Gracia Stewart frowned, and Chuck Cannon was astonished. Why did Black Rose come out?

Faced with Chuck Cannon’s stupidly stunned eyes, Black Rose felt angry in her heart, “What are you looking at? I told you not to let you out of my sight. You still come out by yourself? Do I have to find the right one?”

Chuck Cannon was still astonished.

Black Rose is too dedicated, but why does Chuck Cannon feel weird? She would say such things to him, it’s rare!

“If you don’t want to find it, I will just order some dishes, and we will eat together,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Who made you call?” Black Rose glared, Chuck Cannon had nothing to say.

What can he say? First of all, he called her out. Besides, he’s hungry, so can’t he order food? ?

Black Rose began to stare at Gracia Stewart, “Don’t touch him! His life, I must protect him!”

“Black Rose? You can’t protect it!” Gracia Stewart shook her head indifferently, full of coldness!

Chuck Cannon trembled, and hurriedly pushed the two people away. Don’t fight between yourself. After all, Black Rose is still hurt!

You can’t help but play Gracia!!

Chuck Cannon knew that Gracia Stewart was particularly, very, extremely angry because he killed the people of the Stewart family.

But during the fight just now, Chuck Cannon saw that Gracia Stewart didn’t have that murderous aura, so she didn’t want to kill him, maybe she was too angry, so she just kicked him.

“Can’t I protect? You try to move him? See if I won’t kill you!!” Black Rose was annoyed.

Gracia Stewart sneered, “You are injured, why you want to fight with me?”

“Regardless of whether I am injured or not, as long as you move Chuck Cannon, I will deal with you!” Black Rose has already made an attack!!

Gracia Stewart’s beautiful eyes were chilling!

Two women are at war!

It’s on the verge!

At this time, the ordered dishes were delivered, and the waiter was shocked. What happened?

Two women fight for one husband?

The waiter was envious!

These are two beauties to the extreme!

He immediately regarded Chuck Cannon as an idol in his heart, too powerful!

Admire it!

“Sir, your dishes are here, you think…” the waiter said weakly.

“Why don’t you take your two wives to the room? It’s not the same thing in this hotel corridor!” The waiter was jealous.

Is it that Chinese men are more attractive?

Can you charm two big beauties at the same time?

“What are you talking about?” Black Rose was furious!

Gracia Stewart angrily kicked the waiter, “Do you see it? Am I his wife? Am I his wife?”

The waiter was trembling with fright. He is just an ordinary person. How could he withstand such a kick?

Why is it so horrible?

Fortunately, Chuck Cannon knew he couldn’t stand such a kick, so Chuck Cannon pushed him away.

Let him escape the catastrophe, otherwise, he would not be able to wake up without lying for ten and a half months.

The waiter was in shock and ran away after putting down the dishes.

“Don’t run, let you and her talk nonsense!” Gracia Stewart said angrily.

“Don’t run! Don’t run!” Black Rose was also very angry, too disgusting!

“Don’t yell, eat first!!” Chuck Cannon took the two of them and walked into the room. Otherwise, the two masters chased after him. Then the waiter would be killed by them!!

“let go!”

“Let go! Who told you to catch me!” The two women punched and kicked Chuck Cannon!

Chuck Cannon endured the pain, almost crying, and pulled the two of them into the room.

Came in with food!

“Don’t fight, let’s talk about it after eating, and beat the blind man again!” Chuck Cannon reprimanded with a serious face!

Gracia Stewart, Black Rose snorted!

“Fragrant rice and delicious dishes!” Chuck Cannon said while eating.

“You shut up!!”

Two women scolded at the same time!

Chuck Cannon continued to eat happily, but Gracia Stewart rushed over from far away overnight and she was hungry.

Black Rose was injured last night, she was weak and she was hungry.

Seeing Chuck Cannon eat so loudly, is it really so fragrant?

Both women swallowed at the same time.

Chuck Cannon smiled and pulled the two of them to sit down and gave them dishes.

“Come, eat, eat!” Chuck Cannon smiled.

The two of them glared angrily, and Chuck Cannon gave them some food before they snorted to eat.

Chuck Cannon smiled. Is this good?

The three of them were hungry, and all the dishes were wiped out. In the end, Chuck Cannon and Gracia Stewart argued for a braised pork, and the two of them were one and half of them before giving up!!

“I’m full,” Chuck Cannon was satisfied and now he can go back.

Black Rose was injured, she had a meal and felt much better.

“Chuck Cannon, come out, let me tell you a few words,” Gracia Stewart stood up and walked outside.

Chuck Cannon shrugged. Gracia Stewart must be looking for something else, so she came over.

Chuck Cannon shrugged and wanted to know what Gracia Stewart came here for.

But Black Rose said coldly, “Can’t go out! You must be in my sight!”

Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“Gracia Stewart, look…” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“I’ll wait for you outside for three minutes. If you don’t come out, I’ll come in. You can figure it out!” Gracia Stewart left.

Isn’t it necessary? How can I have a meal together just now!!

“Black Rose, I’ll go out and talk,”

“Whatever you want. But I won’t let you leave my sight,” Black Rose said indifferently.

Chuck Cannon came out, and Black Rose followed to the door.

Gracia Stewart was angry, gave Black Rose a fierce look, and went directly to the subject, “Chuck Cannon, where’s your mother?”

“My mother? Aren’t you afraid of my mother? You ran so fast last time?” Chuck Cannon was taken aback. What did Gracia Stewart want to do? !

“I’m not afraid of her, but I don’t have the strength of her now. Once I meet her, the possibility of death is too great. Should I not run? If you still say this, I will be angry when you say it. It is clearly between you and me. What happened during this time, you actually called a parent, is it interesting?” Gracia Stewart angrily said what she held in his heart.

Chuck Cannon was too embarrassed, too.

But there was no way, he can’t kill her, he can only let his mother come over.

“But didn’t you run away?” Chuck Cannon muttered.

“Run? It’s very annoying to be betrayed, run? I want to kill you!” Gracia Stewart was annoyed.

“Um… what are you looking for my mother for?”

“Do you know what happened to my grandfather?”

“I know, he’s dying, good thing!” Chuck Cannon did not shy away.

The old man Adam Stewart was dying, so his mother had this plan. Let Brayden Stewart be the master of the house and mess up the Stewart, but I didn’t expect that Gracia Stewart was so good that she almost broke his mother’s plan.

“What did you say?” Gracia Stewart was immediately furious!


“I asked about my grandfather’s situation, and I suspect that your mother did something wrong with my grandfather, so I want to see her!”

“Really? I tell you, once my mother comes over, you will definitely die!” Chuck Cannon didn’t care.

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