Chapter 711 – 712: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 711: Fierce Fighting

“God: Heaven God Blockade!”

Woyou Ren was a king-level god spirit, and before the expedition, was ennobled by Emperor Ren, and rewarded a large number of Incense Worlds to him, those Incenses could be at his own disposal.

Although Incenses were toxic, they’re also a supreme power.

The Power of Incense spread across the void and soon enveloped Shen Xuanyuan and others.

“Break the blockade, quickly!”

Shen Xuanyuan’s internal power gradually weakened, he must escape before falling beyond the Detachment Stage, otherwise he would fall into a short period of weakness.

The six of them were a little weaker, and the accumulated Spirit Power was not enough to support their breakthrough to transcendence, but could remain in the infinitely close to the Transcendence Stage.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Countless attacks fell on the Heavenly God Seal, the Seal too solid to break in a short time!

“As long as the Incense continues, my blockade is invincible, unless you are able to exert the power of transcendence.”

“You’ll see!”


Shen Xuanyuan waved his holy sword and with just one blow, the seal broke a gap, but the gap was quickly filled by the spread Incense.

“How long can you hold it up now?”

Woyou Ren sneered.

Shen Xuanyuan was a little depressed, thirty breaths, at most thirty breaths, if there was no breakthrough within thirty breaths, they would certainly die here.

“Turn back, baby!”

Numerous Flying Knife shot out, added a more secure seal in Heaven God Blockade.

The most crucial thing was that the power of the Flying Knife Formation made even the blockade circle become smaller and smaller. He actually wanted to use the Flying Knife Formation to kill them!

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

“Brother, what shall we do!”

The six men were panicked when continuously defend against attacks from the Flying Knife.

Shen Xuanyuan took a deep breath, “Now there is only one way, give me all the Spirit you have accumulated, so that I can maintain this state!”

The six men looked at each other, they knew that this was the best way for now!

Although their accumulated Spirit was not as much as Shen Xuanyuan, but enough for Shen Xuanyuan to maintain another half an hour.

But Shen Xuanyuan would also suffer irreversible damage to his body.

The disappearing power recovered.

Shen Xuanyuan, however, was not a bit happy, forcing out the peculiar power with transcendence to repair his damaged flesh.

“No, his power has returned, attack together!”

“Three Tao into One, go to the hell!”

“God: God Spirit Killing!”

“Turn back, baby!”

This attack was dangerous and severe, but a more powerful attack broke through the Flying Knife Formation.

“All Spirits Normalization, Divine Soul Shaking!”

Shen Xuanyuan bellowed and rushed out from the Flying Knife Formation with an overwhelming force!

“Go to the hell!”


Woyou Ren was stabbed by a sword, the endless power of the washed over his flesh and crushed his sun soul, “To a human, not a god after your death!”

Although Shen Xuanyuan hit him, he himself was also injured, cut bloody by Ze Zhang, white bones exposed, and the left hand was also cut off flush.


“Attack my brother, you deserve to die!”



Without the power of Spirit to protect them, the six kings died instantly under the bow of Ze Zhang!

“Ze Zhang, I will kill you!”

“Go to hell!”

Shen Xuanyuan had lost his mind, waved the Spirit Sacred Sword wildly, as if it would behead Ze Zhang the next second.

However, Ze Zhang was not to be outdone. He connected to the Emperor Seal of the other royal sons, and his power was gradually restored as a steady stream of royal energy was poured into his body.

“Get the hell out!”

After Woyou Ren died, the Heaven God Blockade also dissipated.


Shen Xuanyuan rolled up the remaining three brothers and flew away!

His brothers died and were replaced by a dead man Woyou Ren. This was not a victory for him actually.

The battle on the outside was also fierce.

Seven hours had passed. More than four hundred trillion armies had fought until now, only half of them were left.

It was too tragic.

Countless spirits of grievances entwined together to form the devil of grievances, but washed away by the slaughter, it was difficult to form at all.

The blood smell was disgusting, even if you close all the senses, that’s useless.

What’s the meaning of the Imperial War? Was it just a ticket to the Upper World?

And what about these lives?

Shen Xuanyuan felt bored for the first time.

The Normalization Army was also left to a third, and each of them looked tired, but the opponent had no intention to quit or retreat.

“Where are you going!”

Ze Zhang and Zhi Yao caught up, not giving Shen Xuanyuan a chance to recover.

The huge Emperor Seal covered over, Shen Xuanyuan barely resisted, but escaped to the depths of the battle formation.

“You three, go help the Normalization Army cut down the Royalist Army and absorb as much of the power of the Spirit as you can, got it?”

“Yes, brother!”

“Brother, be careful!”

They knew that they’re unable to participate in this level of combat.

Shen Xuanyuan was not afraid at all, even if he was covered in bruises.

He was able to kill Woyou Ren, so he could also kill these two people.

“Shen Xuanyuan has gone completely crazy, Grand Marshal Yao, do you still want to disguise yourself?”

Yao family were great at everything, except for too good at disguising.

Although they were shrewd, they were also too short-sighted to seize the opportunity.

Zhi Yao nodded and transformed into a bird-headed person with a pair of wings on his back, one side being the Golden Crow wings and the other the Vermilion Bird wings.

By burning the demonic energy in his body, Zhi Yao could raise to the Detachment Stage in a short time!

He thought it was enough, and not necessary to use God Slayer Gourd.

This was also the rule set by Emperor Yao, do not use God Slayer Gourd if not necessary, because they couldn’t let others know what they had!

There must be a lot of people to watch the battle secretly, once they knew Yao family’s skills, they would have restraint laws, and the subsequent Imperial War would be more difficult.


The palm turning into a claw was even comparable to a semi-transcendent weapon.

They collided with the sound of gold and iron.

The tremendous power forced Zhi Yao to retreat dozens of miles, while Shen Xuanyuan retreated three miles.

Before he stood firmly, Zhang Ze attacked with the Emperor Seal.

The two cooperated tacitly, Shen Xuanyuan could only resist, but unable to fight back.

At this rate, Shen Xuanyuan would soon be defeated in this battle.

He was really badly injured.

“It’s not my style to lose so soon”

Lin Wang touched his chin, the battle of three masters was certainly a great deal of attention, he would be perceived if did it too obvious.

It’s useless to conceal himself, cause he needed a good target to absorb energy.

“It’s better to kill more enemy generals for the Xuanyuan family!”

Well, Royalist Army was the good target!

Lin Wang was very cautious and wouldn’t take any risks that would

expose him.


The Normalization Army and Royalist Army were fighting hard, but just then, everything changed, the Normalization Army seemed to have oppressive upper hand instantly.

“Go, it’s time now!” The Normalization Army soldiers were cheerful.

“Run, run, we can’t hold on.”

The Royalist Army was on the verge of collapse, 100,000 royalist troops were now less than a third of the army, while the Normalization Army still had 60,000 to 70,000, how to fight?

Ze Zhang attacked frantically, but heard the news of Royalist Army’s defeat, which made the other soldiers and generals turn to be decadent.

“What the hell is going on, why are they running away!” Ze Zhang was furious!

Zhi Yao was also confused, because the Yao army were also dead and wounded badly.

“Grand Marshal Zhang, you stall Shen Xuanyuan, I’ll go over and take a look!”

Ze Zhang nodded, his looked gloomy, he had made all the preparations, how could he still fail!

Shen Xuanyuan, on the other hand, laughed out loud, “Heaven’s destiny is in Xuanyuan, Ze Zhang, if you can’t kill me, can’t defeat the Xuanyuan army today, wait for my Xuanyuan army to trample the Imperial Star of Zhang family on the other day!”

He was really happy, he didn’t expect their people to be so competitive.

Ze Zhang did not speak, his attack became more and more severe. Shen Xuanyuan was also suffering, his wounds continue to spill blood, and his breath was also getting weaker.

He was still too badly injured after all. If he continued like this, his potential and life would be completely depleted.

At this moment, Shen Xuanyuan made a decision, he had to stall them as much as possible even if to die, consuming their combat power, so that, for a short time, they would not be able to invade the Imperial Star, then the Xuanyuan family would still have hope for a decisive victory.

He believed that the Xuanyuan family’s accumulation of millions of epochs, their high-end battle power would not be worse than them!

“Ze Zhang, retreat now, all your resistance is in vain!”

“Why is your attack getting weaker and weaker like a woman, haven’t you eaten?”

“Hahaha… Three man surround me, and one of you even killed by you, you’re really weak!”

Ze Zhang ‘s heart was churned with anger, “You want to die? I’ll give you a chance.”

He completely extracted all the King’s Energy in an instant, and the power of the Emperor Seal suddenly skyrocketed.

“Go to hell!”


The King’s Tao was also the very powerful Great Tao.

Shen Xuanyuan was finally exhausted, the holy sword in his hand was knocked away and the huge treasure seal smashed hard on him, his sternum was completely collapsed and the heart was stirred up.

The truly terrifying thing was the King’s Energy, which constantly erodes his flesh, his acupuncture points, and his sun soul, little by little, it crumbled and finally exploded completely.

Xuanyuan family’s honorable king, died in battle finally.

The other three clan kings roared miserably, their senior brother had died in battle to protect them!

“All the generals listen to the order, fight to avenge our Grand Marshal!”

“To avenge our Grand Marshal.”

At this moment, Xuanyuan soldiers erupted in unprecedented combat power, and the Normalization Army was even more furious.

“Kill them! Kill them!”

“To avenge our Grand Marshal.”

Shen Xuanyuan had died, Xuanyuan army had lost their leader, Ze Zhang shouted, “Shen Xuanyuan is dead, the light of victory is coming, all of you, counterattack, counterattack ruthlessly!”

“Whoever retreat would be killed without pardon!”

The Emperor’s Seal in hands shocks the crowd and calms them with a brilliant royal aura!

The Royalist Army which had fled also regrouped, “Kill them!”

The final showdown begun!

Lin Wang was watching with delight, “That’s it, that’s it, the more you kill, the better for me!”

The battle could have been over by the eighth hour, but at Lin Wang’s instigation, a more violent showdown broke out.

In the end, even less than a third people could survive.

Chapter 712: More Than Two Million

At this time, all the families were watching the battle.

Emperor Yao looked gloomy. Eighty trillion troops, and half of them were dead!

So did Emperor Ren, ten trillion army, only less than three trillion left.

The Xuanyuan Domain soldiers’ combat power was alarming, and if they were to run into each other alone, it would definitely be a lose-lose situation. But fortunately, the victory had been gradually determined!

The group of Xuanyuan soldiers, without a leader, were killed and defeated, and Ze Zhang was also fighting with high morale, he ordered that no one would live!

By the thirteenth hour, the war came to an end.

All the soldiers of the Xuan Yuan Domain were annihilated, a total of two hundred trillion.

And the tripartite coalition survived about seventy trillion people!

A crushing defeat! A true crushing defeat!

And among these seventy trillion people, a third of them were seriously wounded and basically lost their fighting ability.

Ze Zhang ordered to sound the bugle to retreat.

This day, the boundless starry sky rained blood, this place also became a bloody land, and this heavy rain didn’t stop until the next epoch.

Ze Zhang was in the barracks, writing a letter to ask Emperor Zhang for support to launch the battle to destroy the emperor!

Zhi Yao was also writing a letter. In this context, the Yao family must continue to fight with Zhang Domain.

As for Ren domain, their Grand Marshal had already died, so he was replaced by the Vice Marshal Tianxing Ren.

The three tribes had been tied together, if Xuanyuan did not die, they even could not sleep well.

But they didn’t just want to send troops, they wanted more than that!

“Your Majesty, a letter from Emperor Ren!”

“Your Majesty, a letter from Emperor Yao!”

“Hand it over!”

Emperor Zhang looked at the two handwritten letters, and his look became chilled.


Emperor Zhang gave them to others. “Emperor Ren is so greedy, he wants a third of the great domain!”

“Emperor Yao was even greedier, our emperor has promised to give away the Treasure of Transcendence, but they let us provide food, and even want a third of the great domain!”

“Your Majesty, we must not agree!”

“Your Majesty, we can not agree!”

After the battle, they Zhang Domain did not get any benefit, but instead grew Yao Domain and Ren Domain, what were they doing? Working for others?

“I am asking you for a solution, not a problem!”

As he coldly scanned the room, everyone lowered their heads.

Wouldn’t he know that he didn’t get anything in this battle?

But he could only keep one between Zhang Domain and Xuanyuan.

More importantly, Zhang Domain’s true energy had not been lost.

“Refute the handwriting back, and rebuke the two families!”

“No, no, after all, the two of them have also contributed.”

“So what do we do!”

Just as everyone was arguing, a tall royal prince in royal dungarees stepped forward, “Your Majesty, I have a plan that may be helpful.”

“Please say it, Uncle Su.”

Emperor Zhang looked at Su Zhang, who was his elder and his more respected minister.

“This battle has laid the foundation for victory, and there are already few available soldiers in Xuanyuan Domain, so why do we need to send soldiers?”

Su Zhang said, “The best way is to send out the high-end force to settle them quickly.”

“In this way, we can avoid them from claiming food, and also reduce the casualties of our soldiers, so I think they should not refuse.”

“They want the great domain, okay, we can bargain for it. The three families are already tied together, and the other two won’t easily break the cooperation, or do a loss-making business.”

Emperor Zhang thought about it, and felt it right.

“You’re right!” Sure enough, the old ministers were more reliable in key points.

“Come, draw up a decree!”

Emperor Zhang had a solution, and soon the handwritten letter was delivered to the two emperors.

Emperor Ren looked at it and shook his head, “Emperor Zhang is such a cunning man.”

He had taken an oath and sent troops, and it was impossible to defect to Xuanyuan.

If they withdrew now, they lost trillions of soldiers and get no benefit at all, and even maybe violate their oath!

Emperor Ren gritted his teeth, he had now found two bones, he needed time to find all the remaining bones.

Now he really wanted to slap himself, why did he make such a stupid vow in the first place?

Thinking of this, Emperor Ren wrote a handwritten letter, “Come on, send it to the embassy of Zhang Domain.”

Emperor Yao had a complicated expression as Emperor Zhang caught his weakness.

Eighty trillion army, only more than twenty trillion left, they had suffered from a large loss, the stalemate was not good for them.

The Treasure of Transcendence promised by Emperor Zhang would be out of reach if they didn’t get the Xuanyuan Domain.

Especially the few sentences after the handwritten letter, “Yao’s army has asked the Demon King’s army and the other three tribes for help, so the delay will be a problem!”

He suddenly realized that this great battle had turned into a quagmire.

It’s all because of greed!

Once they came to their aid, the defeat would surely be reversed, and the loss of the Yao tribe would have been for nothing.

“Whew!” Emperor Yao took a deep breath, feeling somewhat helpless, the situation had gradually gone beyond his control.

He believed that there must be a person behind manipulating all of this.

“Grind the ink!”

The chamberlain hastened to grind the ink, and Emperor Yao scribbled, “Send it to the embassy of Zhang Domain.”

They all agreed to the request of Emperor Zhang, less benefits was better than no benefits.

Although they were the Peerless Supreme emperors, they also needed a valid reason to convince their ministers and give themselves a reason to send troops.


“What did the Demon King army say!”

“They refuse to support!”

“What about the Feng family?”

“Before we even met, we were driven out.”

“The Xue family?”

“We saw them… but they demanded that we hand over the Treasure of Transcendence, and become a vassal domain of the Xue Domain, and then they can intervene in the war!”

The messenger knelt on the ground and said with a trembling voice.

Emperor Xuanyuan’s eyes became gloomy, if they handed over the Treasure of Transcendence, what could they do then?

“The Ying family?”

“They… they’re the same…”

“Bastard!” Emperor Xuanyuan burst out in anger!

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty!”

“Get out!”

No one dared to stay here and left.

How could he not be angry when two trillion troops were dead?

“What about Zhen Xuanyuan?”

“Your Majesty, General Xuanyuan is…”

“Get him here.”


Soon, Zhen Xuanyuan came and knelt on the ground, “Your Majesty.”

“How about that thing?”

“Your Majesty, it’s done.”

With that, he raised his hands to offer the scabbard.

“How many left?”

“One tenth.”

“Too much, one in 10,000 is my bottom line.”

“Your Majesty…”

“You know what the Xuanyuan Domain is facing now, right?”

“I know.”

“We die, or they die, what’s your choice!”

Xuanyuan Daqi looked at him with disappointment!

Zhen Xuanyuan knelt on the ground with complicated eyes, and finally said, “I understand, Your Majesty!” Then he left.

His strength was all drained at this moment.

What exactly was Imperial War?

So many lives for just one man’s imperial domination?

Why did people need so much power? Just to be on top and live forever?

Zhen Xuanyuan looked at his hands and just felt that they were stained with blood.

He could kill the enemy on the battlefield, and had no guilt, or even felt glory.

But these innocent people didn’t do anything wrong!

He looked back at the lofty palace and just felt that it was hard to fill a greedy heart.

He had already made his decision and took his scabbard and left quickly.

Meanwhile, Kris Chen stopped his cultivation, step transcendence, so close to the next step!

All the cells were condensed, and every cell was comparable to the Normalization in Middle period!

129,600 universes, infinite cosmic power, the Great Tao condensed over and over again, but still easily broke through the one billion Great Tao.

Each Great Tao could evolve into a complete universe.

He vaguely touched the boundary of this world.

The endless Spectres formed a thick world fetal membrane.

Layers of sinful barriers were overlapping and countless.

Was this the truth of Chaos World on the Other Realm?

No wonder his power was so strong, but still unable to break the boundary.

“So the Chaotic Silent Land is the boundary of this world!”

Kris understood everything.

He remembered when broke through the Chaos World of the Self, he traveled through the Chaotic Silent Land for a million years before coming to the Chaos World of the Other Realm.

The Spectre form a whole world, and the power of that world has surpassed transcendence!

That’s why he need a ship to extradite?

But it made no sense!

Kris guessed that there should be many Chaos Worlds under the Other Realm.

These worlds were attached to the External Domain.

The ship must belong to some power!

But what’s the Stage above transcendence? He had no idea.

He didn’t come up anything although sat inside the Time Barrier for hundreds of years .

“Forget it, break transcendence is the most important.”

The inside world was in the settling period and needed a lot of Fate Power.

The stronger the Fate Power, the more infinite the universe.

Kris would became stronger.


“Your Majesty, Domain Ren has sent 100,000 Normalization, 100 half-step Transcendence and 10 infinitely close to Transcendence!”

“Domain Yao has sent 500,000 Normalization, 500 half-step Transcendence and 50 infinitely close to Transcendence!”

The strength of Emperor Ren was should not be underestimated, especially since he had received two Treasures of Transcendence!

His power was comparable to that of Zhang Domain.

Undoubtedly, Yao Domain was definitely stronger than Ren Domain, and it was the strongest competitor of Zhang Domain.

“Two million Royalist Army, move out!”

Two fifths of the Royalist Army, Emperor Zhang was determined to completely destroy the Xuanyuan Domain!

Two million and six hundred thousand Normalization strongmen set out in great numbers, which was frightening

Ji family, Jiang family and Wang family was simply not their opponents.

So many Normalization strongmen were able to kill anyone who stood in their way, and they were very mobile.

Emperor Ren would not participate in this battle himself, but Emperor Yao and Emperor Zhang would, because this was about Emperor Yao’s own interests.

The last time five emperors attacked Jiang family, Emperor Yao did not get any benefit, and also disgraced.

He speculated that the Xuanyuan family should have two Treasures of Transcendence, otherwise they wouldn’t dare to fight with Zhang Domain.

Two Treasures of Transcendence were enough to topple the three tribes.

After all, it was the transcendental level battle that really decided everything.

“Your Majesty, they… they’re coming…”

“How many?”

“More than two million!”


Emperor Xuanyuan froze, then revealed anger, “Damn it, do they think that more than two million troops can defeat us?”

“Your Majesty, they’re more than two million Normalization soldiers!”

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