Chapter 719 – 720: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 719: Whetting Appetite for Killing

“They’ve taken the baits, Supreme Ancestor.” Said Wuxie Feng with his face breaking into a smile. Now there was only a handful of pawns in the game.

“Good. Be careful,” Supreme Ancestor grinned, “don’t pooh-pooh it at this critical moment!”

“Yes, Supreme Ancestor.”

“The Zhang Domain is definitely fighting a losing battle, meaning that The Yao Domain will be the winner. However, as the old saying goes, one should always be alert to the potential risks, the Demon King will by no means let go of this perfect timing!”

“They just need to sit back and enjoy the benefits when the timing comes, what a group of sages!”

“I may be wrong.” Said Supreme Ancestor.

Wuxie looked at him doubtfully but didn’t interrupt him.

“I thought that the Ying clan should be the one behind the Demon King, but the outrageously uncanny acts have proved their innocence. And then I presumed that it might be the Xue clan, but soon, they were also ruled out by my careful observation.” Added he, “According to this, it could be concluded that the one behind the Demon King should be the indigenous immigrants or certain Transcendence Masters, the specially privileged men who also joined the Imperial War. If so, you’d better keep your eyes on the Demon King Army and exclude any possibility of their victory!”

Wuxie nodded in agreement. The Demon King Army, who had long been ignored, was now in possession of over four Treasures of Transcendence together with other unknown weapons.

They, though hard to believe, could even beat the three Emperors with mere three moves! What an insurmountable behemoth it was indeed!

“Seems like it’s my turn to take the shot.”

“No, let me take it.” Supreme Ancestor cast a glance at him, “Do not take these powerful guys lightly, chad.”


“Alright, that’s it. The war has reached its final hurdle, it’s impossible for anyone to keep himself out of the business.” Said he calmly, without a single trace of worry written on his face, as if he could have every wish fulfilled as child’s play.

“Yes, Supreme Master.” The young chad sigh inwardly, wondering when he could become stronger by advancing to the next stage and thus became a big help for the man.


Two million billion troops, led by five million Monster Gods, besieged the Imperial Star of the Zhang Domain.

“Fire!” Commanded Yao Shisan. And then, thousands of shells were headed off by the defense shield outside of the star.

Next, without wasting any time, a Heavens Monster God Array was coming into being by the Monster Gods, which was so incredible that it could even trap and kill a practitioner of the middle period of the Detachment Stage.

“Charge!” The army marched towards their destiny torrentially in the fierce shellfire.

At this time, the Zhang Domain finally managed to call out its soldiers with the battleships fusillading ensued. They could not, however, pluck up any will to stand against the overwhelming enemies.

It all happened so much faster. Just six or seven hours after the news was received, the enemies had encircled the Imperial Star!

Flying in a fury, Zhang Emperor was armed and fought at the frontline personally, giving a powerful stroke on the enemies with his giant seal and leading to countless deaths.

“An imposing figure was assaulting the ordinaries! Shame on you, Baili Zhang!”

The attendance of the emperor on the battlefield was good proof of the declining nature of the Zhang Domain.

“Go! Royalist Army!”

And then, with five million soldiers of the Normalization Stage from the Royalist Army as the vanguard, the others, around one hundred trillion warriors they had barely gathered, also charged out to have a good fight.

This might be the quickest battle since the start of the Imperial War. However, what rendered it an exciting one was the combat of the top-end strengths between the fourth and the fifth powerful clan.

The Heavens Monster God Array was incredibly amazing, but the Royalist Army was on a par with it.

“Go get’em!”

Numerous knives were thrown out from Shisan’s Immortal-destroying Gourd, taking an insuperable offensive on the enemies.

Lin Wang who just rushed over felt nothing but chagrin—he had thought that the Yao clan should have a fight between the Xue clan and didn’t expect they directly went for the Zhang Domain.

Looking at the faded Fate, a slight twinge of regret surged through his body. They were just wasted!

But soon, he was stirred and thought, “For God’s Sake! There are so many practitioners of the Normalization Stage! What a piece of luck!”

After all, absorbing the Fates of these powerful forces was obviously a better choice than that of a hundred trillion ordinaries.

As there were at least seven or even eight million practitioners of the Normalization Stage, it could not be too much to have half of them found their quietus here, right? Plus, there were totally over three hundred trillion forces were put into this battle, meaning that he could definitely make a further advancement from the later period of the Detachment Stage!

“Hahaha! God bless the Wang clan! God bless the Wang clan!”

Lin believed that he was exactly the Trancedance Master of this Imperial War.


The non-stop barrage finally destroyed the defense array of the Imperial Star, turning it into tattered pieces.

“It will be your last, Emperor Zhang!” Dozens of royalties of the Yao Domain including Shisan crowded up, endeavoring to wear him down as much as was possible before their Emperor’s arrival.

“There will be nothing but doom and gloom waiting for the Zhang Domain, Emperor Zhang. See? That’s the wrong end of treachery!”

Emperor Zhang wore a pale and sullen face since the fall of the defense made great inroads into his Tao of the King. If it were not the Imperial Energy enveloping the Domain which thus defended against the enemies, he should have failed to keep his faith firm.

“I’m the King blessed with supreme royal authority, but you, you’re nothing but the humblest worms that shall not exist!”

The Emperor Seal, after absorbing endless Imperial Energy, became much powerful that blew off all royalties of the Yao clan with mere one stroke. Shisan felt quite sick by the overwhelming shock.

“You shall all end up in my domain!”

Emperor Zhang was pumping up his power by absorbing the Imperial Energy shrouding him and other available energy from the royalty and his men.

“He’s amplifying his potent force! We can’t deal with it, our Lord!”

And then, a giant knife cut through the rippling sky and hit on the seal.


Even the reverberation of this ear-piercing sound was unbearable enough.

“Our Lord’s coming, let’s go to the Royalist Army side.”

“Roger.” And then they left at a fast pace.

Emperor Zhang narrowed his eyes at the slowly landing guy, “Why did you wage this war, Emperor Yao?”

“For what? You should ask yourself!”

With extra motivation gaining from the meeting with his enemies, Emperor Yao, engulfed by the blazing fury, trapped his enemy with Four Beast Lethal Array and Immortal-destroying Gourd which was sending out a desolate chill together with the spirits of Monster Gods and thus formed a Heavens Monster God Array, leaving no time for Emperor Zhang to have a reprieve.

“In the name of my royalty: reining the Heavens, shielding the invasions!”

Emperor Zhang whose eyes were red-rimmed and bloodshot said irritably after blocking all the attacks, “It’s all for your greedy nature!”

Emperor Yao didn’t say anything. As three hundred and sixty Monster Gods were gradually taking shape, his strength was elevated to the early period of the Detachment Stage!

“Save your words, Emperor Zhang, anyway, today will be your last day!” Or he would never have his days gone right!

“Get out of here!”

With Imperial Energy pouring into his body, Emperor Zhang was also gaining greater power advanced to the middle period of the Detachment Stage in the blink of an eye. However, he still failed to break the siege.

“You can go nowhere!”

A pennant appeared in Emperor Yao’s hand, whipping in the whistling wind.


The pennant enhanced the lethality of the Arrays immediately!

“This is the most valuable treasure of our clan, Demon Pennant! Please enjoy the feeling of being torn apart by the demons!”

Demon Pennant was an extremely incredible Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence that contained the spirits of the ancestors of all monster races.

“It’s impossible to escape from these enhanced arrays!” Knowing that he was in a bad situation, Emperor Zhang made up his mind to take out the golden soul of the dragon.

Legend has it that the Fate of certain areas, like mountains or seas, is taken charge by the Dragons lying under them, and the golden Dragon Soul in Emperor Zhang’s hand was exactly the one of the Zhang Domain!

The Dragon Soul, having accumulated the Fate of five million years, was standing before the finish line of enhancement from being as a Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence, he would never, if it were not at a pinch, take it out.

As the Dragon Soul was fused into him and reinforced his body with that intense magic power, Emperor Zhang transcended to the later period of the Detachment Stage. With Emperor Seal in his hand, he was now far stronger than before.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Four Beast Lethal Array was destroyed by the seals, but the other one was still as intact as before. Besides, the constant attacks from Emperor Yao were also not that easy to be handled.

Royalist Army began to be overshadowed by their enemies. What comes along with their elevations to Normalization Stage by overdrawing their potentials was a plainly visible shortcoming, that is, their sun souls were too weak.

There was only a handful of soldiers of the Zhang Domain standing on the battlefield, they used to be totaled over one hundred million, but now they were all that’s left.

“Are you really going to follow the take-no-prisoners way, Emperor Yao? Aren’t you afraid that the Demon King was waiting for the perfect timing to attack us?”

“Do you remember what the leader of the Demon King did last time?”

Emperor Yao didn’t stop his increasingly stronger attacks, but he indeed frowned in concern, worrying about the possibility of the Demon King Army’s sudden visit as they were notoriously famous for their brazen code of conduct.

“Quite risky, isn’t it?” Emperor Zhang continued, “No good in killing me, Emperor Yao, you’re just wasting the strength and accumulation of the Yao clan if you can’t get the Treasure of Transcendence. Why not stop and form an alliance with me? I swear, I keep a peaceful relationship with the Yao clan forever, how do you think?”

Emperor Yao still didn’t say a word, but his attacks were obviously slower and weaker.

Two voices were quarreling in his mind.

One of the voices persuaded him: Yes, he’s right, we’re just wasting the strength of our men, plus, the Demon King will not let go of this good timing, will they?

But the other one disapproved: Don’t be a fool, dude. Emperor Zhang is the sell-out type of person, he will turn his back on you sooner or later. Besides, just then you didn’t take proper precaution to the sudden assault of the Demon King Army, but this time, you will be well prepared and everything will be fine.

In the end, the second voice convinced him.

What he needed to do now was to kill Emperor Zhang and prepare to take all Treasures of Transcendence into his pocket in advance!

Seeing him pause for quite a while, Emperor Zhang presumed that he was persuaded by him and was going to add something, but the man broke the silence, “Thanks for your reminder, Emperor Zhang.”

“Pleasure, my alliance.” Replied him with a fake smile.

“You’re indeed a ‘good’ alliance.”

Emperor Zhang gritted his teeth and took out another magic weapon, a drawing called “The Picture of Universe”. This powerful Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence, a picture of the whole Chaos World of the Other Ream, can defend assaults and contain a massive world that could be used as a defense.


The Picture of Universe was rolled out under the command and turned itself into a part of the surroundings, totally inconceivable by eyes nor Divine Spiritual Power, anyone rushed over directly would of course be sucked into the Picture and had no way to get rid of it!

“What do you mean, Emperor Yao? Aren’t we alliances?”

“Alliance?” Emperor Yao sneered, just like hearing something ridiculous, “Are you qualified to be my alliance? Save your words, Emperor Zhang, it’s time to meet your doom!”

Emperor Zhang’s face darkened at these words, “You will only regret it, I swear you will!” And then he spared no efforts to take a confrontation against him.


A giant sword, the Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence named Emperor Sword, was held in his hand!

Chapter 720: The Guy Behind the Scene

Two mighty Supper-grade Treasures of Transcendence and the Dragon Soul, how deep-pocketed the Zhang Domain was indeed!

Emperor Sword, the bloodthirsty ultimate of imperium as a token of Human Emperor, was nurtured by the essence blood of the emperors of every generation together with the Fate of Human Emperor, and thus turned itself into a Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence which shielded the whole domain, from the ordinaries to the royalties.

Emperor Zhang transformed the Emperor Seal into a smaller one and put it into a fitted notch on the hilt, a compounded treasure was thus coming into being!


The magic power that belonged to the later period of the Detachment Stage sprung up immediately, even the Heavens Monster God Array was barely qualified to be its constraint, thanks to the existence of Demon Pennant.

However, the result of the battle remained a mystery because the Picture of Universe had fulfilled its duties as a shield admirably, but the battle itself was no doubly of a fierce nature that could be drawn from the fitful energy turbulence.

The greedy expression grew in Emperor Yao’s eyes, being flamed by the three remarkably powerful Treasures of Transcendence.

“Want to get out of here? No way!”

A scaled-down Demon-trapping Pagoda appeared in his hands. This Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence was made by a certain ancestor of the Yao clan with essential blood of the flagships of the monster race. When it was put on the very center of the array as the replacement of the Demon Pennant, the latter swelled in the wind in a flash while the power of the array was even more overwhelming, reducing Emperor Zhang into such an exhausting situation that he had to low down his head to play against the massive integrated power from the array, the knives and Immortal-destroying Gourd with might and main.

“I’ve told you this is your doom day! Don’t try to bolt from the array!” And then the spirits of Monster Gods wrapped in the bubbles were sent to the array, getting the virtual Monster Gods mightier and more flexible with each of them were enhanced to the Detachment Stage.

How could Emperor Zhang resist against a good three hundred and sixty-five Monster Gods of the Detachment Stage?

He could barely stand firm under the consistent attacks.

Jesus Christ, what a strong clan it is indeed! I have had all my cards out, but still I had no eyes for the triumph, am I going to die here today?

Demon Kris, on the other side, was observing the battle in the Universe Void with other members of the Demon King Army. Seeing that they lost track of the live coverage, Demon Kris said, “Certain magic weapons block out the array, we don’t know what’s going on inside. These guys are tougher than those we’ve fought against since they’re from incredibly time-honored clans, I think we’d better go to have a look rather than keep waiting here.”

“I agree!”

“Me too!”

Glancing at the approving eyes around him, Yuan Kris nodded, “Alright, let’s go.”

“We should attack the outermost magic weapon first, and then Demon Kris breaks the boundaries when we succeed in making a narrow passage.”


“Yin-yang and Five-elements Universe Shock!”

Jian Kris and the other six members made up the Yin-yang and Five-elements Sword Array to conjure seven universes, causing intense vibrations to the Picture of Universe by the devastating attack.

The shock was sensed by Emperor Yao immediately, “What bad luck! The Demon King Army comes!”

Emperor Zhang, on the other side, was still barely holding on, unaware of what happened in the outside of the array.

“Time to put an end to the death of this battle.” Emperor Yao thought determinedly. If the Demon King Army pre-empted the victory again, they had no need to continue the following wars since nobody could do a better job than the Demon King Army in grabbing good seats.

“Go grind him into pieces!”

The Monster Gods growled in response, running amuck with ferocious assaults.

Although being shielded by the Imperial Energy, it was not easy for Emperor Zhang to defend himself by the sword against a rain of attacks, not to mention hitting back.

Emperor Yao, born to be a nature of caution, avoided any risk-taking battles and had expected all possible results before he launched the war.

“Kneel down, you demons!” Shrouded by an overriding aura endowed by the strength of the later period of the Detachment Stage, Emperor Yao exerted his four Treasures of Transcendences to break almost half of the Zhang Domain.

The Monster Gods and the Royalist Army was thus forced to retreat, pulling the fronts back to their national border. At this point, the Zhang Domain had lost almost been wiped out while their enemies only suffered relatively far lower mortality of 25%, apparently, the Zhang Domain was doomed to be the loser.

Lin Wang, though fearing that he might be caught on the spot, would like to take Emperor Zhang’s Fate when he was too weak to keep it. Most attacks were blocked, though, the breached energy from the array made his nerves give out and even caused damages to his Body of Fate—not that perfect as it looked like, he thought, at least it was terribly incapable in defense. Besides, its good invisibility would invalidate once he was stained by the blood smell, and any stealth magic weapon or armor could be its substitution.

Lin knew that he was the assassin type, a master of attack rather than defense, and surely he could not survive a protracted war, but one the other hand, he could acquire faster improvements without being beset by a standstill, which was common for other practitioners, and he could thus head down this open road as long as his Fate was enough to support his improvement.

“It’s good enough to reap from those of Normalization Stage. Don’t be greedy.” He thought, knowing that he should not have survived so many battles without being a loyal follower of the principle of caution.

“What a sneaky group of bastards! Aren’t they afraid of other’s revenge for their brazen behaviors?” But on second thought, Lin realized how amused it sounded— of course it wouldn’t work, the leader of the Demon King Army, the man who could defeat three Emperors within three rounds, was considerably invincible indeed, how dared the others to challenge him?

“I’d better be a bystander to prevent myself from getting injured. I don’t want to waste Fate on healing.”


“This is a great defensive magic weapon! We need to attack it together!” Commanded Yuan Kris.

“Super Cosmic Explosion Fist with thirty-five times of gravity!”

Demon Kris had gained further development since the last battle, explaining his rather mighty power rendered by a mere fivefold increase in gravity.

On and on it went, the more energy he increased, the more damages he caused.

“Chaos Spirit Wuji……”

The eleven powerful attacks brought a good shake on the Picture of Universe.

“It works! Don’t stop the assails!” Yuan Kris ordered, “One hit, two hits, three hits……Now’s the time, Demon Kris!”

“Break Boundaries!” Demon Kris exerted his aptitude timely to shift himself into the barrier and found that Emperor Yao was mounting a barrage of assaults on Emperor Zhang.

This was a terror-filled place.


All of a sudden, Demon Kris landed a blow on Emperor Yao’s back, and the latter, who didn’t expect that someone could break into the barrier, started vomiting blood because his body was not elevated to be as tough as the one of later period of the Detachment Stage just like his magic power.

This was a common side-effect brought by the Treasure of Transcendence. The promotion of your magic power or sun soul might seem to be an easy job, but it was not the same case with that of your body.

Demon Kris didn’t stop his offensive, “Vibration Fist!”

And then countless punches were swung in Emperor Yao’s direction and went through his body!

Emperor Zhang who was still trapped in the array was fazed by the surprising scene.

Oh my god! Who the hell is this tough guy! He just killed Emperor Yao with a mere punch! But how could he break in without being blocked by the Picture of Universe?

With the fall of his body, Emperor Yao’s sun soul, as well as that aggressive aura, also suffered a great impact, being reduced to the early period of the Detachment Stage at a fast pace.

It’s impossible for him to fail to sense the Picture being destroyed.


Demon Kris preferred his fists rather than Chaos Spirit Sword.

“Super Cosmic Explosion Fist with thirty-five-fold gravity plus Vibration Fists!” This was his most powerful attack!


Without the protection of any Treasure of Transcendence, the sun soul of Emperor Yao was smashed badly into numerous pieces.

As his spirit fled into Immortal-destroying Gourd, the knives were gathered up, the Heavens Monster God Array collapsed, and the Demon-trapping Pagoda and the Demon Pennant also flew into the Picture of Universe.

And then, the Treasure rolled itself up.

“Wanna take all the treasures away? No way!”

All members of the Demon King Army pinned the Picture on the ground in unison.

“It wants to flee out of the Universe Void! Suppress it with the Chaos Spirit Sword, Yuan Kris!”

Yuan Kris immediately swung at the Picture of Universe and it was fixed by the overwhelming Sword Energy.

I need to bail! This was the very first thought flashing across Emperor Zhang’s mind after he got out of the array.

“Stop them! They are going to escape from here!” Shouted Demon Kris.

And that moment, a giant hand emerged from the horizon.


The mere word froze the length and breadth of the space in a flash, not even the Treasure of Transcendence was able to open it.

Certainly, Emperor Yao was luckier than Emperor Zhang as he could fly away in time before Demon Kris noticed him while the latter was blocked by Demon Kris under an exhausting situation and grew more desperate facing the fact that the Treasures of Transcendence didn’t work before the giant hand.

“This is outrageous! How could you feel no qualms about your obscene behaviors!” Emperor Zhang shouted.

They’ve got nothing at all in the battles except the one of wiping out the Ji clan! What a brazen group of bastards!

But the fears inevitably haunted his mind as the scene that how he was defeated was still new to him.

“So what?”

The giant hand swept towards him, but suddenly, another hand appeared in the opposite direction!


As the palms clapped against each other, the earth was shocked and roared, and everyone was blown far away by the aftermath.

Apparently, they were not qualified to fight against such an amazing force which left the whole part of the Zhang Domain in ruins.

The result of the confrontation turned out that they were evenly matched in power.

“I will take his life!”

“I will save his life!”

“Well, let’s see if you can defeat me or not!”

In Alliance Domain, Kris Chen squinted speculatively. Seemed that the man rigging the Chaos World of the Other Realm finally stepped on the stage. He could tell from the unparalleled power which made his palm fall asleep that this must be a tough guy.

If he didn’t improve his physical fitness by the pieces of the Zhongmiao Door, he might have had his hand broken.

“He must advance to the Detachment Stage by practices rather than the Treasures of Transcendence!”

Kris clenched his right fist tightly, all sixty trillion cells were connected mutually, all power from thirty thousand worlds were gathered together.

The seemingly slow punch was thrown at ultrafast speed!

The unknown guy also blew out a punch.



That was a sound suggestive of the broken bones, but it didn’t to Kris.

It’s the unknown guy whose hand was broken!

But Kris also couldn’t feel his arm.

The instant confrontation told him that he was stronger in physical strength while the other was in magical power.

Both of them didn’t show their real strength.

Noticing Emperor Zhang was going to flee away, Kris stretched out to catch him, trapping him with the Great Tao—No matter who the enemy was, he had never gained the upper hand in any battles.

What a poor guy.

“It will be good to have you in the next battle.” Kris said to the man and caught Emperor Zhang from the distance.

“Okay! Guys, let’s go.” Demon Kris clapped.

A fruitful trip. He thought.

They’d defeat Emperor Yao and got a Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence, as for the winner of the battle between the Zhang Domain and the Yao Domain, of course it was none of his business.

After trading approving gazes with each other, all of them opened the void and left.

It was quite upset to be Kris’s incarnation, because they would soon be caught up.

It was also quite upset to be Kris’s magic weapons, because they would soon be abandoned for failing to keep up with his development.

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