Chuck Cannon actually thought about why Gracia Stewart asked him to come over.

After visiting Gracia last time and looking for the medicine from his mother, Adam Stewart must have woken up in the past few days.

But the delay was too long, and Adam Stewart would definitely not survive more than a few days.

Adam Stewart hates himself, Chuck Cannon knows, why Chuck Cannon didn’t want to kill him himself?

Letting him die of illness would be considered cheap for him.

“So?” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“Your head, I want it.” Gracia Stewart approached!

“Haha!” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“What are you laughing at?” Gracia Stewart frowned.

When Chuck Cannon laughed, she found it quite annoying.

Why would Heidi Hudson like him?

One point, any point of charm?

“The situation is back. Last time I wanted to kill you, but this time it was you who wanted to kill me.”

“Huh! Do you want me to let you go?” Gracia Stewart angrily.

“I didn’t say that, don’t get me wrong!”

Gracia Stewart approached step by step!



An icy bullet came from a place, slipped past Gracia Stewart’s ear, and hit a tree!

The tree was not thick, just cut it off!!

Chuck Cannon was shocked!

This is Black Rose’s warning!

Warn Gracia Stewart not to mess around, don’t get close!

Chuck Cannon was moved. Black Rose didn’t say much, but she actually had a bit of a tofu heart.

Gracia Stewart’s beautiful eyes didn’t move, she turned her head to look into the distance, calm!

“Her marksmanship seems to be inaccurate,” Gracia Stewart said.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, “It’s okay, you continue! She is not so accurate anymore!”

Gracia Stewart stared at Chuck Cannon for three seconds, that was three tangled seconds!

Gracia Stewart felt that she was able to dodge the bullet of Black Rose and take off Chuck Cannon’s head in three seconds!

However, she can’t do it!

She was angry, how did she become so angry?

She found a place to sit down.

Chuck Cannon smiled. This is why he came here. He was sure that Gracia Stewart would not do anything to himself.

Because Chuck Cannon understands her.

Chuck Cannon sat next to her, cuddling her shoulders, Gracia Stewart was annoyed, “Get out of here!”

“We are all brothers, what are we afraid of?” Chuck Cannon put his arms around her shoulders and touched her.

It’s the same as a brother hooking up.

Gracia Stewart opened Chuck Cannon’s hand, “Don’t take an inch! Stay away from me!”

She knew that Chuck Cannon had no other meaning, just a simple way of expressing familiarity. If there was, Gracia Stewart would have been angry.

Not to mention a knife, punches and kicks are definitely unavoidable!

She hasn’t been so hugged by other men before. Chuck Cannon is not counted. In Gracia Stewart’s mind, Chuck Cannon is not a man, but a sister!!

Still a younger sister!

Because she is a little older than Chuck Cannon.

“You can’t kill me, don’t count on my mother, and I won’t let you do this.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“I can kill you, just three seconds…”

“Don’t underestimate me, you want to kill me in three seconds?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Whatever you think!”

“Actually, I have a new idea.”

Gracia Stewart didn’t talk, Chuck Cannon hugged her shoulders, and Gracia Stewart was annoyed, “Say! What do you think!”

“Let you be the Patriarch of the Stewart, and you and I will not be in trouble! Can you do this?”

Chuck Cannon had this idea last time, let alone Gracia Stewart didn’t do anything to himself just now?

So, Gracia Stewart is not murderous, so what if she is the master of the house?

“No, absolutely not, I will sit on the Patriarch, and your house will be over!” Gracia Stewart directly refused!


Absolutely impossible!

“Okay, let’s go, let’s find a place to eat noodles,” Chuck Cannon pulled up and started travelling.

Gracia Stewart angrily kicked Chuck Cannon, “Who will eat noodles with you? I’m going back!”

“Then how will you explain to your grandpa?” Chuck Cannon no longer smiled.

Adam Stewart is still the owner of the family, which means that he still has the right not to let Gracia Stewart be the owner of the family.

“How to explain? You cut your head to me, I will mention your head back to explain!” Gracia Stewart sneered.

“I can’t do it myself.”

“Go to hell! I’m leaving! Don’t be friends afterwards, I will definitely deal with you, even if I don’t deal with you, there is still…”

Gracia Stewart stopped and did not say Heidi Hudson.

“Who else do you think?” Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“You said you are so ugly, what’s the charm?” Gracia Stewart became more and more puzzled. What does Heidi Hudson only need Chuck Cannon?

It’s ugly and the sound is ugly.

Chuck Cannon stunned, why did Gracia Stewart say that?

Despise yourself?

This is completely slander!!

Can’t bear it!

“You can’t do it either, look in front of you, shit, what?? The legs are long, but they are the same as elephant legs…”

The two scolded, and the two began to fight.

No one killed him, and after beating for a while, Gracia Stewart got up, “Don’t fight, I’m going back, my grandfather won’t live long.”

Chuck Cannon didn’t laugh anymore. In other words, it was Grandpa of Gracia Stewart, although Chuck Cannon wanted to laugh.

But Gracia Stewart is here, so you still have to hold back.

“Well, you can go back. Ask me if you have something to do,” Chuck Cannon turned and left.

“Ask you? Just dream!” Gracia Stewart sneered and went back.

But suddenly, Gracia Stewart’s cell phone rang.

She took it out and saw that there was a message on the phone, “I can’t do it, come back soon…”

“Grandpa!” Gracia Stewart was shocked!

Chuck Cannon stopped her, “What’s wrong?”

“My grandfather is dying, my family is the victim of Chuck Cannon, I will never finish with you!!” Gracia Stewart said.

Chuck Cannon was speechless!

What can you say?

This is all a causal cycle. Besides, no one can resist birth, old age, sickness and death!

“Wait, don’t you think it is strange for your grandfather to send you a message?” Chuck Cannon held her and did not let go.

Gracia Stewart was angry and loses her mind!

A slap on Chuck Cannon’s face!

Chuck Cannon’s cheeks are red!

Here Black Rose gritted her teeth!

Pulls the trigger!!


When the bullet came out, it also passed by Gracia Stewart and hit a tree!

This is the anger of Black Rose!

Gracia Stewart came back to her senses and was shocked. Chuck Cannon’s cheeks were red. This was her own fight, “I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, you read your text messages again, your grandpa is no longer good, can he still send text messages?” Chuck Cannon’s face was fierce, but he could understand her.

Gracia Stewart shook her head, “If there is a problem, I also want to go back because he is my grandfather.”

“It turns out that you can be emotional too!” Chuck Cannon sighed, he thought Gracia Stewart was cold and impermanent!

After all, after being out for so long, family affection really doesn’t mean much to her.

“I have always been emotional! Didn’t you find out?”

Chuck Cannon was speechless. By the way, if Gracia Stewart didn’t have this character, then he might have died with her a long time ago.

After Gracia Stewart finished speaking, she ran far, got in the car and drove away.

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