuck Cannon said.

Black Rose was speechless, she had a feeling she had never had before. What was it like?

Is the legendary sense of security?

Did you feel a sense of security in Chuck Cannon?

Black Rose didn’t believe it, she must feel wrong.

Chuck Cannon saw the man in the bulletproof glass!

It is him that Brayden Stewart was going to kill!!

“Bulletproof glass, bombs should be useless?” Black Rose understands this material, the hidden family, it must be the top material at this stage.

A bomb is definitely useless!

“Bulletproof glass?” Chuck Cannon became weird.

“Chuck Cannon, your life is big enough, but what are you doing here? Let me appreciate how you died?” The man laughed!

Just went out to catch Chuck Cannon’s bodyguards, it is absolutely impossible for Chuck Cannon to kill them all, so his bodyguards will be back soon!

At that time, he would sit inside this bulletproof glass, quietly admiring Black Rose, and Chuck Cannon went from calm to fear!

That would be interesting!

“Grab them both!” the man ordered!

Another bodyguard attacked with a cold face. He was not injured yet. It was absolutely simple to deal with two seriously injured people!

“Wait!” Chuck Cannon laughed suddenly!

The man in the bulletproof glass sneered, “Are you ready to beg for mercy? It’s too late, you are doomed to die miserably for what you did in my homestay!”

“No, your bulletproof glass is really good, but how many can it hold?” Chuck Cannon smiled deeper.

The man frowned, a pimple in his heart, “What do you mean? You mean you have a few bombs?”

Chuck Cannon shrugged!

Black Rose was shocked! By the way, he went to Alice, it must be for the bomb!

“Yes, a lot!”

“Do you think I would believe you? You can hold two or three bombs at most, and my bulletproof glass can block your two or three!”

The man laughed confidently, the material of this bulletproof glass, but he personally chose it, he can definitely carry three bombs!

“Okay, then I have nearly ten in my hand for you?” Chuck Cannon sighed and grabbed all the bombs in his hand.

It looks like Alice gave ten in total, but Chuck Cannon is still useless?

In this situation, there is a bulletproof glass, and it will not work without bombs. Anyway, this hotel is on the top floor!!

“You? How could you have so many?” The man was frightened for a moment, and the other bodyguard in the room was also frightened.

The two of them turned pale!

“If you happen to be careful, I will give it all to you. I feel distressed. Why don’t I give you six, how am I to you?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“No!! If there is anything to discuss, I will give you what you want, no!” The man retreated to the corner in fear!

“No? I want it!” Chuck Cannon threw out six!

The man and his bodyguard were overwhelmed with fear!!

“Black Rose, I will take you out!”

Chuck Cannon hugged Black Rose and left. After just running for three seconds, a loud noise was deafening, like an earthquake! All the nearby glass burst open!

Chuck Cannon heard two screams of fear and became quiet!

With a sigh of relief, it was done.

Chuck Cannon brought Black Rose downstairs, and everyone downstairs was stunned, and the top floor was actually filled with black smoke!

They don’t know what happened, but Chuck Cannon knows.

Chuck Cannon helped Black Rose into the car.

He too was exhausted.

He had no choice. He drove to find a hotel and brought Black Rose in. At this time, Black Rose was in a coma. She was hugging Chuck Cannon’s waist, she didn’t know it, like a cat.

Chuck Cannon opened the room and put down Black Rose.

Chuck Cannon went to clean the wound by himself, the pain made him sober!

Damn it, killing someone will cause such a problem!

Chuck Cannon was upset!

He cleaned up exhaustedly and saw that Black Rose was in a coma. He took out the pain medicine from Black Rose and fed it to her. Chuck Cannon took one himself, and he felt tired.

he has slept.

One night passed!

Black Rose woke up suddenly!

She looked down and found that she was covered with a quilt and her clothes were intact. She breathed a sigh of relief. When she was about to cough, she saw Chuck Cannon sleeping on the sofa and hurriedly covered her mouth.

Chuck Cannon was still drooling. After Black Rose was astonished, she suddenly laughed, with a faint smile, so pretty.

Unfortunately, Chuck Cannon didn’t see it.

“Have you taken the medicine? Well, after taking it, I feel a lot better, did he bring herself in last night?” Black Rose muttered to herself.

She didn’t feel anything, just that she had a warm embrace to hold herself. She felt, particularly at ease. She didn’t worry about what this person would take the opportunity to do to herself. There was no worry at all.

Because two people seem to know each other…

“It hurts,” Chuck Cannon woke up, and Black Rose hurriedly pretended to sleep and lay down. Chuck Cannon was surprised, “You haven’t woken up yet?”

Chuck Cannon walked over to cover her with the quilt, “Relax to sleep, it’s okay…with me!

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