Chapter 723 – 724: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 723: Yao Emperor was Forced to the Corner

The most visual change was the rules in Kris’ Inner Universe were better and its defects were less.

For sure it did not mean the development of the universe was limited.

In order to help them, Kris made many inheritors from the achievement methods he collected from Chaos World of the Other Realm.

Let them beat the monsters and collect treasures.

It felt great to be a grandpa, but it was also energy consuming. He hoped Yuan Kris could make breakthrough soon then Yuan Kris could come back soon to observe the development of his Inner Universe. He felt exhausted in mind.

When Kris wandered on the Chaotic Silent Land, the outside world apprehended danger in every sound.

An organization named avengers appeared in silence. And its leader was a powerful man who was infinite close to detachment stage. He was good at using bow and arrow. A man would die under his bow in half step.

Even if a man could get rid of a step, he could not skip three arrows.

Yaoyu suffered the earliest.

Over ten thousand people died in those avengers’ hands.

Then Renyu was the next. It was not better than Yaoyu.

Even more people died than Yaoyu.

In addition, the disabled force of Zhangyu were fleeing. They ran after they killed people.

And they came back once you went away.

They mainly ran back and forth.

They also went to Xueyu and Yingyu, but not many people were there.

They were not quiet, so that people could not be peaceful at all.

The emperor of Renyu was furious but his bones were not found completely. He still needed one third.

Currently he had broken through Later period of Detachment Stage. He could enter Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage after he found all the bones, it was also possible for him to enter a stage beyond detachment.

And Reverse Luck Bead was also a great treasure which could absorb Fate to make one strong so that his power would get strong and strong day by day.

He seldom used Beating God Whip now.

“Wait, the time I made breakthrough is the day you die. Then you have to die. The world is mine, and the boat ticket is also mine.”

“Your Majesty, now everyone is jittery in our country. Please order army to kill the reminded force and the avengers.”

The courtiers bent their knees down one after another.

They were all fearful in mind, no one knew if they could come back alive after they went back.

Many people acclaimed they were sick and dared not to go back now.

They were afraid they would be shoot.

And the emperor had not yet closed the gate until now. Though the soldiers questioned stricter, the result was not as good as they thought. They were like bugs and they went everywhere.

The emperor’s face was pale now and his felt upset.

The Army of Yaoyu was badly hurt after the Demon King won them. It seemed they could not get recovery soon.

It could say that he was extremely weak now.

He had no ambition now, he only wanted to keep his life.

He knew he could not resist the two hands once they attack.

He could not bear the aftermath of the war.

He did not want unity nor dispatching troops.

“Shut up. That’s the scheme of the enemies. Can’t you tell?”

The emperor said coldly “All the people are undemonstrative now. Did you see the troops of Renyu fight back?”

“You majesty. We can’t just wait, we have to think ways to control this.”

“What’s your job? Why don’t you think of solving the problem? You only offering me the problems everyday.”

“Rubbish. You are all useless. What can you do?”

The emperor was furious so that he flied out his God Slayer Flying Knife and immediately several cowardly ministers were killed.

“Remember, don’t ever ask me the solution. Try to solve them. I only want the result. Got it?”

How could they say no when the bodies were on the floor?

“Yes, we got it.”

The ministers who were bending their knees kept shivering because of fear.

“Tell those people who did not come for illness. They don’t need to come anymore if they don’t come tomorrow.”

The lowest level of their was Chaos Stage, how could they be sick?

They thought he was stupid?

“Yes, majesty.”

“Now away, all of you. And ask people to ask Renyu. We can work together to kill the remaining evil elements if they are willing to dispatch troops.”

Though the emperor of Yaoyu was furious, he was still sensible.

He knew he had to do, at least it could comfort people.

“You are wise my majesty.”

People left one by one after that.

”We can’t sit still waiting for death. We have to think ways to allay with others. Otherwise we could turn to them.”

Yao Emperor was clear that he was like the meat on the chopping board under the two hands, they could kill him as wish.

Unity was impossible for now. Running away was also not possible. Imperial star had became a sifter now. He was afraid that the big hand would come and catch him once he leave.

Thinking of this, Yao Emperor wrote a letter with his brush. “Come here. Send it to Fengyu to Feng Emperor.”

“Yes, my majesty.”

Yao Emperor’s suspended heart put down after his servant left.

He was jittery with imaginary fear recently, so that he had no mind to practice absorbedly.

It was cruel to kill one’s ambition.

But it was never as important as life.

What could he protect if he could not protect Treasure of Transcendence.

Soon his letter was sent to Wuxie Feng.

He laughed after reading the letter from Yao Emperor “It seemed Taiyi Yao is scared, he asked help from us.”

“Let’s go and ask Supreme Ancestor, what shall we do next.”

The supreme Ancestor was not playing chess but refreshing his spirit by closing his eyes when he arrived at the saint place of Feng World.

He knew the Supreme Ancestor was understanding the Great Tao. He dared not to disturb but play chess alone beside him.

The Supreme Ancestor asked after some time “Here you are.”

“Yes, grandpa.”

Wuxie bent his knees and kowtow.

“Stand up.”

“Thank you.”

“Why you come here again?”

“Grandpa, this is the letter from Taiyi Yao.”

The Supreme Ancestor got it and glanced at it and laughed. “He wanted us to protect him? Smart man.”

“How do you think of it?”

“I don’t know.”

Wuxie Feng said “He is a profiteer. He is crafty, unless you tell the world about the letter.”

That’s what you said you did not know?

Feng Emperor shook his head while smiling “Make the decision as you like. But they have to offer us their Treasure of Transcendence first. They could only save one for protecting themselves.”

“Will Yao agree?”

“Find a chance to let the world know the letter, then he had to even if he did not want to.”

“You are smart.”

Wuxie left the saint place and thought Taiyi was so silly to give him his scuttle.

Yao Emperor got the reply from Wuxie. He was pleased at first, then his expression changed. “He wants me to hand him Treasure of Transcendence, it’s impossible.”

Treasure of Transcendence was his life. He had four at first, now only three were left. If he had to hand Fengyu another two, then he was not seeking for help but attachment.

He refused it without thinking.

As Wuxie was expected Taiyu would refuse it. Treasure of Transcendence was the life of Yaoyu. It meant he offered his life to others if he offered it.

How could he feel safe if he did that?

“Come and tell the world the letter.”

Wuxie said slightly.

He knew what the supreme Ancestor meant. He could not give others too many chances for the last battle. He had to solve it early in case they would bring trouble in the future.

Yao Emperor’s reputation declined shapely after his letter was shown to the world. Both the royal families and common people felt unbelievable.

Their emperor unexpectedly asked help from others. What did this mean?

It meant attachment.

“We don’t respect the world. We would rather die when we stand than live when we bent down our knees. Yao Emperor failed one after another. He lost his courage already. He is not suitable to be our emperor already.”

“Give up the throne.”

“Be careful. He has Treasure of Transcendence, we can’t win him.”

“Ha, world map had been robbed by the Demon King. You still think he could protect Yaoyu after he lose his treasure?”

Though those royal people shouted loudly, no one dared to take any action.

They would die for sure without Treasure of Transcendence.

It was turbulent in Yaoyu, the avengers killed many people as well.

People felt annoyed in addition the invasion of Zhangyu.

It seemed Yaoyu became unsafe overnight.

And the ministers began to grow apart.

Taiyi realized how stupid he was after this. How could he write a letter. He did not even know why he committed such a mistake.

He felt he was like a beast who was forced into a corner. “You all want to force me? You all want to get my Treasure of Transcendence, right? Haha, fine, I will make your wish come true.”

“Come, ask all the ministers here. Tell them I have a rescript for penitence.”

The enuch hurried to bent their knees when they heard a rescript for penitence, they said “Your majesty, you can’t do that…”

“Do what I asked you to do. Ask them to come, not one less.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

The enuch went away with worries. He knew Yaoyu was going to change its owner.

The entire imperial star was shocked to hear the rescript. “What? A rescript for penitence?”

“How could that be possible?”

“Let’s go and see.”

All the ministers of Yaoyu gathered in the court. And even royal families came.

All the people were looking forward to Yao Emperor. Soon Yao Emperor came in with Monster God Imperial Armor and sat on the highest throne.

He glanced at the people down stairs and asked “Is everyone here?”

The War Minister left his place in the ranks and replied “Yes, your majesty.”


Yao Emperor stood up and said “I know there are some rumors in imperial star these days. And I understand you. So today I want to announce a rescript for penitence.”


All the ministers bent their knees on the floor and said together “Your majesty, no. Don’t do that. We are useless.”

Their sound was enough to weak the dead, but Yao Emperor did not see any guilty from them. These ministers were cold and disdainful, some were complacent.

Yao Emperor smiled bitterly seeing this “Stand up and listen to me.”

“Three thousand eras ago, I ascended the throne. Now, I want to announce a rescript for penitence.”

Yao Emperor said slightly “People praised I am the most wise emperor in Yao’s history before. But now I am the most useless emperor who could not even protect Treasure of Transcendence.”

”Indeed, I wrote a letter to Feng Emperor and told him I want to surrender. Because I know we have no possibility to win Imperial War.”

“You never fought with them so you do not know their strength. And you don’t know how powerful they are. They are so powerful that you do not even want to resist.”

“You saw the results of Jiyu, Jiangyu, Wangyu and Xuanyuan Yu. Even imperial families were not spared in the Imperial War this time. Unity is inevitable and we don’t have the strength to unify them.”

“I thought I have the strength before, but the fact told me that I don’t.”

Chapter 724: Ren Emperor Was Hapless

“I spared no effort in the performance of my duty. But now even you want to force me. What do you want? You want to die?”

“I will satisfy you if you all want to die.”

As if possessed, Yao Emperor said angrily. People in the court noticed it was abnormal and they all wanted to fly away.

But at this time, Barriers were rose in the surrounding.

Immortal-destroying Gourd released countless knives and its huge suction attracted people inside.

Demon-capture Tower flied out to Demon-foster Garden and it absorbed all the demons and Monster God.

These demons were the capital for him to rise from the ashes.

He did not care if other people were died.

“Your majesty, spare me. I really put in a lot of sweats if not efforts in everything I do. Spare me.”

“Dad, I don’t want to die. I don’t.”

“Taiyi, you are crazy, our ancestor will not spare you.”

All the people wailed without ceasing and they screamed and shouted. However, Battle Formation isolated everything. Even the ancestors of Yaoyu were put under his belt. No one could save them today.

“Die. Yao’s life would never end as long as I am here.”

Taiyi had a grim look on his face. Demon-killing Formation and Heavenly Monster and Monster God Killing Formation was launched and soon all the people were minced into blood.

Yaoyi rent the void and fled Yaoyu after this.

He knew Yaoyu would turn into a vassal country even die if he did not surrender.

Until now, the sense of security Treasure of Transcendence brought them was not as important as they thought. The enemies’ strength was so horrible and strong.

He knew he could not win if they fought. But he could flee now.

Chaos World of the Other Realm was huge. He believed no one could find him if he really want to hide.

Soon the massacre happened in Yaoyu spread through the world.

And Yaoyu was in chaos now. All the ministers died, only some small potatoes were left.

Yaoyu was getting chaotic and some atrocious people began to scourge Yaoyu.

Xuanyuan Weapon frowned and he doubted it was the scheme of Taiyi who wanted to catch them all in an action.

However, his tipster told him Taiyi killed all the people and fled.

Xuanyuan Weapon flied to the imperial palace in a hurry without delay. He was thrilling when he saw there were dead bodies everywhere.

Divine Spiritual Power swept but nothing abnormal was found.

Only some servants were spared. Yao Palace was a ghost city now.

He did not understand why Tiayi ruined great wall and killed them, then he even fled.

At the same time, Zhang Emperor also got the news.

He was excited when he confirmed many time it was true. He said immediately “Attention soldiers and officers. It’s time to revenge. Taiyi killed all his ministers and he fled now. Let’s attack them.”


All the people were excited to hear that. Yaoyu did not even own a head now. Anyone could expect their results.

Three hundred thousand soldiers entered Yaoyu.

“Open fire.”

“Bang bang bang.”


“Bang bang bang.”

The army of Zhangyu was not resisted much on their way to Yaoyu.

Fengyu, Imperial Palace.

Wuxie was upset so that he said “Taiyi fled unexpectedly. He was so foxy that it would be hard to find him again in the future.”

Finally I got a chance to kill the enemy’s dragon, but he ran away. I acted too rashly and alerted him.

The imperial ancestor smiled and said “Taiyi was smart that he knew Yao could not win so that he killed all the ministers and took all their Kungfu away.”

“He knows how to adapt to circumstances. He is a suitable opponent if his strength is stronger.”

“But, where could he run? I can kill him easily when I get all the fragments. Let him keep alive for some time.”

“Yes, imperial ancestor.”

Then Wuxie left after he said farewell.

“Come and transmit my order. Ask Mu Feng to lead three billion soldiers to attack Yaoyu. Only one aim of their attack, rob any useful resources.”

The scout hurried to bent his knees and replied “Yes, your majesty.”

At the same time, Xueyu.

Ming Xue laughed “Wuxie wanted to beat the sneak but alerted him.”

“Taiyi is coward. He killed all the ministers and hide now. I’m afraid the people in Yaoyu would be tough in the future.”

He said while wandering “Come. Order one hundred trillion soldiers to Yaoyu to plunder their people at any price.”

He had a great plan in mind so that he needed many soldiers to support him.

The imperial ancestor was their top fighting strength, other ancestors and him represented the high-level fighting strength and the royal families represented the middle fighting strength.

For sure the more primary fighting people the better. After all, they were consumables. He did not care no matter how many people died.

“You are wise, majesty.”

The people bent their knees and replied.

“Act as soon as possible. Don’t delay my plan.”

Ming Xue thought in mind “The final battle is coming. Renyu looked careless now. Who knows what Shengxin Ren was thinking.”


Many people submitted statement to Ren Emperor to ask him to dispatch troops when they knew Yaoyu had crisis.

While Ren Emperor refused them.

“We don’t lack of resources but time to develop.”

Ren Emperor said “For sure other forces are dispatching troops to Yaoyu now. What if they had contradictions? Shall we fight or not?”


No one dared to talk.

For sure the strength of Renyu was not as powerful as Yaoyu. And now Yao Emperor fled without fighting, How could Renyu resist them?

These two years, they were miserable by the harass of avengers and casualties were heavy.

They would be dangerous without troops suppressing if they dispatched troops rashly.

“You don’t need to say anything else. I know what I am doing.”

Ren Emperor’s strength improved greatly these years. But he was low-key so that no one knew his real strength.

“I still need twenty bones. When I get them I could make breakthrough of Later period of detachment Stage.

Ren Emperor was excited thinking of this.

At that time, Fengyu, Xueyu would be nothing in front of him.

He could unify the world at that time.

Yuan Kris also got the news and the news he got was even more detailed than others. He was clear about the process of whole thing.

The leader of Demon King installed lots of monitors in monster race.

“These people are not afraid of death. Taiyi has three Treasure of Transcendence, and they wanted to force him to give up his throne, they were looking for death.”

“I don’t think so. Taiyi was stupid. He shall not leave letter even if wanted to surrender, this kind of proof was dangerous.”

Demon Kris laughed hearing what North Kris said “That’s why I said they were stupid.”

People laughed and then Buddha Kris said “It’s a good chance now. Do we need to dispatch troops?”


Yuan Kris said “We don’t need to focus on struggling places. The original soul broke Detachment Stage and his strength improved greatly so that our strength was also improved. Though we not yet break Detachment, I think we have no problem to surpass the early period of Detachment Stage.

“ What the original soul mean is simple “We can start from Renyu. For Ren Emperor is timid and he is observing it. And news I got was he was looking for something outside the palace.”

“As our staff officer deducted, he is seeking for some treasure which is quite important. Maybe it could play a decisive role in Imperial War.”

“He is thoughtless and quiet.”

“It’s a good chance now. Take action.”

People scratched the void and left directly.

Launching massive massacre was not necessary now, killing their head would be fine.

Leader of the Demon King already planned well, they only need to do as planned.

“They all began to work?”

Kris Chen smiled and woke up from Closing Door(practicing Taoist magic art alone).

He waved his hand then Death Sword and Hybrid Spirit Cauldron flied back from hundreds of millions away.

Hybrid Spirit Cauldron got back to its heyday, it was even stronger than before.

The acquired stage and the innate-power stage refined quantity of Chaos resources so that their Kungfu was powerful.

Death Sword absorbed lots of death energy and grievance so that its overlook changed a lot.

It was half black and half white.

Its kill ability was huge.

“It seems my guess is right. Death energy and grievance is not worse than Fate.

He waved his hand while looking at Death Sword with much more powerful strength. It is similar to former Chaos Spirit Sword, and it has the rudiment of Treasure of Transcendence.

For example, the power the boundary-defining compass needed was power of magnetism.

Was it powerful?

Of course, it could even besiege Detachment.

Or we could say any power could detached when they accumulated to the top.

Kris Chen realized that detachment was the top of the power. Just the process would be difficult to accumulate it.

And Fate power was the simplest and fastest way.

It could not only increase cultivation but also add your good luck. No one did not like this kind of power.

Death energy and grievance could only add the kill ability and cause hallucination.

This kind of power was also horrible.

The boundary-defining compass absorbed enough magnetism, maybe it could be a perfect treasure for defending.

“Go on practicing, I will go first.”

Kris Chen smile. He might be the first Practitioner who could make his magic weapons practice by themselves. It was great. It was time-saving and the weapons could grow by themselves.

As for the Chaos Spirit Sword, it walked different as other magic weapons.

He stepped out the Chaotic Silent Land at one step. He tore the space and came to the sky of Renyu.

At the same time, Yuan Kris and others had entered the city with the guidance of the leader of the Demon King.

Tight encirclement was set, but he still decided to fight a quick battle. He did not want to waste time.

“The original soul is coming.”

Yuan Kris looked up and said “He wants to take action.”

“Good, it saves trouble.”

Demon Kris laughed and said “Shengxin, get out quickly.”


Ray of light rose, who could it be if he was not Shengxin?

Now he was refining the last eighteenth bones.

“The Demon King.”

Ren Emperor was scared so that he wanted to call for help but he found the Barriers around.

He understood immediately that Ren Palace was controlled by the Demon King.

He sneered. What could he do? He was ultimate close to Fulfilled period of detachment stage. He did not care of them at all now.

“Fine, I will practice my Kungfu first on you.”

Divine Whip appeared in his hand suddenly. The power it could not play it role fully could not follow his strength now.

“God spirit said god spirit, seal it.”

He waved divine whip and the seal power suddenly sealed all the people.

“Bad new. Shengxin hid his strength.”

“The original soul, help us.”

Their hearts were linked together and Kris Chen noticed it was abnormal.

Shengxin’s strength was much strong than before. He felt the same power of his opponent. He knew that was detachment stage.

He unexpectedly broke detachment?

“All-inclusive, seal the world.”

The world made of billions of the Great Tao was ultimate powerful.

At that moment, Shengxin’s back was cold. He looked up and a giant fist fell down.

“Seeking for death.”


His elegance did not sustain three seconds before he was boomed to the earth crust.

The outside world did not notice it at all for the world was sealed.

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