Chapter 727 – 728: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 727: Diverting the Disaster

When he came to the forbidden area of Ancestor practicing Taoist magic art alone, Ming Xue bowed and said, “Ancestor, Ming Xue asked to see you.”

Boom boom boom!

The closed forbidden area opened and Ming Xue walked in quickly.

On the futon, Ancestor of Clan Xue had almost recovered to the peak at this time.

“What’s the matter?”

He knelt on the ground in a hurry and reported to Ancestor about the scuffle among the three clans.

“Ancestor, the Imperial War was supposed to end within a hundred years, but now it’s probably shortened to 20 years. May I know your suggestion on this, Ancestor?

“It doesn’t matter, I have recovered to the ninth level. If they want to fight, let’s fight.”

“However, it’s better to start with Clan Ying first. The fragment in the old bastard’s hand is the smallest. I’m 60% sure to kill him, and then merge his fragment, then I’m 70% sure to defeat Clan Feng.”

Ming had an idea in his heart. It seemed that Ancestor was more afraid of Clan Wind.

“Yes, Ancestor, I understand.”

“You can go. It’s best to delay some time.”

With that, Ancestor of Clan Xue closed his eyes.

Ming left and came to the court hall again. At this time, Ren Xue, the Minister of War of Clan Xue, came forward and said, “Your Majesty, me and other ministers have discussed a strategy, would you like to hear about it?”

“Say it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Ren said: “Clan Wind and Clan Ying must have reached an ideological cooperation, so we discuss that we can also ask for help from the Demon King army.”

Ming frowned, asking the Demon King army for help?

What bullshit strategy was that?

In his heart, he always suspected that the Demon King army was a force supported by Clan Wind or Clan Ying. Asking them for help was similar to asking a tiger for its skin.

“No, it’s not a great idea. The Demon King’s army is unpredictable. What they like most was to do business without investing any capital. They will certainly put forward many requirements.”

Said Ming!

Ren seemed to have guessed that Ming would say so, “Your Majesty, then I have another strategy!”

Ming said: “Speak quickly.”

Ren said: “Clan Feng, Clan Xue, and Clan Ying have fought for millions of eras. We have never paid attention to other imperial clans. It was the same this time. The winner of the Imperial War must come from the three clans.”

“There is a rumor saying that the Demon King army had Transcendence person before. In addition, the Demon King army is now more powerful and is the enemy of the three clans. As the saying goes, the meat rotten in the pot is meat. If the meat was taken away by others, Emperor Wind and Emperor Ying may not be willing to allow that!”

“Do you mean that we insist it’s the plot of the Demon King army, and then unite with the other two clans to jointly attack the Demon King army?”

“Your Majesty, it’s called diverting the disaster to others. Whether it’s self-directing and self-acting by Clan Feng and Clan Ying, or the Demon King army is the mastermind behind, as long as we insist that we are the victim and we return the occupied great domain, they have nothing to say about us!”

Ming thought it carefully. Ren didn’t speak more after he finished. Others didn’t utter a single word for fear of disturbing Ming’s thinking.

“Yes, that’s a good idea.”

Ming nodded faintly. It didn’t matter that the Demon King army was supported by which clan.

And he could take advantage of this opportunity to find out which side the Demon King army belonged to!

No matter which side it belonged to, there was bound to be an alliance between two clans defending against enemy.

If not, it would be three clans joint fighting against the Demon King army.

“I agree.”

Ming said, “Ren, this matter will be handled by you.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Ren received the order and returned to his position. Ming then announced retreat.

Soon, the two clans received the announcement issued by Clan Xue. The contents were roughly as follows: Clan Xue suffered from an unexpected disaster planted by a villain. This is a conspiracy of the Demon King army. They did these schemes and intrigues to alienate the three clans’ brotherhood. Everyone must not be cheated and tricked by the treachery of the Demon King army.

To prove innocence, Clan Xue was willing to return the occupied great domain to the two clans, and divided the great domain occupied by itself into two and gave it to the two clans.

At the end of the announcement, Clan Xue warned the Demon King army that they were ready to fight!

Wuxie looked at Ming’s handwritten announcement with a sneer in his heart. Ming was a calculating smartass. In a few words, he got rid of all his responsibilities.

By the way, he put the blame on the Demon King army.

In order to show innocence, he even decided to return the territory and made compensation. He had done enough damage control inside and outside, how to keep investigating?

What was really interesting was the content behind the handwritten script. It was so interesting that the three clans joined hands to fight against the Demon King army.

“What do you think?” He asked.

“Your Majesty, what Emperor Xue said makes sense. The three clans are both friends and enemies, and the Demon King army is an enemy.”

“Even if the meat is rotten, it must be rotten in the pot.”

“Your Majesty, I also think this matter is feasible. The only thing worth discussing is the number of troops sent.”

“Clan Xue was doing good deeds to atone for its crimes, so it should be the main force 6/2/2, which should be the best proportion.”

Wuxie nodded, this proportion of troops was acceptable to him.

Ancestor had confirmed that the Demon King army was not the force supported by Clan Xue and Clan Ying. In this way, it was really necessary to crusade against the Demon King army!

Of course, during this period, it was best to be able to preserve the strength. Letting Clan Xue send the large number of troops and they send the small number of troops, even if their soldiers were all dead, they would not lose much, and the strength of Clan Xue could be weakened by the way.

“Well, let’s reply to Clan Xue like this.”

On the other side, Clan Ying.

“Emperor Xue is a good at calculating!”

Yu Ying coldly threw the handwritten announcement on the ground. “The whole great domain of Clan Yao has been raided by them, who had ransacked everything. Recovery will take thousands of years. At that time, everything is finished.”

“Your Majesty, please don’t get angry.”

The crowd all comforted the emperor.

“Your Majesty, Emperor Wind has agreed to join hands.”

The envoy of Clan Xue said, “For this matter, Xue Dynasty has really been wronged.”

“The Grand Marshal died in the army camp in a bizarre way. We look into it afterwards and found the trace of flesh grabbing on the body of the Grand Marshal.”

“So it must be what the Demon King army did. Your Majesty, please check.”

Yu Ying didn’t look good, but Clan Wind had nodded. If he didn’t agree, the situation that was hard to sort it out would probably fall into the mire again.

“Clan Xue sends 60% troops, and Clan Ying and Clan Wind are the same, sending 20% troops.”

Yu Xue was afraid that it was a conspiracy. He said, “But I have another request. The main force of Clan Xue need to go first, and then we go after you.”

“Your Majesty, since it’s an alliance, it’s naturally advance and retreat together. It is unreasonable to let the Clan Xue Army take the lead.”

“In a word, if you don’t agree, this issue will stop to be discussed.”

The envoy’s face was livid. Yu Ying’s attitude was tough. There was no room for change.

“It’s a big issue. Please allow me to report it to our emperor.”

“Go ahead, be quick.”

Yu Ying waved his hand. He didn’t want to fight so fast either.

Ancestor might need a little longer time.

Let it drag for a while.


When the three clans were discussing how to jointly fight against the Demon King army, Yuan Kris and others had already received detailed information.

Even the words and deeds on the court hall of the three clans were crystal clear to them!

“I wanted to watch the fire from the other side, but the other side didn’t give me this chance.”

Yuan Kris said: “We can’t give them the chance to join hands. Although our top combat power is strong, the middle and low-end combat power will not be their rivals. Even if we develop the latest equipment that can kill substantially, fighting in a hard way will still cost us up.”

“Clan Xue, in particular, has transformed more than 2,000 trillion Buddhist soldiers, more than three times as many as ours.”

“There are also Clan Ying and Clan Wind, which both had unfathomable foundations.”

Everyone’s faces showed dignified color. Demon Kris said, “We still need the original soul to do the beheading tactics, and let Holy Heart and Xuanyuan continue to harass constantly.”

“But before that, we need to make sure who we should start with!”

Yang Buddha stood up and said, “It’s better to start from Domain Xue. Domain Xue is the origin of Mahayana Buddhism. I can collect the Buddhist soldiers they transformed. Domain Xue’s resources are the most suitable for me. Maybe this time I can break through the transcendence first.”

Everyone nodded. They were all of one mind. Since Yang Buddha was sure to break through transcendence, it was a good thing.

“Let them harass Domain Xue first, shift the target, let the Demon King army work hard and delay as much as possible.”

Jian Kris said, “The original soul is still practicing Taoist magic art alone. Let’s wait for him.”

After discussing the countermeasures, the group of people dispersed and began to deploy troops. Even if they did not intend to launch a massive battle, they still had to do what they should do.

“Pass on the order, gather all the troops!”

Soon, the military order of Demon Kris was passed down. 400,000 Alliance Domain, conspiracy of the three clans, countless people angry.

“This damned imperial clan has enslaved us for countless years and wanted to keep enslaving us, and we will never agree!”

“People of Alliance Domain will never be slaves!”

“I want to join the army, I want to defend against foreign enemies!”

“Brothers, it’s the Demon King army, the leader who rescued us and gave us a rich, stable and harmonious life. We will never allow this kind of life to be destroyed!”

“Fight, fight, fight!”

Countless young people’s blood was boiling with indignation. They were enthusiastic. The power exploded from them made the starry sky thrill and countless people shiver.

The spies of the three clans were trembling with fear.

The people of Alliance Domain were united to the point of disbelief.

“Come on, pass the news back quickly, and let Your Majesty assemble the army fast.”


At the same time, in the Time Barrier.

Kris Chen absorbed the List of Gods and the Magic Whip.

His strength had been further improved.

At the moment, the capacity of a single universe star field in his body had exceeded 1,700 trillion!

What a terrifying territory it was! A universe equaled to dozens of great domains of the Other Realm and the Chaos World!

Therefore, the power inside him was terrible.

“It’s still the early stage of Transcendence. After the Transcendence Stage, the power required is really terrible. Three Treasures of Transcendence can’t even break through a small Stage.”

Kris Chen shook his head, which had something to do with his deep foundation.

However, even so, his strength had been surpassing and invincible.

For head-on fighting, he wouldn’t lose to anyone.

After absorbing three Treasures of Transcendence, the Chaos Spirit Sword seemed to fall into some kind of transformation.

A treasure that was more powerful than the Treasure of Transcendence made people looking forward to it.

“Oh, Demon Kris, they’re looking for me?”

Kris Chen got up and walked out of the Light Sword world.

At that moment, under information sharing, he understood what had happened outside.

“These people are really not afraid of death. Anyway, it’s time to make a quick decision.”

Having been dormant in the Chaos World of the Other Realm for so long, he had nothing to fear. Breaking this world as soon as possible and going to the Eternal domain was the important thing.

“Come with me, everyone.”

Kris Chen tore up the space and took everyone in!

“Break Clan Xue first, then Clan Ying, and finally Clan Feng.

Chapter 728: Decapitation Begins

At the same time, Ming Xue finally reached a preliminary cooperation consensus between Wuxie and Yu Ying.

What happened before was now pressed down.

At the moment, they decided to send 800 trillion troops, Clan Xue sent 480 trillion troops, and Clan Feng and Clan Ying each sent 160 trillion troops.

Although it was a great loss for Clan Xue, but Ming bit his teeth to bear it.

Fortunately, he was far sighted and had transformed 3,000 trillion Buddhists soldiers in advance. The number of 4.8 million occupied only over one tenth, which was nothing.

It was impossible to weaken his strength at all.

And in the meantime, it could continue to transform Buddhists soldiers during this period. Destiny must belong to the Xue family.

“In this way, we can at least buy three to five years for Ancestor.”

As long as Ancestor’s strength was back to the top, it didn’t matter how many people died.

Just as Ming was thinking about Ancestor leading the Xue family to fly to the upper world, Kris Chen arrived.

“The Great Tao is banned and sealed!”

As soon as bending a finger, such a tremendous imperial city was all sealed!

“Sinking into Pain!”

To be safe, double Barrier!

With a sweep of Divine Spiritual Power, he found Ming, and also found the part where he could not see through his Divine Spiritual Power.

“Ming will leave to you, the rest to me.”

Everybody nodded and directly put their strongest moves.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The alarm bell in Ming Xue’s heart was ringing. He used the magic power of running and flying. However, he was still a step slow. He was hit by several attacks. A huge force acted on him and was blocked by the bright yellow robe on his body.

This is the yellow robe, and also the Bright Yellow Cassock.

“It’s a treasure, I take it.”

Yang Buddha’s eyes suddenly brightened. This cassock was also a Treasure of Transcendence, and it was a rare Treasure of Transcendence of Buddhism.

Looking at the eleven people in the sky, Ming Xue’s face was livid, “Demon King army, it’s you again. How dare you trespass into Xue palace without permission. Damn you!”

As saying, he had one more magic weapon in his hand.

This magic weapon was made of Bodhi in the west combined with alloy, silver, glass and other seven treasures. It was called Seven-Treasure Magic Tree. It was said to be very powerful.


With a light brush, the magic weapon in the hands of Demon Kris and others came out directly.

Because the Chaos Spirit Sword was transforming, Kris Chen did not take the Chaos Spirit Sword out to use.

So the magic weapons in their hands were all refined by themselves.

Yang Buddha’s magic weapon was a Demon-Conquering Club.

Yuan Kris’s magic weapon was a duster, and North Yang’s magic weapon was a gourd.

Demon Kris’s magic weapon was a pair of boxing glove. The other seven used swords.

“What wonderful treasures!”

All the eleven of them were covered in confusion.

At this time, tens of thousands of shining lights sprung up abruptly, which were the true foundations of Clan Xue.

“Seven of you against them, four of us against Ming Xue!”


“The sixth gear plus 40 times of force plus Concussion Magic Fist!”

With a look of awe, Demon Kris said, “If you have the ability, brush me fist!”

Had it not been for Kris Chen’s ban and seal that strengthen the sky, this blow would have long torn the space up, which was an attack power of Transcendence level.

Ming Xue was shocked hugely. In a hurry, he took action. The two of them met each other’s blow. He was a little inferior, and his body retreated wildly!

The Seven-Treasure Magic Tree in hand attacked, wanting to tear the Barrier.

Once, twice, and three times, the Barrier was so solid that it couldn’t be brushed at all, strong as iron

“How is that possible?”

His Seven-Treasure Magic Tree was the Super-Grade Treasure of Transcendence. It was said that everything could be brushed, why even a Barrier couldn’t be brushed off?

“The way of Divine Spiritual Power, the divine array of extreme Tao!”

Under the attack of the blessing array, the power had suddenly increased by a thousand times. In the void, the Divine Spiritual Power knife was aimed at Ming Xue!


All of a sudden, Ming Xue’s body bloomed thousands of golden lights. There were as many as 18 layers of Buddha lights. It was this layer of Buddha light that blocked the knife of Divine Spiritual Power.

“It’s the light of faith. It’s hard to kill him if we don’t take away the Buddha’s light!”

Yang Buddha’s eyes turned red when he saw it, and his light of faith was only nine levels, while this man had 18 layers.

Moreover, with each level of practice, the difficulty would increase several times.

How much did these Buddhist lights use the light of faith!

“The kingdom of Buddha in hand!”

Nine-foot Golden Body, huge golden palm, rolling down.

“Let’s do it together. Don’t give him a chance to fight back.”

Needless to say from Yang Buddha, everybody knew that.

“Mixed Tao, heaven and earth strike!”

“Blossom in a Moment, Sinking into Pain!

Countless attacks fell on Ming Xue’s head, not giving him a chance at all. Ming Xue was beat so frustratedly that he could only defend passively.

Jian Kris took them to kill Gods if God blocked their way and kill Buddhas if Buddhas blocked their way, killing these who were half detached or even infinitely close to detachment.

“Yin Yang millstone!”

“Five elements killing zone!”

Even without weapons, their supernatural power was terribly strong.

With the innumerable foundations of the Chaos World, the lethality was naturally first-class.

“No, you can’t keep beating like this.”

Ming Xue bit his teeth. He never thought of that the Demon King’s soldiers were so bold that they directly fled to Domain Xue’s imperial court.

This was the decapitation tactics they were always good at using.

At the least cost, gain the most benefits.

“Unlimited Buddha, unlimited longevity, unlimited light!”

Ming Xue’s force of will and the power of faith had infused his own body. Ming Xue was divided into three parts and had two more separations.

Each one of the separations was the early stage of Transcendence. The power was terrifying!

“Past body, future body, present body, those are the third initiation Dharma in Mahayana Buddhism.”

Yang Buddha’s face changed, “Don’t hold back!”

It was indeed the oldest imperial clan. Even if it didn’t use the Treasure of Transcendence, its own magic power was terribly strong!

One of the other two was holding a huge umbrella called sky covering umbrella, which was also a treasure of transcendence.

In addition, one separation held a huge umbrella. The umbrella was called Sky-Covering Umbrella.

The other separation held a demon-subduing magic wand

“Damn it! Even the separations use the Treasure of Transcendence!”

Demon Kris couldn’t help say it. This damned local vulgar tyrant!

“Sixth gear, 45 times forces and Concussion Magic Fists.”

With a great roaring, he went after Ming Xue.

Yuan Kris set up layers of Battle Formation in the void. The two of them joined hands to attack Ming Xue, while Yang Buddha and North Kris attacked the separations.

“Super string array!”

This was a particle recently developed by Yuan Kris, which was smaller than quark. When combined together, it was hard to break free even for Transcendence.

“What kind of damn Battle Formation is this?”

Ming Xue was shocked and frightened. It was just the most common flame, but it made him feel a hundred times more terrifying than the Great Sun Flame!

The superstring particles were very strong. As long as the boundaries were broken thoroughly, he would be able to master the source of strength.

It was like a nuclear reaction. Just such a little thing could burst out the power to destroy heaven and earth.

The power of superstring particles was countless better than nuclear reactions.

Even the simplest flame, with the help of superstring particles, had become the heaven flame that burnt everything.

The 18-layer Buddha light was burning, and countless faiths were burned up under the heaven flame.

Ming Xue was surprised deeply. These people’s methods were impressive. Apparently, they were not so powerful before.

“Sixth gear, 50 times force, a trillion-world power combined!”

Demon Kris had made a great breakthrough recently, and his aggressiveness had been increased by dozens of times.


A punch fell on Ming Xue’s body. The 18-layers of Buddha light blocked part of the strength, the bright yellow cassock also blocked part of the strength, the rest of the strength fell on Ming Xue’s body.

“It’s impossible. Why can you hurt me?”

The 18-layer Buddha lights were consumables. In the blink of an eye, the halo of the outermost layer became dim.


Demon Kris laughed, “It really works effectively. Continue to attack. You’d better upgrade the power of this super string divine array to a higher level.”

Yuan Kris nodded. Next second, Yin wind, God thunder and poisonous water sprung up all of a sudden.

It made Ming Xue suffer miserably.

The Seven Treasure Magic Tree resisted their attack while brushing.

Determined, he took out a Bodhi!

This Bodhi was obtained after a million eras. After taking it, it could upgrade his cultivation to the Later Period in a short time!

He bit his teeth and swallowed this Bodhi. Originally, he wanted to save it when he dealt with Domain Ying or Domain Wind. But if he didn’t use it now, he would be in danger.

“This fellow is on drugs. Don’t get entangled in fighting with him, hold him back, consume him, and don’t give him any chance!”


The power of Later Period erupted from Ming Xue and swept the whole Imperial city, which made people chilly scared.

However, this power was blocked by Kris Chen’s double Barrier all the way out, unable to leak out even a shred of it.

There was a lot of fighting within the barrier, but there was no movement outside at all.

The Great Tao and Sinking into Pain of Kris Chen was banned and sealed. Unless the strength surpassed him, it wouldn’t be broken at all.

“It’s impossible!”

Ming Xue tried his best to break the shackles, but after the Barrier vibrated twice, there was no sound.

“It’s no use, it can’t be broken. Since we’re here today, it’s impossible for you to escape.”

“Super string divine array, a hundredfold amplification!”

The 17th layer aperture was also quickly dissipated under various attacks. The 16th-layer aperture, the 15th layer, the 14th layer…the further the aperture was, the stronger of protection ability of the aperture was.

His future body and past body were both fighting with Yang Buddha and North Kris, roughly on the same level.

They all had the Treasure of Transcendence in their hands.

This was over exaggerated!

At last, all the people were almost slaughtered.

Those ancestors were killed so many that they got chilly scared. They were even chased by seven people.

However, to Ming Xue’s despair, the early-generation ancestors were also fighting.

“You are the leader of the Demon King army. I smell the debris. There are fragments on you too!”

Ancestor of Clan Xue laughed, “Well, well, there’s a way to heaven, but you don’t go there; there’s no way to hell, but you break in here.”

In a daze, Kris Chen squinted his eyes immediately, “So, you have fragments on your body, too?”

His heart blossomed with joy. He did not guess it wrong. The three ancient clans had fragments of Door of All Wonders.

Ancestors of Clan Xue did not speak and took the first shot.

“The Great Causation Art!”

With a light pointing, Kris Chen felt that innumerable causes and effects entwined and wrapped on top of his own body.


Kris Chen touched on the situation lightly and defused each other’s magic power. Buddhism was good at using cause and effect to kidnap others.

“Why don’t we talk business? If you give me the fragments on your body, I won’t kill you!”

“You have balls!”

Ancestor of Clan Xue yelled, “Cause and effect world!”

“Go away!”

Kris Chen’s one punch blew out to hit the cause-and-effect world away.

“Ten-feet high gold body!”

“Cause and effect magic fist.”

“Concussion magic fist!”

Two fists met and intersected, all those who really fought were swept to the corner.

Even Ming Xue, who had broken through the Later Period, was no exception.

Kris Chen looked at the wavering Barrier Space and frowned, “Superstring Space!”!

Yuan Kris could do it, so could he. He even used new tests.

Through the superstring particles, release Great Tao Seal and Sinking into Pain, the ability of banning and sealing skyrocketed again!

“A hundred-fold amplification great array!”

This was the amplification array with the greatest power of amplification at present!

The space became solid again, as strong as iron. It was not so easy to break it!

“The Great Tao is closed, banned and sealed!”

“Cause and effect defuse. Wanting to imprison me? In you dream!”

Ancestor of Clan Xue snorted coldly, but actually he was deeply worried. No matter in terms of supernatural power or cultivation, the other side was no worse than himself at all.

There was a big doubt in his mind, “Who the hell are you?”

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