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“Heidi Hudson?”

Chuck Cannon frowned immediately. What does this woman want to do?

Shop gold and make yourself grateful to her?

Chuck Cannon knows Heidi Hudson’s thoughts!

Chuck Cannon walked to the door and looked around, only to find a luxury car in the distance with Heidi Hudson inside?

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold, this woman must tell him clearly today!!

But Chuck Cannon thought of what his father said again. When the time comes, if he can’t handle Hudson, he still has to marry Heidi Hudson.

“Aunt Logan, Black Rose, wait a minute, I’ll take a look.”

As Chuck Cannon said, he had already gone there.

Logan wanted to follow, but she couldn’t.

Afraid of Heidi Hudson?

Logan is not afraid of death, how could she be afraid of Heidi Hudson?

She is reluctant to die now, because of Chuck Cannon.

“I won’t wait until the processing is over, I want to continue to drink.” Du Peixin said this to Logan.

She hasn’t relaxed for several days. Du Peixin was alone and wants to drink too.

“Wait for Chuck’s intentions, if he said to drink then we will drink…” Logan said.

“En,” Du Peixin didn’t say much, yes, she also mainly wanted to talk to Chuck Cannon.

Wait, why do you want to talk to Chuck Cannon?

She was really curious, who was the Heidi Hudson that Logan said?

Is it where Chuck Cannon parks his luxury car right now?

Black Rose snorted, unhappy in her heart, anyway, she was unhappy if she didn’t know why.

“Sit in,” Heidi Hudson said.

Even though Chuck Cannon was in the dust at this time, his shoes were dirty, but it was okay, Chuck Cannon could sit in.

She doesn’t mind, Chuck Cannon will be her own man anyway.

When she was rescued by Chuck Cannon before, didn’t she fall asleep with Chuck Cannon? She didn’t mind back then, let alone when she liked Chuck Cannon more now.

Heidi Hudson expects that Chuck Cannon will like it.

After spreading gold, the grade is improved all at once, how good is it?

“No, you let those of your men go! I don’t need these!” Chuck Cannon was straightforward.

He was too lazy to tell. To be honest, Chuck Cannon felt speechless when he thought of what his father said, maybe he would marry her in the future.

Marry a woman like this yourself?

She had a haughty look just now, the look of charity, Chuck Cannon was disgusted when he saw it, and marrying?

“What are you talking about. No need!” Heidi Hudson’s face became cold.

Just like being suddenly splashed with cold water, her heart was cold for a while. For the first time, she was so proactive and she was refused?

For an instant, Heidi Hudson was so angry that she wanted to kill!

“Yes, I don’t need it. My side has already been decorated. Why did you come over and do this without saying a word? What do you mean?” Chuck Cannon asked.

What do you want? Let yourself be thankful?

“I want to surprise you… I still use you when I do things? I’m willing to do this!” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

“Are you such a domineering woman?” Chuck Cannon was speechless.

Why is Heidi Hudson, a person beautiful is beautiful, she is the best, but how is her personality like this?

Which man can stand this queen-like character?

Chuck Cannon is not a slave or a dog!!

“Domineering? Chuck Cannon, I advise you to be careful when talking to me. I have limited patience!”

“Then don’t bear it,”

“Chuck Cannon, do you know? If I can’t bear it. You don’t know how many times you would have died.” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

Yes, when Chuck Cannon slept for the first time and his hand touched her, even if she would have said a word, Chuck Cannon must have died.

Still alive?

Don’t see who you are? Can anyone touch it?

After so many years, you Chuck Cannon touched.

“Whatever, you tell people to stop,” Chuck Cannon didn’t care, and turned his face away. Anyway, Chuck Cannon couldn’t accept marrying her now.

“No, no one can stop me from what I want to do! I want to shop, and I want to cover your entire casino!” Heidi Hudson ordered immediately.

More people will come here later.

“What do you want to do. Want me to thank you?” Chuck Cannon was silent for three seconds.

Heidi Hudson didn’t answer. Of course, she meant it. This is the first time she did this kind of thing herself. Shouldn’t she hear the word thank you?

I don’t want your money, as long as you say a word of like, thank you, that’s all, can’t it be done?

“Heidi Hudson, I asked you…”

“Sit in and talk,” Heidi Hudson said coldly.

Chuck Cannon didn’t move, how could he sit in?

“What on earth do you like in me?” Chuck Cannon asked. Women like Heidi Hudson are at least a secret family talent, right?


“You ask this? I won’t answer you!!”

“If you don’t answer me, how can I change it?”

“Why change?”

“If I change it, you won’t like me anymore!” Chuck Cannon looked forward to this incident. How should he say it, seeing Heidi Hudson, Chuck Cannon always felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Did Heidi Hudson do something? Let yourself have this sixth sense of feeling?

“Chuck Cannon!” Heidi Hudson was annoyed, “Don’t force me!”

“I didn’t force you!” Chuck Cannon sighed.

Chuck Cannon now regrets saving Heidi Hudson at that time.

How did he meet such a domineering woman?

“I’m so good to you, you are not touched at all, you know, ordinary men don’t even have the opportunity to approach me.” Heidi Hudson said that she was angry, she was really angry!

Especially want to kill Chuck Cannon at this time! But she was reluctant, this man, but the first man to walk into her heart!

If there is no Chuck Cannon, how can she still like other men?

“Oh, I didn’t let you do this.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, feeling that he couldn’t talk with Heidi Hudson.

“You don’t have one, but I did!”

Chuck Cannon wanted to leave, “Don’t tell me, anyway, even if you have finished laying, I will let others re-lay the floor tiles!”

“You dare!!”

Chuck Cannon frowned, what did Heidi Hudson consider himself? Under your hands?

Must listen to her, what is she right?

“What can I not dare?”

“Dare you, I gave this to you, if you dare to get rid of it, I will let you fail to open this casino!”

Heidi Hudson would really do this. She had done something to the innocent Logan last time. What else can’t be done?

“Whatever!” Chuck Cannon shrugged. He knew Heidi Hudson would do this, but let Chuck Cannon compromise and he couldn’t do it now.

“Whatever??, believe it or not, I’ll let people push your casino right now!” Heidi Hudson walked out angrily!

Get out of the car.

Chuck Cannon’s eyes were cold, “You are going to do this, then you and I will never be at odds!!”

This is Chuck Cannon’s first project in the United States, and there must be no problems!

Not even Heidi Hudson!

“You are incompatible with me? Chuck Cannon, think carefully about what you say!” Heidi Hudson smiled, this is an angry smile, she was on fire!

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