The audience was in an uproar!!

Five billion dollars is not enough? Actually mentioned 10 billion US dollars to start, this is really a game among the rich!

Many people were daunted.

Some American stars in the backstage heard about this and immediately came out of the backstage and saw this young casino owner!

They were surprised.

“What? This casino owner is so young? He is still a Chinese!”

“Unbelievable! I thought it was the American boss? Otherwise, where can the money invite us? Suddenly, this Chinese man is a little handsome!”

“I think so too! I don’t know if he has a girlfriend. If not, I will go find him.”

“I think too, I don’t want to make a movie either, so tired!”

The stars all came out to watch, the atmosphere of the scene, with Chuck Cannon’s simple words, pushed to the peak!!

The fat man was startled and sneered, “Ten billion dollars? Are you serious?”

In his opinion, the average person simply cannot afford to play such a big bet!!

This Chuck Cannon actually said so calmly?


“Of course, it is true, twenty billion dollars will do, whatever you want, but do you dare to play?” Chuck Cannon asked him in the same tone.

“Haha, I don’t have anything, I just have money. I’m not afraid of anything for serious bets!” The fat man laughed.

“Then what to play?”

“Play big and small! Dare? I’m a master of dice betting!”

“Whatever.” Chuck Cannon smiled. He didn’t know much about other things, but he couldn’t help catching the ducks on the shelves. Even if he played poker with him, he had to play.

Fortunately, it’s playing dice, but his hearing is good. Last time he was behind the scenes with the boss, but he won a lot. If he didn’t meet that gambler, Chuck Cannon would have won.

Now Chuck Cannon’s physical stamina has improved in all aspects, and he feels more sensitive, so his hearing will be better!

“Let’s start then! Haha, ask your people to prepare! Ten billion dollars in bargaining chips!!”

The fat man laughed, his expression told everyone now that he would win these tens of billions!

The guests in the casino were of course excited, you can also see the real strength of the casino owner!

If this fat man has won so much money, can he take it away?

If they can, they will feel more at ease in the future!

Du Peixin worried, “Chuck Cannon, is this too big?”

She knows Chuck Cannon is rich, but this is 10 billion U.S. dollars? This casino doesn’t need so much money to open. On the first day of opening today, you actually took so much money to gamble?

“It’s okay, you ask someone to prepare!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Okay!” Du Peixin asked people to prepare.

The scene is quiet!

“Mom, I’m here, don’t worry, the things have been delivered, but now someone is making trouble in Chuck Cannon Casino!” Emily received a call from Alice.

“What? What’s going on? Tell me quickly?” Alice asked.

How could such a thing happen?

Emily made it clear, “Mom, Chuck Cannon must be betting, where is he going to gamble? Good luck. Last time he won a little money from my friend, I thought he gambled very well? I don’t know. There are people outside, there is heaven outside the world! The bet is so big, ten billion, if after losing, another person will gamble with him? How much is this going to lose?”

Originally, when Chuck Cannon won tens of millions last time, he thought he was the god of gamblers? It’s far from it!

“Oh, why is Chuck Cannon so impulsive?” Alice sighed, gambling is not something ordinary people can play, let alone playing so big!

“I’ll just say it, but it’s already started, there is no way back, I hope Chuck Cannon will win, although it is impossible,” Emily said dejectedly, if Chuck Cannon loses, she will not feel good!

She also hopes that Chuck Cannon can win, but is it possible? Such a big bet!

“Mom, let it go, it’s already started,” Emily hung up and squeezed into the crowd.

Seeing that the gaming tables are full of chips!

She was worried, Chuck Cannon, you are too impulsive, people just use radical methods against you!

Alice walked around the room worriedly, and she regretted it. She should have gone with Emily, but she didn’t go!

She immediately ordered, “Prepare the plane! I want to go out!”

Yvette Jordan looked softly, Logan was different. She hadn’t seen Chuck Cannon gamble, let alone such a large amount?

“Chuck, will you?”

“Yes, he hears very well,”

Logan was relieved, there would be no big problem with good hearing. She didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to have this talent. It’s no wonder that the first project in the United States was the casino.

Black Rose said nothing, her big blue eyes turning.

“How to play? the rules?” Chuck Cannon wanted to ask clearly.

“It’s big or small, do you know how?” The fat man laughed.

The onlookers stared at each other!

“This boss is still too young, but he is a veteran of the casino, can he be compared to others?”

“I can’t help it, I was forced to go!”

“Hey, if he loses later, we will also gamble with him or win billions of dollars. Isn’t he only betting with other people, not with us? Then he will definitely not be able to open this store! “

“I have this idea too! It must be much easier to win the boss’s money!”

They all have ghosts, and winning or losing is good for them anyway. If Chuck Cannon loses, they take turns to play with Chuck Cannon. As the boss, Chuck Cannon dare not play?

Play discrimination? Want to open this store?

“Okay, whatever you want!” Chuck Cannon didn’t care.

“Start! Two wins in three games, let’s bear witness. If I win today, if something happens tomorrow, someone will do it! Help me witness it!!” The fat man said loudly.

The guests laughed, tacitly! Chuck Cannon is not one of them, let him be alone!

Du Peixin was annoyed, this is a formal place, as long as you have the ability to win, you can take away as much as you win!!

Isn’t that an insult?

Said that he is going to mess with the casino? Li Qingyou clearly told her that she must be serious and she must not have any thoughts in this regard. Reputation is very important!!

“Don’t worry, you can take away whatever you win. I can send a bodyguard to escort you if you need it. This is the rule in my shop! You can win, you can win! Let’s start!” Chuck Cannon said.

This is what a fat man wants, or why would he take this risk?

“This is what you said, well, the first one!” The fat man shook the dice! Smiled grimly, if you say so, then you are welcome!

Chuck Cannon was the same.

Both started rolling the dice!

“I think he won’t win once, he will definitely lose both games.” Someone laughed.

“who cares!”

These guests all think that Chuck Cannon will be defeated, how can the novice play with the veteran?

In their view, Chuck Cannon agreed to lose.

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