“Aunt Logan, what are you talking about?” Chuck Cannon was astonished, why can’t you be here?

When asked, Logan was confused and slurred. Maybe this was the first time she got drunk with her injured body.

“Dream talk?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly and carried Logan into the room.

Let her down.

Covering her with a quilt, Logan slept peacefully at the moment, but why did she have a bit of pain on her face?

Chuck Cannon felt very strange and waited until Logan woke up to ask hello. After all, she finally fell asleep and he couldn’t disturb her.

Chuck Cannon came out to continue drinking with Du Peixin.

Du Peixin blushed, and she almost drank it. After she was drunk, she got up boldly and hooked up with Chuck Cannon. This was never before. After drinking, Du Peixin’s heart also opened.

“You are almost drunk, I will help you back to the room,” Chuck Cannon helped Du Peixin.

“Chuck Cannon, I don’t want your help, you say, you are helping me at this time, do you want to sleep with me?” Du Peixin stunned Chuck Cannon.

Du Peixin actually said such a thing?

Chuck Cannon felt wrong because Du Peixin was not like that at all, she was a workaholic!

But Chuck Cannon understood her instantly, alone here in the United States, with no friends, it’s okay to relax with a proper drink.

“I was right? You are, you are…”

Du Peixin blushed and smiled, and said in Chuck Cannon’s ear, “I don’t like you, I don’t like you,”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, and he didn’t make her like herself!

Manage the casino for yourself, and the next commercial projects will do.

“Okay, okay, you don’t like it, I will help you in and get some rest.”

“I don’t like you, but you can touch me. I am alone in the United States. I am very boring and empty. You can’t understand it.” After speaking, Du Peixin’s tears came out, as if she was complaining.

Chuck Cannon coughed, “Well, I can’t understand.”

Chuck Cannon hugged her up and drove her back to the room.

“Don’t go, don’t go… who let you go? Boss. Boss,” Du Peixin said incoherently, Chuck Cannon coughed, embarrassed.

Suddenly, Du Peixin put her arms around Chuck Cannon’s head and nodded.

Chuck Cannon was shocked!

Not only did Du Peixin speak incoherently today, she actually did this kind of behaviour? Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly. In this case, if you ask her, she has nothing to say, right?

However, Chuck Cannon had no idea about her. When he first came in with her, Chuck Cannon was honest.

Chuck Cannon feels that this level of relationship is sufficient between employees and bosses, and there is no need to add other relationships.

This is a growth in Chuck Cannon’s mentality since now!!

“Du Peixin, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, what’s wrong with me, okay, you can go, I want to go to bed, don’t touch me secretly, I don’t like it,” Du Peixin fell asleep on the bed.

The sleeping posture is touching, this Du Peixin, resting assured?

Chuck Cannon touched his mouth, but he couldn’t laugh or cry, but Du Peixin’s lips smelled good.

It is probably Du Peixin’s gratitude. It is the same way of expression as men and women in the United States who meet and kiss each other.

Coming out of Du Peixin’s room in the update fast, Chuck Cannon went to see Logan and found that Logan curled up, as if having a nightmare, Chuck Cannon hurriedly ran over and hugged Logan, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid…”

Logan got into Chuck Cannon’s arms, and the nightmare expression slowly disappeared.

Chuck Cannon tenderly said, “Aunt Logan, you must be happy…”

After Chuck Cannon finished speaking, he fell asleep with his head back.

Early the next morning, Logan woke up, she was astonished, and her face immediately turned red because she was lying on Chuck Cannon.

What happened last night?

Logan saw that nothing happened. She breathed a sigh of relief. She also knew that Chuck Cannon was worried about herself, so he came in to accompany her.

Logan was gentle, did not wake Chuck Cannon, got up in silence, and went to make breakfast.

She now likes this kind of life. She wakes up in the morning to make breakfast for Chuck Cannon, trains during the day, talks, and sleeps at night. Logan likes this psychological satisfaction.

Make breakfast and call Chuck Cannon and Du Peixin to eat together.

Everyone finished eating, and went to the casino again!

Chuck Cannon deliberately looked at Du Peixin on the road.

Du Peixin was dumbfounded, “What do you see me doing?”

This is the best. Du Peixin didn’t know what happened in the room yesterday. If she remembered it, she would be embarrassed to face herself.

“Nothing, you drink well.”

“Not yet? So bad!”

Du Peixin pouted her lips and drove to the casino.

The person called by Heidi Hudson has basically rushed to work overnight to cover all the casino lobby with gold. With such a hit of lights, it should be full of luxury, right?

still alright!

In fact, you can prepare for business these days.

It must be done!

Chuck Cannon and Du Peixin talked about this. It is best to invite some big stars from the United States to the platform. Du Peixin smiled and said that she had already contacted the big stars. As long as there are enough appearance fees, anyone can invite them.

Chuck Cannon was satisfied with this!

“Then you are ready, I’ll go back and ask my mom, let’s see if it will open in three days!” Chuck Cannon felt that he had to turn his face with Brayden Stewart right away, so the opening should be done as soon as possible.

Don’t turn up with Brayden Stewart, so where is there time to open?

“Good,” Du Peixin nodded.

Chuck Cannon went back with Logan. Logan went back to her room. She saw the bruise on her body, and she was relieved and dealt with it by herself.

Fortunately, it was not discovered by Chuck Cannon.

Logan’s eyes were dull, she looked at herself in the mirror, she smiled slightly, “This is good, I don’t need to put pressure on Chuck, I can stay by his side…”

You know, Logan Huaxia’s business has been completely managed by others, and she can now think that she is a good wife and mother herself?

Chuck Cannon asked his mother.

Mom’s opinion is also three days later, that’s okay, everyone started to prepare for this, Chuck Cannon’s first project must be an instant success!

Time is fast, quiet for three days!

There was no movement on Brayden Stewart and nothing on Gracia Stewart. Chuck Cannon knew that this was a prelude to a storm!!

This can’t be avoided, face it bravely!

“Husband, wear a suit,” Yvette Jordan found the suit and asked Chuck Cannon to change it.

Today is the big day, Yvette Jordan is dressed in a full dress, perfectly revealing her, she goes to the casino, will be the focus of the audience!

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “My wife, you are so beautiful,”

“Have you not seen enough?” Yvette Jordan tidied Chuck Cannon’s tie, and she was suddenly worried!

“My husband, I have been upset recently, I think, are you leaving me?”

“How come?” Chuck Cannon smiled, how could he leave Yvette Jordan?

“I had a nightmare yesterday. When I was able to get you married, it was with another woman…” Yvette Jordan said with a sigh.

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