Chapter 713 – 714: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 713: The Array was Broken!


Daqi Xuanyuan looked shocked by the information, so did all his court officials. This meant that they had to encounter two million-strong Union troop, which could even turn upside down the Other Realm of Chaos World. How could Xuanyuan city stop such an invincible enemy. None of them had the confidence to do so.

Daqi’s eye beamed with enthusiasm and said, “Trust me, we still have the hope to gain the victory. Get all the warships out and all the troops out! The number of our soldiers are much greater than that of our enemy, this is our advantage.”

“And be aware, this is the critical moment for our family, all the private soldiers and warships must be join the war!”

No objection for they knew only by united could they survive. Soon, a hundred trillion-strong troop were ready on the front line. And there were more than 50 million warships set in a uniform order, each of which was equipped with hundreds of cannons. Meanwhile, the magnetic star nearby Xuanyuan Emperor Star was activated, which sent out a huge protective cover.

Daqi had predicted the war long before, so he kept himself in deployed armed force and weapons in the star. If he lose the war, he would bring to hell the star and people in it so that his enemy could get nothing from its victory.

However, the information he got seemed not correct. There were two million elite solders and seven billion common fighters, whose proceeded ahead with dozens of million of warships. “Find our scouts, slay them all for their stupid job!” roared Daqi in a rage.

“Your incorrect information ruins my plan!” He didn’t expect the Union Troop would be followed by so many common fighters and warships.

“Attack!” cried Daqi whose eyes were full of hatred. In a gold armour and with the Lingyuan Holy Sword hung around his waist, Daqi looked pretty graceful with an air of awe.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Trillions of shells burst out, causing explosion and fire all over the sky. However, these shells deviated and lose the target one and another.

“Now my warriors, it’s time for us to fight back!” cried Daqi.

“What… What’s going on?” asked Ze who frowned a bit. His scout whispered in his ear and told him about the secret in the star. There was a great array around the emperor star named Tianyuan Magnetic Array. The emperor was a huge magnetic star while there were numberless small magnetic stars around it, which empowered the great array and provided a super protective cover on it.

The Union warships were damaged by the unexpected shells one and another. To their disappointment, their attacks didn’t work at all. It seemed the Xuanyuan family was in advantaged situation. However, Daqi, the emperor of the family, looked unmoved for he knew the only uncontrollable element in the war was that how many emperor-level warriors of the enemy would join the war. He held tight the blade in his hands, making sure that he could launch attack at once when the emperor-level warriors showed themselves.

“My Grand Marshal, our warships are under fierce attack, I think it is no good for us to fight with them with our warships, why not order our elite soldiers to join the war?” said Zhi Yao. He couldn’t believe one in tenths of their were damaged within seconds.

Ze nodded and said, “Alright, deploy one hundred elite soldiers as an unit to block the shells of enemy, at the same time, drive ahead our warships under the protection of our soldiers. When we approach the star, launch attack intensively at one point so that we may break its protective cover.”

With a battle call, the Union troop charged together. Soldier stood side by side and formed an unmovable energy shield, which successfully blocked the shells from the star.

Daqi roared angrily, “Captains, what the hell are you doing? Aim at the right target before you launch attack!” Numberless shells exploded upon the energy shield yet didn’t even shake it.

“Bring me my Xuanyuan bow.” Cried Daqi.

“Yes, your majesty!”

After a while, dozens of endless-stage warriors brought ahead with a golden bow. This was the precious weapon by which the Xuanyuan family earned its influence and prosperity. To excite the bow, Daqi poured his energy into it and right away he could feel the feedback from his old friend. “Good buddy, long time no see, I miss you so much when you are put aside in ancestral hall. I need your help today, if I lose my country, you will lose your master, let’s fight together again.”

Daqi smiled confidently as if the victory came near by itself. With an arrow filled with his essential energy, the shield of union troop were smashed right away and hundreds of union solders were badly hurt. Good fighters of union troop were killed by the bow one by one.

“That bow must be a treasure weapon of transcendence!” exclaimed Demon Kris.

“I think so for it is qualified to be one in terms of its power. I can’t believe the family owns two pieces of treasure weapon of transcendence, so wealthy it is!”Replied North Kris.

“The richer it is , the higher profit can we get in this war.” said Yuan Kris. Kris’s incarnations kept their open to the fierce war. They didn’t take Kris’s sons to the battle ground because the war was killing machine and even the fighter in the normalization stage could not protect himself well.

“Got a plan?”

“Not yet.” Yuan Kris shock his head and continued, “It is no easy thing to get the treasure weapon without shedding blood. ”

“What about the original soul of Kris,he will join the war and help us, right?”

“I don’t know!” Yuan Kris shook his head again. Each of the incarnations of Kris were armed with a Chaos Spirit Sword, which ensured their enough strength to keep their safety. And when they met any danger, they could establish the sword array by their precious swords, by which they could even rival three imperial warriors.

“Let’s sit on the fence first and watch their fierce battle before we launch attack. And Jian Kris, go around and check if there is any enemy around us.”

“No problem!”

The war was ongoing and Daqi kept his merciless hunt. None of his target could run away from the arrow. Ze and Zhi, the generals of union troop were anxious for they had no idea to fight back.

At this time, a shout came: “Stupid guy, it’s time to send you to the hell!”


The space is torn apart, and a huge seal-shape weapon bombarded the protective cover of the magnetic array, which sent a great shock to the planet therein.

“Emperor Zhang, you shameless liar, you have promised me a piece of Treasure of Transcendence as a reward, but you ate your word! You took away the Tao Ending knife which belongs to me, you should die!”

The arrow shot ahead with the hatred energy of Daqi.


Emperor Zhang’s seal weapon shattered the arrow and he cried, “What you said is all bullshit!” Then his seal again fell upon the protective cover.

“Emperor Yao, what are you doing, we should end the fight as quickly as possible!” said Emperor Zhang.

“Emperor Yao, you greedy guy, don’ you forget when we had besieged Emperor Jiang, you had tried to take away his two treasures of transcendence, but because of you greed, Emperor Jiang ran away and now you must feel terrible for his coming revenge. You deserve it!” said Daqi.

All the three were pracitioner in the Detachment Stage. They exchanged attacks one and again yet couldn’t defeat each other. However, Emperor Zhang and Emperor Yao engaged their strength on the protective cover to break the array. Daqi was anxious and his bow began to send out death cries. Every arrow took away a elite soldier of union troop.

A long while after the fierce attacks from Emperor Zhang and Emperor Yao, the array exploded and all the magnetic star around it were smashed. The protective cover now were totally broken!

“My families, charge!” cried Daqi.

A trillion soldiers of the Xuanyuan family versus a million elite soldier of union troop. The battle was an unprecedentedly tragic one which costed thousands of lives. Daqi took best of his agile movements and didn’t encounter the fight straightly.

“You the coward, don’t you dare to fight me face to face?” cried Emperor Zhang. Then he raised his voice and continued, ”Look at your war chief, he is no more than a coward, it is he who brings you today’s disaster. Surround and I may spare your life.”

Emperor’s threat worked! The morale was much weaker for many Daqi’s families began to retreat and observe the situation.

Chapter 714: Its Self-destruction

“Baili Zhang, I’m just wondering how you got this throne. By being sharp-tongued?” Daqi Xuanyuan sneered, not caring what he said.

Baili Zhang also ignored him. He directly swung out a fist. At once a huge black hole swallowed the void continuously.

Daqi was shocked. Almost, he was smashed.

Then Emperor Yao threw the Immortal-destroying Gourd in his hand into the air. It firmly locked onto the aura of Daqi, and its powerful suction force wanted to suck Daqi into it.

Seeing the arrows of spiritual energy shot by Daqi being absorbed by the Immortal-destroying Gourd, Emperior Yao laughed out loud. “Don’t resist anymore. Any attack will be absorbed and turned into energy by the Gourd.”

Daqi was like in the rock bottom. He had thought that the most powerful thing about the Immortal-destroying Gourd was the flying daggers, but he didn’t expect the gourd itself to be so powerful.

Now that his energy was firmly locked, Xuanyuan’s bow was also restrained. He had to tilt his bow across and pull out the Spirit Sacred Sword at his waist to absorb sufficient spiritual energy.

“Poke through this sky. Come on. Let’s see where my limits are!” Daqi roared.

As the owner of the Treasure of Transcendence, Daqi was enveloped by the energy of the Treasure of Transcendence at all times, so his body became much stronger than the ordinary person.

With the power of his spiritual energy combined with his talent, he successfully broke through from the early stage of the Detachment Stage to the Middle period, and then to the Fulfilled period.

“Is this the power of the Middle period of Detachment Stage?” Daqi thought. Then he rushed towards Emperor Zhang.

Incredible overwhelming power released from Emperor Seal of Emperor Zhang, which instantly made his hands and feet tingle. He was also surprised that he was suppressed himself. Then he flew backwards a million miles. At that moment, one golden dragon flew out from the Emperor Seal. Then two, three, four, five… nine golden dragons flew into Emperor Zhang’s body. At that moment, his Stage was also raised directly from the early stage to the middle period of Detachment Stage and then to the Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage.

His Emperor Seal was a Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence, which should be able to overpower the power of Daqi. And with the help of Emperor Yao, it would not be difficult for them to defeat Daqi.

Emperor Yao shouted loudly. He summoned four legendary fierce beasts-Taotie, Hundun, Taowu and Qiongqi.

At this moment, the four beasts joined forces and sat in the four directions. And the Immortal-destroying Gourd released constant killing energy to erode Daqi.

Now Daqi should not only be careful of the four fierce beasts, but also be careful of Immortal-destroying Gourd. The most critical thing was that he also has to guard against Emperor Zhang’s attack.

He secretly transferred the power of the spiritual energy in the sword sheath while looking for their weaknesses.

Looking at the Taotie with its mouth open in front of him, Daqi thought that the Taotie could not hurt him for sure because he had the sword sheath to protect himself. He intended to feed the Taotie with his body. Then next second, he pretended to be inadvertently sucked into the mouth of the Taotie.

After entering the Taotie’s body, Daqi found that inside was a huge space condensed all kinds of the Great Tao.

“He was swallowed!” Emperor Zhang was delighted. “He won’t be able to hold on for long!”

Emperor Yao shook his head. “I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

Suddenly Taotie roared out, revealing a painful look. Then its body exploded. Although the Taotie’s true spirit was immortal, the Four-Beast Formation was affected.

Daqi had accumulated enough power to split the formation with one sword and escaped from it soon.

Emperor Zhang took a deep breath, “Emperor Yao, we can’t let him escape, otherwise if he and Emperor Jiang join forces, you and I will be in trouble in both domains.”

Emperor Huang also thought so. Although Emperor Jiang had never shown up, he might suddenly come out and cause trouble. If Daqi escaped, then they would really have to live their lives in fear.

Emperor Yao turned the flying daggers into three hundred and sixty-five flying daggers. Then he summoned Yingzhao, Jimeng, Bifang, Baize, Kaiming, Luwu, each of whom was a famous great demon.

In the next second, the Heavenly Demon Formation was formed. It used the flying sabers as the base of the formation and the Immortal-destroying Gourd as the eye of the formation.

Daqi tried to escape, but was pressed down by Emperor Huang’s Emperor Seal.

Each of three hundred and sixty-five True Spirits of Demon, with the help of the Flying Daggers, was comparable to the early stage of Detachment Stage.

“True spirits are easily consumed. They can’t support for long. If we can’t kill them in half an hour, the formation will be ruined.” Emperor Zhang called out.

As the Emperor Seal and three hundred and sixty-five great demons continued to attack him, Daqi was gradually worried.

His golden armor was shattered and his inner armor was torn apart. He was seriously injured.

“Could it be that I’m really going to die here today?” Daqi thought. If he were to fight alone, he was confident that he could defeat any one of them, but they fought him together and played tricks, which made him powerless to fight.

“You bastard, let me out. You guys are despicable to use Battle Formation to set me up.”

Daqi tried to provoke them, however, this tactic was seen through by Emperor Yao and Emperor Zhang. They simply ignored him.

“You’re too noisy, shut up.” Emperor Zhang shouted.

“Emperor Yao, kill him quickly!” he urged.

They kept attacking Daqi, which almost tore him apart.

“He can’t hold it anymore!” Emperor Zhang said.

Now Daqi regretted that he had made so much preparation, but he hadn’t even exerted half of his power.

“I will let you all be buried with me.” Daqi swore.

“Xuanyuan Bow, go first. I’ll come afterwards.”

The Xuanyuan Bow trembled violently, and a large amount of spiritual power was absorbed by the Bow. Daqi laughed out loud. “Good, well done.”

At the same time, Yuan Kris, who was watching the battle from the side, said, “Daqi Xuanyuan intends to die with them. Let’s quickly stop him.”

Then they burst out of the void. Yuan Kris, Demon Kris, North Kris, and Yang Buddha all hold Chaos Spirit Sword. Then they set up a sword formation.

Seeing them appear, Emperor Yao and Emperor Zhang were all confused. “What are they?”

“They are from Demon King Army?” Emperor Zhang gritted his teeth.

“You guys trap them both. I go grab Xuanyuan bow first.” Demon Kris said to his buddies.

Looking at Daqi and Xuanyuan Bow which were covered in wounds still absorbing the power of the spiritual energy, Demon Kris exclaimed, “Damn it, he wants to destroy this bow.”

If Treasure of Transcendence exploded, it would destroy many living creatures around it. And as Treasure of Transcendence, Demon Kris and Yuan Kris would be heartbroken if it was destroyed.

“Hurry up. The four of us can’t break the formation at once.” Yuan Kris shouted.

They didn’t expect that the Daqi was going to destroy his Treasure of Transcendence.

Although the four of them were powerful, they were not strong enough in the face of the transcendental level of combat power.

Suddenly there was a tremor in the space not far away. Immediately then, a hand reached out from inside and grabbed at the void. Then billions of space exploded. Heavenly Demon Formation was directly crushed.

Emperor Yao felt a strong force. So he hurriedly put away his flying dagger and Immortal-destroying Gourd.

Next second Daqi was directly pinched by the large hand. The Xuanyuan bow that wanted to explode itself was also sealed.

Then with a wave of that hand, the Spirit Sacred Sword, Xuanyuan Bow all fell into that large hand.

“Don’t let him die, bring him back!” Kris said. Then he punched towards Emperor Huang and Emperor Zhang.

With that, both of them were completely shocked by the big hand. They suddenly thought of the scene of Emperor Ji being nailed to death by the big hand.

“Run away!” The two of them fled quickly. However, they found that no matter how fast they ran, the hand was always close behind them.

Emperor Yao was sent flying out by that big hand. This punch almost killed him. Emperor Zhang was seriously injured. Then Kris’s big hand was also gone.

Yuan Kris was a little confused as to why Kris was doing this. Then he grabbed the sealed Daqi.

“Let’s go back!” He ordered.

The crowd was confused. They hid in the shadows and waited for so long, but Yuan Kris ended the battle instantly.

At this moment, Emperor Yao climbed out from the pile of rubble.

“What a horrible fist.” He sighed. Facing that punch, he didn’t have the courage to resist.

“Why did he only hit me with one punch? Why did they save Daqi Xuanyuan? What are their intentions?” Emperor Yao thought.

“Emperor Yao, are you okay?” Emperor Zhang asked. He was also in a mess at the moment.

“Is he the true leader of the Demon King Army?” Emperor Zhang had a look of horror in his eyes.

They had witnessed him killing Emperor Ji that time. And this time this was the second appearance of the mysterious leader of the Demon King Army.

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