Chapter 707 – 708: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 707: Restart of the War

After returning to Zhang Domain, Zhang Emperor sent many soldiers to the border to prevent the attack of Xuanyuan Domain.

This was the provocation to the authority of Zhang Emperor, if he couldn’t deal this, then it would be hard for him to control his Domain, not mention to broke Transcendence.

“If Xuanyuan Domain attacks us, just fight back!”

“Besides, tell Ren Emperor that if he is willing to help me, then I’ll give the Transcendence Bone to him.”

“Tell Yao Emperor, I’m willing to share Xuanyuan Domain with him!”

All these orders had expressed his determination.

“Yes, Majesty!”

Then, people all started working.

One hundred and fifty trillion troops and hundreds of millions of battleships gathered from all directions.

Zhang Emperor knew that once the Transcendence Bone was in the hands of Ren Emperor, there was no chance to take back, he’d better flatter Ren Emperor to attack Xuanyuan Domain.

Zhang Domain was just a little stronger than Xuanyuan Domain, so it was hard for him to win this battle. He didn’t want to act like Jiang Domain or Wang Domain.

He had lost a lot, so this was the chance for him to get some benefits and consolidate his status.

When the ambassador arrived at Ren Domain, Ren Emperor was still in the prison.

The fate of billions of prisoners was considerable, his own fate was improved one percent, and he could clearly feel that he was cultivating faster than before.

“Majesty, the ambassador of Zhang Domain want to see you.”

After leaving the prison, the guard knelt down and said.

“Oh? What’s his purpose?”

“I don’t know.”

Ren Emperor didn’t think more and moved to the palace.

“It’s my honour to see you, Ren Emperor.”

“Stand up.” Ren Emperor said, “What’s your purpose?”

“Majesty, I come here to make alliance. This is the handwritten letter from our Emperor.” Then he handed it to Ren Emperor with both hands.

After checking it was safe, the chamberlain handed it to Ren Emperor.

After taking a glimpse of it, Ren Emperor kept silence and thought in his hear, “It’s a nice plot. Zhang Emperor is really smart.”

Although he didn’t think about returning the Transcendence Bone, since Zhang Emperor said this, there was no need to return.

It was energy-consumption if he sent troops now, however, it would distract people’s attention.

After pondering for a while, he thought the deal was worth it. So he said, “We can make alliances, but since my Domain is small, I can only send you ten trillion troops.”

Ten trillion?

The ambassador wanted to ask more, but Ren Emperor continued, “Ten trillion is at most, you can leave now!

The ambassador had no chance to say more.

After leaving the palace, the ambassador sighed, it was better than no troops.

Another ambassador came to the Imperial City of Yao Domain, where was heard to have one billion monsters.

Each monster was as powerful as a master in the Chaos realm, it was terrible, they were just pets.

Honestly, he didn’t want to come here for many ambassador were eaten by those monsters.

Well, that only happened during the Non-Royal War.

After the Imperial War, the world regained its tranquility.

Those ambassadors were all very important, so it would be a great trouble if they were eaten by the monsters.

Under the guidance of chamberlain, the ambassador of Zhang Domain came to the palace.

Seeing the handwritten letter, Yao Emperor smiled, “How can we share Xuanyuan Domian? Who can hold the Treasure of Transcendence?”

“You are not sincere at all.”

Yao Emperor threw the handwritten letter on the ground, “Ask your Emperor to show his sincerity, then I’m willing to help him.”

His movement clearly expressed that he didn’t care about Zhang Domain at all.

In fact, Yao Emperor did this on purpose.

He knew Zhang Emperor’s intention, however, he wanted to embarrass him.

If Zhang Emperor born this, it meant that his control over Zhang Domian was hindered. If he couldn’t swept those barriers, he would indulge in self-doubt forever.

“Yao Emperor, what are you…”

The ambassador was embarrassed, he wanted to rebut but was scared by Yao Emperor’s stare. Yao Emperor was the forth strangest master in the Other Realm of the Chaos World.

“Besides, tell Zhang Emperor that Xuanyuan Domain also send ambassadors here, they seem to be more sincere than you.”

Hearing this, the ambassador of Zhang Domain felt nervous, he quickly replied, “Copy that!”

He had to tell this to Zhang Emperor, once Yao Domain and Xuanyuan Domain allied, they would be dangerous.

Then Yao Emperor sighed, “There’s no chance to stand aside. Ask all the soldiers to be prepared.”



Zhang Emperor slammed the table and cursed, “Damn!”

“Majesty, this is not the time to be angry, we still don’t know what benefits Xuanyuan has promised Yao Emperor, we would be dangerous if they allied.”

Ten trillion troops from Ren Domain were useless.

Zhang Emperor was so angry that he threw the letter on the ground. Obviously, they did it on purpose, but he had no other ways. He needed to sacrifice more to seek help from Yao Emperor.

How sinister he was!

“They can’t defeat me.”

They knew nothing of the Tao of the King. Endurance was one of the quality.

The longer he endured, the stronger the power would. Then he could even break the Highest Stage!

“Tell Yao Emperor that if he is willing to help me, I can give him the Treasure of Transcendence of Xuanyuan Domain.” Zhang Emperor said.

He believed that Yao Emperor would agree for he had no Shura Tower and the Ping Heavenly Mirror.

“Yes, Majesty!”

Then quickly, the second written letter was sent to Yao Emperor.

“Yao Emperor, do you feel our sincerity now?”

“Well, I can just give you eighty trillion soldiers, I still need troops to defend my Domain.”

“Moreover, if Feng family, Xue family and Ying family attack us, Zhang Domain should be stand at my side.”

“This ……”

The ambassador didn’t expect Yao Emperor to have so many requests.

“It is difficult for me to make a decision, please allow me to report this to my Emperor.”


Yao Emperor waved his hand carelessly, he knew Zhang Emperor would agree.

As expected, not long after, the ambassador of Zhang Domain said, “Yao Emperor, my Emperor agrees it!”


Then, Yao Emperor asked his chamberlain, “Show the alliance letter to the world and then send troops to attack Xuanyuan Domain.”

After the ambassador left, Yao Emperor asked, “What about the attack of Jiang Domain and Wang Domain?”

“We’ve already occupied 30,000 Domains so far.”

The Minister of War said.

“Have you prepared the food for monsters?”


“Good, be careful!”

“Copy that!”

The Minister of War nodded, and then left.

Only Yao Emperor was standing in the palace, one billion Chaos Demon Beasts were still not enough, he needed more blood to build his hegemony.

He decided to use the plan of the fourth Imperial War, the fourth Imperial War was also known as the Devouring Epoch.


“Majesty, something is wrong.”

Many ministers rushed into the palace.

Xuanyuan Emperor had already knew this, seeing those anxious minister, he felt more depressed.

“I already knew what’s going on.” Xuanyuan Emperor said gloomily.

Then all those ministers kept silent, they didn’t dare to say a word.

“Majesty, the two hundred trillion army have started.”

This was almost the strongest army of the Xuanyuan Domain, and only less than ten trillion soldiers were left in the Imperial City.

They could hold for a while if the front was defeated.

“Defend or Domain, nobody can break our shield.”

Xuanyuan Emperor Star was built on a super magnetic star with millions of stars around. The huge magnetic force was originally a natural protective shield.

It was hard to break since they had placed more shields.

“Get out of here and gather all your private soldiers.”

“Yes, Majesty!”

Then they left quickly.

Daqi took the Spirit Sacred Sword, in fact, no one knew that the scabbard of the Spirit Sacred Sword was more powerful than the sword itself.

The Spirit Sacred Sword was a Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence, while the scabbard was a Super-grade Treasure of Transcendence, which contained many elements.

Daqi had absorbed many Chaotic World, he used it to cultivate the Spirit Sacred Sword.

How strong was Xuanyuan Domain? It had created millions of Normalization Stages, although they were elevated in a force manner, but were still much stronger than the Endless Stage.

After integrating with each other, they could destroy the world. Of course, Normalization Stage couldn’t do this.

“Ask Zhen Xuanyuan to see me.”

Then Zhen walked in and knelt down, “My Majesty.”

“There’s a task for you.”

Daqi threw the scabbard of the Spirit Sacred Sword to Zhen and said, “Put all the Chaos Worlds in it.”

“Majesty, this ……”

Zhen was shocked, there were many lives in it.

Seeing this, Daqi narrowed his eyes and said, “What’s wrong, don’t you want to do that?”

“Majesty, can we just remain a little?”

Although Chaos World was infinite, but they were all lives.

Zhen didn’t want to do that.

After thinking for a while, Daqi said, “Fine.”

“Thanks a lot Majesty.” Zhen felt a bit relieved, it was good to save some lives.

“I’ll leave now.”

After Zhen left, Daqi smiled, “Benevolence is useless, if we fail, what can we do then?”

The world was cruel, only those who were strong could live better.

“I also want to defeat Zhang Domain slowly, but I have no other choices.”

Daqi looked very scared, as long as they could win, he could even risked his life.

After pondering for a while, Daqi went to the forbidden zone of the palace, where a big secret was hid.

Chapter 708: The Incoming War

A green fragment was placed in the Glazed Cover. There was a rule in Xuanyuan family that the fragment could protect them if danger happened.

But millions of eras had past, emperors of each generation knew that it was a treasure, however, they didn’t know how to use it. So they could only practice beside the Cover.

The mysterious aura of the Glazed Cover could elevate one’s cultivation quickly.

Diqi was almost succeed, however, he was truck in the last step, which was very torturing. If wasn’t for the Royal War, he couldn’t still be the emperor.

After glaring at the Glazed Cover, Daqi directly ate it. This was the only way he could thing for all those past methods were failed. There must be a great union after the Royal War, however, Xuanyuan family couldn’t defeat others without the help of the Glazed Cover.

As soon as he ate it, he felt that something was wrong. The fragment began to release some mysterious spirit which almost thrust him.

Then he quickly practiced the Achievement Methods of Xuanyuan family and tried to refine these pure spirits.

“It works! The speed of releasing the spirit is tens of thousands of times faster than before!”

Daqi was excited, he a trace of elevation! It meant that he could possibly break the Transcendence!

Once he succeeded, nobody could defeat him then! He could go to the Upper World just like his ancestor.

He was too excited for there were only ten people who had gone to the Upper world, now he could be one of them.

“Well, so this is how it works!”

Daqi laughed loudly, after feeling the spirits, he calmed down and continued practicing.


“Is the war about to break up?”

In the Dark Land, the incarnation of Lin had become his original soul.

Just two days ago, he successfully reached the level of Transcendence. Thus the incarnation had completely replaced the original soul.

At first, he only wanted to cultivate his incarnation into the Treasure of Transcendence. However, in order to get rid of the emperor’s control, he had to act a pseudocide.

He was pretty sure that the emperor thought he was died. He enjoyed his freedom now.

He had the ability of hiding his trace, which made him very pleased. Besides, he was even more excited about the incoming war.

He was not safe now for he had just reached the Transcendence and couldn’t defeat those Imperial Clans. If he could be a bit stronger, then nobody could defeat him.

The rules of the world must have changed, or why he couldn’t become the Eternity.

Could it be that only real body was needed? Thinking like this, Lin was a bit nervous.

“Well, I’d better act more modest before the war.” Lin muttered, “The Imperial God is powerful, Ren Emperor must be arrested for he has the Reverse Luck Bead and the Transcendence Bone.”

“Ren domain is strong, fortunately they only send reinforcement this time, I can’t defeat Ren Emperor if he come himself.”

The Imperial God was too dangerous that Lin didn’t dare to challenge him.

After all, his current incarnation was somewhat related to the Reverse Luck Bead.

He knew how useless he was before, now a few hundred years had past, he had become the emperor of the Wang Domain.

Even if he stayed in the Dark Space, he also knew the news about outside.

“Imperial God, I will definitely go to the Eternity and kill you there.”

After saying this, he flew towards the border of the Xuanyuan Domain and Zhang Domain.

Feng Domain!

Wuxie Feng came to visit the Emperors ancestor again.


“Sit down!”

An old man in white robes said, and then continued playing the chess.

Wuxie glanced at the chessboard, there were changes every time. This time it looked clearer. He suddenly understood it.

“Ancestor, so you are stronger now?”

Wuxie looked at him in delight.

Emperor ancestor smiled and said, “Well, thanks to the chess, I know more about the truth of the world. Each piece is like a gospel.”

He played chess for tens millions of eras, and the pneuma of fatality of the Royal War and Imperial War could elevate his strength. His cultivation could be improved every time he played chess.

In fact, he could leave this world, however, he didn’t want for the game continued.

He didn’t gained enough fragments, he was not satisfied with the current situation. Men are always greedy. This was his only pursuit.

“If you want to become a chess player, you must first become a chess piece. Only when you understand what it is like to be a chess piece will you become a qualified chess player.”

There was also a chess before Wuxie. Although it was small, he only focused on the same place.

Was the Chaos World in the the Other Realm a large place?

As for the Emperor ancestor, it was really small that could only raise a dragon after years of cultivation.

Compared to the sea, it was just a small river, and could only raise a snake rather than a dragon.

Hearing this, Wuxie began to ponder.

“When you become a chess player, you have to step out of the chessboard to see the world, when you stand high enough, you don’t care about the scenery under your feet.”

Emperor ancestor said a few more words this time, maybe it was because he had a breakthrough.

Hearing this, Wuxie felt enlightened and said, “Thank you Emperor ancestor! I know it.” As soon as he said this, the chess in front him became clearer.

Just at the same time, he sense the spirit. He had also improved for the chess and a few words, which made him very happy.

“Not bad!” The Emperor ancestor said faintly.

“You help me a lot!”

Wuxie was very excited for he was praised by the Emperor ancestor.

“But it’s not enough.” The emperor ancestor continued, “Only those above Transcendence can be alive, you need to hurry up!”

“Copy that!”

Wuxie felt stressful, there must be a result in the Imperial War, he had to elevate himself.

Xue domain!

With the destruction of several major powers, Ming Xue became anxious.

The Xue Family was the victor of the Second Imperial War, they were the most orthodox Mahayana, and other Hinayana were all originated from Xue family.

In fact, the real Buddha was also selfish.

For example, although people addressed Ming as Xue Emperor, he was more satisfied with the title Buddha Emperor. Besides, Xue Domain had also became a Buddhist domain. It was similar to Ren domain, anyone who blasphemed against Buddha would be judged, so Buddha was the only belief there.

As for them, the Chaos World was the best place to preach for they could promote their own belief there.

“Majesty, Xuanyuan Domain and Zhang Domain are about to start the war, do we need to intervene?”

A Buddha-level minister stepped forward and said.

“The disaster of Ji family, Jiang family, and Wang family really shock us, please save the world, Majesty.” Another minister stepped out and said.

Then more and more ministers stood out and requested Ming to send troops.

After thinking for a while, Ming said, “Is there any movement of Ying Dynasty?”

“No, Majesty.”

“Go and ask them, it’s not good to send troops rashly.”

Ming knew that they wanted to gain more Buddhist soldiers. But once the three families sent troops together, they would misunderstood and cooperate to fight against him.

Ming didn’t want to see this.

Then the ambassador went to the Demon Palace of Ying Dynasty. He felt a bit uncomfortable for it was a dark place.

“Ying Emperor, this is the handwritten letter from our Emperor!”

“Present it to me.” Ying Emperor said.

After checking the letter, the chamberlain handed it to Ying Emperor.

“I know it.”

After thinking for a while, he continued, “We can’t gain benefits, just be the onlooker.”


Then the ambassador left and told the news to Ming.

“Just do as what Ying family do, they are our goals.”

Ming was also tired and then left the meeting.

Since he saved himself from the Ancestor, he didn’t dare to take any risk.

“By the way, what wbout the Demon King Army?” Ming spoke to the air.

“Majesty, they act normal.”

“So they also want to be the onlooker? Nice plot!”

Ming smiled, “Well, since the Demon King Army defeated Ji family, nobody dare to challenge them. That’s reasonable.”

Although he was smiling, he was a bit worried for he didn’t know the leader of the Demon King Army.

Could he be someone from Ying family?

The Feng family were immortals while the Ying family were devils, what about the Demon King army. It was interesting. Ming had a speculation.

“How many Buddha soldiers have been converted?”

“About five-hundred trillion, Majesty.”

“Well, it means we have altogether eight-hundred trillion soldiers now?”

Ming was dissatisfied and said, “It’s not enough, one-thousand trillion soldiers is the minimum requirement, you have to finish the task.”

“Yes, Majesty!” The voice trembled.

The so-called Buddha soldiers were soldiers who were loyal to the Xue family, some of them came from the Xue domain, but more were from the Chaos World.

Most of them were Supreme Lord, and there were many Chaos realms, but the probability of transforming Buddhist soldiers was too low, only one in ten!

Once failed, they were reduced to the Buddha Slaves who had no thought at all. Then, the Xue family would plant the Buddha seed in them so as to provide them with the purest power of faith.

Then Ming walked to the Practicing Room and started cultivating. He wanted to reach Transcendence.

The accumulation of faith could help him reach the Detachment Stage.

The power of faith was equal to the power if incense, it would be purer. However, both of them were poisonous!

Only those who planted the Buddha Seed were able to provide pure faith power, but that was too little. They were used to nourish the ancestors of Xue family.

After swallowing hundreds of beads made of the power of faith, Ming began to break the bottleneck of the Detachment Stage.


Meanwhile, the soldiers of Yao Domain and Ren Domain all arrived at the border. They had altogether two-hundred-and-forty trillion soldiers.

Xuanyuan Domain also had two-hundred trillion soldiers. The leader was not Zhen, but the eight Clan Kings of Xuanyuan family.

The one in the lead was Shen Xuanyuan who was a master close to Transcendent Level.

The rest seven people were all masters of the Half-Transcendence Stage! What frighted people most were the soldiers behind them, who were all Normalization Masters.

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