Chuck Cannon saw it. It was Emily who sent a huge cannon. This is an ancient cannon from China, representing the heart of the Luofu family!

The ancient artillery was pushed in, in the middle of the lobby, full of domineering!!

There are guns in town and the logo of the Luofu family. This is to tell those who come to play, honestly, don’t make trouble.

But Alice herself didn’t come here, too, it’s definitely not good for Alice to appear in this kind of occasion if someone analyzes it, it’s not good for Chuck Cannon or Alice.

Alice is right to do this.

“Chuck, it seems that your relationship with the Luofu family has eased a lot,” Logan said with a smile.

Yvette Jordan was also relieved, yes, at that time Chuck Cannon and this Emily were incompatible with each other. Now not only have they cooperated, but they have also asked Emily to present the opening gift in person. This is something Yvette Jordan never expected before.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed in his heart, so how can he say it straight? Said that he and Alice had an inappropriate relationship?

Speaking of this, Logan and Yvette Jordan will definitely be shocked!!

Chuck Cannon smiled and did not speak, Emily sent the opening gift on behalf of the Luofu family.

This is something that many people at the scene didn’t think of. There was a lot of discussions. They didn’t know who the casino owner was, and they were all talking about the relationship between the owner and the Luofu family.

“Is this casino owned by the Luofu family?”

“Who knows this! But I think, it seems not, the boss is someone else.”


“People in the Luofu family don’t like Chinese people very much!”

“What’s this?”

“Yes! Didn’t you see that the biggest one in this casino is a Chinese woman? So, I think there is someone else!”

“Oh, that’s how it is!”

Everyone talks about it.

Emily gave something and asked someone to place it. She saw Chuck Cannon and walked over, under the gaze of many people.

“What? Why did she walk toward a Chinese person?”

“Is this Chinese man the owner of this casino? This is the largest casino in the United States! Impossible!”

“It’s definitely impossible, I think, it’s Emily who knows this Chinese man, so just go to say hello, don’t think too much.”

“I think so.”

“Chuck Cannon, congratulations,” Emily said.

Today she was also wearing a very costly high-class dress. She was a standard American, and of course, she has the hot figure of an American. She was really beautiful in that dress.

Chuck Cannon also feels bright, not bad.

Emily likes fighting and sports, which makes her figure more perfect. Although it is not as perfect as Black Rose, it is not bad.

“Thank you, there is something to eat over there, you can eat it,” Chuck Cannon treated Emily a little better, and in other words, it was Alice’s daughter.

“I didn’t come here to eat, what good things I haven’t eaten?” Emily said with a curled mouth.

She knew that Chuck Cannon store was open, so she came here just to see Chuck Cannon.

“Then what are you doing here?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“What are you not doing? I won’t tell you. By the way, I ask you, when are you free?”

“For what?”

“I recently learned a new fighting technique, and I think I should be your opponent, so find a place to compete! I must beat you,”

“If you want to win, then I’ll win it for you,” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to fight her at first, she insisted on pulling him to fight!

Not to mention hurting her, Alice can’t tell herself, she can only make Alice embarrassed, or not.

“I don’t want you to let it! I’m going to beat you. After winning you, you will have a better view of me. In fact, I am a good person.” Emily’s voice became smaller and smaller.

Chuck Cannon was astonished, what did this girl do to change her outlook?

Practice stupid?

Chuck Cannon ignored her and patted her on the shoulder, “Go eat by yourself,”

“Don’t push me! I hate it!”

Emily was angry and came all the way, and she had to talk more!!

“Boss, where is the boss of this casino?” Suddenly, there was a roaring voice.

Everyone is quiet!

Chuck Cannon looked over and found that this was a man in his forties.


Many people are pointing.

“This person likes to gamble a lot, and he has some money, so ignore him,” Emily said.

Yvette Jordan, Logan, and Black Rose’s face changed.

“Husband, let’s go and take a look,” Yvette Jordan suggested.

“Chuck, this person is a bit troublesome, you can also seize this opportunity!” Logan also said.

Chuck Cannon wanted to do the same. There was such a thing on the first day, so if you don’t handle it well today, you will have it in the future?

Must be killed!

“Let’s take a look.” Chuck Cannon passed by.

Emily was furious, “Don’t worry about it, it’s still past, can’t you talk to me more? I came here all the way,”

“Boss, where did the boss go? Is it so big? Don’t he know that the customer is God?”

The fat man slapped the table, his angry voice made it so loud that everyone else couldn’t play.

“Sir, what’s the matter can you tell me, I am the manager here!” Du Du Peixin smiled.

“Manager? You are not qualified to talk to me, call your boss over!” said the fat man angrily.

Du Peixin frowned, but the guests were all talking about it, and she could only look at Chuck Cannon.

She was appointed to see the boss, but she was not the boss.

“I’m the boss. Is there anything wrong?”

Chuck Cannon stepped forward!!

Du Peixin breathed a sigh of relief.

“What? This Chinese man is the owner of this casino? Isn’t he?”

“He said it, is there a fake?”

“Oh, I really can’t see it, the next generation is terrifying, so young, there is the largest casino in the United States, and the future is unimaginable!!”

The people at the scene were shocked. They didn’t expect that the first Chinese man Emily met just now was really the boss here!

“Are you the boss?” the fat man questioned.

“Yes, is there something?”

“You don’t even speak English very much, what kind of boss are you? Where is your casino boss hiding? Just find someone to come out?” The fat man sneered.

“I just came to the U.S., and it’s not long ago, I didn’t know English well. It doesn’t mean that I am not. Let’s talk about it.”

Chuck Cannon doesn’t change his colour!

“Well, since you said you are the boss, then I will play with you, do you dare?” The fat man sneered.

“What’s not to dare? Do you still dare to open the door to do business?” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

“This is what you said, I like to play big ones, starting from 5 billion US dollars, do you dare to play?” The fat man laughed, this number can not be played by just one person.

He can bet and is proficient, so he wants to win some money.

“It’s only 5 billion U.S. dollars? It’s too low, or 10 billion U.S. dollars to start,” Chuck Cannon said with a shrug.

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