After Gracia Stewart left, Chuck Cannon sat down for a while, and the black rose came out.

“Not going back?” Black Rose had already put the gun away.


“If someone beat you, why don’t you fight back?” Black Rose was particularly angry about this. Just now Gracia Stewart slapped Chuck Cannon. At this time, Chuck Cannon’s face was still red.

“It wasn’t on purpose.” Chuck Cannon touched his cheek, feeling nothing. He got up, his eyes still watching the direction Gracia Stewart left.

“Isn’t it on purpose?” Black Rose was exasperated.

Just now, she wanted to kill Gracia Stewart with a single shot because she hit Chuck Cannon like that.

“Really not.” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to go back.

Chuck Cannon felt that the text messages received by Gracia Stewart were strange. It might be Brayden Stewart making a plan.

The person Brayden Stewart is cruel and has no bottom line at all!

“I don’t bother to care about you.” Black Rose didn’t want to say more.

Chuck Cannon doesn’t care, so why is she angry?

She herself felt inexplicable.

But seeing Chuck Cannon being beaten on the cheek, she was still very angry!

She really want to catch up with the angry slap of Gracia Stewart!!

“If she dares to hit you again next time, I will definitely shoot!” Black Rose absolutely do what she says.

“En,” Chuck Cannon felt that he still had to talk to his mother, the situation might have changed.

Gracia Stewart, Chuck Cannon didn’t want her to die.

“Let’s go back.” Chuck Cannon said.

Black Rose said nothing but nodded.

“Is there any ice? I will apply it…”

Chuck Cannon’s face was still beaten and swollen, Yvette Jordan, Logan, and his mother would all ask.

To avoid trouble, it is better to deal with it in advance.

“There is no refrigerator in the car, where would the ice come from?” Black Rose became increasingly angry.


The two continued to walk.

“Do you want water?” Black Rose asked suddenly.

“Can it reduce swelling?”



Chuck Cannon was speechless.

He didn’t say much and went to see his mother when he got home.

His mother saw Chuck Cannon’s face swollen, she was astonished, “Chuck, you…”

“Mom, I saw Gracia Stewart just now, she…” Chuck Cannon said all the doubts in his heart.

“So, Brayden Stewart, maybe he would have killed Adam Stewart for the position of Patriarch?” Karen Lee’s eyes flashed!

“I suspect this is the case. Brayden Stewart also used Adam Stewart to lead Gracia Stewart back! he is very dangerous now!!”

“Oh, I can understand, you came to tell me about this, don’t you want Gracia Stewart to die? She is a girl who is not very good at pondering!” Karen Lee must have seen Chuck Cannon’s thoughts.

Treat Gracia Stewart as a friend. If it weren’t for this reason, it would be impossible to leave Karen Lee during the last tour of Gracia!

It is even more impossible to get the antidote!

“Well, I…”

“I don’t want to care about this!” Karen Lee shook her head.

“Why?” Chuck Cannon was shocked to the extreme, why did his mother say that?

“Everyone needs growth. This is growth for her and growth for you!” Karen Lee said the truth.

She firmly believes in natural selection, only those who are capable can survive this situation.

“But…” Chuck Cannon was stunned.

Karen Lee sighed, “Chuck, what I’m telling you is truth, Gracia Stewart has her own destiny, you don’t have to interfere with your destiny, I won’t let her interfere, understand?”

“But she and I are friends.”

This sentence was not spoken in Chuck Cannon’s mind, and his mother’s expression left Chuck Cannon speechless.

Do you want to watch Gracia Stewart’s death like this?

You know, Gracia Stewart didn’t have any murderous intentions against him just now. She regarded him as a friend, but what about him?

Chuck Cannon went out absentmindedly.

Karen Lee was silent for three seconds and let Logan and Betty Bernard come in. When Karen Lee said this, Logan was surprised, “It doesn’t seem to be like you…”

Yes, Karen Lee pays more attention to feelings. For Karen Lee, Gracia Stewart. Karen Lee admires her no matter whether it is opponents or others because Karen Lee now sees her own shadow.

In the past, she would shoot, but today, Karen Lee is too calm and abnormal.

Karen Lee was speechless, she was thinking about one thing.

Her sixth sense told her that something was going to happen, so she had some decisions that she wanted to change!

Gracia Stewart arrived at Stewart’s side and returned to the secret passage into the Stewart. She didn’t pause much and went straight into the secret passage.

She also knew there was a problem in this, but when she came, she was ready in the car.

A kind of preparation just in case!

She entered Adam Stewart’s room with tears in her eyes. On the hospital bed, Adam Stewart had no breath!!

Her grandfather was dead!


The door was closed, and more than a dozen people walked in, with coldness on their faces!

Except for Brayden Stewart!!

“I said, cousin, why didn’t your mind become flexible when you went out? You know it’s a trap, but you have to break in? What qualifications do you have for a stupid thing like you to be the owner of the house? Tell me!” Brayden Stewart laughed grimly!

Gracia Stewart was finally surrounded!

It’s really not easy!

“You killed Grandpa?” Gracia Stewart shed tears.

The eyes were all red.

“It’s not the right thing saying killed. I think he was so painful, so I made him free from pain. I was kind!” Brayden Stewart snapped his fingers, and more than a dozen people surrounded Gracia Stewart.

Gracia Stewart’s beautiful eyes were cold, “I will let you know that there is a price to pay for doing this!!”

“Oh, isn’t it? I’m okay, and you are about to die. You haven’t realized your situation?”

Gracia Stewart took out a dagger!

This is the weapon that has followed her for many years, killing too many people!

“I just ask you once, we are all from Stewart Family, you have to do it to me!!” Gracia Stewart was domineering!

The sound is not loud, but it seems like thunder!

More than a dozen bodyguards looked at each other subconsciously!!

What an angry voice!

Brayden Stewart felt harsh, “Stop talking nonsense, do it, and kill her for me!?”

“Yes, master!”

These people besieged, they are the top bodyguards of the Stewart Family, and their strength is outstanding!

Gracia Stewart shot, her true strength exploded at this moment, filled with coldness, she shuttled like a god of death, smashed, and solved one person with a single blow!

Plop, someone fell to the ground, the face is unimaginable!

Gracia Stewart grew up in the dead man’s pile. For her, these sieges were just another test of life and death.

More than a dozen people besieged, wow!

“I want her to be dead”, Brayden Stewart sneered, for him, as soon as Gracia Stewart died, he would immediately be the head of the Stewart Family!

“Kill her for me, whoever kills her, I will give one billion to that person!!” Brayden Stewart said!

More than a dozen people were suddenly excited and full of fighting spirit. They all shot together, stabbing the knife at Gracia Stewart!!

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