Chapter 715 – 716: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 715: The Way to Kill Three Birds With One Stone

At this moment, Emperor Yao’s determination to challenge the three Domains wavered.

“No, I can’t waver yet. Heavenly Demon Formation has been prepared for millions of eras. If it doesn’t work, I will personally guard the formation. I have three hundred and sixty-five Great Demons in the Detachment Stage to help me. I don’t believe I can’t win yet.” thought he.

“This time I want half of the Great Domain.” Emperor Yao said as he wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Emperor Zhang frowned, “No way. That’s not what we agreed before.”

“Then why didn’t you give the Treasure of Transcendence to me before you promised?” Yao Huang snorted coldly

“If the Demon King army hadn’t suddenly appeared, Daqi Xuanyuan would have died and you could have gotten his Transcendental Treasure.” Emperor Zhang said

“That’s my line in the sand.” Emperor Yao said angrily. “I hope you do as I say.” Then he led his army away.

Emperor Zhang gnashed his teeth. All his efforts in the end were in vain. But he was a little happy that the Demon King army grabbed the Transcendental Treasure of Daqi Xuanyuan instead of Emperor Yao getting them.


In Feng Domain, Wuxie Feng was amazed at the giant hand that appeared in the Imperial War.

“Did you see the strength of that person?” Wuxie asked.

Supreme Ancestor shook his head, then he waved his hand and the clouds on the chessboard dispersed, “The game has changed.Something is wrong. The Imperial War that was supposed to take a hundred years to end has been shortened to fifty years.”

“Did that person appear?” asked Wuxie.

“I don’t know. I don’t sense his aura.” said Supreme Ancestor.

“Is he a pawn off the board? Or he is a pawn within the board that I didn’t notice.” Supreme Ancestor murmured.

Now the Xuanyuan Domain was destroyed. Although Daqi Xuanyuan was not dead, he was not much of a threat to other domains. An emperor without the Treasure of Transcendence was the same as a mole in the eyes of other emperors.

Now, in addition to the three oldest clans, there were seven other forces, including Yao, Zhang, Ren and the Demon King army.

Zhang Domain suffered the heaviest losses, followed by Yao Domain.

During this battle, Ren Domian got two Middle-grade Treasures of Transcendence. In addition, they had two other treasures of Transcendence, the Divine Whip and the God-Locking Scroll. It was said that as long as the true spirit of the God-Locking Scroll remains intact, it can keep resurrecting.

“Xue Domian is ready to intervene in the affairs of the Zhang Domain. Ming Xue asked if we wanted to join them.” Wuxie said.

Supreme Ancestor shook his head. “We just need wait and see what will happen.”

In his eyes, only strength was everything, and calculating intrigues were all useless. If not for his big picture, he would have overthrown the entire Chaos World of the Other Realm.

Meanwhile, in the Xue Domain, looking at the handwritten letter of Wuxie, Ming Xue was annoyed. He didn’t understand why the Feng Domain had acted calmly from the beginning until now.

Did they really care so little about competing for the Domain? Or were they too confident in their own strength. Could it be that they were manipulating the Demon King army? Ming thought.

He immediately ordered his messenger to go to Zhang Domain to ask for 20,000 domains. Then he wrote another letter to Yin Emperor.

After receiving Ming’s handwritten letter, Emperor Yin was hesitant. “Send the messenger to go to Zhang domain. Tell him that my Yin Domain, support Zhang Domain.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”


On the other hand, Emperor Zhang sent his troops to occupy the vassal domains of Xuanyuan Domain. Immediately then, the messengers from Xue and Yin Domain came with letters from two emperors. After reading it, Emperor Zhang was angry. Emperor Yao asked him for half of the domain of Xuanyuan Domian. Emperor Xue likewise asked him for 20,000 domains. He had put in the most effort and ended up not getting a domain.

Emperor Zhang wanted to break with them, but he was not confident that he could resist the combined attack of the two domains. He had seen the destruction of Xuanyuan Domain, and he did not want his domain to be destroyed in the same way as his.

Then he ordered his men to inform the ministers to enter the palace for a meeting.

Soon, ten ministers rushed to the palace. These people were the most powerful figures in Zhang Domain.

“How do you think to deal with them?” asked Emperor Zhang.

“We can’t agree to their demands in this matter. Otherwise they will think we are afraid of them. And Zhang Domain will also be reduced to a laughing stock of the people. The only thing we can do is to declare war on them.”

“I disagree.” Ding Zhang said. “Our domain has lost nearly two million billion soldiers and the Royal Protection army has also lost a million soldiers. The most important thing for our domain at this time is to avoid war. If we rashly go to war, we will be in danger of being ruined.”

Emperor Zhang’s face was gloomy. “I called you all here to discuss countermeasures, not for you to give me lessons. Whether you advocate war or peace, you have to give a feasible plan.”

Just at this moment, Fu Zhang stepped forward. “I have a plan that can avoid war and still make the Xue, Yin, and Yao Domains tit-for-tat.”

“What’s it?” Emperor Zhang hurriedly said.

“The Yao Domain has suffered heavy losses this time. So we can just give him half of Xuanyuan Domian. We can also satisfy the Xue, Yin’s demands. But if we divide the land given to the Yao Domian to the Xue, Yin Domian, then they will be bound to quarrel.”

Zhang Huang smiled faintly. “This is indeed a good plan. This is called killing three birds with one stone. We will get the biggest reward for the smallest cost, and we also create trouble for the Yao Domain along with it.”

“I have a question!” Ding asked suddenly. “How do we get them to trust us without finding out that we’re causing them trouble?”

“It’s very simple. Leave no handwritten letter and have the messenger tell them. And then blur the boundaries of the frontier. Even if they see through our plan, we’ll say it’s the messenger’s fault and kill the messenger to vent to their anger.” Fu said.

Ding laughed. He was satisfied with Fu’s ploy. Although Zhan Zhang advocated war, he also knew that the current domestic situation was bad and had to support Fu.

“Is there any doubt??” Emperor Zhang looked at the others.

All of them nodded their heads. “Fu’s plan is good, we all support him.”


Emperor Zhang finally breathed a sigh of relief. If Fu’s ploy could succeed, everyone’s attention would be shifted from Zhang domain to Yao domain.


“Who the hell are you?” Daqi Xuanyuan looked at the man in front of him, puzzled.

The green fragment inside him was still emitting power. If not for the short time, he would have been able to use it to reach the Transcendence Realm, and there was no chance that Yao Domain and Zhang Domain could destroy his domain.

“Haven’t you guys been investigating me?” Kris Chen smiled.

“You’re the leader behind the Demon King army?”

Kris nodded his head. In his right hand lay three sealed weapons – the Xuanyuan Bow, the Spiritual Sacted Sword, and the Scabbard.

Although the Treasure of Transcendence was powerful, what Kris valued was the true spirit they carried. He took out the Chaos Spirit Sword and ordered, “Go eat them!”

The true spirit of the Chaos Spirit Sword held down the Xuanyuan Sword and frantically devoured its spirit

“What are you doing? Stop it!” Daqi’s face changed suddenly.

“Stop it!” he shouted.

Practitioners all valued the Treasure of Transcendence very much, but Kris let his Treasure of Transcendence devour them. He got very little by using these magic weapons in this way, but he was not really aware of this. He was satisfied to have the Chaos Spirit Sword, so he didn’t need these magic weapons.

These Treasures of Transcendence were able to improve after they ran out of true spirit. But this would take a very long time.

“Do you want to die or do you want to live?” Kris asked.

Daqi stared at him, but was trying his best to break the seal Kris had given him.

“Now my life or death is up to you. Your question has no meaning to me.” Daqi said.

“Yeah. But if you beg me, I can also reuse you, the waste.” Kris said.

“You’re calling me a waste?” Daqi laughed bitterly. As the emperor of Xuanyuan Domian, he didn’t expect that one day he would be called a waste.

Chapter 716: The Green Fragment

“That strange power inside him came from a green fragment. That’s Interesting.” Kris thought.

The reason he didn’t kill Daqi Xuanyuan was because of that fragment inside him. When he fought with Daqi, he felt the magical power within him.

“What do you want me to do?” Daqi looked at Kris coldly. In his opinion, Kris wanted him to hand over his soul source, and then let him gather the Xuanyuan troops to constantly find trouble for other domains. Kris really had this idea, but what he was really interested in was the fragment inside Daqi’s body.

“Hand over that green fragment in your body.” Kris said.

Then he saw a flash of panic in Daqi’s eyes.

“What fragment? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“Forcibly removing it from your body would have killed you, so I didn’t do that. Otherwise I would have ripped it out of your body.” Kris snickered. He wondered what the fragment really was. The fact that it could break the seal of his Great Tao meant that it was very powerful.

He was confident that it would be difficult for practitioners to break his seal if the practitioners were below the late period of Detachment Stage. Daqi was obviously not in the Detachment Stage, but he was able to break the seal.

“What exactly are you saying?” Daqi was uneasy. As long as he delayed a little longer, he could completely break the seal Kris gave him.

However, just at that moment, Kris flexed his fingers. A stronger seal sealed him, and even sealed his green fragment.

Now Daqi was desperate. Kris completely wiped out his only hope. He also understood that Kris already knew about the fragment.

“Are you going to hand it over, or do you want me to dig it out of your body?” Kris said, “If you give it to me, I can have your domain rebuilt. That’s my promise.”

Daqi obviously didn’t believe what Kris said.

“You don’t have a choice, do you?” Kris smiled, “I saved you because I wanted to know where the fragment came from.”

“You just want to know where the fragment came from.” Daqi was puzzled.

Kris nodded his head.

“Can you unseal the seal on the fragment?”

With a wave of his hand, Kris unsealed the fragment.

“You don’t have to worry. I can’t master the fragment, much less make it explode.” Kris added.

When Daqi opened his mouth, the green fragment embedded in his heart flew out.

The green fragment was surrounded by signs of the flow of time and the Great Tao, which further convinced Kris that the fragment was extraordinary. But Daqi easily fixed it.

“Where did this fragment come from?” Kris said.

“If you can agree to my requests, I will tell you all about it.” Daqi said

“You don’t have the right to make a deal with me.” Kris narrowed his eyes and smiled, “You think I really don’t dare to kill you?”

“Then you just kill me. Anyway, if you don’t agree to my request, I won’t tell you about that fragment.”

“I can keep you and the Xuan Yuan family, but you can’t build a country. There will only be one country under the rule of Demon King Army, and that is the Alliance Domain.” said Kris. “Even if I don’t get your soul source, you are no threat to me.”

Daqi understood that Kris had the strength. At the beginning, his Stage had been raised to the middle stage of transcendence, but he was easily suppressed by Kris.

“Are you from Feng, Xue, or Yin?” Daqi asked.

“The Demon King army does not belong to any of the families.” Kris said impatiently. “There is not much time left for you.”

Kris’s answer stunned him, but soon Daqi laughed bitterly. “No matter what, I hope you can keep your promise.”

“This fragment, oh no, to be precise, it should be a fragment on the Gate of Wonders. Back then, the ancestor of my family inadvertently obtained this fragment. The day before he ascended to the Upper World, he told the second generation emperor that this fragment could protect the Xuanyuan family at a critical time.” said Daqi.

“But after millions of eras, no one knew how to use this fragment, so my family’s successive generations of emperors were only able to cultivate in the vicinity of this fragment. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I swallowed this fragment and I gradually discovered its secret. It seems to be able to release unlimited energy. The power it releases in a day is even more powerful than what I have cultivated for thousands of years. Just a few months away, I can reach the Transcendence realm.” Daqi said.

“Gate of Wonders?” Kris was curious. When Daqi’s mentioned that the fragment can release much energy, Kris was more interested in this fragment.

“Does it have other functions?” Kris asked.

“It can hide its energy from others.” Daqi said

Kris rubbed his chin, “In that case, how did I find it?”

“You put a seal inside me and it unsealed itself, that’s why you found it, didn’t you?”

“You have a point.” Kris nodded.

“My ancestor guessed that this fragment might come from the Upper World. Such a small piece has been used by my family to cultivate for millions of epochs. It can be seen that it has an extraordinary origin. It could be a treasure above the Treasure of Transcendence!” Daqi said.

“A treasure above the Treasure of Transcendence? What kind of treasure is that?”

Daqi shook his head.

“Is it possible that other clans also have this fragment?” asked Kris.

“I don’t know, but what I do know is that the Feng, Xue, and Yin don’t belong to this world.”

“Really? Things seem to have become even more confusing.”

“They are definitely planning something big. Since the Royal War, they have been very calm. They also did not participate in the Imperial War.” said Daqi.

“I captured you and dug up your treasure and destroyed your Treasure of Transcendence. You don’t hate me?” Kris suddenly asked.

“At least I’m still alive, aren’t I?” Daqi said calmly. He thought he would die at that time, but now he was alive. He already felt very lucky.

Kris smiled, and then he gave him the Xuanyuan Bow, “This bow is for you, but I won’t return the rest. You take a Heaven oath and promise not to fight against the Demon King army, nor collude with outside forces against the army. Also do not tell others what you said today, understand?”

Receiving the Xuanyuan Bow, Daqi some still can’t believe Kris let him go.

After he made the oath, the void thundered suddenly, which meant that the oath was in effect.

“You can leave now.” Kris waved his hand, and then Daqi was already out of space to the domain of the alliance of the Demon King army.


Kris held the fragment in his hand.

“Oh, you’re quite powerful. You try to break free of my hand?”

Kris was thinking if he should swallow it. When he thought that it had just flown out of Daqi’s mouth, he was a little nauseous.

“Can I set it in my flesh?” Kris thought, and then he cut a slit in his palm and buried the fragment in the wound.

After a while, the palm of his hand began to burn. A powerful force was released from the fragment.

He carefully controlled it, only letting the power flow through his palm. Then he felt every cell in his palm strengthen.

“This energy has a strong effect on the cells. It really does work.”

Within a few hours, every cell in Kris’s right hand had reached the Fulfilled period. Only then did he realize that he had really gotten the treasure.

“The power of just a fingernail-sized fragment is so powerful. If I collect all the fragments, how powerful should it be then?” He thought.

The energy flowed in his palm. Kris didn’t dare to suppress it for fear that it would burst his palm.

At the same time, the Chaos Spirit Sword had finished absorbing the true spirit of the Spirit Sacred Sword and the scabbard. Now it had reached the Upper-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

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