Chapter 703 – 704: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 703: Lin Wang Blew Himself up

Lin Wang had no time to care so much about something else at the moment. No matter the old man was planning, it was more important to protect himself.

The Incarnation of Fate’s heart shook had absorbed enough Fate, and reached its phase of transformation.

The Incarnation of Fate escaped quietly.


People were frightened by Lin Wang’s wealth again.

Tao Cutting Knife, Mr. Bone, and now another bead added.

Only the Treasure of Transcendence can compete with itself.

What’s going on here?

Was the Treasure of Transcendence so worthless now?

Yao Emperor frown, things seemed to go beyond his expectation.

Although he was confident, he was not quite sure about it.

Lin Wang had transcended, although he didn’t know whether it was short-term or permanent, Lin Wang’s stage was higher than him in possessing of two Treasures of Transcendence.

Jiang Emperor also had two Treasures of Transcendence, and a Incarnation of Devil from the Detachment Stage.

As for his forcibly promoted strength, everybody knew that it won’t last long.

Even so, they were at least two Detachment Stages and four Treasures of Transcendence.

Things suddenly became much more interesting.

With four Treasures of Transcendence, each one can possess one of it if divided equally.

Everyone’s mind became active.

Who didn’t want more?

If one can possess all of them, he can definitely dominate the Chaos World on the Other Realm.

Things seemed much more interesting at that moment.

Jiang Emperor was also shocked when the Asura Tower toppled down.

He finally understood why Lin Wang was dare to against the Jiang Domain.

If he possesses three Treasures of Transcendence, he can even compete with the top three Imperial Clans.

“So that’s the cards in your hand!”

Jiang Emperor sneered, “But if you think that’s all what Asura Tower can do, then you are wrong!”

He dug out the Government Stage on his chest and threw it at the Asura Tower, the Government Stage was embedded at the top of the tower.

These two Treasures of Transcendence were originally one.

They were more powerful than Super-grade Treasure of Transcendence if combined together.

“This is what the Asura Tower really looks like.”

Hundreds of millions of divine lights shined, which made people dazzling.

“Take in!”

The suction which was dozens of times stronger than before firmly locked Lin Wang, and even the space was locked. Lin Wang could never tear open the space and escape.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! “

The Reverse Luck Bead kept hitting the Asura Tower and made a violent noise. The impact of hitting spread for hundreds of millions of miles, and the surrounding area was turned into a vacuum.

Jiang Domain, which was originally prosperous, was destroyed in ruins. Countless innocent lives died in the aftermath of the war.

“It’s useless, you can’t break it out.”

Jiang Emperor kept sneering and the Incarnation of Blood Spectre aside also rushed up.

Lin Wang wanted to resist, but on second thought, what’s the use of resisting it?

He had done what he wanted to do, and the Incarnation of Fate was his future. The original soul had buried Mr. Bone and the bane at the same time.

That old man would never let him go.

Why not seize this opportunity ……

“Your Majesty, be careful!”

“Your Majesty, get out of the way.”

Yan Wang felt anxious and shouted loudly.

However, the Incarnation of Blood Spectre easily pass through Lin Wang’s body, and just when he was ready to devour Lin Wang’s soul, Lin Wang blew himself up directly.


The blast of the Detachment Stage was so powerful, not only the whole Jiang Domain was affected, hundreds of large Domains around it were also shaken violently.

Half of Jiang Domain was blown and collapsed.

Allied forces in Jiang Domain were directly impacted. Three fourths of them were killed, and many living people were also injuried!

Besides, the Five Emperors Coalition also suffered heavy losses.

More than half of the people were killed and injured, and now there were no more than ten.

Jiang Emperor was dumbfounded. He never thought that Lin Wang was so reckless ass to blow himself up.

He was not injured since he was protected by Asura Tower, but the Incarnation of Blood Spectre was killed in the bomb blast.

His dependence died with Lin Wang.

“No … no no!”

Jiang Emperor looked miserable.

However, three treasures flew out from the explosion center at that time: one golden knife, one Mr. Bone and one jewelry bead!

Jiang Emperor was stunned and his eyes were full of greed!

Treasures, these were all his treasures.

As soon as he stretch his hands to catch it, a flying knife swept over from a distance.

“Jiang Emperor, you revered the nature, and God forbid it. I will kill you today.”

Yao Emperor can’t stand it any more. The God Slayer Flying Knife flew out and went towards Jiang Emperor.

Although Jiang Emperor was protected by the Asura Tower, it still blocked his further actions.

“And me, you Jiang thief. Today, I will ask you for an explanation for the dozens of people died in Zhang Domain.”

He threw over the Emperor Seal, which was as magnificent as the the emperor’s prestige.


A blow hit the Asura Tower down, and Jiang Emperor also felt a great force.

“You killed innocent people and God forbid it. In the name of the god spirit, Jiang thief. You must die.”

The Beating God Whip, which absorbed countless Power of Incense, hit the Asura Tower and left an Incense Seal.

Everyone knew that incense was poisonous, but they didn’t know that incense can erode magic weapons!

“Bang! Bang! Bang! “

The Beating God Whip beat it for countless time in the blink of an eye.

“You used Spirits to make ghost slaves so they cannot have an afterlife. Countless people in Jiang Domain were killed. Good and evil will always be rewarded. It was time to pay off debts today.”

The Spirit Sacred Sword gave out extremely powerful Sword Energy and even Ping Tian Mirror can hardly resist it.

The remaining strength made Jiang Emperor’s sun soul unstable and his pulse retrograded.

Jiang Emperor sneered looking at the four hypocritical emperors.

“Yao Emperor, don’t you remember how you built up from nothing? Millions of eras ago, the monster race raged and swallowed up so many creatures. I’m afraid that the toll of my Jiang family was much less than that.”

“Zhang Emperor, in order to stabilize your reign, how many people you killed from the royal family and nobles to the civilians? Your Peerless Supreme was made by blood. How dare you blame me?”

“Ren Emperor, right? How many people were fooled by your god spirit, and how many people were killed by your armies. Any heresy was an object of your eradication., and your so-called god spirit was no more than a maggot attached to people. “

“Xuanyuan Emperor, I despise you the most. How many Spirits were absorbed by your Spirit Sacred Sword? A thief crying “Stop thief”. Xuanyuan family became an Imperial Clan before us. You are the least qualified to say that! “

Jiang Emperor almost pointed at their noses and scolded them.

Jiang Domain was destroyed, only one of of ten remained. He did defeated Wang Domain, but as he guessed, he won miserably.

It was like killing one thousand enemies yet lose eight hundred soldiers himself.

Lin Wang died, so did his Incarnation of Blood Spectre.

He had given up hope facing the four emperors, yet he didn’t compromise. He could escape even if he can’t defeat them.

He scolded, while used Asura Tower to absorb dead Spirits constantly.

He didn’t know Lin Wang’s explosion killed how many people. He looked around only to see cursed Spirits.

A complete Asura Tower should be able to elevate his cultivation to the Middle period, so that he can escape with overwhelming force.

The four emperors occupied the four corners of the world. They kept an eye on the Treasure of Transcendence left by Lin Wang and Jiang Emperor at the same time, fearing that he will escape.

Jiang Emperor was right, and they knew it, but so what?

Winners write history. Today they won, and they were the writers of history.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Yao Emperor sneered. “How dare you say crazy words when you’re going to die.”

“Treasure, please turn around!”


The God Slayer Gourd in his hand spewed out countless flashes, which were all God Slayer Flying Knifes made from negative energies in the innate-power stages.

All of them were comparable to Low-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

You were right, all of them!

That can explain why Yao Emperor didn’t pay attention to them at all.

Because the God Slayer Gourd in his hand was not the Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence, but the Supreme Treasure of Transcendence!

In the face of a sharp murderous look, Jiang Emperor made a defensive gesture. However, Flying Knives formed a large array and trapped him inside.

He understood that Yao Emperor was afraid of he running away.

“Asura Power, smash it heavily!”


The Asura Tower hit the large array of Flying Knives and was bounced back by a great force.

Jiang Emperor looked pale. Although the Asura Tower was powerful, it was more useful in defending. He should completely depend on Ping Tian Mirror to attack.

“Din! Din! Din!”

Hundreds of millions of divine lights released, while they were no capable to break the large array of Flying Knives at all.

“It’s no use, you can never escape from my palm.”

Yao Emperor sneered, “God Refining Array!”

The Flying Knifes were rotating rapidly with endless Gold Turtle Divine Fire spewed out from his mouth, which was one of the strongest Divine Fire in the world and can rank among the top three.

“I’ll see how long you can insist.”

Yao Emperor didn’t pay attention to Jiang Emperor from the very beginning, and the large array kept the Asura Tower out of absorbing Spirits from the outside world to supplement itself.

Jiang Emperor will surely return to his original form as long as he was continuously consumed.

One may die if urge the Treasure of Transcendence by Normalization.

The Asura Tower had always been his goal.

“Thousand-ghost Armor, scattered!”

Jiang Emperor sneered, the Armor made by tens of thousands of Ghost Kings scattered, they suck and devoured using their big mouths .

Instead of being exhausted, he become even stronger.

“The Middle period, very soon, I’ll reach it very soon!”

Jiang Emperor sneered, it was time for him to leave when he raised his power to the Middle period.

The large array would definitely be broken using the power for the Middle period to urge the Asura Tower.

At that time, the other three emperors outside were stunned. “Do you want to occupy both of the two Treasures of Transcendence?”

Ren Emperor’s face darkened. “Yao Emperor, isn’t it immoral?”

Yao Emperor sent the least troops, made the least contribution, and wanted to take the most?

Zhang Emperor narrowed his eyes, “I’ll take the Governance Stage, shura tower and you can take the Asura Tower! And I’ll also take that Tao Cutting Knife. This time, we Zhang Domain sent the most troops and suffered the most. We deserve those two magic weapons! “

“We Xuanyuan Domain also sent many troops!”

Xuanyuan Emperor sneered constantly. “Give me the Governance Stage, and I will also take the Asura Tower. You three can share the rest.”

What was the use of a Governance Stage alone? If you want them, take the full set. That was a complete Super-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

“Why, we Ren Domain played the biggest role, so this set of Treasure of Transcendence is ours.”

Yao Emperor couldn’t help laughing looking at the quarreling three people. “Enough, did I say I would give it to you?”

“I trapped him. He would have run away if it wasn’t for me. You are not qualified enough to grab things from me!”

“So, you want a fight?”

Xuanyuan Emperor said indifferently: “So, it’s up to your ability, and whoever grabs it will take it!”

“Think about it carefully, I’m afraid you will get nothing at that time.”

Yao Emperor glanced at the three and stretched out his hands to catch the beads. Among the three Treasures of Transcendence, this magic weapons was his favorite!

The Tao Cutting Knife was too weak, and he didn’t want Mr. Bone neither. Although it was quite strong, it was ominous.

“Get out! This is mine! “

Xuanyuan Emperor raised his sword and it gave out peerless sword lights, which almost cut through the sky!

Chapter 704: They Didn’t Share the Spoils Evenly


A huge Flying Knife composed of hundreds of Flying Knives collided with the Spirit Sacred Sword.

“It’s mine!”

Ren Emperor changed his Beating God Whip into a soft whip and caught the bead. As soon as he was about to drag it back, Zhang Emperor put his Emperor Seal down.

He acted quickly and gave a heavy blow, but he forgot that the whip had changed its shape, so the blow failed and Ren Emperor got the bead successfully.

A look of joy flashed on Ren Emperor’s face once he got it, no, it should be a look of surprise!

The Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence and Reverse Luck Bead can change their fates and against the nature. Good treasures, quite good treasures!

No matter who owned the Asura Tower, he had got a lot this time anyway.

He stepped aside quickly and didn’t rush to join in.

Zhang Emperor was badly furious for he didn’t expected that Ren Emperor, who was the weakest, grabbed the treasures first.

Although a look of surprise just flashed in Ren Emperor’s eyes, he still got it.

That showed that the bead was a good treasure.

But now he had stepped back, and he will probably get nothing even if he rushed to chase it.

On second thought, he joined the melee, and Mr. Bone was his goal.

“Mr. Bone is mine.”

“Get out!”

Xuanyuan Emperor gave out his Fire, and attacked even harder.

Supreme Monster looked calm, and he could feel that Mr. Bone was a good thing and was of great use to him.

“This man had besieged the Asura Tower and wanted to grab other things with us. Let’s join hands and beat him back!”

Said Zhang Emperor.


Xuanyuan Emperor was also a decisive man, he disgusted greedy Yao Emperor.


The two people jointed hands and Yao Emperor was forced back. If it was not to conceal cards in his hand, how can the two men beat him back?

He frown. Forget it, he’d better concentrate on what he had possessed.

It was quite lucky for him to own the Asura Tower and the Governance Stage.

Zhang Emperor relieved seeing Yao Emperor left.


Zhang Emperor said coldly: “I’ll take Mr. Bone and you can take the Tao Cutting Knife.”

“Nice try!”

Xuanyuan Emperor was also annoyed. He worked for so long with so many soldiers died, but only got a rudiment of the Treasure of Transcendence as the result.

“Let’s see what you get.”

Zhang Emperor stretched his fingers and fixed the two Treasures of Transcendence.

“Stop at where it should!”

Xuanyuan thought for a while and said.

It was not the time to reveal the cards in his hand.


Zhang Emperor also nodded, it was meaningless for them emperors to fight here with bare arms.


“Oh, it’s interesting. I didn’t expect the emperors to battle in person.”

North Kris couldn’t help laughing.

“Oops, they didn’t share the spoils evenly!”

“But when shall we start?”

“We’ll leave Mr. Bone and take the Tao Cutting Knife. As for the Asura Tower and the Ping Tian Mirror, we must take them!”

Said Yuan Kris.

He had already possessed the Chaos Spirit Sword.

This time, the high-end combat power of the Demon King army almost came.

“Then take the Tao Cutting Knife first!”

Demon Kris stood up.

Yuan Kris nodded, “All right!”

The Chaos Spirit Sword cut through the sky. A space tunnel appeared in front of Demon Kris, and Demon Kris got in.

More than ten minutes passed,

A figure emerged again.

Who else can it be if it was not Demon Kris!

Luckily, they had set up a Barrier on those two treasures, otherwise it wont’s be easy to get them.

He actually wanted to take the Mr. Bone, but he gave up this thought for safety.

It was quite thrilling to use other people’s Mr. Bone.

“The rudiment of the Treasure of Transcendence also absorbed a lot of Fates.”

Yuan Kris smiled. “Dining time.”

The Spirit of the Chaos Spirit Sword rushed out immediately. He suck all the Fates of the Tao Cutting Knife and even the Demon Spirit.


With a satisfied burp, Sword Spirit said, “It’s a good appetizer.”

As he spoke, he felt more powerful.

“Kun, don’t you always want a satisfactory weapon? This Tao Cutting Knife is great, and its materials are also good, which is much stronger than the general Normalization Spirit Weapon.”

Kun Chen accepted the Tao Cutting Knife and its heavy blade made him hardly tear himself away from it. .

“Thank you!”

Kun Chen waved his knife twice, only to feel that it was quite suitable for him.

With this knife, his fighting capacity should be improved by about 30%.

“Can the large array of Flying Knives enter?”

Said Yuan Kris.

“Yes, but what’s the use if Jiang Emperor is still alive.?”

Demon Kris said: “I always feel that things are not that simple. Jiang Emperor is not simple. This person has so many cards in his hand that it is impossible for him to give up.”

“I think so too.”

Said Buddha Kris.

“How about we set up a large array first?”

“Not good!”

Jian Kris said: “They all have Treasure of Transcendence in their hands, and our large array is useless at all!”

“Don’t you forget the Hybrid Spirit Cauldron?”

The Hybrid Spirit Cauldron was destroyed in that great war, and it was rebuilt by the original soul. It still took a long time to recover it.

“Jiang Emperor can definitely get out of trouble. We seven people can evolve the Seven-fold Universes and trap him inside. How about Yuan Kris and Buddha Kris resist Yao Emperor, and we catch Jiang Emperor?”

Said Jian Kris.

“Yes, I think it is feasible!”

“So do I!”

“Then follow this plan.”

Yuan Kris made a decision, Jian Kris, Mu Kris, Hao Kris and Jin Kris … seven people combined to evolve the Seven-fold Universes. Their combined strength was infinitely close to Transcendence. Together with Chen Ye, they should be able to catch them.

Each of them took a Projection of the Chaos Spirit Sword for unexpected needs!

The Seven-fold Universe was a seven-fold maze. The best method was to trap Jiang Emperor in the maze and exhaust his strength bit by bit.

Meanwhile, the outside world!

Zhang Emperor won in the end !

“Don’t lose heart.”

Zhang Emperor laughed and unlocked the large array, but the present scene made him dumbfounded.

“Where is the Tao Cutting Knife?”

Xuanyuan Emperor’s face darkened, and he turned to look at Zhang Emperor. “Did you swallow it?”

“Impossible, you saw me sealed it, how can I do such a thing under your nose?”

Zhang Emperor explained and stretched his hands to grab Mr. Bone.


A surprising sword light flashed by.

“What do you mean?”

Zhang Emperor’s face looked even darker.

“It’s you, right?”

Xuanyuan Emperor’s eyes were red. “If you don’t take out the Tao Cutting Knife today, you’ll never have this Mr. Bone.”

“I say it for the last time, I didn’t take it!”

“Who else can take it if it was not you?”

“It seems that we cannot deal with it harmoniously today.”



Xuanyuan Emperor rushed past carrying his Spirit Sacred Sword.

“Damn it, I always stand by my word, why should I care about the Tao Cutting Knife that was even inferior to the Low-grade Treasure of Transcendence?”

Zhang Emperor was furious. “Are you stupid or am I stupid? Can’t you think about it carefully?”

Xuanyuan Emperor was after all an emperor, he had lost his face when he was scolded by Zhang Emperor in front of everyone.

At that moment, even if Zhang Emperor was right, he didn’t want to let go. “I must take this Mr. Bone. If you don’t let me, I’ll kill you!”

He was too angry to say such a word like that.

Zhang Emperor was also angry. “OK, I will see how you take it away from me!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom! “

The two people bombarded each other again with Mr. Bone flying between them.

At the same time, people all signed in the Dark Space.

“You’d rather blow yourself up than give it to me? If you are so obedient, maybe I will spare your life. Even ants know to drag out an ignoble existence. Why don’t you understand? “

“That’s it, maybe I was wrong from the beginning.”

In speaking this, the Mr. Bone at the outside world flew to the other side as if it was being pulled.

Ren Emperor was studying how to use the Reverse Luck Bead.

The next second, he had a white Mr. Bone in his hand!

“This … this … this is the Mr. Bone head?”

Ren Emperor was dumbfounded. He did nothing but watching, and the flew over itself!

However, before he felt delighted, two people glared at him angrily!

He turned around and saw Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Zhang looked at him coldly.

“Put down Mr. Bone, take your own share and leave!”

Zhang Emperor said coldly.

“Put down and nothing would happen, if not, Xuanyuan army will arrive at the entrance of Ren Domain.”

Xuanyuan Emperor had a murderous look, he had risked his life but didn’t get even one treasure.

“Are you threatening me?”

Ren Emperor sneered, “Mr. Bone flew into my hand by itself. What’s more, you two sent it to me in person. Those who have virtue take treasures, since you two share the spoils unevenly, you are obviously men without virtue!”

“So, this treasure is mine!”

He was not scared. He accepted Mr. Bone in front of the two. “I welcome you two to join hands to attack Ren Domain, but remember that my Ren Domain is not Jiang Domain. If you dare to come, you must be prepared to be destructed.”

“Besides, this Mr. Bone is dispensable to me. You tell that should I take it to ask Feng Race, Xue Race or Ying Race to send troops. That’s a big problem!”

Wasn’t he threatening people?

He did, and the threat was more skillful, making them dare not take actions easily!

As he’d expected, Zhang Emperor’s eyes narrowed when he heard Ren Emperor’s words. “Brother Ren, we Zhang Domain always get along with Ren Domain, and you said that this Mr. Bone is dispensable for you. Why don’t you give it to me, and our Domain will immediately make an alliance with yours! If Xuanyuan army dares to attack, I will send troops immediately! “

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Emperor explained quickly, “I can do what he can do, and I can also do what he can not. Better to get rid of an enmity than keep i alive, right?”

Ren Emperor kept laughing looking at the two men .

“Well, you two can fight, who wins will take it, anyway, didn’t you decide it like that before?”

The two people’s faces darkened.

How shouldn’t them know what he meant?

If they had a dead fight, Ren Emperor won’t lose anything no matter what, and he can eradicate one potential enemy. Why not do it?

“Dear broer, don’t hurt yourself!”

“Ren Emperor, you can use the Treasure of Transcendence to ask the three Races to send troopes, then I can also put aside the past and form an alliance with Zhang Emperor. Let’s see is it faster for you to ask for help, or our two families to join hands!”

The atmosphere became tense again as soon as he finished speaking.

Yao Emperor looked at them coldly and didn’t pay attention to them at all. Instead, he devoted himself to consuming Jiang Emperor with Battle Formation.

Within Jiang Emperor became powerful rapidly within the Battle Formation.


Tens of thousands of Ghost Kings instantly broke through the bottleneck of the Middle period.

Jiang Emperor was delighted when he felt a surge of power in his body. He finally broke it through.

He calculated the time. He can only insist for one hour at most, and it would be enough for him to escape.

It was too stressful for his flesh body to transcend the Middle period. It may cause irreversible loss if one does it for more than an hour!

Without his Asura Body, he can’t even insist for just one hour.

Jiang Emperor urged the Asura Tower and shouted, “Break it for me!”

Yao Emperor at the outside was about to increase the power of the Gold Turtle Divine Fire, and then a great force broke out from the inside.


The God Refining Array make of tens of thousands of Flying Knives broke through instantly!

Jiang Emperor rushed out under the protection of the Asura Tower!

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