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Chuck Cannon knew that Heidi Hudson would come, but he didn’t expect such a big movement. How much is this to give away?

Isn’t Hudson not a hidden family anymore?

The guests of the casino have been stunned, who sent so many things?

Some people’s eyes have changed when they look at Chuck Cannon again, from being polite, to respect, and some fearful!

Chuck Cannon didn’t know any good people, it was absolutely impossible for someone to give so many things!

Logan sighed, she was injured by Heidi Hudson’s bodyguard last time, and it was almost better, but Heidi Hudson appeared again, she didn’t know what to do!

This first family, future heir, Heidi Hudson, her ability is too great!

Logan called for rain in China, but when she reached the world, she felt a deep sense of frustration.

Heidi Hudson is like a big mountain that cannot be crossed!

Emily, who gave the cannon just now, was jealous, “What, it’s useless to give so much, do you think my family can’t afford it?”

Of course, her family can afford it!

In other words, her family is also the four major families.

“Ten thousand catties of gold! Ten Ming dynasty vases!…Miss my family, congratulations to the opening of Boss Chuck Casino!!”

A man came over, politely, and said all the gifts!

Everyone he brought over repeated this sentence, deafening!

Resound in the sky!

This sound shocked all the guests.

“Who is the young lady they are talking about?”

“I don’t know, but in this case, someone from a big family definitely!”

“This casino owner is terrifying! He knows so many big families in the United States!”

The exclamation is endless!

Just now Emily represented the Luofu family, it was enough to make them unimaginable, and now there is actually another big family giving gifts!

The fat man who gambled with Chuck Cannon just now was horrified!

Who was he betting with just now?

Chuck Cannon was expressionless, “Take all these things back!”


The audience was in an uproar!

Oh my god, the person who gave so many things must also belong to a big family, this Chuck Cannon actually refused directly?

“Sorry, Boss Cannon, let’s…please Boss Cannon, will you accept it?” The man who took the lead turned pale.

Heidi Hudson has given a dead order and must be delivered!!

If it is not delivered, they should not go back.

“I beg Boss Cannon, will you accept it?” There was another deafening voice, and their faces were pale!

Chuck Cannon’s refusal scared them.

Everyone is stunned, please accept it? What is this operation?

Chuck Cannon sighed, Heidi Hudson was forcing himself!

“Forget it, let it be here.” Chuck Cannon understood the embarrassment of these people, helpless!

Heidi Hudson understands that he cannot bear it!

“Thank you!”

They were so grateful that they put down their things and left neatly!

Everyone was left with shocked faces!

“Du Peixin, you ask someone to put these things away first,” Chuck Cannon will definitely not move. Even if these things are precious or rare, they must be returned to her!

“En,” Du Peixin was also shocked. Who is this person who gave Chuck Cannon these things?

Last time someone gave gold and laid gold bricks, this time someone still gave gold and there are so many ornamental antiques, she couldn’t imagine it.

But she can be sure that her Du family counts nothing in front of such people!

The guests in the outfield were all surprised, Chuck Cannon smiled and let them continue to play, and then they dispersed!

The casino opened, it was a success!

Chuck Cannon was also confident that he can build his own business empire!

Chuck Cannon, Logan and Yvette Jordan went inside to talk, and Emily ran in too. Chuck Cannon didn’t call her at first, but seeing her running all the way over, he just followed her.

“Miss, this Chuck Cannon really didn’t know what’s good or bad just now! He refused directly!”

In a luxury car, the man was dissatisfied with this.

Heidi Hudson didn’t have many expressions. She had long thought that Chuck Cannon would be like this, but didn’t he accept it in the end?

“Miss, shall we continue to wait for him?” the man asked.

Heidi Hudson looks like this, is she trying to have a celebration banquet with Chuck Cannon?

“Wait, Chuck Cannon’s first project, I have to support!” Heidi Hudson lazily closed her eyes and rested.

In the background, Chuck Cannon also met some big stars. Logan and Yvette Jordan all went to the casino to help, as did Emily.

Chuck Cannon told her to go back, but she refused to let her go and insisted to stay here.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to drive her away, so he had to follow her, and they would go to have a supper together later.

Chuck Cannon came out and learned that Heidi Hudson must be nearby.

He found Heidi Hudson. Black Rose looked at from a distance, and she would not let Chuck Cannon leave her sight.

“You, have dinner with me, I must be ready for the location, to celebrate the opening of your casino! But I only invite you, and the others can’t go.”, Heidi Hudson has been prepared for a long time, a variety of special dishes, Chuck Cannon has what he wants to eat, and the chefs are all private chefs of Hudson.

“Go, I won’t go!” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He came here to say this to Heidi Hudson.

“Chuck Cannon, I have been very patient to talk to you, what are you going to do?” Heidi Hudson was angry.

Her bodyguard smiled coldly, thinking in her heart, irritating the lady, whoever you are, you will die!!

“I don’t want to be so.” Chuck Cannon calmed down.

“Okay, you really polished my patience.” Heidi Hudson closed her eyes, “Drive, go!”

The man drove Heidi Hudson away!

Chuck Cannon was silent for three seconds before going back to the casino.

He found that Black Rose’s eyes were cold, “What the hell did you do to her? Why bothering me?”

She felt uncomfortable in her heart.

“I didn’t do anything,” Chuck Cannon sighed.

Heidi Hudson’s eyes were terrifying just now, and Chuck Cannon wondered what she was going to do.


Chuck Cannon couldn’t say much, but he felt that something was going to happen.

But at this time, Chuck Cannon heard the sound of the helicopter. Chuck Cannon looked up and found that it was Alice. He was astonished. Why did Alice also come here?

Black Rose didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to have a relationship with Alice, so she saw this and thought that Alice was making a relationship with Chuck Cannon.

They can cooperate better, so she came here.

The helicopter fell.

Alice came out and Chuck Cannon went over, “Why are you here?”

“Worry about you, didn’t you bet with someone just now? Did you win?” Alice came all the way, worried that Chuck Cannon would lose.

“I won, don’t worry about me.”

“How can I not worry about you? You know, you are my second man…” Alice whispered, and she couldn’t help coming over.


“It’s fine if you win, then I’ll go back.” Seeing this, Alice was relieved and can go back.

“Stay for supper.”

“No, my daughter will see.” Alice had to leave quickly, but as soon as she got on the plane, Emily ran out, “Mom, why are you here?”

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