Chapter 721 – 722: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 721: After The War

Shisan Yao was shocked. In other words, all Yao’s troops were in a state of confusion and fear.

As the war went on, Emperor Zhang was captured, and their own emperor was wounded and fled away.

Although Yao army almost destroyed the Zhang region, they now felt a sense of unsustainability!

Shisan was afraid of being besiege by the demon king army, so he immediately ordered the withdrawal.

The Yao army came aggressively but left in a hurry.

There were only three million left in the five million Monster Gods, and the royalist army as also beaten to pieces, less than one third.

Lin Wang was also frightened by the fight just now. He did not dare to absorb Fate and ran away in a hurry.

There two rounds between these two people gave him the feeling of the collapse of the world.

“Run, the farther away the better!”

Lin Wang was shocked in his mind. Was this the real peak combat power of the chaos world on the other realm?

He increasingly suspected that the leader behind the demon king army was the Supreme Lord.

If found, he would definitely die.

The incarnation of Fate was really good at hiding, but he was not sure what would happen in front of the supreme lord.

After flying away from Zhang region in a hurry, he just stopped, “Damn, how much Fate has been wasted!”

His cultivation had been promoted to the end of the detachment stage of the middle period. Maybe he could break through the fulfilled period by absorbing some more ate, or at least break through the detachment stage of later period.

“Well….well. If I’m not found out, there’s still a chance.”

Lin Wang comforted himself and found a death star to hide in.

At the same time, Daqi Xuanyuan arrived late. When he arrived with the remnants of Xuanyuan region, the war was over and the whole starry sky was destroyed.

Countless corpses of the soldiers were floating in the void.


Was the war over?

Xuanyuan people got confused.

“Your majesty, this…”

As Daqi frowned, at this moment, his projector vibrated, “Ding, the latest news, the battle against the emperor has come to an end…”

After watching it, Daqi sighed, “let’s go back to the alliance domain.”

“Your Majesty, the demon king army is not easy to get along with. We can…”


Daqi glanced at the crowd, “I know what you think, but the strength of the demon king army is unfathomable, and their system has been thoroughly implemented. It’s impossible for us to make waves there.”

He had been in alliance domain for such a long time, where he learned a lot. Coupled with the oath he made in front of Kris Chen, he would never do anything to hurt the demon king army and alliance domain in his life.

What’s more, he didn’t think they could make any differences there. For Kris, their lives were meaningless to him and he could kill them all with a single palm.

“Xuanyuan nation is gone and I’m the last king of the country. From today on, Xuanyuan nation will be dissolved completely and Che Xuanyuan will be the head of the Xuanyuan clan.”

Che Xuanyuan was shocked and quickly knelt on the ground, “Your Majesty, with us, Xuanyuan nation will not be over!”

“No, it’s over!”

Daqi looked at them and said, “great unification is inevitable. Those who win in the end will sweep the world and complete the great unification. No one can compete with it. At that time, there will only be one voice in the world!”

“Do you think the Xuanyuan family has a future? We don’t even have a treasure of transcendence. How can we fight against it? “

No one looked at him, because they all knew that Daqi was right.

“I made an agreement with the leader of the demon king army. If the Xuanyuan people work hard for the demon king army, Xuanyuan clan will be reestablished. Xuanyuan country can be destroyed, but Xuanyuan people can’t!”

“Your majesty!” People knelt down on the ground one after another, and many of them were in tears.

The Xuanyuan royal family, who dominated millions of Xuanyuan domains, was officially dissolved today. From today on, there was only the Xuanyuan family of the alliance domain, but not the Xuanyuan royal family any more.

“Remember, this is the last time you call me the king. From today on, everyone should remember my words. Don’t be ambivalent. The demon king army will not treat you badly.”

Daqi said, “I’m gone. Please take care of yourselves.”

He was carrying Xuanyuan bow, and the royal identity had had been put down in his heart, but it was hard to put down his hatred.

As for Yao family, Zhang family, and Ren family, he was bound to hide in a dark corner and put cold arrows at them.

He might be killed, but so what.

He died when he should die. He was a sinner of Xuanyuan. He was destined to bear the sin in his whole life.


Feng region.

Looking at the emperor ancestor with trembling right hand, Wuxie Feng was in fear for the first time, “emperor ancestor…”

Before he could say anything, a chess piece in front of the emperor ancestor of the Feng family was smashed. The original clear situation was suddenly covered by a heavy fog.


Emperor ancestor sighed and slightly stunned. His hand stopped trembling in the next second. “We can’t underestimate them. We each have our own victory and defeat in different terms.”

Wuxie’s eyes were full of panic. “Is it the other two families join together? Or how could they get to this situation against the emperor ancestor?”


Emperor ancestor was expressionless. “I know the breath of those two people. This man is definitely not from the Xue family or the Ying family!”

“Having such incredible power, he must be you-know-who.”

“More than 10 million years ago, are you willing to show up at last?”

Emperor ancestor once again showed a smile on his face. “It’s OK. Don’t worry. No matter how strong he is, he can’t win me though.”

“Yes, emperor ancestor!”

Wuxie said respectfully, but he became more and more anxious and worried a lot.

At this time, Xue region!

Emperor Xue’s expression was full of uncertainty. Emperor Zhang was captured by the leader of the demon king army, and emperor Yao fled at a critical moment.

Who else got involved?

Feng family? Or the Ying family?

Why would that person get involved?

Was it just for testing each other’s ability?

He felt the questions lingering in his mind.

“Your majesty, at this time, the Yao people have withdrawn in a hurry. Apart from a small number of Zhang’s troops, most of Zhang region has become an enclave. The most urgent thing is to occupy the territory now. Yao region absolutely dare not show up at this time.”

“Your majesty, please send the troops!”

Ming Xue felt very annoyed. “You idiot know nothing but occupy the territory. We haven’t digested the Xuanyuan region yet. Zhang region is vast, so how can we take it? Aren’t you afraid to die for taking too much? “

“Although the demon king army has went away, aren’t you afraid to be defeated by them later?”

“This…” People were afraid and couldn’t speak anything.

Indeed, the demon king army had strong high-end power. If they had to face the demon king army, they would definitely lose.

“Zhen Xue, please analyze the current situation.” Ming Xue asked.

Zhen Xue, Ming Xue’s tenth younger brothers, was very intelligent.

“Yes, your majesty!”

Zhen Xue stepped forward and said, “now there are six remaining forces. After the first round, the Imperial War will fall into a short period of peace. I boldly estimate that there will be at least ten years of stability.”

“Oh, why do you say that?” Ming Xue asked curiously.

“Your Majesty, the demon king army has repeatedly taken actions at crucial times, which has aroused the vigilance of all families. Secondly, if there is another war, the demon king army will certainly participate.”

“In this way, we should not take actions before we have a panacea!”

“Can’t we unite several families to fight against the demon king army?”

“Your majesty, although the proposal is sound, the demon king army still owns very strong top practitioners and high-end power.”

Moreover, the demon king army had robbed so many treasures of transcendence in these two times, which can help them to cultivate top power. WI conservatively estimate that the demon king army can now resist the full attack of the two regions simultaneously. “


As soon as everyone heard these words, they couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

Were they that strong?

Although Ming Xue didn’t want to admit it, Zhen Xue’s analysis was very reasonable.

The war of exterminating the emperors was not a family game, which was related to many aspects.

Xue family’s ancestor still needed some time to go out from the closing door. The longer the interval took, the better Xue family’s ancestor would recover, and, therefore the more Xue family could win.

“Zhen Xue’s analysis is true.”

Ming Xue said, “Nobody can set off a war within ten years. Those who violate this will not be pardoned!”

“We should speed up the transformation of Buddhist soldiers at all costs. In ten years’ time, the number of Buddhist soldiers must exceed 300 trillion!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

How many people would die for these three trillion Buddhist soldiers!


The palace of the Ying region.

Yu Ying looked dignified. He didn’t care whether emperor Yao won or lost, or whether emperor Zhang died or not.

What he really cared was the confliction between the two big powers.

Was that the fight between Feng region and Xue region?

He showed the images of the battles to Xue family’s ancestor, who just reacted with a sentence, “Time’s up.”

Moreover, for the first time, he saw their ancestor looked so dignified.

“How about the birth of the demon?”

“Your majesty, it’s growing well!”

“Speed up, at all costs!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

Yu Ying was in a fretful mood, “Anyone come here, I want to go to the Nichang palace!”

After a while, Yu Ying came to the Nichang palace.

“Your majesty, welcome.”

“My queen, please get up.”

Yu Ying immediately raised Nichang, who was pregnant.

“I have told you that there is no need to salute at such a time.”

Realizing Yu Ying’s care, Nchang said with a smile, “Your Majesty, it doesn’t matter. Our baby is very healthy!”

“My dear!”

Holding Nichang’s hand, Yu Ying felt that all his troubles and tiredness were gone.

He was once the most humble prince of hundreds of princes in Ying family, and the throne should have nothing to do with him.

But all this was completely different from when he met Nichang.

Nichang was smart, and the most important thing was that she had long-term vision, so half of his achievements were due to Nichang.

However, in the battle of seizing the throne, Nichang was seriously injured in order to save him. At that time, the imperial doctor diagnosed that Nichang was probably infertile.

Many ministers also advised him to abolish the queen one after another.

How could Yu Ying agree? He killed all these ministers in a cruel way and left determined words, “If anyone wants to abolish the queen, you should kill me first.”

Moreover, during the years when Yu Ying became the emperor of the Ying clan, he only loved Nichang, so he only had one wife in his harem.

Maybe God pitied them, so Nichang was finally pregnant. He could feel the little baby in Nichang’s belly who was connected with him by the same blood.

“Your majesty, what happened?”

Nichang saw Yu Ying’s eyes were covered with light sadness, so she couldn’t help but ask.

Yu Ying said with a stiff smile, “Nothing, Don’t worry, my queen.”

“Brother Yu Ying, you and I are husband and wife, how can you hide thing from me?”

Brother Yu Ying was the nick name that Nichang called Yu Ying. She called him so, which meant that she didn’t regard Yu Ying as an emperor or regard herself as a queen at this moment.

She liked to call him brother in private.

Yu Ying didn’t hear Nichang call him brother hundreds of years ago, so he even gave birth to a touch of guilt in his heat as Nichang called him so.

Embracing his wife, “Nichang, I just don’t want you to worry too much.”

Instead of thinking himself as an emperor, he acted like a normal husband. In front of Nichang, he never needed to disguise.

“How can you say that I worry too much when it comes to Brother Yu Ying’s business? Husband and wife are of one mind. Your business is mine. When you are not happy, how can your wife be happy?”

“Sister Nichang!” Holding her hand, Yu Ying felt warmness covering his heart.

Chapter 722: Make Breakthrough on Detachment

At the same time, in Time Barrier.

Kris Chen looked at Lord Zhang who was sealed and asked “Are you Baili Zhang?”

“You are the leader of Troops of the Demon King?”

Baili stared at Kris with hatred.

“Don’t stare at me like that. You are a dead man if I did not help you. So in a way, I am your saviour.”

“Pah, shameless.”

Baili was furious, but he could not move at all. He was like the meat on Kris chopping block.

He did not have any extravagant hope for living now, so he preferred to be tough. So that he was a man of real fibre even if he died.

Kris shook his head and opened his hand, then he took out the dragon spirit from Baili. The dragon spirit made a sound of bellow.

It was useless. In Kris hand, it was just like a blasted mud fish.

The Stage of Baili reduced greatly without the dragon spirit. Immediately his Kungfu fell to Normalization Stage.

His own Stage was close to detachment. However, he was badly wounded, so his Kungfu was fell to Normalization Stage Fulfilled period.

He could not be the opponent of Kris at Later period, detachment, let alone at Normalization Stage Fulfilled period.

“I will kill you first if you do not behave yourself.”

Kris erased the will of the dragon spirit. Fundamentally the dragon spirit was cohered by the fortune of Zhangyu so that its strength was extremely powerful.

Demon Spirir absorbed it pretty fast.

Baili could not help opening his eyes widely seeing this, then he asked “I never expected that you…you dare…”

“I am so prodigal?”

Kris smiled and said “Xuanyuan Spirit also said so.”

“Xuanyuan Spirit? You killed him?”

“No, I let him go.”


Doubt was over Baili’s face. “How could you let him go when he is in your hands?”

“Believe me or not.”

Kris was lazy to explain to him. He departed Emperor Sword and Emperor Seal, then he erased the will of them in front of Baili.

Baili was heartbroken. He opened his mouth but he did not know what shall he say.

“Good job. The magic weapons of Zhangyu are powerful, they are much better than the magic weapons of Jiyu, Jiangyu and Xuanyuan dayu.”


Baili was furious “Wait, you said Jiangyu? The emperor of Jiangyu ran away, you… ”

“Yes, you are right.”

Kris was in good mood, then he took out the universe map he robbed from the emperor of Yao.

He was just mortally afraid of death. Otherwise it would not be so easy to get the magic weapon.

It was another Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence.

Now Kris owned two Middle-grade Treasure of Transcendence and two Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence now.

They could offer Kris lots of Fate, maybe he could make breakthrough by this chance.

“Do you want to be alive?”

Kris suddenly asked.

Doubt flashed in Baili’s eyes, Kris really wanted to spare him?

“What do you want?”

“It’s easy to talk with smart people.”

Kris smiled and said “There might be two or three billion forces residual. What you need to do is simple, harass them, any Yu would be fine.”

“Run after you attack. Don’t fight with them. Just harass them. I don’t care how you harass them. Your life would be saved if you could do that.”

Baili frowned and asked “So easy?”

“It’s easy if you think it is easy. It’s not easy if you think it is not. I can’t guarantee that the emperors would not fight back. You would die if you don’t say yes.”

Kris said with a smile.

“Okay, I can do that.”

“Swear to me.”

Kris began to practice Taoist magic art alone.

The four great Treasure of Transcendence was the biggest harvest of Kris.

He was eager to see the transformation of Chaos Spirit Sword, he stayed almost a century in Time Barrier then did Chaos Spirit Sword absorbed all the Fate.

These magic weapons were still strong without Fate, and they were responsible of carrying Fate, so for sure they became the carrier of Fate.

It was just a matter of time to be Treasure of Transcendence with proper use.

Chaos Spirit Sword was transforming, it crossed Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence and it became Treasure of Transcendence. It was still evolving, and it gave back Kris powerful power.

As the content of Kris’ inner world was getting more, the feeling to get breakthrough was getting strong, then he could not suppress it anymore.


Supreme Universe of Main Universe successfully made the breakthrough to ultimate Universe.

Then as the rapid expanding of it, Kris’ Kungfu was expanding fast.

In addition, sun soul and the power of its body was increasing rapidly.

Kris realized what was detachment at that moment.

His body, sun soul and his power were detached.

The three of them was detached together.

Zhongmiao Door under the skin kept releasing magic Pneuma. It released ten times more than before.

It even surpassed that of Kris.

One thousand years later, Kris woke up.

Each of his cells was quite close to detachment. Sun soul’s Divine Spiritual Power had achieved detachment as his power.

His Stage was steadied.

Then the world became more fragile now. He felt he would collapse as long as he moved.

It seemed now that the top level of this world was detachment. Divine Spiritual Power kept expanding like a knife. It crossed the specters. He saw colorful world boundary.

It seemed that the boundary would be pierced if he put out his fingers.

It meant he could go to Upper World now without a ticket.

In addition, he found there was a useful function of Zhongmiao Door-Covering breath.

Kris’ breath was tight after he made the breakthrough.

That was wonderful.

Just the Zhongmiao Door was too small so that the power it emitted was not big enough to help him.

Maybe fragments of Zhongmiao Door could be found in other worlds.

He felt that he could collect all the fragments and he could harvest.

Kris looked at Chaos Spirit Sword, Supreme Treasure of Transcendence, but that was not enough to break the barrier of Treasure of Transcendence.

He did not know what was the stage over transcendence, either.

So he was entangled.

The most important thing was Closing Door(practicing Taoist magic art alone)was useless now. Endless world was still expanding, but subsequent achievement methods were not found.

He had to finish Imperial War as soon as possible and leave Chaos World of the Other Realm.

After Kris came out from practicing Taoist magic art alone, he shared the information with others regarding how to break Detachment Stage.

Though they were incarnations of Kris, they had different ways. They could still learn from him.

For example, Demon Kris was trying to cultivate world in cells. He had succeed though Smelting Art after many times’ failure.

Kris did not need too many resources in short time, so he tried his best to support Demon Kris now.

He could understand that people were eager to make breakthrough now and they wanted to face the fight in the near future.

Yuan Kris had been researching micro world. Currently, his research had found superstring particles and quark. He could prove the origin of power if he could succeed this time.

It was horrible. Kris doubted if Yuan Kris could surpass him once Yuan Kris mastered the origin of power.

Of course, it was a joke. Their breakthrough was also Kris’ breakthrough. Kris could benefit from their breakthrough as well.

Another example, Buddha Kris mastered 1.8 billion small worlds, 4.8 billion middle worlds and 1.2 billion great worlds in his Buddha world. Buddha Kris world was forming now.

Countless creatures only respect Buddha Kris now.

Further more, the belief born from the Inner Universe of Kris could be used by him as his wish, which was horrible.

He did not fight serious in the battles before.

It seemed now that he could surpass the early period of detachment if he tried his best.

Because in some cases, the Belief power was no less than the Fate Power.

Buddha Kris made himself stronger with the help of Belief power.

And Jian Kris tried the way of infinite universe.

It was said that the foundation of the infinite universe was Yin Yang. The growth of everything depended on themselves. Now Chaos World was going to be formed.

They seven of them would go perfection once Chaos world was formed.

Thinking of this, Kris fastened his speed once his finger pointed at Time Barrier. Five million years past when only one year past in outside world.

In short time, no world war would outbreak outside, so the time would be enough to improve themselves.

Kris was not worried about Lianmeng for Xiu Cheng was there.

Kris came to the Chaotic Silent Land in one step with Chaos Spirit Sword and fixed Hybrid Spirit Cauldron in hands.

He had to fasten his speed to collect for lots of resources were needed for eleven people’s practicing.

One sword was enough to kill billions of spirits. Hybrid Spirit Cauldron flied out to practice Chaos energy.

Kris took out the boundary-defining compass, the magic weapons still had big possibility to get improved.

Kris caught casually then billions of Chaos energy was collected by the boundary-defining compass.

“Good. One day I will refine you to Treasure of Transcendence.”

“Hum hum.”

The boundary-defining compass began to vibrant, it seemed it was responding to Kris.

Soon the Chaos Specters around were swept away.

But it was still not as fast as the speed of supplement.

“Endless? It’s horrible.”

Kris really had to thank his previous life. They would be unable to live if he did not bend over backwards to enter the Chaotic Silent Land.

Lives were extraordinary small just like ants, even inferior to ants.

These silent Chaos World meant countless spirits died silently.

Kris caught casually and it was full of death energy and grievance.

However, it was good for refining weapons.

He began to refine weapons with the materials.

Death energy and grievance were strong power, maybe they were not less than Fate.

Kris had deeper understanding on power after he was detached.

The power of Fate was strong was because its quantity was big.

Quantitative change leads to qualitative change.

It seemed easy for Kris to absorb the Fate, but the lives in the Other Realm were accumulated little by little.

No one knew how long Chaos World of the Other Realm had existed.

The time Land of Nirodha existed would not be shorter than Chaos World of the Other Realm.

If the death energy, grievance could be utilized, maybe another Treasure of Transcendence could be created, who knew?

He quickened his refine, and soon a black giant sword was ready.

It looked unlucky for it combined death energy and grievance.

Kris waved it casually and thousands of chaos specters were killed.

Death energy curled from the bottom to the top.

“Go, absorb by yourself.”

Kris put the sword in the deeper place of the Land of Nirodha because he had no time to stare at it.

“Hybrid Spirit Cauldron, follow Death Sword.”

Death Sword was the name given by Kris for the giant sword. Hybrid Spirit Cauldron Demon Spirir replied yes and followed it in a hurry.

“Great, you are fast in absorbing the death energy and grievance.”

Kris nodded then he packed up Chaos Spirit Sword and put the well-refined Chaos energy into his universe. At this time, there were more than 156 billion stars in Kris.

So did Kris relax the threshold of Normalization.

Another wave of creatures made breakthroughs.

Over one hundred million made breakthrough in a flash.

And the power they brought Kris was amazing.

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