Chapter 709 – 710: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 709: A Melee

“How can that be? Why are there so many practitioners in the Normalization Stage?” said Ze Zhang. He was a little shocked.

Ze Zhang, the Grand Marshal of Zhang Domain, looked serious. The practitioners at the Normalization Stage they had were only ten thousand, and as for Yao Domain, only a thousand practitioners came. There were only one hundred practitioners of Normalization Stage in Ren Domain. The general in charge of the army was only at the half-step Transcendence Stage.

Practitioners at the Normalization Stage were the high-end battle force. How could the Yao Domain let so many practitioners of Normalization Stage come to the battlefield? They could not understand.

“We can’t go to war with them now.” Ze said, “There are too few of us.”

“Don’t start a conflict with them yet. I’ll ask Emperor Zhang to send more practitioners of Normalization Stage over.” Ze ordered. Then he hurriedly entered the camp.

Soon, Emperor Zhang received a message from Ze.

“Daqi Xuanyuan has sent so many Normalization Stage cultivators?” He frowned. “Could it be that he intends to fight my army to the death at the front?”

After thinking about it, Emperor Zhang said, “Have the Royal Protection Army send 80,000 troops to the front line to support Ze.”

The Royal Protection Army was built by the first Emperor Zhang. Generation after generation, there were also about six million people in the Royal Protection Army, but every one of the people in this army was only at the beginning of the Normalization Stage.

They were all relying on the Emperor Seal to rise up their Stage. They were ordered not to raise their cultivation any further, and even their life expectancy was not more than ten thousand years, so they were all only at the early stage of Normalization Stage.

Soon, the 80,000-strong army set off. When they arrived at the battlefield, the atmosphere on both sides was already very tense.

Nearly five million billion soldiers were fighting. This was definitely a great battle for the ages.

Lin Wang, who was hiding on the side, could hardly wait. “Fight, fight quickly. The more deaths, the better”

As long as there were casualties, his strength could increase much.

The arrival of the 80,000 men of Royal Protection Army gave Ze confidence.

“Go.” Shen Xuanyuan roared as he raised the Spirit Sacred Sword.

At this time, 180 million warships departed for the battlefield.


Countless cannonballs were shot out, blasting countless stars along the way.

Many warships were blown up in the first round. Many soldiers were also blown to pieces. Cannonballs were fired, and then countless lives were annihilated.

It can be said that every time the Royal War and Imperial War, half of the living beings in the Other Realm of Chaos World had to be half wiped out.

“Keep firing, go….go……” Xuanyuan Shen ordered. One by one, the battleships around him were blasted to pieces.

Under such circumstances, personal force could not play much of a role at all. Unless an overwhelming battle force appeared, a Normalization Stage practitioner would not dare to go into battle.

Each of these shells contained thousands of the Great Tao. Only supreme practitioners of the Endless Stage would be able to produce them.

The Xuanyuan army destroyed tens of millions of warships of the allied army, and also blasted hundreds of billions of generals. The allied army had more battleships than them, so after sixty rounds of shelling, the Xuanyuan army had significantly more dead and wounded than the allied army.

When the first hundred rounds of shells were fired, Shen Xuanyuan began to change his combat strategy, “All troops listen to the order, take shields.”

The soldiers on the warship immediately took out their shields, and then they began to rush to the battlefield.

The warriors who rushed at the front were naturally the most dangerous. In order to reduce casualties, they formed a small group of five people to enhance their resistance to shelling. Some of the less fortunate ones were directly blown away by the shells.

“Don’t stop, keep bombarding.” Ze methodically issued orders.

The general of the Yao Domain was also a veteran with rich combat experience, and he soon commanded his army to fight with the enemy’s army.

At this moment, Shen raised the sword in his hand. Hundreds of thousands of practitioners of Normalization Stage rushed out in unison. Their purpose was to kill every enemy they could see, whether it was a soldier or a general.

“Damn it, they killed even the soldiers.” Ze slammed his fist on the railing of the battleship.

“Haha, good, keep killing.” Lin Wang shouted. He had been absorbing dead energy. Little by little, his power was getting stronger.

The Xuanyuan Domain’s Guiyi Army was strong, but they were all cultivated through sun soul, which meant they could only attack from a distance, and close combat was their weakness.

The fight between the Guiyi Army and the Royal Protection Army was fierce. The attacks released by both sides were much more powerful than the cannonballs released by the warships.

After the fourth hour of the battle between the two sides, their losses reached one-fifth. This was an extremely terrifying number, meaning that tens of trillions of soldiers died. Countless spirits of resentment disappeared into the sky. Perhaps after countless years, they would transform into all kinds of demons and devils. Or they may become the nutrients for various exotic flowers and plants.

Finally Ze rushed over with the deputy marshals.

If they fought to the end, only a few soldiers were left on both sides. Then no matter who won, it would be no different from losing.

Shen’s Spirit Sacred Sword cut out hundreds of sword lights, instantly cutting the throats of countless soldiers.

Emperor Seal’s attack was strong, but it could not exert as much destructive power as the Spirit Sacred Sword. In fact, the Emperor Seal could only be most effective in the hands of Emperor Zhang. And Ze, as a vassal, was not able to fully exert the power of the Emperor Seal.

As a Treasure of Transcendence, the Spirit Sacred Sword would become stronger with each life it destroyed. It was said that if one gave it enough spirits, its power would be even stronger than that of the upper-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

Soon, the Emperor Seal and the Spirit Sacred Sword clashed against each other, generating a tremendous amount of energy.

The Emperor Treasure Seal itself was a Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence. For a time it surprisingly suppressed Shen.

But the Spirit Sacred Sword struck on the Emperor Seal and directly split it away. The tremendous recoil force caused Ze to vomit blood profusely.

After injuring Ze, Shen did not continue to attack him, but to massacre the soldiers, as he wanted to accumulate more spiritual power.

He felt that there might be a change in this battle, so he needed more energy to complete the next promotion.

“Quick, stop him, don’t let him continue to kill our people.”

The two-hundred-man of Royal Protection Army rushed over and surrounded Shen.

“Get the hell out of here!” Shen shouted.

When his sword energy was released, the crowd only felt a tingling pain in their divine soul. Next second they saw was the separation of their sun soul from their physical bodies. This was where the Spirit Sacred Sword was truly powerful. And the most powerful thing about the Xuanyuan clan was the divine soul.

“Turn them into my nourishment!” Shen said smugly.

His sword became specialized in absorbing sun soul at this time. One by one, the sun soul fled in fear in all directions. If they lost their physical bodies, they could have survived with their sun souls. But without the sun soul, they were dead.

Chapter 710: The Chaotic War

The Spirit Sacred Sword was greedily sipping the sun soul of these soldiers. They were the well-trained fighters of Emperor’s Legion, whose soul energy could serve as the much better nourishment than that of fighters in Endless Stage.


“Shatter their soul!” cried Shen Xuanyuan. His sword was the hungry Death who carved for the ending of new lives of its enemies.

“Surround him and establish arrays now! We should kill him with all costs! ” shouted Ze Zhang angrily.

At the point when Shen and his fellows were surrounded by a sea of soldiers, the seven chiefs of his family led their fighters join the war. All the chiefs were armed with an incarnation of the Spirit Sacred Sword, which could offer them endless energy essence.

There were eight great chiefs in Shen’s family whose power were border on the transcendence stage with the help of the magic sword incarnation. Combined with their splendid energy, Shen’s force became a really hard nut to crack.

“Show your bravery, the warriors of the Zhang family!” cried Ze. In the instant, dozens of members from the Zhang royal family came forward one after another. Half of them owned the incarnation of the Emperor’s Seal in their hands, while the rest were armed with the Normalization Spirit Weapon. Emperor Zhang was the most powerful ruler of their family, whose strength could rival the uncontrollable energy of nature.


With a cry, the members of Zhang family kneeled down. The longer they kneeled, the greater power would be granted to them from the Emperor Seal. Immediately, a dominant force pressed downwards which lashed like a huge tide toward Shen and his fellows. At once, the mana in Shen and his fellows began to burn itself uncontrollably as if its owners were controlled by the dominant energy. The younger ones among Shen’s seven chiefs kneeled down to surrender for they couldn’t bear the strong pressure.

“Stand up now, my warriors!” cried Shen whose look was quite sullen. If the seven chiefs showed their cowardice in front of their troops, how could they win the war?

A young chief cried with pain: “But, my big brother, we can’t bear the pressure any…more” Before he finished the word, his body exploded which shocked all the Shen’s clansmen. Ze knew well how horrifying the energy in the Emperor Seal, and he was sure there was no one even the great ancestors of his family could bear the pressure sent out by it. After a sneer towards Shen, he shouted, ”Attack!”

Every kneeling movement could carry away a life of an excellent fighter. “Son of a bitch, die for me!” cried Shen. His look turned fierce and veins throbbed on his forehead. Under the great pressure of the Emperor Seal, he had to figure out the way to reverse the situation.

“Hunger for more soul! ” His sword came cross the throat of his enemies and took away their souls. The more souls he got, the stronger he could become. The endowment of Shen’s families was nothing but their firm and tenacious will.

“Hold on, my warriors, I am gonna make a breakthrough.” Said Shen.

“Yes, my big brother!” replied the rest six chiefs.

One of them uttered, “I think if we move quickly, we can effectively dodge the strong pressure from the seal.” On hearing this, the six chiefs rushed towards the crowded of the Zhang family. Their swords sent out numberless energy rays which began a merciless slay. The fierce attack disturbed the array of Zhang families, whose kneeling movement didn’t work in the instant.

There were three types of energy in the Emperor Seal: the energy for emperor, the energy for nobleman, and the energy for official, which would adjusted the power it offered according to the status of its owner in the family. As one of the chiefs in his family, Ze could enjoy the energy for nobleman and the energy for official. He now had the same idea as Shen, that is, to make breakthrough and smashed his enemy within one stroke.

Meanwhile, the large force of Xuanyuan family was under the siege of the Union troops. The Yao family, whose endowment was reshaping themselves into monsters. With the led of dozens of golden crows, the monster troops had swept away the soldiers of Xuanyuan family. The golden crows burned their enemies into ashes while the Ren family, whose speciality was to create and reborn their soldiers with magic energy. Battle calls and cries were here, there and everywhere. At this point, the situation for Shen and his fellows were reduced to absolute inferiority.

Fortunately, Lin Wang had reached the middle period of early transcendence stage. Killing offered him endless energy source and his strength was enhanced by the war. As the neutral party during the war, he could get more profits if the war continued. So he made attacks secretly and slain several golden crows and god spirits, which immediately balanced the war. “The war shall never end so that I can make breakthrough into the fulfilled period of early transcendence stage.” Murmured Lin.

At this point, two amazing energy emerged from the battle ground. Both Shen and Ze broke through into the transcendence stage. With a piece of incarnation weapon, the were a good match to each other. Some thousands rounds later, Zhi Yao, the general of Yao family, joined the fight to help Ze. As the descendant of golden crow and Suzaku, he was endowed with a violently powerful fire. Shen turned around for he knew it was no good to encounter Zhi straightly. Before he retreated, however, Zhi had stopped him by his God Killing Gourd, which sent out many throwing knives and blocked Shen’s way. Woyou Ren, the elite of Ren family, came forward with his God Shattering Whip waving and firmly blocked the whole sky. Though Zhi and Woyou didn’t reach the transcendence stage, their tricky attack did make troubles for Shen. To the urgency, Shen turned to his incarnation weapon again to create a protective cover.

“Keep your blocking, his energy from the incarnation weapon will be exhausted soon.” Said Ze. In fact, the energy from incarnation weapon could only sustain for half an hour, and there was no exception for him, either. The energy for nobleman and the energy for official were fully combined and then he sent out two burning energy rays toward Shen, one was stopped yet another hit the target.

“Good, go charging now, Shen is badly hurt by me, let’s…move.” Cried Ze. Before he finished the word, the six chiefs of Xuanyuan family appeared and they roared, ”Go away from our big brother!” They cut their wrists and blood covered the Spirit Sacred Swords in their hands. In the instant, a towering shadow rose up like a ghost. It had no feature on its face, but the energy in it was horrifying. It was the founder of Xuanyuan family, who sealed a powerful incarnation of him in the Spirit Sacred Sword before he left for the upper world.

Two red flashes sent out and exploded into powerful sword energy, which torn the blocking and opened a way for Shen. When Shen flew out, he had been wet by blood. “Big brother!” cried the six chiefs.

“Thank you for your efforts.” Replied Shen. He swallowed piles of magical pills to cure his wounds, however, the inner wounds made by Ze’s two special energy couldn’t be easily cured by pills.

Zhi was shocked by the unexpected attack from the shadow and his blocking was torn apart. “Let’s pool our strength to end our enemies.”

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