Chapter 71 – 75: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 71: A big wig showed up

It was unexpected to receive a call from Kris Chen for Youming Zhou. Connecting the phone, he answered respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Chen!”

“I’m on the third floor of Dynasty Hotel, room 888.”

Kris didn’t say anymore and hung up the phone. He got up from a new chair and drank a cup of tea leisurely.

“Wow, you’re calling for someone.” Bao Cao mocked, “You didn’t call your wife, did you? Ha, ha, ha!”

“Expect for his wide, who else can he call, a man relying on his wife?”

“Ha, ha, ha, that’s so funny!”

People in the room began to laugh. Kris blew on his tea, still slowly and leisurely enjoying his tea as if he hadn’t heard them.

Kris’s attitude made Bao piss off, for he dared to be arrogant. He really disrespected Master Bao at all.

“Well, I’d like to see how cheeky you are.” Bao was about to say something worse, but the door was open. This moment, Youming, in a black Tang suit, strode in.

As soon as he came in, people in the booth were all dumbfounded. Wasn’t this the owner of Dynasty Hotel? He was a real big wig. Those rich second generations in the room began to behave themselves.

At the same time, they were also very curious—why Youming had come here. Was he here for someone?

Several people looked at Bao. Among all people here, only the Cao family was qualified enough to talk business with Youming.

Bao was a little excited, for two days ago, his father said a project he wanted to talk with Youming, and now it seemed that the project was going to be done.

He thought that Youming came for him, so he stood up from his seat and stretched out his right hand to greet, “Mr. Zhou, nice to meet you…”

He froze before he even finished speaking. Because Youming, without looking at him, walked straight up to Kris.

“Master Chen, what can I do for you?”


Master Chen?

How could Youming call this shitty son-in-law Master Chen?

This shocked everyone in the room as if they had seen a ghost.

Bao was also dumbfounded. How could this be possible?

How did this guy, relying on his wife for financial support, know a bigwig like Youming?

Kris didn’t bother to care for their reactions, and he smiled and nodded, “Nothing special. It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen you.”

Youming smiled, “I’m glad that Master Chen still remembers me.”

Saying that, he looked at the other people in the room, seeming to understand something, “Kris, you should tell me that you’re coming today. Then I can prepare something for you.”

Then he asked the waiter outside the door to come and ordered, “Tell your manager, this room, free for everything.”


Free for everything?

Hearing this, several people who were already in a complicated mood became even more embarrassed.

At this moment, the way they looked at Kris completely changed. No more ridicule, mockery or contempt. People still couldn’t believe what they saw. How could he?

At this moment, when everyone was doubtful, the waiter nodded and went downstairs to tell his manager. However, Kris stood up to stop him, “No need, it’s not my treat today. Also, I haven’t eaten anything. They are rich people, so you don’t have to do this for me.”

“Alright, Master Chen,” Youming responded and waved his hand to tell that waiter to leave.

“Well, nothing else. I should go now. You get busy.”

After Youming came, everyone was dumbfounded and shocked, which Kris was very satisfied.

He waved goodbye to Youming, signaling that he could leave. Youming was shrewd, so he instantly understood the meaning of Kris’s call for him to come over. He bowed and said, “If you need any help, just let me know. I’ll try my best to help you.”

After saying this, Youming looked at the people in the room coldly and left. Youming’ s aura was so strong that they didn’t even dare to see him. As soon as he left, people were relaxed.

“Oh,” Kris sneered and also got up to leave the room.

After he left, a rich second generation came back to his senses and said with some worry, “What the hell? Why is he so familiar with Youming?”

“More than familiar. Didn’t you see how Youming treated him? He was like a servant, so their relationship is definitely extraordinary.”

“How strange! Isn’t Kris the shitty son-in-law of Su family?”

They were all puzzled.

Their female companions beside them were also shocked, with pale faces, for they never thought that Kris knew such a big wig.

When they thought that they had just teased him, the cold sweat behind their backs kept coming out. They now regretted it.

Bao calmed down now. Hearing the discussion of his companions, he sneered, “What are you talking about here? Kris has nothing to do with Youming at all, and he’s just relying on Su family’s old lady.”

“But I’ve heard that when Su family’s old lady celebrated her 70th birthday, Youming came to in-person to deliver the gift. From this, it can be seen that Youming, polite to Kris, was because of Kris’ status as the son-in-law of the Su family. Otherwise, Youming might not even look at him.”

Hearing Bao’s words, everyone realized the fact.

After Bao finished speaking, he was not happy. He shouldn’t be afraid of Kris. Relying on Su Family’s power, Kris tried his best to make people respect him. How disgraceful.

He was mad when he recalled the thing that happened just now.

At this time, Kris ran into Lan Yu, coming out of the bathroom when he just reached on the third floor.

Seeing Kris, Lan walked over, “Kris, what’s going on? You’re leaving now?”

Kris nodded, “Nothing. We just don’t have the same topic. I’d better leave first, otherwise, it may embarrass you.”

Hearing this, Lan felt more stronger to say sorry, but she was too shy to say, “Kris, I’m here to apologize to you on behalf of Bao. That’s the way they act. Please don’t mind…”

Kris shook his head and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve met so many people like him. I won’t.”

He looked at Lan and said, “There are some things I shouldn’t say, but for the sake of your happiness, I have to remind you of this. Bao is not the best person for you. You should consider it carefully.”

Lan didn’t say anything, but her expression was complicated and awkward.

In fact, Lan didn’t dislike Bao too much, but she didn’t like him either. She even didn’t have any good feelings toward him.

It was only due to the relationship between their families and the fact that they had known each other for a long time, so both of their parents strongly supported their marriage. Then she had no choice but to date with him.

She had made it clear to Bao that it was impossible to have sex before marriage. What they could do was to hold hands.

Seeing the atmosphere was a bit awkward, Lan changed the topic, “Let’s go. Let me send you back. Since I asked you to come, I can’t let you take a taxi back. “

Kris nodded and said nothing.

The two of them then went downstairs and left Dynasty Hotel, heading towards the parking lot.


Just at this time, Bao caught up from behind.

“Lan, why are you still with this guy?” After trotting to catch up with Lan, Bao said very unhappily, “Didn’t I tell you not to make friends with people like him?”

Chapter 72: Sun-Moon Holy Cult

“Bao Cao, I said that Kris is my friend.” Lan Yu’s face eased a little, for she is a person who can tell what is right and wrong, and she is pretty clear what kind of person Kris is. As Bao repeatedly slanders Kris, which made her very unhappy. “You kept slandering Kris in the presence of so many people in the private room a moment ago. I was giving you a face to let you do that. Now that he has come out of the room, are you still talking nonsense?”

Seeing Lan defending Kris in this way, Bao’s jealousy exploded, and he said angrily: “Lan, is he your boyfriend or I am your boyfriend? Am I wrong? Everyone in the entire Westriver City knows that Kris is just a useless guy living under his mother-in-law’s house? And he is lazy together with lots of shortcomings, is not he?”

Hearing this, Lan didn’t want to say anything, and she strode forward and left.

“Lan, where are you two going?” Bao was anxious when he saw Lan ignoring himself, and he quickly stopped her from going upward.

Lan stopped and said to Xiumei, “Get out, I’m going to send Kris back!”

“You look so beautiful, I do not feel comfortable you two stay together.” Bao said: “You go to the private room and wait for me there, I will send him back, and there is a party at night, you accompany me to take part in the party.”


Lan coldly refused.

Kris sighed, and it seemed that he had to go back by taxi.

Just as Kris took out his mobile phone to call a Didi(Like Uber), a black commercial car drove out of the parking lot next to the hotel.

When the commercial vehicle passed by Kris and Lan and Bao, it suddenly stopped, then the door opened, and a few strong men got off the car.

The first strong man was with an eagle nose, and his eyes were deep sunk, looking very sharp.

“Hello, is this Miss Lan Yu?”

This strong man stepped forward and asked politely.

Kris originally thought that he was to find trouble, but since gently came over and politely called Lan’s name, it seemed that he was not coming for making trouble.

Besides, Lan is a famous beauty in the Westriver Police Department. Who dares to have a nasty idea on her?

Thinking of this, Kris could not help but relax for a while.

When Lan saw the big man calling her name, she nodded subconsciously and said, “It’s me.”

As soon as the voice fell, the strong man suddenly raised his hand, and Lan, Kris, and Bao only felt a scent coming out to their noses. When inhaling the strange fragrance, three of them felt terrible, but it was too late.

Kris, Lan, and Bao only felt that the world was turning around, their bodies were soft, and they lost most of their strength.

Oh shit, what happened?

In broad daylight, is this kidnapping?

Soon these people put Lan, Kris, and Bao into the car as Kris had conjectured, and the curtain was drawn, they could not see the outside, and they did not know where these people were going to take them.

At this point, Bao had panicked. He shouted, “Who are you? Why did you catch us? Do you know who I am…” Before he finished speaking, a slap came on to Bao’s face.

Two teeth flew out of Bao’s mouth with a snap, showing how ruthless the strong man was. “If you keep shouting, I will kill you!” The strong man said fiercely.

Bao shivered and was too scared to talk.

As the captain of the criminal investigation team, Lan has a very good psychological quality. She did not panic. Instead, she immediately began analyzing in her mind who was going to kidnap herself.

These men knew her name, which showed that this was a premeditated kidnapping.

She stared closely at the eagle-nosed man sitting in front of her: “Who the hell are you? Where are you going to take us?”

This eagle-nose guy is obviously the head of these strong men.

“Sergeant Yu, you have arrested me so many people, I have to give an explanation to my subordinates.”

“You… are you from The Sun-Moon Holy Cult?”

When Lan heard the eagle-nosed voice, her pupils shrunk, and she suddenly thought of that sect in her mind.

“Sun-Moon Holy Cult?” Bao’s blood-stained heart was even more alarmed when he heard the name, and there was a panic on his face.

Kris, on the side, frowned secretly after hearing it.

Sun-Moon Holy Cult?

Was this evil cult again? Among the six sects, is there Sun-Moon Holy Cult?

Just when Kris was puzzled, the eagle-nosed man grinned: “Officer Yu is really clever and guessed it all at once, but there is no reward for guessing it right.”

“Sergeant Yu, my name is Changkong Yin, I am in charge of the business of Sun-Moon Holy Cult in Westriver City.” Changkong said: “You are really smart to know who we are since you caught me dozens of my people in only one month. You tell me how I should settle these accounts with you!”

Lan gritted his teeth and didn’t speak. She remembered what the master said to her when he was on Mount Emei: “Lan, in addition to our six famous Orthodox Schools, there are two cults out there too. The disciples of these cults do all kinds of evil. If you meet them, you must not be soft-hearted, do you understand?”

What the master said was firmly remembered by her.

This Sun-Moon Holy Cult is one of the two major cults, and it has hundreds of thousands of disciples.

A hundred years ago, the six major Orthodox Schools jointly attacked and burnt down the general altar of Sun-Moon Holy Cult, making Sun-Moon Holy Cult retreat to some dark corner for mere survival for one hundred years.

However, with changes in the times, in recent years, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult showed signs of resurgence. It intensified, and it has become a significant problem for the six major Orthodox Schools.

The Sun-Moon Holy Cult has a strict hierarchy, and the highest identity is the leader and wife of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

There are two angels under the throne, the two angels of the sun and the moon, and the four major stars.

The four major stars are: Dragon star, White Tiger star, Peacock star, North star. And further down the level is the branch leader, and finally, the faithful.

The Sun-Moon Holy Cult has huge forces, and they have established branches in many cities, and their disciples are all over the world. It is far from the comparison of the six major Schools! And there is a piece of rumored news that the Wuliangjian School (one of the six major schools) had privately reached cooperation with the Sun-Moon Holy Cult. Still, I don’t know if it is true or not.

All the disciples of this cult have set their branch to Lan’s territory. How can Lan endure such a thing! But what she didn’t expect was that the Sun-Moon Holy Cult is so rampant that they dared to avenge themselves so blatantly.

Along the way, Lan was trying to send a message to her colleagues in the police station, but she was kept under watch all the way, and she had no chance to report the message to her colleagues.

Soon the car stopped, and Changkong motioned to cover the eyes of Kris and Lan and Bao. After getting off the car, Kris was pulled forward by the big man.

Although he couldn’t clearly see the surrounding landscape, Kris always paid attention to the surrounding movements.

After walking for more than ten minutes, there was a hint of a salty smell in the air, accompanied by the sound of rolling waves.

Kris concluded that the three of them were brought to the west sea beach by Changkong. As for the specific location, he did not know.

After a few more minutes of walking, the black cloths on the eyes of them were uncovered.

After seeing the surrounding environment, Kris was taken aback. The three of them were taken to a large underground secret room. If he guessed it right, this should be the entrance of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

The place where they stand now is a hall, and four passages are connected around the hall, and each passage is guarded.

He frowned, and there was an unpleasant smell of flaming oil in this hall. He looked at the torch sticking to the wall, and it became clear.

It turned out that there was no electricity here, and only torches were used here.

Under the direction of Changkong, a few men tied Kris and the other two firmly to the stone pillars in the hall.

Changkong looked at Lan proudly and said with a smile: “Officer Yu, let’s talk about it, how to resolve this matter.”

Lan didn’t answer directly and said: “Mr. Changkong Yin, your men are the ones I caught. It has nothing to do with the two of them. You let them go first.”

“Yes, you are not the one who caught his people. I have nothing to do with this,” Bao quickly echoed with Lan’s words.

Lan was so disappointed that Bao was so afraid of death, and she was speechless at his cowardice.

Changkong laughed: “Officer Yu, are you joking with me? I made such a great effort and took such a big risk to arrest the three of you. If you free you? You think it’s possible?!”

Chapter 73: East Sword King’s Sword

“Son, you are from the filthy rich family of Westriver City, right?” Changkong touched his chin and thus said: “If my memory serves, you are called Bao Cao, right?”

Bao nodded his head and said like a coward, “Yes, your majesty, you are right. Since you know me, you know how rich my family is. As long as you are willing to let me go, I will give you a big sum of money.”

Changkong looked at Bao contemptuously: “Are you so afraid of death? I can hear that you have a relationship with Officer Yu? Don’t you want to save your fiancee?”

“Errrr…” Bao opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but he swallowed the words again.

Although Lan is a good lady, and he considers his own life above everyone! He subconsciously chose to protect himself.

Seeing that Bao didn’t speak, Lan sighed in her heart. She thought she really had to think about what Kris had said.

Changkong saw Bao did not utter a word, and he showed even more disdain toward Bao. He did not understand why Lan loves such a coward!

Immediately he turned his gaze to Kris: “You seem a rich guy too, since you stay with Bao.” Kris frowned and said nothing.

“Oh, it’s a little hard to handle all of you…” Changkong walked in front of the three, making people wonder what he wanted to do.

Suddenly, Changkong stopped and showed a sly smile on his face: “Come on, just do what the police officer said, since you two guys bear no grudge against the Holy Cult. I shall my keep my promise, that only one of you is free to leave here!”

On hearing what Changkong said, Bao couldn’t help but get excited, but when he heard the next sentence, his heart kept beating.

Kris couldn’t guess Changkong’s intent, so he asked, “What do you want with us?”

Changkong grinned: “It’s very simple, you all auction?”

“I know!” Bao nodded quickly.

“The auction house auctions antique treasures, such as calligraphy and paintings. Here I am, the auctioned item is your life! Whoever is willing to pay the high price, I will let him or her go!”

“As for the one who loses the bid… one of his fingers shall be cut off, and himself be put into my prison.”

Kris’s pupils shrank, but he didn’t expect him to play such a trick.

After hearing Changkong’s words, Bao showed an excited look on his face, and he shouted loudly: “I agree with you, and I am offering 20 million dollars!”

After that, he looked at Kris proudly.

Haha, this kid is just an adopted son-in-law of the Su family.

Not to mention 20 million, he even could not have 2 million.

Bao thought he must have saved his life in this way. As long as he had any hope of escape, he would definitely rescue Lan, then Lan would understand and pardon him; thinking of this, he felt cool in the heart.

Seeing Bao looking at him provocatively, Kris could not help but laugh aloud.

Bao was really naive. He even provokes himself at this dangerous moment.. However, he was really generous as to give 20 million to Changkong.

However, it’s useless to offer two hundred million!

This is the place of Sun-Moon Holy cult, and the location is classified information. How could Changkong let outsiders know this place?

Don’t be silly. This was just a mockery played on them by Changkong.

Kris glanced at Changkong, and when he saw his mocking face, he knew he was right.

He shook his head and said, “Twenty million, I don’t have so much money.”

As Kris’s words just fell, and Bao next to him couldn’t be more excited. If his hands and feet weren’t tied, he would have jumped up.

“Haha, I won, I won! Let me go!” But Changkong ignored him and waved his hands and asked two strong men to come to him.

One strong man held Kris up, and then put his hand on the ground. He had to chop his fingers.

Seeing this scene, Lan shouted anxiously: “Let go of him. This matter has nothing to do with him at all. If you want to take revenge, just take it on me.”

When Changkong heard her, he just ignored her words.

Even at this critical moment, Lan was still maintaining protecting Kris, which made Bao feel very unpleasant. He squeezed his eyebrow at Lan and lowered his voice: “Lan, why do you still care about this guy? He has no money to save his life. When I get out of here, I will find a way to come back to save you.”

At this moment, Lan’s attention was focused on Kris. There was time to listen to Bao, and she didn’t hear what he was saying!

At this moment, Kris was also worried! Damn, if a finger was cut off, wouldn’t he be crippled?

No, he absolutely did not want such a tragedy to happen to him.

In anxiety, suddenly, Kris thought of Lan’s method using internal force to dissolve outer force. He tried to use his internal force, but he did not have strength at all, and naturally, his internal force was not available.

If he could operate the internal force, he could take out the soft sword that was attached to his waist… But the reality was so cruel, he could only watch his palms being forcibly separated, and watch the sharp sword drooping toward the ground…

Seeing that his fingers were about to separate from his body, Kris also regretted that he should not be off guard at that time.

At this moment, Changkong arrogantly yelled out: “Oh fuck, stop it!”

The flashing sword stopped coming to Kris at less than three centimeters from Kris’s finger.

The strong was puzzled, seeing this: “Master, what’s going on?”

“Back off.”

“Yes!” The strong man stepped aside.

When Kris saw the sword did not fall, he took a long breath, and his back was soaked with cold sweat.

At this time, Changkong walked quickly to Kris and lifted his clothes up.

Why did Changkong do this to Kris? All were puzzled? Both Lan and Bao were stunned, and their expressions suddenly became weird.

After lifting Kris’s clothes, he saw something on Kris’s waist and stared at Kris. He asked in surprise, “Where did you get this belt?”

His voice trembled, indicating that his mood was not as calm as before.

He stretched out his hand and pulled out the belt on Kris’s waist again. His hands shook, and a magical thing happened. The belt turned from soft to hard and turned into a cold sword!

Changkong is very familiar with this sword, it is the token of the Wuliangjian School!

The Wuliangjian School belongs to one of the famous and orthodox schools and friends with the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

However, high-level leaders in the holy cult understand that Wuliangjian School and Sun-Moon Holy Cult are allies.

Two years ago, after a few battles between the holy cult and the Wuliangjian School, they reconciled with each other, and they became close friends since then.

It was with Wuliangjian School that secretly helped The Sun-Moon Holy Cult so that the cult could develop so fast.

Changkong even heard that the Bishop of the holy cult wanted to establish a post of deputy bishop. This deputy bishop was naturally the leader of the Wuliangjian School, but he was not sure whether it was true or false.

Wuliangjian School belongs to one of the six major schools. The hierarchical system of the holy cult follows that of the Wuliangjian School.

There are four major sword kings in Wuliangjian School, namely: the east sword king, the south sword king, the west sword king, and the north sword king.

The soft sword that Kris wears as a belt is the token of the East Sword King and also is the most powerful sword of East Sword King.

East Sword King holds a very high position in the School, only second to the School president.

Although Changkong is the branch leader of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, hundreds of branch leaders like him, and his status is not high, so he does not even have a chance to see East Sword King.

East Sword King’s sword had long been known by the followers The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and Changkong was pretty sure that Kris’s sword was that sword!

In the meantime, Kris observed Changkong’s face. He saw that his facial expression and tone were obviously different from that of just now. Had he ever seen this sword?

Thinking of this, the expression on Kris’s face changed. He said calmly, “This sword is mine!”

On hearing this, Changkong shook his body, and his expression became sincere and terrified. As soon as Kris looked at the expression on Changkong’s face, he knew that he what guessed was right. Changkong really knows this sword!

Chapter 74: The holy bible of Sun-Moon Holy Cult

“Oh, Lord…”

Changkong was frightened and hurried over to untie the ropes for Kris.

It seemed that this sword should belong to a certain big wig, and this big wig should be of very high identity.

While Changkong was stooping down to untie the ropes, Kris lowered his voice and said, “Keep it secret, don’t reveal my identity!”

Kris’s words made Changkong even more sure that Kris is really somebody, that the man in front of him is the legendary East Sword King. As he was unwilling to expose his identity, he must be investigating some cases in secret!

So Changkong thought that he could not mess up East Sword King’s plan.

After untying the rope, Changkong hurriedly called in two strong men to take Kris out of the hall and into a brightly-lit stone room.

“Don’t you keep your promise? I have already offered 20 million, you must let me go!”

Changkong’s move made Bao stunned. Didn’t he say he should first cut Kris’s finger and put him in a dungeon just now?

However, Changkong didn’t know he cut Kris’s finger. Instead, he untied his shackles and took him away!

Bao, who was in the unknown, couldn’t help shouting.

Changkong did not speak but glared at Bao.

Feeling the irritability in Changkong’s eyes, Bao suddenly shut his mouth in shock.

“Hmm, keep watch over these two persons. Whoever dare shout, cut off his tongue.” Glancing at Bao coldly, Changkong uttered such a sentence and then left the hall.

Not long after Kris entered the stone room, Changkong came in.

“Changkong Yin, a subordinate of you East Sword King, is paying you homage!” As soon as he entered the stone room, Changkong politely saluted to Kris.

Then he carefully raised his head and said with a smile: “Master, I misunderstood you just now, and my men made a big mistake. They ran into you, but they did not know who you are. I hope you forgive my men and me.”

East Sword King?

What is this position in Sun-Moon Holy Cult? How could such a devil, a branch leader of the Holy Cult, be so scared!

No, this sword is Hu Li’s thing. Isn’t Hu a member of Wuliangjian School?

Why is Changkong so fearful of himself?

Kris was also got lost at this time. He did not yet know the true relationship between the Wuliangjian School and Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

Kris simply didn’t want to think about it. He waved his hand and said, “Forget it, I pardon you.”

Hearing Kris’s words, Changkong showed joy on his face, but this joy was quickly suppressed by him.

“Thank you, Lord.” Changkong bowed deeply to Kris and said, “Please take a break and have a bit of wine. I will pay a toast to you to the forgiveness of my guilt.”

Kris touched his belly. In the Dynasty Hotel’s private room, he didn’t eat anything but only drank two cups of tea. Now he was really hungry.

“Go ahead,” Kris nodded.

“Yes, Lord!” Changkong nodded and immediately showed a meaningful smile on his face: “After a while, when the lord has his fill, I will take Lan in to stay with our the lord, this woman is so attractive, haha!”

“OK, go ahead,” Kris shook his head and asked to get something delicious.

Changkong didn’t say much and went out of the stone room. As soon as he left the room, Kris stood up. When he entered the stone chamber just now, Changkong’s men gave himself the antidote, otherwise he would not be able to have any energy at all.

As soon as Changkong left, Kris’s thoughts became active, and he quickly walked out of the stone room, trying to find an exit.

The guards outside saw Kris, but did not stop him, but saluted to him respectfully. Seeing this, Kris’s courage also grew accordingly.

However, he was afraid that Lan would doubt himself. Instead of returning to the previous hall, he explored and pondered along the passage.

“If I find the exit later, how can I rescue Lan?” Kris thought.

Judging from Changkong’s tone just now, he did not mean to free Lan. If Lan was not rescued, she would definitely be tortured by these bastards.

While walking, he jotted down the route. After a while, Kris found himself in a forbidden place.

This was a large stone room. There were no guards at the door, but there is a sign at the door that reads: “Those who enter the forbidden place shall die!”

Without thinking, Kris went straight in. There were several wooden shelves in the stone room with some medicine on it and some items in bottles and jars.

Kris went to the medicine shelf and wanted to find the antidote, but he did not find any. But among medicines, to his surprise, he found an exciting medicine that was knockout drops!

He put the bottle containing knockout drops into his pocket, and he already had a plan in mind. When he was drinking, he would put this medicine in the wine and have the guards lose consciousness, and after that, he would be able to save Lan?

Kris calculated the timing. At this time, Changkong should have prepared the food ready, and it was time for him to go back.

Just when Kris turned and left, the stone slab under his feet suddenly turned up, and his center of gravity shifted, he almost fell down to the ground.

He looked down and found that the stone slabs on the ground had been warped up. As the stone slabs showed some signs of being moved by someone, he felt agitated.

He squatted down quickly, trying to move the slab back to its original place, but Kris was shocked the next second.

There seemed to be something under this slate! Kris lifted the stone slab and found something wrapped in kraft paper under the stone slab. What was this?

Kris reached up and picked up the thing, opened it, and he was surprised.

The item that is wrapped in kraft paper was a classified book. The book’s cover was written with these few words: The holy bible of Sun-Moon Holy Cult!

Oh gosh, what was such a book, who dared to name it after the Holy Cult?! But time was running short, and Kris had no time to read this book at the spot.

He took the book and flattened the slabs before returning to the stone room in a hurry.

The time as Kris was entering the stone chamber, Changkong was walking in, serving him some delicate dishes.

Changkong carried a food box in his hand, which contained a few delicate dishes, and he held a jar of wine in his arms.

This wine jar looked very old, and there was mud at the sealed cover. It was just taken out of the wine storeroom.

“East Sword King, there is nothing special to entertain you here, so I made a few dishes, and I hope my Lord forgive me!” Changkong smiled apologetically after setting the dishes on the table. Kris nodded, picked up the chopsticks, and ate it.

Changkong originally wanted to accompany Kris to eat together. Still, thinking of Kris’s distinguished identity, he seemed to be unworthy to sit with him for dinner.

The Sun-Moon Holy Cult has a strict hierarchy system. If you let others know that you a little branch leader has dinner with East Sword King, it would be a sin…

Thinking of this, Changkong bowed slightly and said, “Sir, please enjoy it slowly, I’m just outside the door. If you need anything, just call me.” Kris said nothing but nodded.

After Changkong withdrew outside the room, Kris sighed with relief, and he knew very well that he was not the East Sword King. If he let Changkong know his true identity, he would be in danger.

He quickly took out knockout drops and poured the knockout drops into the jar and agitated it evenly. After doing that, Kris began to enjoy his meal.

He ate quickly and filled his stomach in a few minutes, but he deliberately waited for ten minutes before he called in Changkong.

“Lord, what can I do for you?” Changkong said respectfully.

Kris told him: “The wine is great. Take this jar and share it with you, men.”

Changkong looked at Kris with some embarrassment: “Lord, you should know the rules of our Sun-Moon Holy cult, it is forbidden to drink at the branch’s holy hall.”

“Humph.” Kris patted the table with a disgruntled face: “I came to your place for the first time. Why do you decline my goodness?”

Seeing that Kris was not happy, Changkong quickly shook his head and explained: “No, no, Lord East Sword King misunderstood me. Since you have thus ordered, nobody dares to disobey it!”

Words fell, he quickly went out holding the wine jar. Seeing that Changkong had run out in shock, Kris couldn’t help laughing.

Chapter 75: Sincerity

Kris Chen was satisfied with the meal. However, Lan Yu was suffering.

The Sun-Moon Holy Cult is really a heresy, and all its disciples were villains.

The disciples took photos of Lan ceaselessly. Although they couldn’t get such a beautiful woman, they could see her freely in pictures.

Lan saw them with disgust. It was the first time that she had been photographed unscrupulously.

At first, the disciples merely took pictures of her face. Seeing that Changkong Yin was out of here, they even got bold enough to stretch out their hands to pinch Lan’s face.

Just when the black hands were about to touch Lan’s tender face, Changkong came out with the wine jar in his arm and said, “brothers, you are lucky. East Sword King invites you to have a drink. Those who want to taste the wine just come.”

Hearing this, they all went out from the passage of four sides and went to drink with him. As well as the disciples who were supervising, Lan reluctantly withdrew their hands and followed them.

Lan’s heart was suddenly released.

In the stone chamber, Kris listened with his ears up. The sound outside was very loud. They should have been drinking. With a smile, Kris walked out from the stone chamber to the hall.

After seeing Kris, Lan said excitedly, “Kris, how did you come?”

Kris put his finger on his mouth: “be quiet!” He walked behind Lan and began to untie the rope for her.

After untying the rope, Lan said with confusion: “Kris, what is going on? Why do they respect you so much?”

Kris was stunned and immediately understood that although he had deliberately bypassed the hall just now, the hall could be accessed in all directions, and It should have been seen by her when disciples of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult saluted him.

Now that she had seen it, Kris did not hide it. He whispered: “they have made a mistake and regarded me as a high-level leader of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, so I just pretend…”

Lan nodded and looked at Kris’s with more appreciation and a little complexity.

The adopted son-in-law of the Su family had refreshed her views on him again and again.

“Shit, so they’ve mistaken you!” At this time, Bao Cao, on one side, said to Kris in a commanding tone: “while they are drinking, you should come and untie me.”

Fuck! Wasn’t Bao a fool?

How could he pray like that? Someone else might think Kris was asking for help.

Though Kris had a good temper, he also had a bottom line. There was no way to help him with his attitude.

At this time, Lan was also getting anxious. The medicine effect on her body was still in effect. At the moment, she couldn’t even stand steadily. She had more heart than strength to untie the rope. But now she was not thinking about helping Bao untie the rope, but thinking about how Changkong would revenge her after drinking wine. He mustn’t let her go as she had caught so many of his subordinates. She feared that her disaster would come soon after their drinking.

Just then, the voice from the front passage suddenly stopped, and the disciples of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult fell to the ground one after another, losing unconsciousness.

Including Changkong, who leaned against the stone wall of the passage, closed his eyes and moved no more.

Just after a while, only Kris, Lan, and Bao were awake in the huge underground chamber.

Lan and Bao didn’t know what had happened before. They thought that they had drunk so much, and wine made them sleepy.

“Come on, Kris, untie Bao’s rope, let’s run away.”

Before Lan’s words finished, Kris, waved his hand and said, “don’t worry, they all fell down unconscious as a result of taking my sleeping pills, for I put that in the wine jar.” Hearing this, Bao’s expression changed from sadness to joy, and he couldn’t help praising: “well done, son-in-law of the Su family!”

Kris ignored him at all, strode to the front passage and kicked Changkong’s feet, and found that he did not move, was indeed insensible.

After the inspection, Kris helped Lan, who was leaning against the stone pillar to stand, turned, and walked toward the passage in front of him.

When Changkong went to get wine and vegetables, he walked through all the passages. Only one in front of him he didn’t walk. If there was no accident, this channel should be the exit.

“Shit, are you blind? You haven’t untied me yet,” Bao exclaimed.

Kris looked at him and said, “why should I untie you? Is it my duty to save you? “

Bao was angered by Kris’s words. Looking at Kris’s cold eyes, he was afraid. He was completely afraid. He didn’t want to die here.

At the moment, Lan began to plead for Bao and said, “Kris, please, help him.”

Kris shook his head, said lightly: “I am not his father. I have no obligation to save him.”

Hearing this, Lan bit his lips: “Kris, I know that Bao did hurt you when he was in the Dynasty Hotel today. I apologize to you for him. If you don’t save him, when Changkong wakes up and finds that we are not here, he will surely kill him.”

Kris coldly smiled; the fool ate one of his Obstacle Breaking Pill, did not say a good word. On the contrary, his mouth was full of feces.

Kris had nothing to do with his death.

Seeing Lan pleaded with Kris in a low voice, Bao instantly got angry and said: “Lan, why do you apologize to him? He just doesn’t deserve it at all. Look at the manner he expressed, I don’t need him to save me. “

Kris couldn’t help laughing and said to Lan, “you see, what a haughty person! He just doesn’t need me to rescue. I don’t suggest you worry about it.”

Saying that Kris continued to walk with Lan.

Lan was anxious. She glared at Bao with exasperation. Then she said softly to Kris, “Kris, don’t be narrow with him. He…”

Before Lan’s words were finished, Bao yelled: “Lan, don’t beg him. Just go at once. After you go out, try to rescue me. After a while they wake up, I will give them more money, they will not kill me.”

“Shut up.” Lan’s voice was trembling: “do you think you can still survive after we have gone?”

“The Sun-Moon Holy Cult is extremely vicious and cruel. After we escape, Changkong will be very angry. Do you think money can satisfy them?”

Lan’s words completely awakened Bao.

Where was I now?

This was the hall of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult in Westriver City!

When Changkong woke up and saw that Kris and Lan were gone, he would certainly tear him apart.

At this time, his hands and feet were tied to the stone pillars, it was very difficult to move, let alone escape.

Lan was still without any strength and stood unsteadily. Now, only Kris could save him!

Lan begged: “Kris, help him, I am begging you!”

Kris never thought that Lan, such a proud woman, would beg for him twice in a day. He sighed in his heart. She was really a good girl with a good heart.

Although the heart had already agreed to Lan’s request, Kris did not intend to help Bao so easily.

Kris knew that if he saved Bao for her, she would certainly feel sad because she owed him too much gratitude.

People don’t love for no reason, and they don’t hate for no reason. Too many favors were a burden for a person like Lan. Kris wasn’t willing to let Lan carry too much.

Thinking of this, he laughed: “you ask me to help him, you have to show some goodwill?”

“Good will?” Lan didn’t respond for a while.

“Well, if you kiss me, then I’ll help him!”

“What? Lan, you can’t promise him.” Bao couldn’t stand it. His fiancee kissed another man in front of him. How could he bear it?

After Lan heard this, her face turned red immediately, even the root of the ear was red.

She didn’t expect that Kris would make such a request. She and Bao had been together for so long. So far, they only held hands once. Now he wanted her kiss…

“If you’re so embarrassed, then forget it!” Kris sighed, looking at Lan’s blushed face. Lan was not only beautiful but also had such a good character. It’s a pity that a dandy like Bao would marry her and sleep together in the future. Just like a pig possessing nice cabbage.

“Kris, stop!” Lan blushed and looked at Kris, her attractive red lips were getting close to him…

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