Chapter 717 – 718: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 717: Play with Fire and Get burned

Though Kris was about to make progress in his immortal practice, he decided to delay it for the latter he made breakthrough, the more benefits could he got in his immortal practice. As for his physical strength, he now had enough resources. So he began to practice Taoist magic art alone.

Meanwhile, Kris’s incarnations were also plot to join the war to take away the treasure of transcendence.

“A good trick Zhang family has played, it pulls three great families into the war. But I think the union between three families won’t last so long. The emperor Zhang should pay a price for his unspeakable trick.” said North Kris. The Demon King had deployed spies all around the big cities so that Kris could gain the latest information about the war.

“What should we do?”

“Just wait and see their war first. The more chaotic the war is, the better our situation will be!”


“Good, now I am in the middle period of the Transcendence stage.” murmured Lin Wang. The energy he gained from the war served as the best source for his immortal practice. As his physical strength was much stronger, he held more tight that he could bring an end to this chaotic world.

“The next targets are the Ren family and Zhang family.”

The Zhang family had gained half of the territory of the Xuanyuan, but it lost too much family members and it took time to get recovered. Among the emperor family, there were four family stronger than it, which would left no room for its recovery. As for the Ren family, it kept low-profile and tried all way to cut down its loss in the war. Now the Ren family owned three pieces of treasure of Transcendence and its influence was much greater than before.

When Wang Lin opened his eyes, the fate of millions of strong people returning to unity was stronger than that of hundreds of trillions of small soldiers he absorbed. As for the secret Demon King, Lin had no idea how strong it was. He couldn’t believe it could defeat three emperor-level within a blink, which might cost his life if he dared to bother such a powerful enemy.

“I’d better stay around the Xuanyuan city, there must be great wars there recently.” murmured Lin.

Lin was right. The conflicts between the emperor families were arose instantly. The Emperor Zhang sent message to promise Yao family half of Xuanyuan’s territory. Meanwhile, it made a deal with the Xue family and Ying family, where the two families could get ten thousand cities each as reward. However, the twenty thousand cities included the area of Yao family, which would definitely cause the unavoidable conflicts among these families. Yao family might lost half of its reward if it kept a blind eye to the deal.

In the Xue city, the Emperor Xue put down the memorials and murmured, “A good trick of the emperor Zhang, but we can’t stop him this turn. ”

The territory that Yao family had got was an enclave, and if it wanted to protect that, it had to ask for permission from the two greedy families. What would Emperor Yao do to solve the tricky problem?

“Send our troop to block the way. If the Yao family dares to ask for permission to get through the entrance, let them go, though I don’t think they have the courage to do so.” said Emperor Xue.

“Yes, your majesty!”

In the Ying city, the emperor Ying also sent orders to his folk: ”The emperor Zhang involves us in a big trouble. Warn the Yao family against making trouble for us. Meanwhile, send 30 trillion troops to guard our territory, if Yao’s troops force their way through customs, beat them hard and tell them to don’t make trouble for us!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

“How dare the emperor Zhang make use of us!” Murmured the emperor Ying. As the leader of top three emperor families, emperor Ying had no interest in Zhang family and Yao family. His true enemies were Xue family and Feng family.

At this point in the Yao city, the Emperor Yao was enraged by the unspeakable trick played by the Emperor Zhang. The enclave was just hot potato for him. His family had a great loss in the emperor war yet no returns.

“Your Majesty, the emperor Ying sent us a warning letter, so do the emperor Xue!”

“Bring it here for me!”

Yao’s look turned gloomy as soon as he took a look at the letter.

“They…they are bullying us. These greedy guys want take away all the resource of our land.” His spies told him that the Xue family and Yao family were crazily looting the enclave, which meant a great shame for the Yao family.

“Send 50 trillion troops together with 300000 Monster God commanders from the Monster God Camp to ask permission to go through the customs. Don’t launch attack as much as possible.” said Emperor Yao.

“Call all the war lords and generals here, be quick.” continued Emperor Yao. Being enraged by the Emperor Zhang, the Emperor Yao decided to revenge. When all the war lords and generals gathered around their war chief, Emperor Yao said, ”My people, the Emperor Zhang has failed us. Now I’d like to have war against him.”


“Your majesty, I don’t think…”

“That’s enough. I don’t want hear your persuasions, give me a complete battle plan. I want to destroy Zhang city within one strike. We will fight quick before the outside world come to realize!”

Then the Emperor Yao established a battle formation barrier to block the voice and said, ”The Xue family and Ying family now join the war, if we don’t react quick, the profit we get in this war will be taken away from others. And the Zhang family may get recovered then. So we can’t wait now.”

Emperor Yao’s words were persuasive enough to his ministers. Qian Yao, the Cabinet Minister of Yao family, uttered, ”Your majesty, may I ask the true purpose that you sent out five billion soldiers is to attack the Zhang city? If so, I think that is a good idea. ”

“Good, Qian is right. With the help of Xue family and YIng family, the Zhang city must neglect to take precautions against our sudden attack. That is the best chance for us. ”

“The Zhang family lost nearly two million soldiers. It’s a good chance for us, indeed!”

“Your Majesty, I get an idea that we can pretend to argue with the Xue family and Ying family, then the Zhang family will definitely loose its vigilance completely.”

“What Qian said is good!” said Yao with his eyes were full of anger. Only the blood of the enemy could completely extinguish the anger in his heart.

“Then let me teach them a good lesson!”


“Message! Yao city’s 50 trillion troops have come for a visit!”

Yan Xue , the Grand Marshal of Xue family, frowned and said, “How many?”

“The Grand Marshal, 50 trillion!”

“How could that be? Stop them first and don’t let them pass” said Yan. He hesitated for a while for 50 trillion might cause a great war. He should ask the idea from his majesty. At the same time, Rui Ying, the Grand Marshal, cried without even careful though, ”Tell them no way. ”

“Yes, my Grand Marshal.”

On hearing the message about the two families, the Thirteen Yao, the thirteenth loyal son of the Yao family, said, ”Tell them we will break in the customs by force if they don’t give a way for us.”

“But my Grand Marshal, is that really good to say so?”

“Do what I said. I will shoulder all responsibility for what I said.”

“Yes, my Grand Marshal!”

“Tian Yao, Long Yao…” Thirteen Yao summoned dozens of his excellent generals and said, ”Every one of you lead one billion soldiers and ask for a way. We have no need to show respect to them.”

“Yes, my Grand Marshal!”

The confrontation between Yao troops and the two families pleased Zhang family members. The emperor Zhang said with a smile, ”Yao’s troop must fail to get access to our land. Tell all our soldiers, go looting completely and leave them nothing. ” Emperor Zhang felt complacent for his trick worked. At this point, a cry came to him: ”Your ma…majesty, the Yao’s troops have…”

“Be easy! Tell me what happen!”

“The Yao’s troops have gathered around our gate.”

“Our gate? Which one? Who did Yao’s troop fight against, Xue family or Ying family?” A smile showed on Emperor Zhang’s face. If so, his trick might bring them the expected profits.

However, the messenger shook his head straightly and said, “No, your majesty, they, they have gathered around our gate, they are gonna have a war with us!”

Chapter 718: Speed Would Be Precious In War

How could it be possible!

The crowd was in an uproar.

Emperor Zhang knew that the scout did not dare to lie about the military situation, “Go and investigate quickly, I want the latest news!”

The attacking army had reached the city gates before receiving the news, which showed that Zhang Domain’s intelligence was really lousy.

“Hold the Tiger Talisman, and send troops quickly.”

“Yes, Majesty!”

An uneasy atmosphere spread in the court.

Soon, the scout sent a message back, “Majesty, Yao Domain’s army who has been fighting against Xue Domain and Ying Domain, have changed their way and come to our side.”


Emperor Zhang slammed a fist on the table, “They are attacking the enemy by passing through a common neighbour, Yao Domain is making a fake shot, and he actually wants to attack us!”

There was no sound, not even a sign.

He miscalculated, really miscalculated.

The opponent sent troops so quickly, they must have no plan to give them a chance to respond or ask for help!

“Report, the Yao army with two hundred trillion soldiers has broken through the three thousand domains.”

“Report, the Yao army has broken through the five thousand domains.”

“Report, the Yao army has broken through ten thousand…”

One by one the messengers sent the report anxiously, and the ministers’ hearts sank.

Because it was fast, it was really too fast.

The army with two hundred trillion soldiers and hundreds of millions of warships had been in successive wars and Zhang Domain’s military strength was very tense after repeated battles, and the soldiers forcibly recruited hadn’t yet formed combat effectiveness.

The opponent only needed to fire all the way and push horizontally to lay down the large domain without any effort.

“What about the army, are you ready yet?”

“Majesty, it will take some time!”


Emperor Zhang directly slammed a piece of ink table to the war minister, “How long does it take? Do we have to wait for them to hit the Imperial Star before we can be ready?”

He gritted his teeth angrily, “Come here, send an envoy to Xue Domain and Ying Domain for help, quickly!”


Regardless of whether Xue Domain and Ying Domain could send troops or not, it still had to be done.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Shisan Yao watched the stars be exterminated under the cannonball, and there was no mercy in his heart at all.

All this was Zhang’s fault.

If they hadn’t been inconsistent in their own words repeatedly, the Yao Clan would not have gone against Zhang Domain at this juncture.

He had always known that his younger brother’s target was the three clans, not Zhang Domain.

His 300,000 Monster God commanders were just a blindfold, and the 4.7 million Monster God commanders of the 150 trillion army were the real main force.

This battle was to to catch them unprepared, fighting a quick blitzkrieg.

The news from the scouts showed that Zhang Domain’s forces were now empty to the extreme, even if they had received part of the remnants of Xuanyuan Domain, would they dare to use them?

Even if they dared to use it, they would be cannon fodders.

And be careful of being defected!

The force would not exceed 100 trillion, and Majesty would take action in critical battles.

Their Monster God Array should be able to shine on the battlefield.

“Speed up!”


When Xue Clan and Ying Clan received the news, Yao Domain’s army had already invaded Zhang Domain’s Imperial Domain.

And Zhang Domain’s messenger came to ask for help, and they had no right to decide.

Reporting to the court, waiting for their Majesty to agree to send troops, gradually, the war between the two sides was probably over long ago.

“We were fooled!”

Yan Xue’s complexion was not good!

“Report to the court at speed, listen to the majesty’s decision!”

At the same time, in Xue Domain.

“Emperor Yao’s heart is so big that he has lied to all of us to attack us by passing through a common neighbour!”

Ming Xue squinted, and the ministers stopped talking because it was too sudden.

At this time, according to the scout’s news, they had almost reached Zhang Domain’s Imperial Star.

“Majesty, Zhang Domain must not lose! Please send your troops!”

“Zhang Domain has been going through repeated battles, the strength has dropped to the extreme, and we must not be captured by the Yao Clan. By then, the monster race will become a big concern for Xue Domain.”

“It’s too late to send troops.”

Ming Xue shook his head. Yao Domain had made perfect preparations for this battle, and he would definitely not give us a chance to rescue.

“Let Yan Xue accelerate the speed of invading the large domain, we need the other territories of Xuanyuan Domain, and we will send troops to attack Zhang domain.”


Everyone was stunned by Ming Xue’s brain circuit.

“I mean the Xuanyuan Domain occupied by Zhang Domain!”

Everyone was enlightened suddenly.

At this time, hitting a person when he was down was what we should do.

Offering fuel in snowy weather was good, but it was meaningless.

It was better to digest the benefits.

“Speed up the transformation of Buddhist soldiers at all costs!”


Ming Xue didn’t care about the survival of Zhang Domain.

And Yao Domain and Zhang Domain were fighting against with each other at this time, which was good for them.

It could weaken the Yao Clan’s strength to a certain extent!

On the other side, Yu Ying also received the news.

“The Yao Clan is crossing the Rubicon.”

“I had a hunch at the beginning that something will happen to Zhang Domain when they do this, and their strength is not as good as Yao Domain. It doesn’t need to be like that for self-destruction, right?”

Yu Ying shook his head, “Please go back, we can’t send the troop.”

“Majesty Emperor Ying, my emperor has always respected Majesty. If you can send troops to clear the siege, my emperor will definitely thank you.”

Yu Ying smiled and winked. Several dragon guards ran in from outside and directly pulled Zhang Domain’s messenger out. The messenger didn’t even scream and died silently.

“The failed phoenix is not as good as a chicken, they have to pull others together with their bad luck to die.”

He twitched his mouth in disdain, although Zhang Domain had given him 10,000 domains, but then what?

There was no friendship between domain and domain.

During the Imperial War, whoever died didn’t matter, and only the final winner could win the ticket.

“Tell the frontline to speed up the occupation and it must not be slower than Xue Domain!”

“Yes, Majesty!”

At this time, Emperor Ren learned that the Yao Clan quickly attacked Zhang Domain, and he didn’t think much.

At this time, he had only one idea, and that was to collect all the bones.

He had now replaced one third of the bones on his body, and his strength was unprecedented.

In the Middle period of Detachment Stage, in the real Middle period of Detachment Stage.

Whether it was the Yao clan, the Xue clan, or the Ying clan, even if it was the Feng Clan, he had no fear at all.

With the three Treasures of Transcendence in hand, his own strength had also been elevated to the Middle period of Detachment Stage. Who else could stop him in this world?

However, he could only keep a low profile until he gathered all the bones.

Maybe after all his bones were replaced, he could break through the Detachment Stage and reach a whole new stage, maybe!

The feeling of soaring strength was intoxicating.

“Oh, the skull is left in the Chaotic Silent Land, go in and take a look!”

In the Alliance Domain, it was the twentieth day that Xuanyuan Daqi lost in this domain.

Not lost his way, but lost his mind.

Looking at the brightly lit streets with traffic.

He hadn’t seen any strange objects.

Here, there were strict laws, advocating that everyone was equal, nobody could kill others at will, and anyone who beat others would be punished.

This place was so weird, weird everywhere.

What’s even weirder was that he even felt very comfortable.

Even if he once belonged to the ruling class.

Watching the news broadcast on the big screen, “Here is a piece of news flash. Two hours ago, Yao Domain launched an attack on Zhang Domain. The reason may be…”

Xuanyuan Daqi was shocked because Yao Domain even fought against Zhang Domain.

What shocked him the most was that the host even gave clear analyses, and the Alliance Domain even didn’t hide such important news from the civilians.

The projector in his arms vibrated and it was also a briefing, “The latest news, Yao Domain’s army has already broken through Zhang Domain’s Imperial Domain and is besieging the Imperial Star at this time.”

After turning off the projector, Xuanyuan Daqi was silent. The world seemed familiar, but strange.

Here, he saw a lot of civilians who had come here for seeking shelter. They were all taken good care of here, and he even saw spies from the enemy country.

However, espionage work that was easy to carry out in other large domains was difficult here!

Because there was no room for spies to survive, the information here was too developed.

It only takes dozens of seconds to spread a message across the whole domain.

According to the Alliance Domain, this was the combination of technology and magic arts.

At this moment, an idea suddenly occurred to him that whether the Wind Clan, Xue Clan, or Ying Clan, they would not be the opponents of the Alliance Domain.

Because the power of the masses was unlimited.

“It’s okay to let the Xuanyuan family come here. They have lived long enough, so what if they are transcendental?”

After surviving from the jaws of death, Xuanyuan Daqi’s obsession in his heart was much lighter.

In particular, Kris Chen’s overwhelming power made people unable to have ideas to resist at all.

Perhaps, he would be the transcendental person in this Imperial War!

“However, I still have to go and see!”

The scene of they two jointly besieging Xuanyuan Domain was still vivid, and even if Emperor Zhang and Emperor Yao couldn’t be killed, it would be good to kill more soldiers of both sides.

Kris spared his life, wasn’t it because of this?

“Did he go to the battlefield?”

“Well, there should be an obsession in his heart.”

“Isn’t it better to survive?”

Demon Kris said: “The truth in this world should be quite desperate. There are endless fights just for a ticket.”

“Life has become a cold number in front of these, without the slightest meaning.”

“People are like weeds, we have done enough, right?”

Buddha Kris looked at the city under his feet, “Maybe, at least when we are here, the Alliance Domain will listen to what we said.”

“Maybe after we leave for a few years, this world will reincarnate again. Nothing is eternal, only my heart is the most eternal!”

“Okay, just stop saying!”

Demon Kris stood up. They were all the same person, but they had different personalities and different thoughts.

He now understood why there was such a statement of split personalities.

These were the implicit personalities hidden in the personality.

And since they had come to the Chaos World in Other Realm , the original soul rarely shared information with them, except when necessary.

They even sometimes forgot that they were incarnations.

They could guess the idea of the original soul more or less, was it because he was afraid that one day he would fail, so leaving a glimmer of hope?

As powerful as the original soul, was he still so scared?

“Let’s go, in order to eliminate the fears and worries in our hearts, keep working hard, transcendence is not the end, let’s climb to the highest mountain together to see the scenery!”

Yuan Kris stretched out, and the Chaos Spirit Sword, which had become the Treasure of Transcendence, was summoned by him. This time it was divided into ten more, each of which was the inferior Treasure of Transcendence, which would be very powerful!

“The Emperor Zhang will lose. We must get the Emperor Seal, but we should be careful. Behind these emperors, there may be more than one Treasure of Transcendence!”

“Isn’t there the original soul? If we cannot defeat, just asking him for help.”

Demon Kris picked his ears with a nonchalant look.

“Recently, there has been a certain improvement in strength. Transcendence should be fast. We can’t lag behind the original soul too much!”

North Kris had the worst talent, and he was refined when Kris was the Sovereign Lord of Purple Fire Sect.

How many resources had been spent over the years!

“Let’s go!”

Jian Kris cut through the void and took the lead to get in.

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