Chuck Cannon, Black Rose, and Betty Bernard were all waiting outside.

How should he put it, Chuck Cannon was still a little worried, not worried about his mother, since his mother is here, she must be ready, but worried about Gracia Stewart!!

When his mother came over, she must have the intention of killing Gracia Stewart. Chuck Cannon could see it, but what could the Gracia Stewart diploma hold?

Can’t hold it!

Therefore, Chuck Cannon worried that Gracia Stewart would die inside.

“Master, don’t worry about it,” Betty Bernard persuaded.

Can Chuck Cannon not worry? Although they have not known Gracia Stewart for a long time, they have understood each other. They are friends and brothers. Suddenly someone who knows himself has died. How could Chuck Cannon not worry?

Black Rose was expressionless, she stared at the door of the room.

She has a say in whether Karen Lee will do anything to Gracia Stewart, because last time Karen Lee let her go, otherwise she would have been two meters high.

So this time. . Will Karen Lee treat Gracia Stewart just like herself?

Black Rose was not surprised or happy, and treats it plainly.

Just when Chuck Cannon was uneasy, the door opened, his mother walked out, Chuck Cannon ran in, and found that there was no one inside, and there was an iron arrow inserted into the wall by the window. Inside, the iron arrow has a rope extending down the window.

Chuck Cannon ran to the window and looked down. The rope was still dangling, but there was no one.

Gracia Stewart escaped under his mother’s nose?

What did the two people say in the room?

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. At the very least, his mother was fine, and Gracia Stewart escaped, which was considered safe.

Black Rose can’t see Gracia Stewart anymore, there are not too many surprises in her heart, just look at Karen Lee again with a slightly different look.

“Mom, Gracia Stewart is so powerful, and she ran away?”

Chuck Cannon deliberately asked how to say that most of the things in this room are complete. The only thing that can show that the two people are fighting is the carpet. The carpet has a few footprints of explosive energy.

This shows that the two people were fighting very intensely just now!

“Yes, it’s amazing, don’t you think?” Karen Lee smiled slightly.

“I feel, I feel, but Gracia Stewart just ran away like this, then Brayden Stewart definitely can’t be the head of the family, and she will be in the position, doesn’t it have a great influence on us?” Chuck Cannon whispered his thoughts.

It was originally!!

“Look…Yes, let’s go back first!” Karen Lee glanced at the window and went out first.

Betty Bernard followed, Chuck Cannon wanted to support Black Rose, and Black Rose was indifferent, “Do I want you to help me?”

“I’m so kind, don’t forget, I took you back to the hotel, and you still hugged me in a daze, you still…” Chuck Cannon was speechless, why didn’t Black Rose have any gratitude?

“Just tell again, I will kill you with a gun!” Black Rose threatened angrily, not in a coma, but still holding it with you?

It’s all out, so you have nothing else to say?

“Okay, aren’t you good enough?”

Chuck Cannon ignored her, and ran over to ask his mother how she had dealt with her affairs, of course, she said.

Go downstairs to check out and drive away!

In the corner of the hotel, a pair of beautiful eyes appeared, and the owner was Gracia Stewart!

There was a capsule in her hand. She stared at the capsule and glanced at Karen Lee who was going away again. She left directly and quickly disappeared into the alley.

“Brayden Stewart is going to be the master of the house? The noise is so loud?” Heidi Hudson said lazily in a luxurious room.

“Yes, except for Brayden Stewart who can do that kind of thing, no other Stewart dare to do that, but according to my analysis, the reason why Brayden Stewart has such courage seems to be behind Karen Lee’s support.” Bodyguard of Heidi Hudson spoke out his analysis.

“Understood, Karen Lee is dealing with Stewart in this way. It’s a bit of a surprise to me, but you didn’t find out about it before. Stewart released a few children 16 years ago. Now, there are still a few more children. Is the individual alive?”

“There should be only one or two, but those who can survive are the elites among the elite!”

“I know for sure that if anyone can survive, it may be the future Patriarch of the Stewart Family!” Heidi Hudson’s laziness faded, earnestly.

“I asked Brayden Stewart to rectify Chuck Cannon, but Brayden Stewart did not move at all. Instead, he cooperated with Chuck Cannon. It seems that he took my words into ears,” Heidi Hudson shot out coldly while lazy.

For her, this is already defying her meaning. With such a strong desire for control, he must be able to allow this to happen!

“Then I need to call Brayden Stewart over?”

“I think you should stand up to me who is still alive in the stocking, I want to see her… If she can really be able to sit on the position of the head of the Stewart Family, then, come to me. Say it might be a good thing,”

“Good thing? Miss, the kind of people who came out of stocking are definitely not comparable to Brayden Stewart’s trash. She is really going to be the head of the Stewart Family. It is a threat to you!” The man said vigilantly.

“It seems that you have been with me for so long, you can’t even see through my mind!” Heidi Hudson glanced at the man lazily.

“Say!” The man muttered in his heart, who can guess your mind?

“She is a woman, and so am I. This is because the world is all women? We women are the strongest? Men are the accessories of women.” Heidi Hudson was very serious, her beautiful eyes gleaming!!

The man made a cold sweat, this?

This is also a headache. Heidi Hudson’s desire for control has exceeded her imagination. Which man can stand this?

Except for Chuck Cannon, no one else can stand it!

“There is a powerful opponent who plays with me. That’s interesting. Otherwise, if someone like Brayden Stewart becomes the head of the house. I can kill him anyway. It’s boring, boring,” Heidi Hudson was lazy again.

What is the man interface?

Quiet, silent!

“Go out and ask Chuck Cannon to call me, I miss him, go…” Heidi Hudson said lazily.

The man nodded and went to prepare. He thought, where is Chuck Cannon? He was actually missed by Heidi Hudson.

This is really the envy of all men in the world!!

But the man walked to the door and suddenly there was a call. He answered it. Three seconds later, he was astonished, “Wait, I’ll ask the lady what you mean…”

“Don’t ask me, let Chuck Cannon come over, I miss him, go!” Heidi Hudson said, she really wanted to, she had been angry for so long, and Chuck Cannon didn’t even make a phone call to herself. What does it mean?


But me, Heidi Hudson, does not allow you to forget it!!

“Uh, miss, it’s like this, there is a woman outside who says she wants to see you. Oh, she said her last name is Stewart…” the man said.

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