“Let him go? Gracia what did you say??”

Adam Stewart coughed violently and was suddenly breathed by Gracia Stewart with a single sentence. The cough was bleeding.

“Grandpa, I…” Gracia Stewart herself didn’t understand how to say such a thing.

Maybe, Chuck Cannon understands himself!

She doesn’t want a person who knows her, if she dies, she will still die in her own hands!

But for the heirs of the Stewart family, this kind of remark is treason!!

Gracia Stewart is clear.

“You know? Chuck Cannon, this person, I want to kill most, more than I want to kill Karen Lee!” Adam Stewart gritted his teeth!

The insult in his heart reappears!

It seems to be back to the scene where Chuck Cannon made a noise at Brayden Stewart’s wedding!!

This is the greatest shame in the history of the traveller’s family, and this shame was given to him by Chuck Cannon!

He himself was actually threatened by Chuck Cannon!

All the clansmen watched, they were threatened by Chuck Cannon!

This kind of hatred is already in the bone!

“Grandpa.” Gracia Stewart sighed and understood Adam Stewart’s anger.

“Needless to say, Chuck Cannon must die, absolutely!” Adam Stewart coughed.


Gracia Stewart was lost in her heart. She was originally asking tentatively, but she didn’t expect that Adam Stewart’s reaction would be so big!

“Did you hear what I said!” Adam Stewart’s thin hands, clutching Gracia Stewart tightly.

Gracia Stewart was at a loss, “I…”

“You have to understand that you are a member of the Stewart, and heir to the Stewart. Anyone who harms my Stewart must die! This Chuck Cannon is one of them!”

Gracia Stewart sighed, “Grandpa, I see, take a good rest first…”

In this situation, Adam Stewart couldn’t get angry again at all, otherwise, he would die!

“I can’t rest. I can live only a few days. I know my own situation. Before I die, bring Chuck Cannon and Karen Lee’s head to me!” Adam Stewart could not close his eyes.

He has suffered from illness these days!

This kind of hatred has already made him crazy.

“I…” Gracia Stewart fell into a daze again.

“Do you want me to die?” Adam Stewart coughed violently, coughing up black blood.


“No, then you do it! Everything in the Stewart is yours, so you can move it around! You don’t need to talk about credibility with Karen Lee, the soldiers are not tired of fraud, understand? Give her a surprise!”

“I… I see, grandpa, take a break first!” Gracia Stewart sighed and covered Adam Stewart with the quilt.

She also saw that Adam Stewart’s innocence could not live for a few days, maybe he was asleep now and couldn’t wake up at all.

Will die anytime.

There are too many diseases concurrently. If it weren’t for Stewart’s advanced medical treatment, Adam Stewart would have died long ago.

Gracia Stewart sighed and came out of the secret road, looking at the sky, and Adam Stewart’s voice kept echoing in her mind:

Chuck Cannon must die!

Take Chuck Cannon’s head back, take it back…

These voices have fallen into Gracia Stewart’s brain, making her sigh again and again.

What should I do?

“Chuck Cannon, if you don’t understand me, how good would it be? I don’t want to lose you my friend, but what you did makes me have to treat you…”

Gracia Stewart muttered to herself and fell into entanglement!

She used to be decisive, but this time?

At this time, suddenly her cell phone rang, and it was a strange phone number.

“Gracia Stewart, it’s me, my lady wants to see you!” This was a man’s voice!

That’s right, it was ordered by Heidi Hudson, who was angry back from Chuck Cannon Casino!

“I’m not free now..”

“I don’t care about you, remember to take a shower and change clothes when you come…”

Hang up the phone!

Gracia Stewart fell into the cold, and she knew that this Heidi Hudson must have passed by herself and put pressure on the people Heidi Hudson liked!

Who is this person Heidi Hudson likes?

Regardless of this, she has agreed to Heidi Hudson anyway, what she has to do now is to take Chuck Cannon’s head and Karen Lee’s head…

“What did you see? Say!!!” In a luxurious room.

Brayden Stewart sneered.

A man in black knelt down. “I saw Gracia Stewart appearing at Stewart’s place, she would have seen the master!”

“Hmph, my grandfather is dying, what’s the use of seeing?” Brayden Stewart disagrees.

He has solved all the other opponents, but this Gracia Stewart is still alive!

Now it’s the last juncture, absolutely no mistakes can be made.

“This…” The man in black didn’t know how to answer.

Brayden Stewart’s temper, he knows, doesn’t want to be boring!

“Gracia Stewart came back this time. He may have brought some special medicines. Grandpa may have woke up and gave Gracia Stewart the last test. If Gracia Stewart can do it, then Gracia Stewart will be the master of the house, but will I let her did she do it? Haha!” Brayden Stewart laughed.

“Grandpa, you’re so confused, I’m the master of the house, can’t I be 10,000 times better than a woman? Grandpa, you disappoint me!” Brayden Stewart appeared murderously.

“Master, what are you going to do?” The man in black was shocked.

This look is absolutely killing!

Whom to kill?

“What am I going to do? That old fool wants someone to be the master of the house, will I let him do this? He has lived for so long and should be dead! I will not let anyone block me! I will kill whoever blocks me!” Brayden Stewart sneered out!

The man in black was so scared that he was sweating coldly. What is this going to do?


The door was pushed open, and Adam Stewart on the hospital bed had not rested. He got up and saw Brayden Stewart walk in, and Adam Stewart coughed a few times. “Brayden, give me a glass of water…”

“Grandpa, water.” Brayden Stewart poured water over.

Adam Stewart is naturally suspicious. After he is sick, he will not let anyone in the room. If something happens, he will press the switch on the bedside and someone will come in!


After Adam Stewart drank the water, he felt better, “Thank you, what’s the situation with Stewart recently? You can talk to me.”

“No problem, Grandpa.” Brayden Stewart smiled, the cold to the extreme!

After saying it all, Adam Stewart’s weather was trembling, “Five dead? Who did it? Who did it!!”

Adam Stewart was angry, think Karen Lee did it? Chuck Cannon did it?

It must be!!

He even wants Chuck Cannon and Karen Lee to die!

“Grandpa, I know who did it.” Brayden Stewart approached.

“Quickly, did that Chuck Cannon do it? He dealt with our Stewart? He is looking for death!!” Adam Stewart is not awake, his mind is already sinking, he has slept for too long, and he has been tortured by illness for too long, dying.

“Yes or not.” Brayden Stewart said.

“Brayden, what do you mean?”

“Chuck Cannon, they did what Karen Lee did, but there is also someone to help them!”

“Who, who? Who would dare to help them?” Adam Stewart coughed black blood, his eyes widened!!

“Grandpa, I, it’s me…” Brayden Stewart smiled slightly, extremely ferocious!

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