Chapter 705 – 706: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 705: The Fall of Emperor Jiang

“Hahaha, I’ve come out!” Emperor Jiang laughed and escaped quickly with the Asura Tower.

As long as I am alive and the Asura Tower is in my hand, it doesn’t matter if Jiang Realm’s people die!

“I’ll definitely take my revenge one day! ” Looking at them, Emperor Jiang threw a word viciously, and instantly disappeared.

Emperor Yao was furious, “You don’t go! ” He then quickly chased after him.

At the same time, Emperor Ren was also willing to retreat.

Emperor Jiang had escaped and Wang Lin had died. Ren alone had two Middle-grade Treasures of Transcendence.That made him the target of the public, and the Tao Cutting Knife must had been swallowed by Emperor Zhang.

Zhang is sinister, cunning, and greedy, Ren thought for a while, “Brother Xuanyuan, only Emperor Zhang has saw the Tao Cutting Knife. Think about where he could go. This bone should have been Zhang’s, but you two didn’t sort it out. So as a middleman, I will keep it temporarily. When you make a decision, you can come to take it at any time. I promise that if I eat my words, I will never make progress! ”

“Boom! ” A thunder flashed across the sky, meaning that Ren’s oath took effect.

Xuanyuan looked at Ren with less hostility.

Emperor Zhang squinted, “You don’t understand such an inferior provocation, do you? ”

Emperor Xuanyuan didn’t speak, but responded him with the sharp sword.

Upon seeing this, Emperor Ren sneered repeatedly. As long as the strategy is easy to use, however inferior it is.

In this way, the possibility of Zhang Realm and Xuanyuan Realm’s cooperation was completely eliminated.

“You two decide on your own, I’ll go first. ” Finishing that sentence, Emperor Ren turned to leave.

As long as the bone is in his hand, he has many ways, such as squeezing out its value and then giving him the worthless Transcendence Bone.

That is not a breach of promise. Just as the law of jungle, in imperial wars every one should either forge ahead or fall behind!

What does it mean to get two Treasures of Transcendence? It is destiny!

He himself is the Transcendence Master this time!

“You idiot, do you really want to fight against the Zhang Realm ? ” Emperor Zhang was too angry, and he fought more fiercely, “Say it for the last time, I didn’t take the Tao Cutting Knife! ”

Xuanyuan did not speak. The more harshly Zhang scolded, the more he felt guilty.That was a sign of exasperation.

Zhang spouted insults and completely ignored him.

All courtiers were looking at him with the Xuanguang Mirror, if he just let it go, what would others think?He will definitely become the laughing stock of all people, then how shameful he will be?

“Emperor Zhang, either hand over the Tao Cutting Knife, or fight to the death today. ”

“You damn it! ”Zhang cursed fiercely, and he was in a bad mood now.

Dozens of domains of people died and many soldiers were sent. But it turned out that he did not take up any benefits. Instead, he became the enemy with Xuanyuan and became a laughing stock for everyone.

Hitting Xuanyuan with one shot, Zhang said: “I won’t speak anything useless any more. This is not a place for a decisive battle. If you insist on fighting, you can send troops as soon as possible. I will wait for you in Zhang Realm. ”

He had a faint guess, either the Emperor Xuanyuan did so deliberately, or people from the other three families made the move, or it was a Demon King Army that did not show up.

Emperor Yao doesn’t have such superb methods, and it is even more impossible for Emperor Ren to do so. If they fight with Xuanyuan here, it is likely for them to be attacked.

Upon thinking about that, Zhang tore through the space and went straight into it.

Seeing him run away, Emperor Xuanyuan was furious, “You son of a bitch, don’t leave ! ”

The two families had now completely broken with each other. With his sword hitting nothing, Xuan shouted hysterically, “Baili Zhang, I will kill you! ”

Baili Zhang is Emperor Zhang ‘s name. Hearing Xuanyuan’s voice, Zhang was very angry. If he hadn’t taken care of the overall situation, he would have killed him.

On the other side, Emperor Yao chased him vigorously, but found that he could not catch up with him. Even if his true strength is infinitely close to transcendence.

But Emperor Jiang had exhausted all his trump cards, and at this time he had reached the Middle period of transcendence in a short time. No wonder he couldn’t catch up! He had long been left behind.

“Damn it! ” Yao was furious. He racked his brains and everything was carried out in an orderly manner according to his plan. He thought he could get a set of Treasure of Transcendence, but in the end, he got nothing!

On the contrary, it was Emperor Ren, who had obtained two Treasures of Transcendence without making a difference. He was now full of murderous intent, and he wanted to kill Ren. He knew that this time he was completely defeated.

Meanwhile, Emperor Jiang also fled far away, escaping to hundreds of thousands of domains in the blink of an eye.

It is quite difficult to find someone in the Chaos World on the Other Realm. With the Asura Tower by their side, they could conceal the secret, but they could not predict that where they were.

Hidden in a death star, Jiang was panting. He had reached the limit and his strength was gradually declining. The middle period of transcendence, the latter stage of the early period of transcendence, the middle stage of the early period of transcendence…

Then he fell from the Detachment Stage, infinitely approaching the transcendence, half-step transcendence… his cultivation was originally in the fulfilled period of normalization, but under the indoctrination of strength, he still broke through the stage that had not been broken through for millions of years.

That could be considered a blessing in disguise.

However, the vast Jiang Realm was destroyed. He became the monarch of national subjugation, following in the footsteps of Emperor Ji.

“Damn it! ” Although he killed Lin Wang, he didn’t get any benefit. Instead, he lost all his trump cards and his Incarnation of Blood Spectre, which was true transcendence. What a pity!

After taking a rest in the Death Star, Jiang suddenly had an ominous feeling enveloped him. Something must happen on him of such a stage.

Could it be that Emperor Yao caught up with him? Now he was not fully sure that he could escape from him.

“Son of a bitch, when I return to my peak, I must kill all people in the Yao Realm. ” Thinking viciously in his mind, he decided to break open the space and escape.

But at this moment, an invisible fluctuation enveloped him. The surrounding space suddenly became obscure.

“Boom! ” Several attacks fell on the place where he had just stood. The huge explosion lifted him away directly, and the Death Star was shattered into powder.

A huge voice sounded, “Emperor Jiang, welcome to infinite space. ” The voice was very ethereal, as if it was far away, but it also seemed to be close to the ear.

“Who is it? ” Jiang shocked, and he knew that this was definitely not Emperor Yao.

No one answered him, and the faint voice came again: “Now, the game starts, are you…ready! ”

The fog obscured the entire world, and the visibility was less than ten meters.

“It is all a ploy! ” Although Emperor Jiang was exhausted, he could still guess something. The person who set up this trap was definitely not as powerful as him, otherwise there was no need to do so.

Those emperors relied on Treasures of Transcendence were all powerful, so they didn’t bother to use such an inferior ploy.

“Boom! ” At this moment, a rapidly rotating spear moved towards him.

Pang! The sharp head of the spear hit the Asura Tower, sparks flying everywhere. It was impossible to break the defense!

“Get out of here! ”

The Ping Tian Mirror released divine light and made the spear fly away directly. Subsequently, various attacks fell on the Asura Tower, whose attack power was strong, so it was impossible to break the defense of the Asura Tower!

It is only possible unless the Detachment Stage takes action, or the attacker holds the Treasure of Transcendence in his hand.

After being attacked millions of times, Emperor Jiang gradually figured out the strength of these people. “Losers, how dare you come over and set up traps. You help yourself, I will go first. ”

If it were in the past, Jiang would definitely tear them to pieces in anger, but he was afraid Yao and others would catch up with him. If he is intercepted, he will die today. They will never let him escape alive.

Tearing open one layer of space, Jiang found that he had come to another layer of space.

Then he fell into an endless loop, breaking the space, coming to a new space, and then breaking again, and then a new space…

“It’s useless, here is infinite space, you can’t escape! ”

“Shut up! ” Jiang tried his best to initiate the Asura Tower, and the Ping Tian Mirror gave out hundreds of millions of divine light, seeming to tear all the space apart.

One layer, two, three, four layers… but it didn’t work, it’s impossible to escape.

The seven universes of Kris’ seven incarnations are very powerful. All the means of attack are removed, leaving only layers of space. It is quite simple to trap one person.

If Jiang still maintains the highest combat power, he will definitely not be trapped, but he had now reached the point of exhaustion. It was impossible for him to escape.

“Super Serious Invincible Cosmic Explosion Divine Fist plus thirty times more power! ”

“Ninety-foot Golden Body, Buddha Kingdom in the Palm! ”

“Chaos Spirit Wuji! ”


One after another tyrannical attacks landed on the Asura Tower, and Jiang panicked every time he suffered an attack.

He couldn’t get supplements here at all. If this continued, sooner or later he would be trapped to death.

If he had not died in the hands of emperors, but in a crowd of losers. How could he accept it?

Just as he was about to fight hard, a shocking sword light tore through the sky and slashed at Asura Tower.

“Boom! ” This attack was extremely powerful, and the remaining power spread to Jiang, making him vomit blood.

“This is… the power of the Treasure of Transcendence! It is the treasure of sword-like transcendence. Are you from Xuanyuan Realm? ”

“Boom! Boom! Boom! ” No one responded, the sword light from the Treasure of Transcendence and countless attacks fell on the Asura Tower at the same time. The spirit of the Asura Tower wailed!

Even if it is a Treasure of Transcendence, it is not omnipotent, nor is it invincible. The combination of magic weapons is not integrated, and the two powers complement each other, raising the level of the magic weapons to the top-ranking and the Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence in a short time.

“Chaos Spirit Slash! ” Yuan Kris operated all his mana, and made all the Tao onto the Chaos Spirit Sword. With the formation of the Great Dao, the power of this sword was extremely terrifying.

“Everyone, hit him fiercely!”

“Boom! ” The splendid divine Tao and mana hit the Asura Tower, and the nine skies and ten earths were shaking.

Had it not been for the Seven-Layer Universe, all the aftermath of the battle would have been firmly locked, which would have attracted the attention of others long ago.

“Come on, he can’t hold it anymore! ”

“Boom! ”

“Boom! ”

“Boom! ”

In the eighth round of attacks, the Asura Tower lost the support of ghost slaves and mana, and its stored energy was exhausted. So did the Ping Tian Mirror.

The magic weapon was separated, and the mighty attack power fell on Jiang without reservation. That directly injured him badly!

Demon Kris grabbed the Ping Tian Mirror, and Buddha Kris grabbed the Asura Tower!

Yuan Kris pierced Jiang’s head with his sword. The chaos spirit sword intent instantly shattered his vitality, cut off all causal relationship, and obliterated him from the Time River!

Jiang Huang, after trying his best for several wars, fell to the Unknown Death Star!

Chapter 706: Above Transcendence

“He finally died!”

Demon Kris was relieved, without sending one soldier, the Demon King Army had gained a lot.

“Every emperor of the imperial clan is powerful, if wasn’t for that they had fought for a long time, I couldn’t defeat them.” Then Yuan Kris said in a hurry, “Let’s leave here quickly. It’s not a good place for chatting.”

Jiang Emperor’s corpse was buried by Yuan Kris on a Silent Star. This was the respect for him.

“Give it to me!”

The Chaos Spirit Sword spirit said.

Yuan Kris patted his head and said, “Keep calm, let’s talk about it later.”

After tearing open the space, they traveled in the Space Tunnel and returned to the garrison of the Demon King Army.

At this time, Kris also finished his cultivation, he felt pleased to hear that Yuan Kris had gained three Treasure of Transcendence.

After sharing the information, he knew all the process.

Once a Domain had no emperor, it would be soon occupied by other forces, so did Jiang Domain.

Two emperors had died in this battle, which had sped up the Imperial War.

They also benefited a lot in Ren Domain. There must be another battle among the rest three Domains.

The Demon King Army only needed to wait the right opportunity.

After pondering for a moment, Kris looked at the Shura Tower and the Pingtian Mirror. Once been integrated, they could be upgraded to the Super-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

It would be a pity if been absorbed.

The Spirit of the two treasures looked at Kris, they felt his tremendous power, which made them frightened.

“Do you want to be my follower?”

Kris smiled, it was understandable for them to do this.

“But I don’t like tower-shaped magic weapons.”

He pointed his fingers and eliminated the spirit of the Shura Tower, and then gave it to the Chaos Spirit Sword, after absorbing the spirit of the Shura Tower, Chaos Spirit Sword then gave it to Kris.

With the help of the Tao Cutting Knife, the Inner Universe of Kris had elevated quickly.

However, this time it aimed to consolidate the foundation of his universe.

Kris Chen knew that this was the foundation for entering the Infinite Universe.

Although there was no new Star, Kris’s stages had been improved.

In the blink of an eye, he reached the Half-step Transcendence from the Fulfilled Period of Normalization.

The Power of Fate began to practice the body and the Sun Soul Spirit.

Such fast elevating speed made Kris felt wonderful.

The Spirit of Pingtian Mirror trembled in fear and it tried to escape, but was grabbed by Kris.

“Behave well.” Then he eliminated its spirit and gave it to the Chaos Spirit Sword. It was enough for the Sword to reach the Super-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

At that time, he could get close to Transcendence.

He didn’t know how strong he would be at that time. However, he might had no enemies at that time.


After gaining many benefits, Ren Emperor returned to the Ren Domain. Those ministers all knelt down and said, “Welcome back, My Majesty.”

When sitting on the seat, Ren Emperor felt excited as well.

“Stand up!”

“Thank you, My Majesty!”

“We have gained two Treasures of Transcendence, it must be the God’s order.”

Then the Minister of War stepped forward, “We have to occupy Jiang Domain and attack Wang Domain to maximize our benefit.”

“No way!”

A minister stood out and rebutted, “Although, it’s God’d order. Since we’ve gained a lot, we should act more modest, or we’ll become a target.”

“Majesty, we need time to absorb all these treasures.”

As soon as the words fell, even the Minister of War kept silent, he thought it was reasonable.

Indeed, Xuanyuan Emperor and Zhang Emperor would felt unpleasant for they had done many efforts. Besides, Yao Emperor also tried his best to catch Jiang Emperor, but he didn’t know whether Jiang Emperor was caught or not. If he escaped successfully, then he would be a huge threat for all of them. How powerful a man would be if he had two Treasures of Transcendence?

He would definitely fight back.

It was not a good situation.

Moreover, there were still many native people in Jiang Domain, they might started attacks everywhere.

Ren Emperor nodded his head, this was what he thought.

“We just keep quiet and look on with folded arms.”

Ren Domain was resourceful, now since they had two Treasures of Transcendence, they had more foundations of the Detachment Stage.

The most important thing now was to integrate the two magic weapons and elevate the power.


Ren Emperor waved his hand and left directly.

Those ministers knew what the emperor was going to do, they were also very excited.

“Let’s go and prepare for the war.”

The three Ministers of War said.

After returning to Forbidden Zone, many elder ministers rushed to see Ren emperor, however, was stopped by the guards, “Emperor is cultivating, please come back later.”

So they could only look at each other and didn’t know what to do.

Could Ren Emperor bear the two Treasures of Transcendence?

Although, it was good to have more, it didn’t mean that he could bear it alone.

It was better to give them. However, since Ren Emperor had said this, they couldn’t just break in.

“Just tell him if he come out.”

“Copy that!” The chamberlain replied in a shrill voice.

Emperor was very smart, they really wanted the Treasure of Transcendence.

“How dare they to do that?” The chamberlain bristled with disdain.

Inside the Forbidden Zone, Ren Emperor took out the Reverse Luck Bead and the Transcendence Bone.

He was more interested in the the Reverse Luck Bead, so he put the Transcendence Bone aside.

After thinking for a while, he placed a drop of essential blood on the bead, and quickly it was absorbed.

Since Lin had died, these beads had no master, so it was easy to practice.

After acquiring the usage of the Reverse Luck Bead, Ren Emperor became even more excited, “It is really a priceless treasure.”

After pondering for a while, he asked two chamberlains to come in.

The two chamberlains were a bit scared for this was a forbidden place, no one could enter except royal families.

They had no right to enter.


They knelt on the ground with their bodies trembling terribly.

Ren Emperor just let the Reverse Luck Bead to absorb their cultivation. Soon it was finished, and they didn’t aware it.

“Leave here.”

“What? Thank you, Majesty!”

The two chamberlains could hardly believe their ears and hurriedly bowed.


Just as one of the chamberlain’s head touched the ground, his body suddenly froze and he directly fell to the ground.

His eyes were opened with black blooding in his mouth.

After checking, Ren Emperor found that there was a poison placed in his back teeth.

“It turns out that he is a spy!”

Ren Emperor grew sullen, if wasn’t for that he wanted to test the Reverse Luck Bead, he wouldn’t know it at all.

“Majesty, I’m not a spy, I’m really not…”

The other chamberlain was so scared that he pissed and died.

Seeing this, Ren Emperor frowned, he knew the function of the Reverse Luck Bead better. It turned out that the bead would absorb people’s luck and cause him to die of depression.

Although the two chamberlains were not strong, the bead had absorbed a lot.

Ren Emperor had found another path of cultivation. He was wondering that how much fate he could gain from those criminals in the jail?

Although he wanted to do it now, since those elder ministers would make trouble for him, he just stayed for a longer while.

They he focused on the Transcendence Bone.

Since the Reverse Luck Bead was strong, what about the Transcendence Bone?

He remembered that after Lin placed the Transcendence Bone into his body, his cultivation had improved quickly. He even reached the Detachment Stage with stable breath.

After thinking for a while, he once again placed a drop of essential blood to the Transcendence Bone.

When he opened his eyes, he was shocked by its power.

As long as the Transcendence Bone was in his body, he could maintain the Detachment Stage forever. It seemed to be the treasure of the Upper World!

There were more than 200 such Transcendence Bone placed in various corners of the Chaos World in the Other Realm. If he could collect them all, he could even break the Detachment!

Then what stage it could be?

Ren Emperor was very shocked. At that time, he would had no enemies at all. Feng family or Xue family meant nothing to him.

However, he also worried that since it was other people’s bone, could it be grabbed in the future?

“Don’t worry, we are magic weapons now, and even the Chaos World in the Other Realm is originated form us.” Then the spirit of the Transcendence Bone continued, “As long as you can collect all the Transcendence Bone, the Chaos World in the Other Realm would be yours. ”

Of course, Ren Emperor was attracted.

“Let me think about it.”

Ren Emperor didn’t make up his mind, if wasn’t for Jiang Emperor, Lin would collect even more Transcendence Bone, at that time, they would have trouble.

“Master, don’t worry, my life is yours.” Then the Transcendence Bone said, “I can feel the call of my companions, we have to speed up, or we have to wait the next Imperial War.”

The next Imperial War? Another million eras later?

He couldn’t wait that long! So he asked, “Why do we have to wait until the next Imperial War?”

“Because we can’t take part in this round of Imperial War. At that time, all my companions will be silent again.”

“Do you think I can win?”

“I don’t know!” The Transcendence Bone replied.

Ren Emperor kept silent and pondered for a long time. Then, he made up his mind, “You can sense their location, right? Mark them out and find them before the end of the Imperial War.”

“Yes, master!”


After returning back to Yao Domain, the court was silent, nobody dared to disturb Yao Emperor.

“Majesty, what should we do next?”

The Grand Master stepped forward and said nervously.

Although Yao Emperor was in a bad mood, he knew it was not the fault of those ministers. So he answered, “Occupy Jiang Domain and Wang Domain, you must be in a hurry. Besides, we need more resources like warships, cannonballs and weapons!”

“Yes, Majesty!” People replied in unison.

“Provoke the contradictions among Xuanyuan Domain, Zhang Domain, and Ren Domain. I want them to have a fight and gain benefit from aside.”

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