Gracia Stewart keeps wandering at one place!

After receiving news from Heidi Hudson, she did not expect that Heidi Hudson would ask her to force Chuck Cannon to submit.

This is a headache for Gracia Stewart, as well as his grandfather’s order before he died, he wants to see Chuck Cannon and Karen Lee’s head!

What should she do?

On the one hand, it is someone who understands herself, on the other, it is the last wish of her own grandpa!

How to choose?

But she has already called Chuck Cannon and asked Chuck Cannon to come to her to meet!!

Chuck Cannon agreed.

Gracia Stewart has prepared the killing tools, and she knows exactly what she should do later!

She keeps waiting! Wait until Chuck Cannon comes to this agreed place!

“Chuck Cannon, if she suddenly asked you to meet, would you believe her?” Black Rose, who came out with Chuck Cannon, said coldly.

It was already night, Chuck Cannon, Logan and Yvette Jordan talked about a reason, and then came out.

Fortunately, Black Rose found it!

“Believe it?” Chuck Cannon sighed and didn’t know the reason. Chuck Cannon really believed in this person he had not known for long anyway.

What is the reason?

Maybe, he understands her by himself!!

“You just believe her, she’s dating you this time, definitely to kill you! Chuck Cannon, believe me once! Would you believe her but doesn’t believe me?” Black Rose stopped Chuck Cannon with indifference on her face!

There was even a wave of terrible anger.

“I believe you too, really!”

“Don’t go if you believe me!” Black Rose scolded!!

“I… She asked me, just like if you ask me, I will see you too.” Chuck Cannon looked calm!

“I won’t date you!” Black Rose shook her head indifferently, decisively to the extreme!

Just kidding, what do you ask him for?

What’s a good appointment? ?

“You won’t protect me for the rest of my life. Didn’t you say that you will leave when I have the same strength as you?!” Chuck Cannon said.

Black Rose was shocked!

To be honest, where is the gap between Chuck Cannon and Black Rose now?

It wasn’t fighting. In terms of fighting, Chuck Cannon felt that he was already the same as Black Rose. His mother’s teaching gave Chuck Cannon a speed that ordinary people could not catch up with!

Talent is very important, talent is high, and can directly surpass 95% of people, training is also important, but according to all the experience and skills of his mother, training is more important!

It’s the mentality!

The gap between Chuck Cannon and Black Rose lies in his mentality!

Black Rose was calm and decisive, sometimes Chuck Cannon can’t achieve this.

Black Rose was stunned for three seconds, her voice was as cold as ice, “Yes, I can almost leave you.”

Suddenly, Black Rose felt a sense of loss!

She has been protecting him day and night for so long. In the end, she would say, “You can almost leave?”

“So you will call me later,” Chuck Cannon said.

“No, I will never date you! Let alone call you!”

Black Rose is decisive, like a wood cut by a knife, without a trace of connection, it is decisive to the extreme!

You are so feelingless, you still have to call you yourself!

Never possible!

Moreover, Black Rose is not the kind of person who will take the initiative to contact others, let alone Chuck Cannon, there is no possibility at all!

“Then… OK!” Chuck Cannon nodded.

He felt that if Black Rose would not contact him, then he will definitely contact her.

Because Black Rose has been protecting him for so long, in Chuck Cannon’s eyes, Chuck Cannon has never regarded Black Rose as a bodyguard, but as a friend.

So, Chuck Cannon will contact her, and it is normal for friends to keep in touch.

There is also the fact that the world is big, but not that big. The circles are different. Even if two people are not connected, the possibility of encountering them is great.

“I won’t care about your life and death, but now you have to listen to me?” Black Rose was tough!

Anyway, Chuck Cannon said: Well, all right.

She heard it in her heart, and she was particularly uncomfortable.

“I will listen to you from now on,”

“No, I said, I can’t care about your life and death in the future, I care about your life or death for the future?” Black Rose was annoyed.

It’s cold to the extreme!

“It’s all here, Elder Rose,” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Go to hell, who made you call me that? Who is your Elder Rose?” Black Rose kicked Chuck Cannon, this is a big fire!

Although she is older than him, she is not used to it!

Chuck Cannon fell to the ground and rolled all over the floor.

Black Rose snorted coldly, “What else to pretend! Can’t get up yet?”

Chuck Cannon got up awkwardly, clutching his stomach, Black Rose’s foot hurts a bit, but it is not very painful. Chuck Cannon can bear it, and it won’t hurt after getting up.

Black Rose uses no strength.

“I’m going.” Chuck Cannon has arrived at the agreed place.

He almost saw Gracia Stewart, and she was waiting there.

“I tell you, people must be vigilant!! For everyone!”

“Anyone? Where’s my mother?”

“You’re arguing with me, right?” Black Rose wanted to kick Chuck Cannon again!

“No, what about you? Should I be wary of you?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Whatever you want, you can be wary of me with your gun!” Black Rose hummed.

“Will you be wary of me then?” Chuck Cannon asked again with a smile.

“I wish I could hold my gun at you, what do you say?” Black Rose was annoyed!

Why are you wary of yourself?

Be wary of you yourself, you are already dead!

Black Rose was immediately angered.

Chuck Cannon is speechless, as for? I didn’t do anything!

“Hurry up?” Black Rose urged Chuck Cannon.

Chuck Cannon had seen Gracia Stewart, and of course, he nodded. “Well, wait for me.”

“Not waiting for you! For what will I be waiting for you?” Black Rose hummed.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly and ran to Gracia Stewart.

After a few moments!

Black Rose became vigilant. She took out a sniper rifle and kept watching Chuck Cannon who was running until Chuck Cannon ran to Gracia Stewart’s side.

The cold muzzle is moving, facing Gracia Stewart!!

Gracia Stewart looked up and found that the two were looking at each other in the camera!


Facing the gunpoint, Gracia Stewart did not move a bit.

“If you dare to mess around, see if I won’t kill you!” Black Rose said coldly.

She doesn’t care about other things. At this time, as long as someone threatens Chuck Cannon’s safety, she will shoot without hesitation!

“Why are you asking me to come over?” Chuck Cannon asked.

He felt Gracia Stewart’s state of mind, coldness, that kind of coldness toward strangers.

Gracia Stewart was different from last time.

His mother let her go last time, but she still felt like a friend last time. This time she was suppressed very little by Gracia Stewart.

“My grandpa won’t live long,” Gracia Stewart said coldly.

“I know,” Chuck Cannon knows, of course, his mother said that the medicine is so powerful, Adam Stewart is so old, he must not last long, this is normal.

“My grandfather has a last wish, let me take your head and your mother Karen Lee’s head to see him!” Gracia Stewart was extremely cold!

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