Last name Stewart? “Heidi Hudson sat up straight from the sofa.

“Yes, people outside say the last name is Stewart.” The man nodded.

“Let me see the surveillance photos,” Heidi Hudson beckoned.

The man took the phone, and there was a surveillance picture on the screen, at the door.

“This is a beggar?” Heidi Hudson said after taking a look.


“Well dressed so poorly, and the hair is not taken care of, what is it like? There is dirt on the shoes, who is this?” Heidi Hudson hates people who are unclean. She can’t get dirty at all.

The man’s heart is speechless, okay!

But how dare he show his thoughts? “Miss, she said so calmly that she was surnamed Stewart, so would it be the women who were still alive after Stewart sent outside? They seem to be about the same age.”

“Maybe,” Heidi Hudson was too lazy to read it and gave him the phone.

“Will the lady see her?”

“Yes, but take her to take a bath, wash her hair, give her a new set of clothes, wrap her split hair, and then take her over to see me, but only to the door because she looks so dirty,” Heidi Hudson ordered.

She has a serious addiction to cleanliness. Last time Karen Lee was far away from her…

Not to mention the doorway. Girl up.

“Yes…” The man exited, and when he reached the door, he saw a girl with a backpack, yes, it was Gracia Stewart.

She came over to Heidi Hudson for something.

So she came here.

“Will your lady see me?” Gracia Stewart asked.

“Come in!”

The man nodded, and Gracia Stewart followed in, but soon she was astonished. How did he bring it to the bathroom?

Is Heidi Hudson taking a bath?

“Well, why are you here?” Gracia Stewart couldn’t help asking.

“Shower gel, shampoo, these are the best in the world, clothes, headgear…all are here.” The man pointed to a cabinet next to it, which contained everything.

“I’m here to see Heidi Hudson, why should I take a bath?” Gracia Stewart didn’t understand.

“Miss said you are too dirty,” the man went out.

Keep the shocked Gracia Stewart!!

She looked down at herself? Where is it dirty? Where is it?

“Hey, I’m not dirty!” Gracia Stewart angrily.

“If you don’t wash, my lady won’t see you, don’t you know that my lady loves cleaning?”

“I’ve heard a little bit, but I’m not dirty, hey. Hey… is she! Mad?”

Gracia Stewart was irritated. She was so embarrassed when she saw that no one had done this before. She was not a woman. Is it necessary?

But there is no way, Gracia Stewart can only do it, take a shower, wash her hair, change clothes and go out.

“Headgear, you didn’t wear it,” the man said.

Gracia Stewart angrily took it, “Is it all right?”

“Women should be particular, you have to learn from my lady,” the man led the way.

“She loves cleaning so much, isn’t she going to the toilet anymore?” Gracia Stewart was irritated.

The man frowned, “I advise you not to say this in front of my lady.”

Gracia Stewart was too lazy to talk, and when she reached the door of a large room, she wanted to walk in, but the man stopped her.

“What are you doing.?”

“Standing at the door, the lady hates your hair loss,” the man said.

Gracia Stewart was shocked!

Lost your own hair? Who won’t fall?

Gracia Stewart saw Heidi Hudson on the sofa, “I want to talk to you.”

“Did you brush your teeth just now?” Heidi Hudson frowned suddenly, covering his nose and mouth far away.

Gracia Stewart was annoyed, “Hey, you are enough!!”

“Did she brush her teeth just now?” Heidi Hudson asked the man.

“It should be brushed, it doesn’t smell,” the man said.

Heidi Hudson also covered her nose and mouth, “Speak, what are you doing here to find me?”

“I came here to find you to……”

“Wait, tell me first, who you are!”

Gracia Stewart was extremely angry, “My name is Gracia Stewart!”

“Sixteen years ago, the person who was put out by the Stewart?” Heidi Hudson was lazy.

“Yes, it is.”

“Say, why you come to find me?” Heidi Hudson looked at Gracia Stewart lazily. “Why are you doing this? The hair is messy, not like a woman, like a man…”

Gracia Stewart was ignorant, “I want to borrow something from you.”

“Borrow something? I don’t lend something if you use it, how can I use it?”

“You’re really enough. I’ll ask you for a box of special medicines produced by your company.” Although the antidote is available, it is not good. Grandpa’s complications are all brought out. She must buy good medicine.

However, in the world, the medicine of one company is the best, and this kind of medicine is not sold externally, but only developed for people in Hudson.

“Oh, make it clear…you want to save your grandpa?”


“Why should I give it to you?” Heidi Hudson shook his head lazily.

“What do you want, I’ll exchange it with you!”

“What are you, I don’t have?” Heidi Hudson asked lazily.

Gracia Stewart was angry. This is right. Heidi Hudson is the heir of the Hudson family. Does she lack anything?

“Then you can make a request, as long as you give me a box of medicine.”

“No, get out!”

Gracia Stewart reached the extreme, “I’m here, you want to give it to me.”

The man frowned.

Heidi Hudson revisited Gracia Stewart, “Forcing me to give it to you, the less I will give it to you…”

“Don’t you have anything you want to do?”

“Yes, but with you…can you be the Patriarch of your Stewart?” Heidi Hudson suddenly thought of something.

“I can.”

“Oh, then I have to force you to do one thing. At first, it was Brayden Stewart whom I said, but he couldn’t do it. Then only you, you do it, the effect is better,” Heidi Hudson said lazily.

“Say it, as long as I can do it, I will definitely not postpone it!” Gracia Stewart breathed a sigh of relief. When she came over, she didn’t know how to convince Heidi Hudson!

After all, Heidi Hudson is the future heir of the Hudson family, of course, she has heard a little.

Know that she is domineering and weird.

It’s not easy to come into contact with, how do you convince such people?

“Well, after I let you be the master of the house, let me use your strength as a traveller to suppress someone!”

“Suppress? Why?” Gracia Stewart was confused, she didn’t understand what Heidi Hudson was thinking.

Hudson is the first family. Whom they want to be suppressed? It’s a matter of one sentence, but why don’t you do it yourself?

“Why don’t you care, you just need to suppress him. But don’t suppress him to death,”

“What the hell do you want to do?” Gracia Stewart listened more and more confused, what does Heidi Hudson mean? If it is suppressed, can it be killed directly? Why do you suppress it, why not suppress it, what is this? play?

“You suppress him, he will come and beg me,” Heidi Hudson’s eyes were hot.

Gracia Stewart was shocked. Is there such an operation? “You like this person, so you want this?”

Gracia Stewart’s three views are completely ruined, what kind of method is this?

“Yes, I like him!”

Heidi Hudson nodded, her face was serious, “So I asked him to come and beg me.”

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