After Chuck Cannon finished speaking, he put the quilt on Black Rose again. Black Rose breathed a sigh of relief. Chuck Cannon didn’t do anything to her. If there was a little irregularity, Black Rose decided that she would take a gun and kill Chuck Cannon!

But suddenly, Chuck Cannon grabbed Black Rose’s hand, and she felt that what the bastard really did to herself?

Go to hell!!

Black Rose can’t bear such a thing!

You know, Black Rose has never been in a room with a man before. She thinks she is capable, so what do you want a man to do?

When cumbersome?

But now Chuck Cannon is holding her hand so wretchedly.

This is something that Black Rose cannot tolerate!

She was ready to shoot!

“What is this? A tattoo?”

Of course, Chuck Cannon didn’t want to do anything. He found a strange tattoo on the palm of Black Rose’s thumb.

It seems to have been tattooed since childhood, a little faded, but it can still be seen clearly.

Chuck Cannon looked curious.

Black Rose, who was about to turn her face, was astonished. With this tattoo, when she was abandoned by her parents, after she got the impression, she followed herself.

She doesn’t know what the tattoo is. She can check it. After all, she is the number one killer, but she doesn’t want to check it, because this strange tattoo must be related to her parents. She has been ruthlessly abandoned. She also checked what the tattoo was doing.

Let yourself find your parents?

Black Rose will never do this.

Abandoned and thrown away, will never see each other forever!

“It’s a strange tattoo. It turns out that Black Rose was a rebellious girl when she was a child. She’s not good.” Chuck Cannon said.

Black Rose pretending to be asleep was so angry that it was tattooed when she was young, not after she grew up. Where is she rebellious?

“I don’t know if she woke up, let me look again,” Chuck Cannon muttered to himself, after looking for a while, he put down Black Rose’s hand.

In fact, Chuck Cannon also thought, is this a tattoo of any identity?

“Black Rose, are you awake?” Chuck Cannon pushed her a few times.

Black Rose woke up angrily, “What are you doing?”

“Is it better?” Chuck Cannon reached out and pressed her head. The temperature of her head was normal and there was no fever.

“Don’t touch me!” Black Rose opened Chuck Cannon’s hand with a cold face.

“Okay, if you say not to touch, I won’t touch. What’s wrong with your tattoo?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“What’s your business?” Black Rose scolded!

When other people asked her, she had already turned her face away, so Chuck Cannon asked, she could still say.

“Your family gave you the tattoo?” Chuck Cannon asked seriously.

“Don’t ask.” Black Rose got up from the bed.

“Okay, I won’t ask, but I think it looks pretty,” Chuck Cannon smiled.

A perfect woman like Black Rose, with a tattoo on her hand, really has a different feeling.

“Good-looking? Good-looking? What’s so good about this?” Black Rose was in anger.

Chuck Cannon was shocked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Black Rose seems to be gloomy. Chuck Cannon didn’t know Black Rose’s past. How could he think of the reason why Black Rose suddenly became angry?

“Nothing, you go out!” Black Rose was indifferent.

“Don’t, you say, what’s the matter with you?” Chuck Cannon took her hand, this tattooed hand.

Black Rose struggled painfully, “Let it go!!”

“What’s the matter? Tell me.” Chuck Cannon became gentle, sad and tired. Black Rose, who was unwilling to bring up this matter, was silent, “It’s nothing, don’t ask.”

“This tattoo was given to you by your family?” Chuck Cannon asked to the end.

“Don’t ask!”

“I won’t tell others, tell me, you may feel better in your heart.” Chuck Cannon said.

This is rare, Black Rose was sad.

“You want to know? Well, let me tell you, I don’t have parents. I was abandoned since I was a child. This is the mark they left on me. Okay? Is it clear?”

Black Rose got out of control for the first time. If it weren’t for being abandoned, then she wouldn’t be a killer, she might study hard and be a plain woman.

“Clear.” Chuck Cannon was shocked. Black Rose is so beautiful now, with such big eyes. You can imagine how cute she was when she was a child, but he didn’t expect that such a cute girl would be abandoned?

Why? Can’t afford it?

“Black Rose, don’t be sad. It’s okay. I won’t ask.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. It was the first time he saw Black Rose like this. No, he had seen it twice. The first time was when he found herself last time. When he asked for a photo, she lost her attitude, and he never saw it at other times.

“Get out!”

“Okay, I’ll go out.” Chuck Cannon walked out.

Black Rose looked at her hand, she took out the knife and wanted to cut off the piece of skin directly.

She had all the knives pierced into her skin, and blood was bleeding out.

She didn’t continue, not because she was afraid of pain, but because she couldn’t start.

Chuck Cannon went out to order something to eat. He didn’t arrive. Black Rose had such a past. Suddenly, Chuck Cannon felt sorry for her.

Sigh, all beautiful women are fateful!!

He went to order some dishes, he went to the hotel and ate with Black Rose, comforted her, and he was about to go back.

Because the person Brayden Stewart wanted to kill was already dead.

But suddenly, Chuck Cannon frowned, dodged and left the place, and a fist appeared from the dark corner.

Come here!!

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold, he turned around and punched it out!


Chuck Cannon saw the master of this fist, he breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately hugged it, like hooking his shoulders and back!

But as soon as he touched his shoulder, one foot flew over.


Unprepared, Chuck Cannon was kicked five meters away and got up coughing. “Gracia Stewart, are you sick?”

“Yesterday there was an explosion in a place, and a Stewart person died and three bodyguards. Did you do it?” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

After receiving the news, she immediately found a way to find this place. She concluded that Chuck Cannon must have done it. This is Brayden Stewart’s opponent!

“No, I’m a good person,” Chuck Cannon touched the place where he was kicked, and was speechless. Is this woman too smart?

“Neither you nor I are good people, I ask you, did you do it!?” Gracia Stewart asked coldly!

“I am me,”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, “He is your opponent, I will help you solve it,”

“Are you helping me?” Gracia Stewart strode closer.

Chuck Cannon smiled, and the two were close at hand.

Chuck Cannon didn’t do anything, so he looked at her, “So, what do you want to do with me?”

“I said, if you kill someone who is a traveller, I will never end with you, you are going to die!” Gracia Stewart glared!

“I won’t kill, Brayden Stewart will do it yourself, and you will do it too.”

“I won’t! I won’t kill the people in my own house, but you killed?! This is something I cannot tolerate!”

Chuck Cannon shrugged, but there was a voice behind him, “You can’t bear that it’s your business to let him go!”

Black Rose came over with a cold face!!

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