Chapter 725 – 726: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 725: Sowing Discord


Emperor Ren spat out a large mouthful of blood.

After that punch, he almost felt like his bones were about to break.

How could this be possible? He had only eighteen bones left to replace, and the rest bones were comparable to the Treasure of Transcendence. Besides, his strength was infinitely close to the fulfilled period of Transcendence.

But even so, the opponent beat him with a punch.

“A cosmic strike!”

With 1.296 million of infinite cosmic power assembled, Kris Chen had no intention of holding back. The evil must be eliminated, and the villains often died from talking too much.

If one could kill the opponent with one punch, he would definitely not leave it until the second punch.

“The God-Locking Scroll comes out!”

Emperor Ren threw out the God-Locking Scroll, which was a kind of Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence. It enthroned tens of billions of god spirits and was much stronger than the Beating God Whip.

“The energy of god spirits and fate are good treasures. Now they belong to me!”

Kris Chen opened his five fingers and said, “Forbiddance of the Great Tao!”

The Chaos Spirit Sword firmly suppressed the God-Locking Scroll and did not give it a chance to escape.

The Chaos Spirit Sword, which had already become a Supreme Treasure of Transcendence, was only one step away from breaking through the barrier of the supreme level. The God-Locking Scroll was of course not comparable to it.

“My treasure!”

Emperor Ren was furious, thinking that he was already in the later period of Transcendence, but why did he still have no ability to defeat the opponent?

It was not the situation that he couldn’t defeat the opponent, but he had no strength to fight back. How was this possible!

At this moment, there was a sharp pain inside his body!

Immediately after that, bones came out of his body, and with great speed, it pierced through the void and disappeared instantly!

With only eighteen bones left behind, Emperor Ren was instantly as weak as a puddle of mud. Besides, his strength was also declining quickly.

From the middle period of Transcendence, the initial period of Transcendence, the period infinitely close to Transcendence, the period of half-step Transcendence… all the way down to the later period of Normalization!

“Ah, why, why…”

Emperor Ren was almost mad, thinking why the bone of Transcendence left himself!

Kris Chen was also stunned, pinching his fingers and then he understood. He said, “Bone! It is that bone! You have merged that bone, but it is the bone of Transcendence, and your strength can’t hold it down at all.”

It’s extremely stupid of you to replace all your bones.”

“Kris Chen sneered and said, “You have eighteen bones left in your body. If I guess correctly, what you are looking for these days should be the remaining bones of Transcendence?”

“How do you know that?”

Emperor Ren, who was as weak as a puddle of mud, looked shocked.

“What is done by night appears by day!”

Kris Chen laughed and said, “That bone of Transcendence certainly belongs to someone else. I felt strange when Lin Wang chose self-destruction. If he failed to beat the opponent, he could run away. Why must he choose self-destruction? “

“Now I understand!”

Emperor Ren felt a thrill in his heart.

He vaguely touched something and said, “You… “

Kris Chen laughed and said, “That bead is also gone, isn’t it?”

Emperor Ren hurriedly checked that. And sure enough, the Reverse Luck Bead also disappeared.

He suddenly felt extremely grieved.

It was so ridiculous. He thought he was quite lucky, but in the end, it was just one trap.

Was it a trap set by Lin Wang?

Or was it a trap laid by the people behind the bone of Transcendence?

He was not a fool, and he understood it as soon as Kris Chen said that.

“Do you want to die or to live?”

“I want to live!”

Emperor Ren understood that his day had gone, and the leader of the Demon King Army was not something he could resist.

“Hand over the Treasure of Transcendence and surrender to the Demon King Army. From now on, there will be no Ren Dynasty, and there will only be the Alliance Domain. Are you willing?”

” Shengxin Ren is willing!”

He had no right to choose.

“Very well. It’s easy to talk with smart people.”

Kris Chen took away the God Beating Whip and the God-Locking Scroll, and he asked, “Are there any other Treasures of Transcendence?”

“No. There is really no more!”

Shengxin stood up and said after creating new bones and taking the oath of the Great Tao.

Kris Chen said to him, “Convince your courtiers as soon as possible. I will send someone to assist you. You only have one year.”

After that, Kris Chen withdrew the forbiddance and reversed time and space again, restoring the Imperial City to its original state.

Shengxin had no more resistance to Kris Chen’s extremely powerful means.

It was simply not something he could resist.

North Kris and Buddha Kris stayed here, while the others all left with Kris Chen.

If Kris Chen had no strength, perhaps the Alliance Domain would have been destroyed.

Everything was fake, and only strength was eternal.

Dark Space!

“Damn, damn, damn! It is only eighteen bones away from success!”

The Supreme Lord’s voice resounded throughout the space.

How could he not hate that such a master unexpectedly came at a critical time?

This person embraced extraordinary strength, invincible to a master of the Detachment Stage.

“He is not from the Feng Clan, nor from the Xue Clan and the Ying Clan.”

“Wrong. I am wrong.”

The Supreme Lord’s voice was full of regret.

“Eighteen bones have been taken away by that person. It is very difficult to get them back from him!”

“However, I still have a chance. I still have room for maneuver!”

” Lin Wang, you must grow up quickly!”

At the same time, Lin Wang was plundering fate in the Demon Domain, and suddenly there was a chill in his heart.

“What’s wrong with me?”

After breaking through the later period of Transcendence, Lin Wang not only did not become reckless in his actions, but became more cautious.

After the chilliness arose, he hid in a Death Star and did not dare to come out, afraid that his trail would be discovered.

After hiding for a long time, he came out.

When he came out, Yao Domain had been divided up.

The Xue Clan occupied half of the territory, and the Feng Clan and the Ying Clan each took the remaining half. As for the remnants of Ren Domain, they extorted the property and ran away after plundering.

“What a pity! What an abundance of power of fate!”

Lin Wang was secretly annoyed for a moment, feeling that he was too timid.

“The bold will stuffed to death while the coward will starve to death. If this continues, I will have no chance.”

With this in mind, he decided to absorb fate recklessly.

And at this time, friction occurred where the three clans’ military lines intersected, and small battles broke out constantly.

Lin Wang also absorbed part of fate from them, but compared to that of big battles, it was obviously too far behind.



At this moment, the three camps heard the horn of retreat.

“What happened?”

Lin Wang frowned. Under his provocation just now, they had gradually had a tendency to expand the war. Why did they withdraw their troops in a second?

“Could it be that something important has happened?”

He hurriedly followed the soldiers of Feng Domain back to their camp.

Mu Feng, the Grand Marshal, sat on top, with a group of generals sitting next to him. And the scout was reporting intelligence on one knee, “Grand Marshal, Ren Domain has made it known to the world that from this day it is formally merged into the Alliance Domain, and from now on there will be no Ren Dynasty!”


Everyone looked shocked.

What was this?

Did it mean that Ren Domain had been merged into the Demon King Army?

“Is there no big war?”


The scout said, “The cadres of the Demon King Army have already entered the Imperial Star, and the army has also contained the major star fortresses.”

In this way, the Demon King Army had already occupied almost more than forty trillion domains?

What an amazing number! It was a force that occupied nearly half of great domains.

This was something that could not even be thought of before.

“What did your Majesty say?”

“Your Majesty said we shouldn’t start a war casually.”

Mu Feng nodded and looked at everyone. He said, “Give an order to shrink the military line. From now on, do not clash with anyone.”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!”

Lin Wang was dumbfounded when he heard this news.

It was surprising that Ren Domain surrendered without any resistance. Emperor Ren was even more gutless than Emperor Yao.

Emperor Yao had at least killed the ministers and plundered all the reserves, but Emperor Ren didn’t conduct any resistance!

“The Demon King Army has become a major problem!”

Lin Wang seemed to have a natural fear of the Demon King Army. Hearing these three words, he felt that it was difficult to defeat it.

He couldn’t help but think of that day when both the two big hands and the aftermath of the battle nearly collapsed his body.

It was really too terrifying.

Before his strength reached the limit, he absolutely could not fight against the Demon King Army.

He lurked to the camps of Xue Domain and Ying Domain again and found that they both gave orders to stop having clashes.

He thought if you guys did not clash and die, how could I grow?

Lin Wang was so anxious that he even had the idea of killing people by himself.

“No, no, no. Although killing can help improve my strength quickly, it will erode my will, and I will probably become a machine that only knows about killing.”

“Well, I have an idea!”

Lin Wang squinted and came to the camp of the Ying Clan.

After Tian Ying, the Grand Marshal of the Ying Army, waved away the crowd, he transformed into a stream of light and drilled into Tian Ying’s mind.

With his strength in the later period of Transcendence, it was easy for him to take over the soul of a weak man who was infinitely close to Transcendence!

After swallowing the sun soul of Tian Ying, Lin Wang got all the memories of Tian Ying.

After taking two steps, his body was a little stiff. He said, “This body is too weak, and it can only display the strength of the initial period of Transcendence. But it’s feasible enough to provoke a war!”

After staying in the camp of the Ying Army for a few days, everything went well, Lin Wang suddenly called everyone in and said, “According to your Majesty’s handwritten letter, we need to attack the camp of the Feng Clan fast!”

Many generals and soldiers showed doubts on their faces, and they asked, “Grand Marshal, your Majesty said that we couldn’t start any war two days ago. Why now…”

“Yes, Grand Marshal. Can we be allowed to read the handwritten letter?”

Lin Wang knew that they would say that, so he took out the previous handwritten letter and changed the handwriting on it, which was not a difficult task for him.

After the crowd passed it around and read, they passed the handwritten letter back and said, “We deserve to die. Please forgive us, Grand Marshal.”

The generals all knelt down on one knee, and they knew that questioning the Grand Marshal and your Majesty’s decision which would delay the war deserved a capital crime.

“Stand up. Those who don’t know it are not guilty.”

Lin Wang said, “Dispatch troops quickly, take advantage of their unpreparedness and kill them by surprise!”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!”

Everyone replied loudly together.

They strode out of the barrack and then mobilized their troops.

After doing these, Lin Wang hurriedly left here and went to the camp of Xue Domain. The leader of the Xue Army was Tu Xue, who was one of the fighting protectors of the Xue Clan and embraced very strong strength.

But it was easy for Lin Wang to take over the soul of others!

After taking over the soul of Tu Xue without any effort, he hastily gathered the soldiers and said, “I have received the latest news that the Ying Army is going to attack the Feng Army. We need to dispatch our troops to end the war after they start the war and then kill them violently.”

“But Grand Marshal, without your majesty’s approval, we…”

“This is your majesty’s handwritten letter, and you can have a look!”

The crowd passed it around and read, and then they understood that your Majesty let him take steps at his discretion. Everything was done for the benefit of Xue Domain.

“Before we came out, your majesty said if there is an opportunity, we must hit the two domains violently. The two domains are the great enemies of our Xue Clan, so we must try our best to weaken them!”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!”

“Inform the soldiers quickly. Remember that the action must be done secretly, and don’t let the two domains find clues.”

Watching the soldiers leave, Lin Wang burst into laughter. The Xue Army embraced nearly a hundred trillion soldiers, and the Feng Clan and the Ying Clan totaled more than seventy trillion soldiers. If a big war broke out, half of them would die. It was not ruthless, was it?

Most critically, there would undoubtedly be a radical war among the three clans. By then, there would not be tens of trillions of deaths, but hundreds of trillions and even millions of trillions of deaths.

He would definitely be able to break through the fulfilled period of Transcendence and even reach a higher stage!

Chapter 726: Getting into A Dead End

“Kill them!”

Mu Feng was cultivating himself inside the military tent when he was disturbed by the loud shouting outside.

“Grand Marshal, something bad has happened…”

The scout hurriedly ran in and said, “The Feng Army… the Feng Army is rushing over!”


Mu Feng quickly stood up and asked, “How many people are they here?”

“All of them have come here!”

“Let all of our soldiers assemble quickly!”

While the Feng Clan was still mobilizing their troops, the Ying Clan’s cannons had already blasted over.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Millions of soldiers suffered death in the blast, and warships and war resources were destroyed.

“Defend, defend quickly!”

A huge shield was held up and managed to resist the attack of the gunfire!

Mu Feng, dressed in a white robe, became furious. Looking at the scattered Feng Army, he shouted, “Fight back! Fight back fiercely!”

As the No.1 imperial clan, the Feng Clan was very strong in both reserves and strength, and naturally strong in combat effectiveness.

Although many soldiers of the Feng Army were killed at the beginning, their counterattack was still fierce.

In particular, the shameless sneak attack by the Ying Army made them angry.

“Shameless Ying Army, do they plan to start a large-scale imperial war?”

“Well, since you want to play this kind of trick, then let’s have fun.”

Mu Feng laughed coldly. After dozens of rounds of shells were fired against each other, the Feng Army rushed out.

The two armies fought at a short distance violently!

Lin Wang was like a fish wandering in the water, happily absorbing the power of fate that hadn’t dissipated yet.

“Haha, kill as much as you want. The more of you die, the stronger my strength will be.”

“Tian Ying, do you dare to fight?”

Mu Feng was covered in blood and roared loudly!

Lin Wang didn’t bother to care about him, and he gave priority to absorbing the power of fate.

When the two armies died and wounded more than half, Lin Wang went back into Tian Ying’s body again.

“Mu Feng, I will kill you today!”

The two instantly fought with each other.

And they fought violently so that almost ten million miles around became a blank circle.

It was impossible to kill them himself, so Lin Wang deliberately showed a weak point. Mu Feng seized this opportunity to hit Lin Wang instantly, and it was difficult for Lin Wang to fight back

“Go to die, Tian Ying!”

A slash directly split Tian Ying in half and made him die completely.

Lin Wang also took the opportunity to leave, and during the period no one noticed.

“Tian Ying is dead. If you surrender your arms, I won’t kill you!”

Mu Feng shouted loudly.

Seeing that their Grand Marshal was dead, the Ying Army was on the verge of being defeated and had to retreat.

At this time, Lin Wang, who had already got into Tu Xue’s body, issued a military order, “Brothers, kill the enemy today! Come on!”


The horn of marching blew, and an army of hundreds of billions forged ahead mightily.

Looking at the Xue Army that suddenly appeared from the side, Mu Feng was shocked and said, “It is the Xue Army. How can that be?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His voice was covered by the sound of shells when nearly one hundred million warships blasted together!

“All of you have to die!”

Both the Feng Army and the Ying Army suffered heavy casualties at this moment. Even though Mu Feng killed Tian Ying, it was a miserable victory. The army of more than 30 trillion at the beginning was down to only less than 15 trillion currently.

How to fight against the Xue Clan who embraces full strength?

There was no way to escape!

At this moment Mu Feng had a decision.

“Send the news back to the Feng Domain quickly!”

The scout knelt on the ground and fled quickly.

“Brothers, kill them!”

The brave would win when meeting the other on a narrow road. And the Feng Army could only stand to die, not kneel to live.

“Fire the cannons!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A round of shells fired together so that millions of the Feng and Ying armies died under the shells.

“Keep bombarding hard. This is a great feat!”

Lin Wang pretended to be very excited.

“Storm troops go to tear them apart!”

Ten trillion soldiers of storm troops rushed out, followed by the fighting troops.

Lin Wang smiled, leaving Tu Xue’s flesh to quickly absorb the power of fate.

Three hours later, the war was over. The Xue Clan successfully eliminated the remaining twenty trillion remnants of the army at the cost of five trillion deaths.

“Ten thousand victories! Ten thousand victories!”

All the generals and soldiers cheered!

“Seize all their resources and dominate Yao Domain alone!”

“Yes, Grand Marshal!”

When a general was outside, the greatest merit for him was to expand the territory, and this was an unparalleled achievement!

However, the Grand Marshal, who had accomplished this unparalleled feat, died in the barrack that night with the memo to His Majesty still in his hand. Investigation showed that the Grand Marshal was sneakily attacked to death.

Finally, it was deduced that the Grand Marshal was attacked by a master of the Feng and Ying Clans.

Soon, the news spread that the three clans started the war.

Wuxie Feng squinted as the ministers in the hall were quarrelling vehemently.

“Your Majesty, the intention of the Xue Clan is clear that they want to kill our troops of 30 trillion. If this revenge is not avenged, it will surely chill the hearts of the soldiers!”

“And the Feng Army who implemented a sneak attack on our army also cannot be spared!”

“I implore your majesty to send troops to attack these two domains.”

“I beg your Majesty to send troops!”

Wuxie Feng said anything all the time, and the atmosphere in the court became very dull.

Even a fool could find that this matter was strange.

The Ying Army implemented a sneak attack on the Feng Army, but finally the Xue Army killed the two armies during their fighting.

The most bizarre thing was that Tu Xue, the Grand Marshal of the Xue Army, also died in the camp that night.

The first thing came to his mind was the Demon King Army, which was probably operating behind the scenes.

Now there were only four forces on the bright side.

The remnant force of Zhang Domain did not have the strength and the courage. The Avengers Organization was possible, but its suspicion was small.

Now the three clans provoked the war, through which the most profitable side was the Demon King Army.

They had annexed Ren Domain these days and their strength greatly increased. It was said that there were nearly 600 trillion soldiers in their large domain.

Their strength was extraordinary.

This ploy was really brutal. It couldn’t solve the problem whether we sent troops or not. If the three started wars during this period, there would certainly be completely harmful.

“We will certainly send troops, but not now!”

Wuxie Feng said, “Go to Ying Domain and ask why they implemented a sneak attack on Feng Domain. Let them give an explanation.”

“Then go to Xue Domain and ask them to compensate us. If they don’t make compensation, you say that Feng Domain is going to join hands with Ying Domain to fight against Xue Domain.”

Tu Xue was dead, so it was impossible to hand over the murderer.

Although it was a ploy and everyone knew that there was a conspiracy behind it, they had to join the game.

All three clans joined the game passively.

It was recognized that the Demon King Army was really very manipulative.

At the same time, something was happening in Ying Domain.

Yu Ying was furious and said, “You are so foolish! I ordered not to start a war casually just a few days ago. How could I order a sneak attack on the Feng Clan? This is a ploy of the enemy. It’s a ploy!”

“Someone wants to see the three clans fight against each other so that he can make a profit in the troubled situation.”

“Think about the reason why everything is so coincidental. We attacked the Feng Army, but upon our victory, the Xue Army came there. This is clearly a game.”

“The Feng Army and our Yng Army suffered heavy losses, while the Xue Clan only lost five trillion soldiers. Moreover, even Tu Xue, the Grand Marshal of the Xue Army this time, died that night.”

“Everything is too coincidental!”

All the courtiers frowned at his words.

At this time, Zheng Ying, the Minister of War, stepped forward and said, “Your Majesty, I feel that this matter was probably done by the Demon King Army. Only when the three clans fight against each other can the Demon King Army gain great benefits through it.”

“I understand what you said, but the key is that now the three clans have joined the game. If I don’t give them an explanation, no one will assuage their anger in this matter.”

Yu Ying was furious.

If the Ying Clan admitted its mistake and made compensation, it would definitely leave itself a weak point, and the two clans would have a legitimate excuse for starting wars with the Ying Clan later.

What he feared most now was that the two clans would join hands to fight against the Ying Clan.

If the Demon King Army would also intervene, the Ying Clan would certainly lose, and even the ancestor was also not sure of victory.

“Your Majesty, I have an idea!”

Zheng Ying said, “Why don’t we just pretend we don’t know the matter and send an envoy to Alliance Domain to discuss and make an alliance?”

“It’s absolutely impossible. King Zheng’s proposal is too threatening. The Demon King Army is already very strong. If we make an alliance with them, there is no difference than trying to snatch skin with a tiger.”

“Your Majesty, don’t make an alliance casually.”

Yu Ying also did not want to make an alliance in his heart, and he always suspected that the Demon King Army was supported by the Xue Clan.

Thinking about this sneak attack, he even wondered if the Xue Clan was really leading its own show.

As soon as this idea came out, Yu Ying couldn’t stop it. He said, “Don’t mention the alliance with the Demon King Army again.”

“Tell the envoys who have just come from Feng Domain that this matter is a misunderstanding, and there is a treacherous man behind the scenes. Besides, I am willing to make peace with Feng Domain and donate a batch of supplies out of brotherhood. At the same time, I’d like to join hands with Feng Domain to denounce Xue Domain!”

Everyone reacted immediately after hearing these words.

These words were so tactful!

Donation and compensation were different. These words could preserve the dignity of both sides, and Feng Domain could certainly understand your majesty’s meaning.

“Your Majesty is wise, and we all are inferior to you!”

Everyone kneeled on the ground with sincere admiration. A deadlock was easily unlocked.

Yu Ying nodded and announced, “The audience is over.”

After leaving the court, Yu Ying held Nishang’s hand and said, “Nishang, you are really my good wife!”

The luckiest thing in his life was not becoming the emperor, but meeting Nishang.

The words just now were not thought up by him, but something Nishang told him through voice transmission.

“It’s fine as long as you doesn’t blame me for interfering with political affairs in the inner palace.”

Nishang said with a smile.

“Who said you interfered with political affairs in the inner palace.”

Yu Ying snorted, “You are my wife and my biggest treasure. If someone dares to talk gossip, I will kill him!”

Looking at her combative husband, Nishang grumbled playfully, “You’re going to be a father, but you’re still so combative.”

Hearing this, Yu Ying quickly replied with a smile, “Sorry. I’m sorry.”

He touched her belly with his hand and felt the child tossing about in her belly. His heart was full of happiness, and he said, “Don’t worry. Father will definitely give you a flourishing age of the Ying Clan!”

In Xue Domain.

The court was full of anxiety, and Ming Xue was also speechless. He defeated both the Feng and Ying clans in a war and dominated the entire Yao Domain alone with a loss of only 5 trillion soldiers. It’s greatly profitable.

There was a conspiracy behind this, which was designed to put Xue Domain to death.

The most annoying thing was that the only insider of this matter was dead.

TianYing was dead, Mu Feng was dead, and even Tu Xue was also dead.

It was so coincidental that all of the three grand marshals died in the war.

Ordinary people would subconsciously think that this was the Xue Clan’s self-injury trick, and Tu Xue was not dead, but hidden by the Xue Clan definitely.

Even the Xue Clan also thought so.

Logically, everyone should be happy to dominate Yao Domain alone, but they frowned and said nothing, as if they had eaten a dead child.

“Feng Domain and Ying Domain have already sent a handwritten letter. They let us give an explanation. If not, they will join hands to attack Xue Domain!”

Ming Xue said: “Think of a solution!”

The court was still deathly silent.

What could they do?

Could they say they were treated unjustly and it was the Demon King Army who made mischief in the backside actually?

Who would believe it?

Maybe the Demon King Army would be incurred. At that time, it would not be a joint force of the two clans, but an attack by the three powers.

This situation was a dead end, and it was clearly intended to put Xue Domain to death.

“How is the transformation of Buddhist soldiers?”

Ming Xue asked.

“Your Majesty, the transformation of 2,200 trillion Buddhist soldiers has been completed currently!”

“So fast?”

Ming Xue thought about it for a while. Now that they had dominated Yao Domain alone, the speed indeed accelerated a lot.

“Think about it, and let me know when you have a solution.”

Ming Xue left after speaking that. If they couldn’t come up with a solution, he definitely would not let these people leave.

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