Chapter 71 – 72: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 71: Kerry’s punishment on Venus(1)

“Do I need to eavesdrop?” Kerry Ye looked much colder, radiating his strong anger and said, “Look at me. Tell me, are you dying to go back to him now?!”

Venus was so frightened by the hostility in his eyes that she shook her head hard and said firmly, “I didn’t! Even if I don’t marry you, Zihang Lu and I are no longer possible, not to mention that we’re already married!”

When Kerry heard her mention the marriage, he looked even more gloomy, stretching out his hand to clasp her chin tightly, saying sternly, “Didn’t you say you wanted to go back to the past? It’s aggravating to be married to me, isn’t it?”

Venus felt like her jaw was going to be crushed by him and the pain caused her features to change shape. She tried to break away, but she couldn’t. she said in pain, “Will you let me go if I say yes?”

“Of course not!” Kerry said viciously.

“Since that’s the case, why do I have to ask for trouble?”

Kerry slowly loosened his hand and his fingers fondled her full red lips and said with an indifferent tone, “You’d better tell me the truth. If I find out that you cuckolded me, I’ll kill you!”

Venus was scared, knowing that he would do what he said. She nodded and said firmly, “I promise I won’t!”

Looking at her clear face, Kerry said disdainfully, “I don’t trust you!”

Venus stiffened, a little depressed, “So what do you want?”

Kerry slowly approached her face and Venus could feel his breath. His voice was husky, “Your body is more honest than your mouth!”

Venus sensed his intentions, so she protected her chest with her arms, looking panicked, “Don’t…”

Looking at her, Kerry sneered and said indifferently, “It’s not the first time, why act like a virgin? Have you forgotten how lascivious you looked before when you begged me to fuck you?”

Kerry’s words was like a needle that pierced into Venus’s heart!

Why did he keep humiliating her with this? She’s human too. She also hurt and felt painful.

She couldn’t help but think of the man of that night at the hotel. It was him who had ruined her, so naturally, she resented him.

If he hadn’t forcibly taken her virginity, then she wouldn’t have been humiliated by Kerry in such way.

Venus gritted her teeth and endured his cruelty, hoping that he would end it quickly.

Kerry felt her resistance, for she was stiff like a statue. His attitude turned cold and his tone was stern, “Don’t be like a dead body. Make some sound for me!”

Venus gritted her teeth and silently resisted. Though she hurt because of his strengthen, she was reluctant to t make that kind of shameful sound, otherwise she would be the one that he talked about—a slut.



Venus’s ass was slapped hard by him, causing her a cold sweat, while Kerry, who was on top of her, after hearing her painful moaning, he was glowing with excitement, so he raised his hand again to slap her ass and there were two obvious red marks on her ass. He then said with an indifferent tone, “Scream, or I’ll keep slapping! “

Venus’s ass was pounded by him again, which made her burst into tears. she couldn’t stand it anymore and said in a choked voice, “Ooh… Kerry, you rascal. Don’t…”

Kerry, you asshole! I hate you!

Hearing her screaming and crying, Kerry felt inexplicably happy and he increase his speed, eventually ejaculating…

After Kerry left, Venus was so cold that she hugged herself tightly. Remembering what she had just experienced, she was painful, so she couldn’t help but think—how much longer would the dark days go on?

How much longer did she need to endure this torture?

She felt so tired and she was nearly numb. Maybe death was a better choice.

Looking up at the sky outside the window, Venus thought, “Brother, where are you now? I miss you so much. Come and find me when you’re better. Save me!”

Chapter 71: Kerry’s punishment on Venus (2)

The next morning

After waking up in the morning, Venus Mu went downstairs, seeing Kerry who was eating. She didn’t pay too much attention to him and sat at the table, picking up a sandwich and taking a bite.

Kerry Ye glanced at her with an indifferent look, standing up elegantly and said in a cool voice, “Uncle Wang, go and prepare the car for me.”

Venus looked surprised and looked a little dissatisfied, “I haven’t finished yet.”

Kerry didn’t care her at all and his tone was full of distain, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Hey, you…” Looking at his handsome back, Venus gritted her teeth in anger.

He definitely did it on purpose! How could he be so mean?

The honks came from the outside. Venus had no choice but to leave the house quickly.

After about half an hour, the car pulled over at the entrance of Yehuang Mansion. After Kerry left did Venus enter the company.

As soon as Venus sat down, she saw Xinyou Qiao said to her, “Venus, did you come by Mr. Ye’ s car this morning?”

Venus nodded. Then she turned on her computer, quickly entering the passwords, and waited it to start the program. She said with a gentle voice, “We both work here, so he gives me a ride…”

Xinyou was jealous and she accidentally found there were some bruises on her neck. It was scaring.

She knew this, of course.

This was made by fingernails, which deadly dug into the flesh, making the blood come out.

Venus found that she didn’t look good and asked with concern, “Xinyou, you look so bad. Are you alright?”

Xinyou tried his best to calm down, with some coldness in her eyes and said, “Maybe I didn’t have a good rest last night. Venus, are you alright with Mr. Ye?”

Venus sighed and said helplessly, “He heard what we said yesterday and we bicker about it.”

After Xinyou heard this, she was complacent and asked with surprise, “How did he hear it?”

“Who knows.” Venus was confused.

Since he could hear the conversation, it could only show that he was in the small garden at that time! as long as Venus thought this, she shivered with fear!

Looking at Venus’s reaction, Xinyou mocked inwardly.

Before they entered the pavilion, she spotted Kerry, who was lying on the lawn reading a book. A scheme instantly came to her.

The reason why she switched places with her was because Venus chose the seat which was facing Kerry. If she spotted him, wouldn’t her scheme be impossible?

She mentioned Zihang Lu on purpose, intentionally enraging Kerry, so that it would be possible for him to kick Venus out of the house.

The aim of coming so early today was to get some information, but she never expected to see this.

Xinyou looked grim, pondering and said inwardly, “Venus, just wait.”

Twisting her somewhat stiff neck, Venus looked up and saw her colleagues leaving gradually. When she was about to turn off her computer, Meiling He showed up in front of her.

Venus smiled at her and asked with a gentle attitude, “Manager He, what can I do for you?”

Meiling looked a bit complicated and placed a stack of blue documents in front of her and said, “Venus, I’m afraid you can’t leave now.”

Venus looked stunned and asked in surprise, “Manager, what happened?”

Meiling pointed at the documents as high as a mountain and said in a low tone, “Our department’s clerk, Xiaoli, took a few days off, and we couldn’t find anyone to replace him right now. Mr. Ye told me to give you the coping work and you must complete it.”

Venus was very depressed. There were so many documents, so she definitely couldn’t sleep tonight.

Reluctant as she was, Venus couldn’t complain to Meiling. Instead, she forced herself to smile and answered, “I got it.”

Chapter 71: Kerry’s punishment on Venus (3)

Meiling He looked at her and said indifferently, “I’ll leave first. Bye.”


Waiting for Meiling to get into the elevator, Venus Mu quickly took another elevator and directly pressed the button of the 28th floor. She was so furious that she rushed into Kerry’s office after getting out of the elevator.

Kerry was sorting of the documents and when he heard footsteps, he raised his head and saw Venus who was full of grievances.

“What?” Kerry looked at her with an indifferent look and asked in a cold tone.

Venus tried to calm down, looking at him with great dissatisfaction and yelled, “How could you do that? How long do I need to deal with so many documents!”

Kerry’ raised one of his eyebrows and his appearance was full of unconcern, saying indifferently, “Working overtime is a necessity to test an employee’s professionalism. If you can’t do this, then you’re fired.”

Mavis was pissed off by his words and she glared at him with a speechless face. She couldn’t never win him.

Thinking of this, Venus calmed down a lot and said with sense, “Even if it’s overtime working, you can’t leave me alone in the company, right? I’m timid and I feel scared to be alone in such a big building, so can I take it home to do it, please?”

Thinking of being alone on a dark floor made her feel creepy…

Kerry sneered and said indifferently, “There is no printer at home.”

After hearing his words, Venus was even more certain that he had decided to do it on purpose. That was to cut off off all her ways of retreat and only to be under his order! This bloody capitalist!

There was a printer in his study, okay? Asshole!

Seeing that Venus was depressed, Kerry began to feel pleasant, but he felt it wasn’t enough, so he added, “I forgot to tell you. It’s not just you. There’s also the security guard at the entrance of the building with you!”

“You!” Venus was speechless by his words, shrugging her shoulder and said coldly, “I got it.”

Looking at her thin and straight shoulders, Kerry sneered, indifferently reminding, “After the work is done. Get back by yourself.”

Feeling dizzy and angry, Venus almost fell down. She stepped into the elevator without turning back and couldn’t help but shout, “Kerry, go to hell! I wish you choke on your food and drown in the shower!”

The sound went far through the elevator, reaching Kerry. He became colder and picked up his phone to dial a number. His tone was with annoyance, “Uncle Wang.”

Uncle Wang’s voice came from the phone, “Young Master, what can I do for you?”

Kerry looked cold, with his blue eyes glowing and said without any emotion, “Don’t come to pick up Venus tonight. Let her go back by herself.”

“But the company is a long way from home. I’m worried at night…”

Not waiting for Uncle Wang to finish, Kerry coldly interrupted him and said, “Don’t worry, she is so lucky that she won’t die so easily!”


Hanging up the phone, Kerry was very upset—this fucking woman dared to curse me behind me. It seemed that the punishment was not enough.

Venus returned to her seat with anger, only to find that the large floor was empty and it was frighteningly quiet. She cheered herself up and walked to the copier holding a document half a person tall and made copies one by one.

Kerry, no matter how you tortured me, I would not admit defeat easily!

Working to this late, Venus kept yawning. She looked at the watch and it was already 2 o’clock. After copying the last document, Venus moved all the documents to Meiling’ s office by three times. Then she started to think about how to get back.

But she really didn’t have any strength to walk, so Venus directly fell asleep on the desk.

Feeling her arm being pulled several times, Venus was uncomfortable, so she said sleepily, “Let me sleep.”

“Venus! Get up!”

A roar suddenly came to her, scaring her to wake up. When she looked up, full of exhaustion, she saw Kerry, gloomy.

Chapter 71: Kerry’s punishment on Venus (4)

“What?” Venus Mu rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked with an innocent face.

“Cool. Are you showing to my staff that I’ve mistreated you?” Kerry looked very embarrassed and roared.

Venus looked cold and said indifferently, “Kerry, be reasonable, OK? You want me to work overtime, so I do. You don’t let the driver pick me up, so I find a place to sleep, for it’s hard to get a taxi at this time. Where did I do wrong?”

Kerry sneered and his tone was indifferent, “Why not find a hotel nearby?”

“Hotel? I’m not familiar with this area. How can I find one?” Venus replied with extreme calmness.

Kerry was suddenly speechless, but he quickly responded, “Dummy. Don’t you know to ask someone?”

Venus sneered and said with sarcasm, “2 am, even the taxi drivers have gone home and who would hang out at this time?”

Kerry was irritated by her words and looked at her with an indifferent look. Then he turned around and left.

Venus suddenly had a headache and she found the unusual atmosphere around. Her colleagues all looked at her in a strange way, making her hurriedly rush to the toilet.

She came to the lavatory and washed her face. Looking at herself in the mirror, she was depressed when she saw her eye bags.

Just then, several women’s gossip chatting was heard, making her more depressed.

“Sisi, did you hear? Mr. Ye kept a woman working overtime last night.”

“Of course, I heard about it and every staff knows about it!”


“Do you know the woman that he kept was no one else, but his wife!”

“No way. Since it’s his wife, how could he make her work overtime?”

“Don’t you know this? I heard that on the first day when she came to work, Mr. Ye instructed everyone not to give her any privileges, and I also heard that Mr. Ye was particularly cold to her. The reason of marrying her was because she used some tricks…”

“Poor Mr. Ye.”


Looking at herself in the mirror, a bitter smile appeared on her pale face, and she suddenly felt helpless.

She really didn’t understand that it was obvious that she hadn’t done anything wrong, but in the end, everyone thought of her in this way. She was the one being tortured, while others felt bad for Kerry!

It’s just that things in this world were naturally unfair.

Venus cheered herself up and left the toilet. When she returned to her seat, she heard Xinyou ask incredulously, “Venus, did you end up sleeping here last night after being asked to work overtime by Mr. Ye?”

Venus nodded and said, “I’m fine. It’s just overtime.”

Xinyou looked at her, who was trying to be strong and smiled arrogantly. Then she asked hypocritically, “Venus, you and Mr. Ye haven’t fought recently, right?”

Venus shook her head and answered, “Of course we h aven’t.”

What a joke.

“Oh,” Xinyou said in a soft tone, “Venus, if you’re in a bad mood, tell me. don’t take it all by yourself.”

Hearing Xinyou’ s words, Venus looked at her with gratitude and felt warm, “Thank you, Xinyou.”

Xinyou raised a friendly smile, but inwardly she was disgusted. She had fed up with this kind of life. She was like living with a clown mask that made her very disgusted with herself!

She desired to be easily envied without any attempt, but all this depended on marrying Kerry, so that her dreams could come true.

Chapter 72: Mr. Secret ‘s abnormal reaction (1)

Venus Mu and Xinyou Qiao was suddenly asked by Meiling to come to the conference room. Venus put aside her work and stood up, walking to the conference room along with someone.

When she entered the conference room, she saw Kerry sitting in the front of the room with a solemn look.

Meiling sat in the third seat to his left, and when she saw Venus, she clapped her hands and said calmly, “Venus, Xinyou, come sit next to me.”

Only then did Venus notice that there were exactly two empty seats next to her, so she walked forward and sat down. Just then, Kerry began to speak.

“First of all, I’d like to thank you all for your hard work during this time.” Kerry glanced around and paused for a second as he passed over Venus, but he then quickly moved away.

This prompted a round of applause, but Kerry raised his hand and the applause stopped, so he continued, “Summer is coming soon. I wonder what good suggestions do you have about the brand collections to be launched for this year’s summer apparel?”

Venus looked calmly at him, but she wasn’t calm inside. If she didn’t consider the things he had done in the past, just looking at the way he focused on his work right now, he was indeed charming.

If the two of them didn’t have so many stories and they were just boss and employee, she might… fall in love with him, for he was so good.

Unfortunately, no ‘if’…

Xinyou was completely attracted by him, and love was filled with her eyes.

What a handsome man!

Xinyou couldn’t help but scream inwardly. Only she could deserve this great guy!

As soon as Kerry finished, the first to speak was a man in a suit on his left, he was the manager of a department, Zijie Li.

He said, “Mr. Ye, according to the market survey of last year’s ‘love’ series, now young men and women no longer pursue fashionable alone, but also focus on the comfort of the clothing.”

Kerry nodded and then looked at Meiling and said, “Manager He, do you have anything to say?”

Meiling looked calm and said with professionalism, “First of all, I agree with Manager Li. Now the public do focus more and more on comfort, and I need to add that the color do not need to be too bright. The survey shows that seventy-nine percent of customers, prefer simple style.”

Venus listened extra carefully, using notes to jot down key points, thinking about going back to make notes and make reference while designing the draft.

Kerry looked indifferent, and until Meiling finished, he said in a strict tone, “Then just like the process in previous years. You two groups notify the designers to complete the design drafts as soon as possible, and then meet and vote to decide which plan to use in the end.”

“OK.” Zijie looked at Meiling provocatively and said.

Meiling looked stern and wasn’t afraid at all and said in a deep tone, “Yes.”

“The meeting is over. Go back to work.” Kerry was the first to stand up and left the conference room.

When Kerry left, the others walked out of the room. Meiling looked cool and said to them, “You two come to my office.”

Meiling sat on the work chair, looking at them with a clear and cold gaze, and said with a low voice, “This time our department launched the theme ‘floating’, focusing on the floating and light features of the clothing. Since I have seen your two previous works, I am very much looking forward to your work this time. I hope you won’t let me down.”

Venus nodded and said, “Okay.”

“OK, Manager He, I’ll definitely try my best.” Xinyou spoke firmly.

Meiling nodded and continued, “You guys just came here and may not be clear. Our design department has two divisions, Manager Li just now, his team is quite strong. My wish is, never to be defeated, understand?”

Venus had heard of the fight in the department, and now that she had truly seen it, an invisible pressure came to her.

Looking at Meiling’ s cautious and serious expression, she took a deep breath and said, “Yes.”

“Manager He, I won’t let you down.” Xinyou said cautiously.

“You guys go back to work.”



Venus returned to her seat and began to organize her notes. She wrote out the key points from the meeting, and additionally began to conceive ideas. She didn’t know if she was too nervous, she didn’t even have any inspiration and she felt a sudden sense of frustration.

Xinyou looked at Venus was busy around, she thought of some tricks, but she pretended to be calm and said in a gentle tone, “Venus, do you have ay inspiration?”

Venus shook her head with a frustrated face and said, “No. Not at all.”

Xinyou was gloating and comforted her with hypocrisy, “Don’t worry, sooner or later, you will.”

“Yes, I know.”

Chapter 72: Mr. Secret ‘s abnormal reaction (2)

Venus Mu worked overtime again in the evening. She stood in front of the photocopier, thinking about her design work and because of the continuous overtime working, she actually leaned against the wall and slept.

She didn’t know how long it had past, she felt someone was patting her face, making her quickly open her eyes, and it was Kerry Ye.

Kerry looked at her listless appearance, he said with tease, “Did you used to work overtime with your eyes closed?”

Ignoring his rudeness, Venus kept calm and said in a cool tone, “What are you doing here?”

Kerry tugged the documents in her hands and threw them onto the table, pulling her arm and walking to the door.

Venus tried to break away from him, but she was not strong enough and she could only allow him to drag her to step into the elevator.

Looking at his serious face, she asked with confuse, “You haven’t answered my question yet. Why pick me up today?”

Venus was thinking to herself that he might have a conscience and it seemed he wasn’t that bad! But before she could be happy, she heard his despicable reason.

Kerry sneered and his tone was disdainful as he said, “It’s time for you to fulfill your obligations as a wife!”

Venus was speechless after hearing that. She knew that this man wouldn’t be that kind!

The car soon drove into Ye’ s mansion, and the car stopped at the door. Then Venus got out of the car, and again he grabbed her arm, dragging her upstairs to the room.

Venus appeared panicked, hurriedly trying to get away from him. She turned around and walked to the door, but he grabbed her even tighter, making her hurt. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Let me go.”

“Let you go?” Kerry snorted and said with a cold tone, “I’ll let you go, so can you guarantee that you won’t run away?”

Of course not!

Right now, Venus wanted to fly away, like a bird.

Venus looked tired and said softly, “I’m tired, please just leave me alone.”

She assured him that this was the kindest tone she could make to him, hoping he would let her go. She’s really tired!

Kerry pushed her onto the bed, completely ignoring her. He then pressed against her and his tone was indifferent, “Don’t think that by doing this, I’ll let you go! Remember, Venus, if I want it, you don’t have the right to refuse!”

Hearing his words, Venus sneered, looking at him indifferently, but she was sad inwardly. How had she forgotten that he was a demon who never showed mercy to others!

Feeling his rapid and urgent movement, Venus gripped the bed sheets, a cold tear running down from her eyes.

She remembered that Zihang Lu had asked her why she didn’t let him touch her.

She said that she wished to give her precious first time to her husband.

As a result, Zihang couldn’t stand the loneliness and hooked up with her cousin, Yiyao Tang.

And her first time, because of his scheme, ended up being brutally taken away by a strange man.

Now his husband, who did this most intimate thing with her every day, showed no love to her.

Thinking about the messy past, Venus felt sad and desperate. She couldn’t help but ask God, who would be her salvation?

Not knowing how long had it past, Venus felt sore all over her body being tossed by him, and sleepiness came to her like a tide, so she couldn’t control it and closed her eyes to sleep.

Kerry, who was still in her body, stared at her sleeping face with resentment, instantly rising the urge to kick her out of the bed. But noting the obvious dark bags, he cursed and got out from her body.

Venus habitually turned over, not thinking that her hand just touched someone’s sensitive parts, but she was still sleeping.

Kerry took a deep breath, though he had just finished, the touch of her skin made him want again. He stared at her, feeling she had no sense at all, so he unwillingly moved her hand away.

Venus felt someone touching her and turned around to continue sleeping.

Kerry scolded fiercely, “What the hell are you?”

Maybe it’s because the bed was so comfortable, by the time Venus woke up, she found that it’s already sunrise, and she looked at her watch to see that it’s already past nine!

Chapter 72: Mr. Secret ‘s abnormal reaction (3)

“Fuck, fuck. The asshole can have reason to tease me now.” With messy hair, Venus Mu couldn’t help but complain.

“Bitch, who is asshole?” An angry voice was heard, then the bathroom door was open and Kerry Ye came out, wrapping up a towel.

Venus was surprised to find that he was here and she was confused as she asked, “Why didn’t you go to work?”

Kerry got onto the bed and forcefully lifted the blanket that Venus was wrapped in. When he saw she was still naked, his lust came again and his tone was still indifferent, “Weekend.”

“I don’t have to go on weekend, but you have to, right?” Venus didn’t notice his movements in the slightest and asked with a curious face.

“Today is May Day!”

It was only then that Venus remembered that the company had a day off today, and she was relieved, but her blanket was missing! At the same time, Kerry pressed down, making her hard to breathe.

“What are you doing?”

Kerry looked at her with tease and said with an indifferent tone, “Isn’t it obvious enough?”

Venus blushed and used her arms to cover her chest. She pushed him away without his notice. And she rushed to the bathroom.

Kerry was about to catch her, but she was like a fish, running away. Seeing that she escaped to the bathroom, he took a stride to grab her hair, saying coldly, “Stop. here’s your punishment.”

Venus’s scalp ached with pain, and she glared at him, saying with discontent, “Kerry, how can you be so overbearing! Believe it or not, I’m going to cut my hair later!”

Kerry sneered and threw her to the big bed, his body fiercely pouncing on her, full of carelessness, “Then you’d better shave your head. I’m going to see if you have the courage to go out to meet people.”


“Time is limited. I think you’d better think about how to serve me well.”


“Well…” Kerry sneered and his tone was gloomy, “I’m an asshole and you’re just a bitch! You’ve let someone else took your virginity so easily. Bitch!”

Hearing those words again, Venus was so angry that she just let him toss herself around freely, not saying another word.

She had also seen his ability to curse others, so she didn’t want to be humiliating herself!

Venus was tortured by him again. By the time she got up, it was almost noon. Kerry had already left. Venus endured the pain to get out of the bed, picking up the messy clothes on the floor and put them on, then walked out of the room.

She returned to her room, coming to the table where she usually worked. She picked up a pen and began to construct. Though she thought for a long time, there was no idea at all. She then thought that whether she was now like a dead well. Was she still able to come up with some brilliant ideas?

She felt irritated and subconsciously tugged her hair. She suddenly hurt and this was all because of Kerry. Thinking of this, she pissed off again.

Why was she so unlucky that she couldn’t meet a good man? They were all scum!

Besides her brother, there was also…Xiaozi.

Venus suddenly thought about something, for she hadn’t seen him since she had begun to work. She wondered what he was doing now. Was he still in that room?

Venus thought that right now anyway, she didn’t have any ideas at all, so she might as well take this opportunity to meet him.

Standing up and walking out of the room, Venus followed the stairs directly to the third floor. She could see from afar that the wind chime at the door was swaying, emitting a crisp and agile sound.

Venus rejoiced, for this was a sign that Xiaozi was in the room!

Opening the door, she indeed saw him with his eyes closed. He floated in the air like he was meditating, and a knife was hanging above his head, the tip of which was pointing just towards his head!

Venus’s eyes widened in fear, wanting to warn Xiaozi that it was dangerous, but he seemed to perceive it in advance, with his body instantly disappearing there, while the knife was still floating in the air. It spun half a circle counterclockwise and lay diagonally in the air.

Looking at Xiaozi who instantly disappeared, Venus looked stunned, beginning to search for him. Suddenly a strange sound came to her ears. When she saw it clearly, she was almost scared to death, screaming loudly, “Xiaozi, help!”

Only to see the tip of the knife suddenly pointed at her, with sharp edge, flying to her!

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