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In the lobby of the casino, there is a crash of dice!

There were ridicules, watching, and anticipation at the scene, anyway, each had a ghost!


Fat man throws his dice into the cup!!

Chuck Cannon also throws his dice into the cup!

The fat man smiled, “Hey, I have my own way of rolling the dice! Are you ready to lose!”


The audience was in an uproar!

“Two six, one five? Not bad!”

“That’s not bad? That’s great! A sure win!”

The guests in the casino were amazed, and suddenly this kind of penalty kick came out. This is also an absolute casino veteran!

Chuck Cannon, the owner of the casino, is a novice at first sight, he must lose!

“Hey, the performance is not normal, but it’s okay to win against you, mine is already open, let’s uncover it!” The fat man smiled.

This penalty is not expected, but it is not bad!

“Chuck Cannon, don’t open it!” Emily was anxious, Chuck Cannon seems to be a novice, don’t open it, it will be ugly to lose!

Yvette Jordan faced calmly, Logan was a little worried, why?

Just now Yvette Jordan said that Chuck Cannon’s hearing is better, but now it is more than the method of rolling the dice, which has little to do with hearing!

Of course, she hoped that Chuck Cannon won, but…

Can Chuck Cannon win?

Black Rose’s big blue eyes kept their eyes fixed, and there was a little nervousness in her heart.

When she came back to her senses in an instant, she was astonished. Why was she so nervous?

Du Peixin’s forehead was full of nervous sweat, her fists were clenched, Chuck Cannon, want to win!

Chuck Cannon shrugged, stared at the audience, and opened the dice cup!!

For an instant, the audience was shocked!

“What? It’s actually three sixes? He actually shoot three sixes! Is it my dizziness?”

“My God! Isn’t he a novice?”

“It must be good luck!”

The guests of the casino boiled at this time, all the sounds of wonder!

It’s beyond everyone’s expectations!

“Impossible!!” The fat man jumped up from his chair, his face in disbelief!

Chuck Cannon is clearly a novice, how could this be?

“Start the second one,” Chuck Cannon closed the dice cup!

“Okay, I got you lucky, but the second one!! Ah!!!” The fat man hasn’t finished his words yet!

Chuck Cannon has already shaken the dice.

Three six!!

The casino was silent for a moment!

Their faces are full of shock!

Actually, It’s so simple!

“You shake yours, if it is also three six, then it is tied.” Chuck Cannon said.

The fat man’s chin is almost astonished, and his open mouth can be filled with an egg!

Yvette Jordan smiled, Logan breathed a sigh of relief, “This kid…”

“It’s boring,”

Black Rose, who was intently looking at it just now, didn’t bother to look, but her rosy l**s still showed a faint smile inadvertently.

Du Peixin felt unbelievable!

She thought Chuck Cannon was trying to catch the ducks on the shelves, and she absolutely lost, but Chuck Cannon actually did a miracle!

Actually, both of them shook out three sixes!

“You, cheating! I have a problem with this dice!!” The fat man trembled with anger.

The casino is dead silent again!


These guests looked at each other!

Without saying a word, Chuck Cannon stood up and walked in front of the fat man, shaking and snapping, the dice cup fell off the table!


“My God! It’s actually three sixes!” The audience was shocked!

Lucky once, two times may be deceived, but three times?

This is not that simple.

Some people’s eyes changed, and Chuck Cannon appeared in awe.

“Is this person the God of Gamblers in China?!”

As soon as this was said, the audience was in an uproar!!


“God of Gamblers? Are you really the God of Gamblers?”

“It’s really not to look good. Th is young man has owned such a large casino at such a young age, and he is still a god of gamblers. This is too powerful!”

“Yeah, how can someone open a casino without the skills?”

“I think he has tried his best to challenge other casino owners!”

The fat man was dumbfounded, “You, you, you…”

Slurred and dumb!

“I didn’t swindle, did I? It’s okay, don’t you believe it, then I’ll shake it once,” Chuck Cannon shook it again indifferently, and opened it to see that it was three-six!

Just kidding, I have a casino, don’t you practice?

This action aroused the amazement of the scene!

The fat man slumped on the ground, tears coming out. “Me, my money, my ten billion dollars!”

He is a veteran, and it is usually difficult to shake out three sixes, let alone this time?

People are like this, the handles are all three and six, how does this compare?

“Thank you, boss, you gave me such a big gift when I just opened the business, thank you!” Chuck Cannon smiled slightly.

The fat man cried, “My money, my money…”

Chuck Cannon shrugged and said to all the guests, “Everyone, is there anyone else to play with me? I’m happy to accompany you!!”

All the guests twitched. They were planning to win a fortune just now, but how did they think that Chuck Cannon was so powerful?

It’s completely the same as God of Gamblers!

Who dares to go!

Some people even showed shame, they were preparing to fight Chuck Cannon Wheel just now!

Unexpectedly, people pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger. When you go on your own, it must be the squad.

“No? I wish you all have fun today!” Chuck Cannon laughed.

The fat man cried more loudly. Ten billion dollars is most of his property, but only two of them are gone. He cried like a child.

The guests of the casino, smile and start playing your own!

“Call someone to clean up,” Chuck Cannon said to Du Peixinxin.

Du Peixin was at a loss, “Chuck Cannon, are you the God of Gamblers?”

“No, I play dice.” Chuck Cannon told the truth in her ear!

Du Peixin was surprised.

“Chuck Cannon, you actually won, you are so amazing!” Only then did Emily recover from the stunned she just now.

She thought Chuck Cannon would lose very ugly, but unexpectedly, he won!

“Not bad!” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

It’s okay. Rolling the dice is controlled by the wrist. He learns to fight, and his hands must be well controlled. In addition, he has good hearing. He can also hear any penalty kicks from the cup, so he won’t be able to shake three sixes. Difficult!

So this fat guy is playing with Chuck Cannon, what about Chuck Cannon? How much he played?

“Anyway, you are great,” Emily’s heart beats faster, Chuck Cannon is really so versatile besides fighting!

She feels in love.

But at this time, someone came outside!

The guests who had just dispersed were watching again. There were a lot of people at the door, and they all gave gold, box by box. Who is this!

The audience was shocked again!

The fat man shivered and got up, regretting in his heart, this Chuck Cannon knew so many amazing people, did he play at the gate of Guimenguan just now?

However, Chuck Cannon frowned, this is Heidi Hudson’s person coming!

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