More than a dozen people besieged, these are masters in the family, even if they are placed in the world, they are also ranked!

Their fighting is amazing!

More than a dozen people all shot, all with sharp daggers!

All stabbed here!

She was scary when she changed to other people!

Waiting for the body to be pricked with holes!

Gracia Stewart has no other expressions, she has the will to fight!

She has encountered this kind of life and death situation too many times, she was never afraid, she goes all out!


She can fight like a god of war, one person against more than a dozen people!

These more than a dozen people are masters!

Gracia Stewart faced it like this!

But no matter how powerful Gracia Stewart was, more than a dozen people were besieged, and she was eventually stabbed by one person!

The arm was stabbed!

Blood shoots out!!

Gracia Stewart did not retire!

Still fighting!

Brayden Stewart smiled sinisterly, “Go on! I want to watch her die with my own eyes!”

More than a dozen people continue!

Besieging Gracia Stewart, swords and swords!

It’s all a terrible battle!

It seems that as long as you get closer, people will die!

There is a terrifying smell of blood in the air!

Brayden Stewart stared at Adam Stewart who was already dead on the hospital bed, and smiled abnormally, “Old stuff, have you seen the person you chose, now she is going to accompany you soon! Do you regret it? You must regret it, you shouldn’t have used so many methods, would have just chosen me directly!”

But Adam Stewart is dead, how could he answer?

Brayden Stewart smiled, this smile is too abnormal.


At this time, his dad came in. This was the first time he saw Gracia Stewart’s real body. He was shocked!

It’s really different!

Facing the siege of more than a dozen people, she still didn’t change her face!

Fortunately, he caught her with this method, otherwise, it would be troublesome!

Gracia Stewart’s cold eyes made people like Brayden Stewart feel chilly!

“Dad, how are your preparations?” Brayden Stewart asked.

He asked his dad to make arrangements just now.

What are the arrangements?

Of course, it is the inheritance of the position of Patriarch!

Among the descendants of the Stewart family, he is the only one who has this strength!

The head of the second hidden family in the world will soon be him!

Brayden Stewart was very excited to think about it!!

“Stewart uncles and aunts are very dissatisfied with you for doing that, but I persuaded them, threatening and tempting! They acquiesced, and the people in the family will come back one after another later! At that time, I, and them a few recommend you! If you are the head of the house, no problem!” Brayden Stewart’s father was also relieved.

If his son is the head of the family, then he will also secure the highest position, too emperor!

He also figured it out. At this point, this is the only way to go.

“Good! Dad, you are doing well!!” Brayden Stewart laughed!

In a few hours, when everyone in the house returns, then you will be the owner of the house!

Wind to wind, rain to rain!

What if Chuck Cannon has his own handle?

Who dares to say a little more when he becomes the owner of the family?

Next is Chuck Cannon, wait for Brayden Stewart’s revenge!

His dad smiled with relief, “You are my son, of course, I will help you!”

“You two know what you are doing?” At this time, Gracia Stewart said indifferently!

In the face of more than a dozen people being besieged, she still had time to speak.

Brayden Stewart, as well as his father’s behaviour, appeared for the first time in the history of the Stewart after so many generations!!

Gracia Stewart’s anger reached its extreme!

“Of course, I know, but you should know that you are going to die soon.” Brayden Stewart smiled.

Gracia Stewart stay indifferent!

“Hurry up and kill her!”

Brayden Stewart’s father scolded him. The look in Gracia Stewart’s eyes made him particularly uncomfortable.

When more than a dozen bodyguards besieged, three more have been killed by Gracia Stewart!

All were lying on the ground, blood was flowing out, the expression on her face was unbelievable!

Ten left!!

Gracia Stewart continued to fight!

“See how much blood you can shed!”

Brayden Stewart sneered. He couldn’t believe that Gracia Stewart could kill everyone. This was impossible because Gracia Stewart had already been stabbed a few times!

A lot of bloodshed.

“Brayden, after you become the master of the house, you will start to deal with that Chuck Cannon and Karen Lee tonight! I don’t want to have many dreams at night!”

“I know, of course, I know, this Chuck Cannon I really want him to die! But I will not let him die so happy, dare to provoke Brayden Stewart, I will make him regret appearing in this world!” Brayden Stewart gave a hideously smile.

Brayden Stewart’s father was relieved!


A bodyguard stabbed Gracia Stewart in the waist, and blood came out!

This sharp dagger is invincible!

Gracia Stewart’s face doesn’t change colour! It’s tingling, it doesn’t matter!

Gracia Stewart’s whole body was hurt, what is this afraid of?

She didn’t feel anything.

Suddenly she also released her own means!


It’s a needle!

Ten bodyguards, six screams!!

They fell on the ground with fear and needles on their face!

A few convulsions, already dead!

The needle is silent, they can’t hide, only death!

Brayden Stewart twitched, “What are you still doing? Come on!”

There are four bodyguards, they are angry! Almost died just now!

That kind of fluke anger must kill Gracia Stewart!


The four of them attacked Gracia, and the fierce battle started again in an instant!


The four bodyguards went crazy and kicked Gracia Stewart!

She fell out and hit the wall!

Spit blood!

The four bodyguards were so excited that they punched and kicked them!


Gracia Stewart fell out again, but for some reason, there was no fear in her eyes!


Gracia Stewart fell to the ground and the daggers of four bodyguards stabbed over!

“Hold on!”

Brayden Stewart smiled suddenly and walked in front of Gracia Stewart, stepping on Gracia Stewart.

“Cousin, what happens when you are selected? What happens when you go out? Don’t you want to lose to me? People must be cruel! If you would have been cruel, you wouldn’t have been caught by me.” Brayden Stewart said proudly.

He was full of comfort!

Unexpectedly, it was so easy to win the owner, he regretted that he should have done so soon!

“Brayden Stewart, you are different from me, you can’t be the master of the house, I am here.” Gracia Stewart said, firm to the extreme!!


Brayden Stewart’s feet pressed hard, specifically stepping on Gracia Stewart’s wound, blood flowed out.

“Really? You’re joking, you’re about to die, how can you be the owner of the family? Don’t worry, I will let you die properly, and I will say that you suddenly rushed in and killed Grandpa horribly, haha, I am right Are you good?” Brayden Stewart laughed wildly.

“Kill her!” Brayden Stewart commanded, the four bodyguards moved their daggers, and they wanted to kill Gracia Stewart!

In the beautiful eyes of Gracia Stewart, she rushed up and caught Brayden Stewart! In an instant, her dagger was already facing Brayden Stewart’s chest!!

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