Chuck Cannon woke up from Du Peixin’s house. He slept very comfortably last night.

Yvette Jordan was in her arms, she looked cute when she fell asleep, Chuck Cannon tapped her on the cheek, Yvette Jordan woke up in a daze, in Chuck Cannon’s arms, drilled a drill, Chuck Cannon embraced her, and the two embraced silent.

Yesterday the casino opened successfully, so stay for a while today and you can go back this afternoon, just let Du Peixin manage it.

After all, Du Peixin’s management ability is competent.

Chuck Cannon was actually thinking, after coming to the U.S. for so long, does he want to go back to China?

The situation of the square is always reported by Yolanda Lane on phone. The flow of people on the square has risen. The land that was bought before is also under intensive preparations. Yolanda Lane is very busy!

There are also Kristen and Zelda Maine, they are all in China!

He hasn’t seen them for a long time.

After solving the problem of Stewart, Chuck Cannon will go back. After all, Huaxia is his home!

Memories from childhood to big are all over there.

Chuck Cannon, Yvette Jordan was silent for a long time before getting up.

There is a smell of breakfast outside, and it must be Logan who was already cooking breakfast.

Chuck Cannon, he must be getting dressed soon, Yvette Jordan will come out at one step first.

On the dining table, Black Rose was very bloodshot. Chuck Cannon shrugged and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“What’s your business? Can I do other things?” Black Rose said indifferently!

She did toss and turn last night!

Can’t sleep at all!

In the morning, she was dazed to resist, and only fluke to sleep for more than two hours, and because of the biological clock, she couldn’t sleep even more.

She hadn’t had this situation before, and she didn’t understand her state?

“Black Rose, what are you so angry?” Chuck Cannon was confused.

How can he feel that Black Rose has a bad temper recently?

Menopause has not arrived either!

Chuck Cannon feels even more that he is already familiar with Black Rose, why is she becoming more and more indifferent to him?

More and more unhappy with him?

Chuck Cannon was stunned, but he didn’t do anything, right?

Seeing Yvette Jordan came out, Black Rose didn’t bother to continue talking with Chuck Cannon, “Don’t talk to me.”

Early in the morning, Chuck Cannon was stunned. Fortunately, Logan brought out his breakfast with a smile. Du Peixin also woke up.

Everyone sat down for breakfast.

Inadvertently, the four women were all eating silently, and only Chuck Cannon gobbled it up because Logan made it so delicious.

Logan silently pushed the breakfast in front of Chuck Cannon, as did Yvette Jordan.

Logan and Yvette Jordan looked at each other, Logan lowered her head to drink porridge without confidence, breeding guilt.

Black Rose thought in her heart: Why do you eat so fast? Who is robbing you?

Du Peixin looked funny, thinking Chuck Cannon had a good appetite, and it was actually good to find such a boyfriend.

Wait, Du Peixin subconsciously came back to her senses, what did she want to do?

Anyway, during breakfast, the atmosphere was very delicate.

The four women, each with their own minds, Chuck Cannon was casual, and were full of food.

Anyway, the four women are taking care of Chuck Cannon invisibly.

He doesn’t need to eat anything by himself, someone already pushes it in front of him.

When Chuck Cannon ate a lot, Black Rose would not eat it. Letting Chuck Cannon eat it was a subconscious act. Black Rose was astonished. Why did she do this?

Like if you don’t eat it yourself and you want to feed it to him?

After eating, everyone drives to the casino!!

Du Peixin started work on the second day of the casino’s opening, and Chuck Cannon and the others stayed until the afternoon.

Everything was going smoothly, and more than 10 billion US dollars have been credited to the opening yesterday!

Because Chuck Cannon won 10 billion dollars from that fat man!

This momentum was very good!

Chuck Cannon feels that he must roll out his business empire as soon as possible!

Ready to go back, let Du Peixin manage it alone!

Chuck Cannon was assured of her.

Several people returned home together.

When he got home, his mother also cooked a table of good dishes, and everyone ate together again. Chuck Cannon was very satisfied. The family ate very late before meeting their rooms.

In a luxurious room.

Gracia Stewart came over to see Heidi Hudson, still standing at the door.

She was actually at a loss and didn’t want to come, but before she knew it, she came by herself.

She didn’t know and didn’t want to know, she was actually delaying the time for self-comfort.

When she came to see Heidi Hudson, she had to let go, drag, and use Stewart’s power to kill Chuck Cannon.

She subconsciously does not want to kill this person who understands herself.

In twenty years, Chuck Cannon was the only person who understands her, if he dies, when will she meet again?

Maybe she didn’t want to meet him anymore, because Chuck Cannon’s kind of understanding, just right, made her feel that she could relax and communicate with Chuck Cannon. She hadn’t experienced this kind of wonderful feeling in any man.

“Are you worried?” Heidi Hudson said.

“No, what’s the name of the person you let me suppress? Can I help you now? It’s also a fulfillment of the agreement with you!”

“Let me ask you first, did Adam Stewart wake up?” Heidi Hudson asked.

“Wake up, your medicine works well.”

“But Adam Stewart shouldn’t be able to live for a few days, right? There is no one to hide from birth, old age, sickness, and death. He can be regarded as the end, how? You can inherit the position of Patriarch!” Heidi Hudson, how could she not receive news?

Gracia Stewart was silent for three seconds, and she understood that the last wish of Adam Stewart was Chuck Cannon’s head and Karen Lee’s head.


“Go ahead, who is that person?”

“You know, and the person who made you your home like what you are now,” Heidi Hudson said.

Gracia Stewart was surprised, “You mean, the person you like is Chuck Cannon?”

This? what happened?

How could Heidi Hudson like Chuck Cannon?

Gracia Stewart didn’t think of this at all!

She thought Heidi Hudson liked the kind of high-cold man, otherwise, why should this man bow his head to her?

“Yes, the person I like is him! So you can’t kill him!”

With this kind of order, Gracia Stewart should be particularly angry, but she is a little bit happy. This is an excuse. Can I not kill Chuck Cannon?

“I know that when Adam Stewart wakes up, he will definitely let you kill Chuck Cannon and Karen Lee before he dies so that he can look at him, and I know you want to kill him…”

“No, I don’t want to…” Gracia Stewart subconsciously took this sentence.

Heidi Hudson frowned, looking at Gracia Stewart.

Gracia Stewart subconsciously explained, “I didn’t want to kill him, but you didn’t mean to let me oppress him, and then let him beg you?”

“Yes, that’s what I meant! Can you do it?”

“I, Heidi Hudson, Chuck Cannon has a wife, right?” Gracia Stewart said this, which Chuck Cannon said himself last time.

“What about a wife?” Heidi Hudson said coldly. “Yes, I have a solution!”

“Are you trying to kill Chuck Cannon’s wife?” Gracia Stewart was shocked.

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