Of course, Chuck Cannon has considered it clearly. Heidi Hudson was so overbearing and not licking a dog. Why should she indulge her waywardness and a strong desire for control?

“Think clearly, you asked someone to leave.”

“I don’t, I don’t! Chuck Cannon, you don’t know what is good or what is wrong! What you say today, I will remember it for a lifetime!” Heidi Hudson was annoyed.

She had never been so angry with today, and she thought she would not be so angry, but Chuck Cannon actually did it.

To make her angry, she can’t find a way to vent.

“Whatever you want,” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

The two are hostile! The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder.

“Chuck Cannon, you know? I wanted to kill you just now!” Yes, when Chuck Cannon said that he was incompatible, the murderous intent in her heart really erupted in an instant!

Replaced with other people, Heidi Hudson will kill people instantly, but Chuck Cannon has this “treatment”!!

“Well,” Chuck Cannon still didn’t care, as he said, “You ask someone to carry the gold away, I don’t need it!”

“I will not let them leave, this is for you, whether you accept it or not, I want to see all the gold in your casino!” Heidi Hudson has no room for negotiation!

It was the first time to give a man a gift, but he didn’t accept it?

Heidi Hudson received a huge blow in her heart.

Chuck Cannon was speechless and doesn’t want to care about her. She wants to manage his casino? Why?

Seeing Chuck Cannon leaving, Heidi Hudson was subconsciously anxious, but she asked people to prepare something, thinking that Chuck Cannon would like to thank herself, so she could go around with Chuck Cannon to match up the relationship.

But it’s not what she thought!

Last time, and this time too, Heidi Hudson was so angry that she went crazy, but she was reluctant to treat Chuck Cannon.

“Chuck Cannon, stop!” Heidi Hudson walked out of the car again.

Chuck Cannon stopped.

“I’m not quarrelling with you, you accept what I give you, so it should be no problem?” Heidi Hudson’s voice lowered.

Her bodyguard was shocked, but it was the first time he heard Heidi Hudson’s soft voice!!

Chuck Cannon sighed. In fact, it’s better to say, don’t be so overbearing. Chuck Cannon won’t refuse so directly, but Heidi Hudson is not like that!

“It’s the first time I’m so low-pitched, how’s it? I think that you decorate gold in your casino, it looks good, really,”

“I will figure out how much gold is worth and give you money,”

“No, I gave this to you. Do you like it or not?” Heidi Hudson said, looking forward again.

“I don’t like it,” Chuck Cannon said and went to the casino.

If you like it and accept it, what is it?

Heidi Hudson’s expression was cold for an instant, and she rode in the car angrily.

Her bodyguards didn’t dare to touch bad luck, but she had no choice but to say, “Miss, don’t be angry. I see Chuck Cannon, but he doesn’t know good or bad. He, he is guilty! If it is other men, you will be sent off If you have something, you will definitely be grateful. He did it on purpose and wanted to raise his own worth!!

The man dismissed Chuck Cannon as worthless, and Heidi Hudson frowned, “Don’t talk about my man!!”

The man shivered, “Yes, yes!”

“Continue to ask people to do it. If he doesn’t want it, I will insist on giving it to him! Also, when his casino opens, it will give me more fun, more fun!” Heidi Hudson continued.

The man muttered in his heart, what’s the matter?

Heidi Hudson actually bowed her head?

It’s incredible!

According to normal, shouldn’t Chuck Cannon be cleaned up immediately? Make Chuck Cannon scared right away?

Why is the plot different this time?

“Yes, don’t worry, miss!” the man said blankly, so shocked, Heidi Hudson seemed to be a different person today!

“You are surprised!” Heidi Hudson said.

“Yes, I thought Miss, Chuck Cannon…” How dare a man continue to speak? ?

“Chuck Cannon is the first man I like, and he has done this, making me want to stop. The more he refuses me, the more I want him to really like me, the man I want…” Heidi Hudson’s beautiful eyes flicker!!

Yes, Chuck Cannon really made Heidi Hudson feel angry and like it, very tangled.

The key is Heidi Hudson, who actually likes this feeling.

The man was trembling, he really couldn’t understand this time!

“Drive!!!” Heidi Hudson closed her eyes.

Where can men dare to delay?

Drive right away.

Heidi Hudson suddenly opened her eyes, “Let Logan come over and see me!!”

“Yes!” The man took out his cell phone!

Chuck Cannon was surprised when he heard the sound of the car leaving. He didn’t expect Heidi Hudson to walk so fast!

Actually, do nothing? Chuck Cannon didn’t bother to think about it. He left early and he was also clean.

When they arrived in the casino, Chuck Cannon asked these people to stop, and they kept going, Chuck Cannon caught one person and prepared to fight!

Solve by force!!

See if they go!

“No, if we can’t finish it, we’ll be over, please don’t do this. I’m kneeling for you, and I have a family! Please! Let’s continue!”

He knelt, and the other workers also knelt, Chuck Cannon sighed and let go. Heidi Hudson’s order was absolutely necessary to complete death.

These people are also innocent.

“Chuck Cannon, what do you do now?” Du Peixin asked, she was dumbfounded. Who did Chuck Cannon meet just now?

Isn’t it an ordinary person who can give so much gold at once?

She saw it from a distance just now, and the one who got off the car seemed to be a woman. From a distance, she was in perfect shape.

For some reason, Du Peixin felt uncomfortable in her heart.

“Forget it, you find someone to figure out the value of these gold.” Chuck Cannon will give the money to Heidi Hudson.

“Okay,” Du Peixin came to deal with the matter immediately.

“Right, where is Aunt Logan?” Chuck Cannon asked. Logan was here just now!

Why is it missing?

“I didn’t see it, but I saw that Logan received a call, maybe she went to the side to call.” Du Peixin said.


“Chuck Cannon, would you like to drink the same today as last time?” This is considered an invitation, because she has no friends here, only Chuck Cannon.

“En,” Chuck Cannon didn’t comment.

“Well, I think this gold shop is fine, it’s okay, it feels luxurious.”

“It’s okay!” Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly, now he only looks like this, what else can he do!

“Miss, she’s here,” the man said, and Logan came over in the darkness.

There is no expression on her face, no fear, and it was indifferent.

“It’s still such an annoying expression when she died once, let’s slap her in the past!” Heidi Hudson ordered, she was so worried that she had nowhere to get angry, she saw Logan’s face, she was very annoying!

The man nodded, got out of the car and walked towards Logan!

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