“This is not self-confidence. It is because you have not yet understood your situation. Without you as your opponent, why can’t Brayden Stewart be the owner of Stewart? ? “Karen Lee said indifferently.

Gracia Stewart was stunned and immediately understood what Karen Lee meant. She was saying that if Karen Lee kills her now, so Brayden Stewart would have no real opponents. With Brayden Stewart’s viciousness, why couldn’t he sit in the position of Patriarch?

Gracia Stewart stepped back and asked vigilantly, “Do you want to kill me?”

“What’s so strange about this? Originally, my son was going to kill you last time, but I didn’t expect you to talk to my son…” Karen Lee also didn’t expect that kind of result.

When she asked Chuck Cannon to look for Gracia Stewart at the time, she was thinking of giving Chuck Cannon a chance to kill her, but in the end he didn’t kill it, instead, they became friend!

Is that right?

Gracia Stewart frowned.

“I could kill you last time, but my son let you go.”

“Let me go? He betrayed me and called you!” Gracia Stewart was annoyed when he mentioned this!

“I made a call, but with my son’s ability, I can hold you, or follow you. When I pass by, do you think you can run?” Karen Lee said flatly.

Gracia Stewart was stunned and denied, “He can’t hold me back, and can’t catch me, so he can only let me run away.”

“No, you don’t know his toughness, I know, you can’t run when he really wants to stop you,” Karen Lee was particularly sure!

Last time Chuck Cannon was knocked into a coma by Emily and was transported to Amazon. In that kind of closed situation, he could still grab Emily and escape, and survived in a place like Amazon. Karen Lee knew the potential of Chuck Cannon .

Now Chuck Cannon has been in contact with fighting for too short a time. If there is enough time for Chuck Cannon, then it is only a matter of time to become the real world’s No. 1 fighting master.

Gracia Stewart’s frowning brows relaxed. She thought that when she saw Chuck Cannon for the first time, she did have the kind of eyes that were not afraid of death. What was most afraid of fighting? The scariest thing is to die!!

All Chuck Cannon is scary enough!

“En,” Gracia Stewart admitted, if Chuck Cannon wants to keep her desperately to delay time, he can still do it. No matter how bad, even if she runs away, Chuck Cannon can chase after her!

May not catch it?

Chuck Cannon must be so desperate.

Thinking this way, after Chuck Cannon finished the phone call that day, he really let her go.

“Then what do you want to say?” Gracia Stewart asked simply.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” Karen Lee shrugged, she found a place to sit down.

“What am I afraid of? Everyone has only one life. Everyone can die. No one can hold it with a single stab. No one can guarantee that they can kill the other party. What’s so scary?” Gracia Stewart has always been like this. That’s what she thinks, and that’s one of the reasons why she can live till now.

If you are afraid of everything? So how can you survive the harsh environment?

Karen Lee was not surprised either if she didn’t think so, how can Gracia Stewart be still alive till now?

Gracia Stewart sat on the ground by herself, not on the sofa. There was a sense of a student seeing the teacher, and the atmosphere was so restrained.

Karen Lee smiled slightly, “Say, what you think!”

“Stewart is not as simple as you think!”

“I have never thought of anything simple,” Karen Lee shook her head, not underestimating others, it is also an important reason why Karen Lee has grown up to the present in just over 20 years.

“Well, Stewart is a hidden family. After the foundation is deep, Brayden Stewart wants to be the master of the house, it’s not that simple!”

“I don’t think that Brayden Stewart is not ruthless enough. He killed all his opponents, so isn’t the position of Patriarch his?” Karen Lee interrupted Gracia Stewart.

“So you are just as ruthless as him!” Gracia Stewart’s eyes shone.

“You can think so, it doesn’t matter,” Karen Lee shrugged. She would not say that she was a good person because she had killed people, but she also felt that she was not a bad person.

She also does good things.

“Go on,” Karen Lee said.

“Okay, go to Brayden Stewart and become the owner of the Patriarch with your help. You have disrupted everything in Stewart. You took the opportunity to invade, but you have thought about it. Brayden Stewart really worked hard, but if he still led the whole Stewart to fight with you. Can you fight it?” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

“You don’t need to worry about this, anyway, it’s better than you being the head of the house! There is a big gap between Brayden Stewart and you. He will make Stewart degenerate, and you can bring Stewart to the next level. This gap is even bigger.”

Gracia Stewart was taken aback. As expected, Karen Lee was Karen Lee. It was too clear to see things. For so many years, she had already had too many ideas in her mind to make Stewart family surpass Hudson and become the first hidden family!!

Karen Lee’s eyes also prove that she does have this kind of talent!

“But let me tell you, even if Brayden Stewart takes the position of Patriarch, I will pull him down!”

“You said it is too far. It is a question whether you can go out today! Isn’t it?” Karen Lee got up from the sofa, her eyes revealing a calm light.

“No, I don’t see too much murder in your eyes, you don’t want to kill me,” Gracia Stewart said confidently.

Karen Lee was surprised, “So?”

It’s really like this. In many ways, Karen Lee appreciates a girl who grows up like this. She can grow up to now without help. Isn’t she the same? Didn’t she not rely on the Lee family, and came to the present alone?

“I know that the big reason why there is not much murder is because of Chuck Cannon.”

“Yes, it’s because of him, so what?”

“The antidote for my grandfather, I will be the master of the house, and I will give you three years of development! Then I will solve the things you did in my hometown before, I will do what I say!!”

“Three years? Your grandfather seems to say three years too.” Karen Lee shook her head.

“Yes, but when I say, you can trust me, aren’t you and I are the people who say nothing?” Gracia Stewart said.

“You can believe it, but I have been developing for three years. Didn’t you also lead Stewart to develop? So I think it is better to let Brayden Stewart be the master, the risk is not as big as you do!!”

Karen Lee finished speaking, she approached and shot!

Gracia Stewart was expressionless, and Karen Lee told the truth, she wanted to fight her very much. It was a feeling of excitement, not fear. Facing the master’s kind of sympathy.

Faced with Karen Lee’s strong attack, Gracia Stewart shot back, but soon the gap came out. Gracia Stewart was shocked. She thought she could fight Karen Lee, but only after the fight did she know that the gap was getting worse. Obviously, what is going on here?

Suddenly. Karen Lee grabbed it, and wanted to pinch Gracia Stewart’s neck!!

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