His mother’s plan was to let Brayden Stewart be the head of the family, but she didn’t want Gracia Stewart, who could improve the strength of the Stewart family, to be the head of the family.

Therefore, as long as the mother comes over, then Gracia Stewart will die!

Gracia Stewart frowned, “I came to find you, what did you say to me?”

“Oh, you want to go through the back door, let me tell my mother, let her let you go?” Chuck Cannon understood.

Otherwise, why would Gracia Stewart pass him?

“I’ll talk to your mother!” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

“But she will kill you!” Chuck Cannon reminded again that this matter is too big, and it’s impossible for his mother to release the water!

“You tell her to come over, and I will talk to her, whether I will be dead or alive, I will figure it out! That’s it! I’ll wait in the next room!” Gracia Stewart turned and left, looking for someone else to open the room.

“Gracia Stewart! You didn’t use identity tricks, did you?” Chuck Cannon asked, if she devised any traps, then Chuck Cannon would definitely not put his mother in danger!!

“I play tricks, do I need it?” Gracia Stewart was irritated.

“If I played tricks and you slept like a pig that night, I would have killed you long ago!”

Under the circumstances at that time, if she went down, could Chuck Cannon survive? Even if you don’t have a knife, you can pinch Chuck Cannon’s throat by pinching his neck!!

“Uh, I just remind you!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Remind you of a ghost, hurry up!!” Gracia Stewart went down in anger.

“Are you going to open a house? Here is 800 dollars a night, you…”

“So expensive?” Gracia Stewart was annoyed, and instantly cut off her thoughts of opening a room.

“It’s okay, hey, where are you going?”

“Toilet!” Gracia Stewart walked away.

After thinking about going, Chuck Cannon decided to tell his mother about the matter, called his mother, and was connected. Chuck Cannon told Gracia Stewart to see her.

“Oh, then she’s very smart, well, I’ll come over!” Mom said.

“That…” Chuck Cannon hesitated, not speaking too much.

“I’ll say anything when I arrive! It may take three hours, Chuck, you rest first.”

“I know mom.”

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and walked back to the room. “Take a rest, my mother said she will come.”

Black Rose glanced at Gracia Stewart who was walking away and entered with a cold snort.

Chuck Cannon lay on the sofa and fell asleep, but when he thought of Gracia Stewart, he went out to see if she was doing well, and she was done well. Chuck Cannon pulled her in, and Gracia Stewart was annoyed, “I will go by myself.”

She came in.

“The sofa, the underground, and the bed, where do you want to sleep? Black Rose is a patient, she sleeps on the bed, I am also a patient, I sleep on the sofa, so…” Chuck Cannon assigned.

“You can just tell me that I sleep on the ground?” Gracia Stewart squatted in the corner by himself.

She hasn’t slept well for a long time, and the ground is clean. She hasn’t slept before. She has slept in burrows and caves. How can there be anything?

Chuck Cannon smiled, “Come here, you are a woman, how could I let you sleep underground?”

“You don’t need to be kind, let me tell you, Chuck Cannon, you killed my Stewart people and made a big noise about my Stewart, I’m never ending with you!!” Gracia Stewart closed her eyes.

Chuck Cannon was speechless, sat next to her, and talked to her, “No way, you are the one who provokes me!!”

Gracia Stewart opened her eyes, “Then you watch, from now on, I will play with you! But I just don’t know, can you hold it?”

“Whatever, it’s fun to play with you,” Chuck Cannon hooked her shoulders.

Gracia Stewart beat Chuck Cannon severely.

Where can Chuck Cannon stand it? If you continue to fight, you will have to vomit blood. Gracia Stewart can’t stop hitting people.

Chuck Cannon went to bed on the sofa.

Black Rose couldn’t sleep, she kept staring at Gracia Stewart.

Keep staring like this!!

“It’s useless for you to stare at me. It’s better to sleep to recover from your injuries.” Gracia Stewart said with eyes closed.

Black Rose snorted and closed her eyes to sleep.

There was no sound, and all three tired people fell asleep.

Until there is a knock on the door!

Gracia Stewart wakes up! Black Rose wakes up!!

Chuck Cannon finally opened his eyes in a daze, “Mom?”

“Well, it’s me, open the door!” Mother’s voice was outside.

Gracia Stewart got a little nervous, Chuck Cannon went to open the door, and his mother and Betty Bernard walked in.

Karen Lee was stunned. She didn’t expect three people to stay in the same room. This is the bed for the bed, the sofa for the sofa, the underground for the underground?

“Chuck, why don’t you open one more room?” Karen Lee asked.

“She said it was too expensive to drive,” Chuck Cannon said.

Karen Lee revisited Gracia Stewart.

“Mom, it’s her.” Chuck Cannon fingered Gracia and said.

“Well, you and Black Rose go out first,” Karen Lee said.

Black Rose came down from the bed, Karen Lee said, “Have this shot.”

This is the latest painkiller. She was badly injured when she saw Black Rose.

“Thank you,” Black Rose took it and walked out.

“Mom…” Chuck Cannon whispered.

“Well, I understand,”

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, glanced at Gracia Stewart, Gracia Stewart bit her lip, and Chuck Cannon went out.

Betty Bernard followed out, “Master, are you injured too?”

“Fortunately.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Get more rest when injured.”

“En, Sister Bernard,”

Chuck Cannon smiled.

The door to the room closed.

Karen Lee watched Gracia Stewart.

Gracia Stewart did not move, “I know you.”

“Oh, what do you know?”

“Know you are cruel! Just like me!” Gracia Stewart said.

“Yes, when it’s time to be cruel, I am cruel! I don’t feel you are afraid, so just say it!

“Did you put something on my grandpa?”

“Yes, let it go, it’s boring to lie to you,” Karen Lee admitted.

The other descendants of the Stewart family didn’t see it, only she could. The gap was huge.

“Then what did you put? I know that you have a technology company that has a lot of research fields! There must be medicine.”

This is the analysis of Gracia Stewart.

There is absolutely nothing wrong.

“It won’t work for you to say what I put out, you are very courageous, you came to see me alone!” Karen Lee said, her tone cooling down.

“Give me the antidote!”

“Here you? Why should I give you? To be honest, you are not qualified to negotiate terms with me, in this room!” Karen Lee shook her head.

Gracia Stewart didn’t refute, it was indeed the case. She could not beat Karen Lee’s fighting ability, which she admitted.

But killing herself is not so simple, otherwise, she would not be able to take such a risk.

“I know, so I make a deal with you.”

“What deal?”

“You knowingly ask?” Gracia Stewart frowned, Karen Lee is smart, how could she not know what deal she was going to do with her?

“You say.”

“I am the master of the house, which is better than Brayden Stewart?”

“Nothing is good. At least, Brayden Stewart will do me a little better. If you do it, it will do me a lot more harm. So I don’t plan to do it with you.” Karen Lee shook her head.

“Then you are so confident that Brayden Stewart can be the master of the family?” Gracia Stewart suddenly became cold!!

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