Chapter 729 – 730: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 729: Get A Fragment Again

“That’s none of your business! ”

Kris Chen said, “Reverse Time! ”

The Old ancestor of the Xue Family felt that the time around him was going backwards quickly, and in the blink of an eye, he would go back ten thousands of years. If it weren’t for the fragments of the Zhongmiao Door, he was likely to have been injured.

“Useless? Is it because of the fragments?!” Kris Chen frowned, with 60 trillion cells intertwined, and 1 billion Great Taos superimposed, “Shaking Divine Fist! ”

“Boom! ”

“Subduing Demon Divine Fist. ”

“Boom! Boom! Boom! ”

In the blink of an eye, millions of moves have been made.

All people were forced to the corner and could barely support themselves!

Ming Xue was shocked. Was that the real strength of the Old ancestor? Facing such a high-level fight, the old ancestor didn’t even have the strength to watch. So how could he be shocked by that? On the other hand, Yuan Kris and others looked calm.

Yuan Kris nodded, “Superstring Space? I didn’t expect this. ”

He slightly moved one of his finger, and a temporary space formed in front of him, “Come in! ”

Eleven people entered, and found the inside was calm.

“This Superstring Space is indeed strong, with constant power. The erupted power that collides with each other is horrible, and the closed-loop space of power formed is simply incredible. ”

Buddha Kris thought for a while. At this moment, they started the sharing state. Everyone was learning from each other. Of course, the direction of everyone’s research was still based on the previously set direction.

Ming Xue looked at them in shock. Some were cultivating, while others took out a table for drinking tea and watching the fight.

“You come here too. ”

The third incarnation of Ming Xue bloomed with Buddhist light, forming a not too big Buddhist world.

Those old ancestors who survived moved over one after another.

There were only thousands of people at present!

Kris Chen fought with the old ancestor of the Xue Family for a while, and had a preliminary understanding of his strength. The ancestor’s cultivation was in the later period of detachment, and with the help of the fragments, his strength was more powerful.

But compared to himself, the old thing was a bit weaker, and did not seem to be at his peak of strength.

“When a master fights with another, even a bit disparity can determine the final result. ”

“Super Invincible Serious Cosmic Explosion Fist Plus One Hundred Times Its Force; And plus 1,296 million worlds to link together and Great Taos! ” Kris Chen smiled, “This punch can be regarded as my respect to you, please accept it! ”

“Boom! ”

One punch blasted towards the Old ancestor of the Xue Family, and he also gave back one punch.

When their fists met, the old ancestor changed his complexion instantly. A force that could break the Time River and last tens of thousands of years poured into his body. This force had exceeded the limit he could bear.

“Click-clack! ” His right arm was instantly crushed to pieces by force, which continued to invade and spread. His scapula, collarbone, sternum, even heart, lungs…all shattered. Countless Great Taos ran wildly in his body and exploded.

“Run! ” This was the first thought that came to his mind.

At that moment, he suppressed the injuries in his body with the Zhongmiao Door, trying to break the space and run away.

However, with a punch blasted, the Superstring Space was indeed shaking, and it might be broken up.

But Kris Chen didn’t give him time to make a second punch.

“Go to hell! ”

“Boom! ”

With the second punch was blown out, the old ancestor was instantly blasted to pieces.

This force directly wiped out the old ancestor from the past, the future, and the present, and even cut off the causal relation.

With blood splashing over the sky, there was a fragment shining with green light. Kris Chen grabbed it quickly in his hand.

“Play cause and effect with me? Don’t you know that I am the testimony of cause and effect? ” He smiled and turned to look to the other side. And he stretched himself, “It’s done. Call it a day. ”

Ming Xue and others were even more dumbfounded, “Old ancestor, he…how…how could this be possible? ”

Tore off the Superstring Space, Demon Kris said with a smile, “Give you a chance to survive. If you hand over all the magic weapons, and merge your territory into the League Domain, I will not kill you! ”

Then Kris Chen came over. He said nothing but pierced the Buddhist world with a single finger, and took away the Sky-covering Umbrella, the Demon-conquering stick and the Seven-treasure Magic Tree. “Wow, there is also an Eight-treasure Merit Pool. Guys, is this what you used to transform Buddhist soldiers? This is Supreme Treasure of Transcendence! Great! ”

Two Middle-grade Treasures of Transcendence, one Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence and one Supreme Treasure of Transcendence!

In addition, he also got a two-finger-sized fragment of the Zhongmiao Door. This time he gained a lot.

Ming Xue felt bitterly, with all of his Bodhi were taken away. His stage plummeted, but he did not have the courage to fight back.

“You want to die or live? ”

Ming Xue knelt on the ground, “I give up! ”

“A wise man submits to fate. From now on, there will only be Xue Family, but there will be no Xue Dynasty. You should have reached a cooperation with the Feng and Ying families, and delay for a while. ”

After that, Kris Chen placed two bans on each of them, and if they were forcibly broken them, they would definitely die!

Now that his strength increased, he no longer needed to let them take any Taoist vows.

However, after he left, Demon Kris forced each of them to take a detailed Taoist vow.

An earth-shattering battle was over in an hour.

The outside world knew nothing about it, because there was no sound at all.

Returning to the Time Barrier, Yang Chen did not move the four Treasures of Transcendence, but took out the fragments from his palm.

“They do not match? But judging from their power, they are indeed from the same piece of fragment! ” After thinking about it, Kris Chen enveloped it in his palm.

The refining process went smoothly, because the fragment had already been refined by the old ancestor of the Xue Family.

With the addition of this fragment, a steady stream of Magic Pneuma emerged, more than ten times stronger than that small fragment.

Kris Chen was overjoyed. In this way, he could break through the transcendence.

“Just as I thought, the bigger the fragment, the greater the effect. If I can assemble all pieces, I can definitely greatly reduce my speed of cultivation. ”

Under the thrust of the Magic Pneuma, Kris Chen started to open up the cells of his right hand! He even opened up small worlds in the cells.

When the first cell broke through the Detachment Stage and opened up small worlds, Kris Chen was extremely confident.

129,600 universes do not even matter. When he opens up all six billion cells of the universes, his power will rise to an incredible level.

Kris Chen did not intend to use the Cell World to reproduce creatures, but regarded it as a pool to store mana.

“The power provided by the fragments is majestic. It will take about one million years to wash away thoroughly. The outside world needs more than two months. Time is enough! ” Kris Chen settled down to practice.

At the same time, Xue Domain was calm and was also dispatching troops.

Only Ming Xue and a few thousand old ancestors survived the battle between Kris Chen and the Old ancestor of Xue, with all the others died.

Therefore, there was no need to worry about information leaks.

“Delay for three months, can you make it? ”

“No problem! ”

Lowering his head, actually Ming Xue could do nothing but accepting it.

“Very well, it will be the time to conquer the world when the leaders finish their Closing Door. ” Buddha Kris said with a smile.

Xue Yu was his treasure land. Countless Buddhist soldiers had been brought into the Buddha Kris universe by him. So his power of faith had greatly increased and his cultivation had skyrocketed.

However, Buddha Kris did not rush to make a breakthrough, but continued to practice.

For millions of epochs, the power of faith and the force of will are too much to use.

Meanwhile, the Feng Family and the Ying Family also received the news of postponing troops.

“What does Ming Xue actually have up his sleeve? ”

Yu Ying frowned, he had got ready for the battle, but now he was told to postpone the dispatch for three months? Were they kidding me?

“Forget it, just do as what they said. ”

Yu Ying didn’t care, he had already reached a cooperation with Wuxie Feng. Anyway, the final victory must belong to the Ying and Feng families.

“By the way, what’s going on with the Demon King Army? ”

“They are well-prepared, and have assembled an army of 700 trillion soldiers! ”

The scout said, “They are equipped with brand-new weapons. It is said that there is a weapon that is extremely destructive, and even the Endless Stage can not bear its force. ”

“Divine Light Cannon? ”

“Divine Light Cannon is indeed among them, and it is equipped with a brand-new shell, which is more powerful than before. ”

“The battleship has also been upgraded, and it is three times powerful than before. ”

Tapping the table with his fingers, Yu Ying thought that the League Domain’s equipment and weapons were better than theirs, now they are updated again. So they can only bridge the gap at the cost of people’s lives.

The incompetent Weapon Manufacturing Bureau of Ying Domain made no progress for so many years! Indeed, they had little advantage over equipment and weapons!

“To fish for more information. It’s best to find out all that about the equipment. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty! ”

“Emperor ancestor, Xue Domain sent a message to postpone the dispatch of troops for three months! ”

“What? ” He dropped a chess piece, and the chaotic chess game in front of him became clear again.

“I’m afraid there will be changes behind this. ”

“Emperor ancestor, I happened to coincide with you on this point. ”

Wuxie Feng said, “I think that Emperor Xue should have secretly reached a certain agreement with the Demon King Army in private. ”

“Well done, your chess skills have improved recently. ”

“That’s all because I have you be my teacher. ” Wuxie Feng was excited, but his face remained calm. He felt that he was getting closer to the detachment.

“To send the message to force the Xue Family to dispatch their troops. They are the first army and the main force. Let them fight with each other first, then join them! ”

“Yes, Emperor ancestor! ” Wuxie Feng got it clear in his heart and retreated quickly!

“Command the cabinet to urge Xue Domain to send troops. If they don’t within half a month, the cooperation will cease. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty! ”

“Where is Ying Feng? ”

“Here. ” A semi-transparent man knelt aside. He was Ying Feng from the Feng Family, and he was considered as a knife for the Feng emperors over the past dynasties, to deal with some dirty things.

“Spread the news that the Xue Domain and the Demon King Army have secretly reached an agreement. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty. ”

“Be careful, and don’t let others discover it. ” After that, Wuxie Feng sneered. No matter what intrigues does Ming Xue have, everything will be in vain. Since you like playing games so much, let’s see who is better.

As the imperial war went on, it would be more needed for us to calm down. At this time, whoever is impatient first will reveal more clues.

Soon, the news that the Xue Domain and the Demon King Army reached a secret cooperation leaked out.

It was okay on the Ying Domain side, and they had no movement, but the Xue Domain descended into chaos. Especially Ming Xue, who was frightened and restless.

“Leader, I… this matter really has nothing to do with me. It must not be spread by me. Rest assured! ” Ming Xue was so frightened that he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing, even with blood stains on his forehead.

As a master who is infinitely close to the detachment, he bleeds just because the incessant kowtows. Who believes it?

“Did I say it was you who spread it? ” Demon Kris squinted his eyes.

And Yuan Kris on the side said, “The General Staff has analyzed it. It should be the delay of sending troops for three months that has attracted the attention of the two families. We are too careless, no wonder they suspect us. After all, the reason we gave them is not sufficient. ”

“What to do? The Feng Family’s handwriting has already arrived. If we don’t send troops in half a month, the alliance will be cancelled! ” Ming Xue said.

“That will make no difference!” Demon Kris said lightly.

Chapter 730: Set a Trap

“Don’t ask who am I.”

Kris Chen said “Reverse Time.”

The Emperor ancestor of Xueyu felt the time around his was reversing. In a flash time reversed ten thousand years. He would suffer great losses if he did not own the fragments of Zhongmiao Door.

“Useless? Is it because of the fragment? Just delay them like this, I will see when they come here.”

Demon Kris said.

“That’s the only way.”

Ming Xue sighed. Former lofty emperor was others’ follower now.

No, he could not be called a follower.

But what else could he do? His life was controlled by others so that he could only listen to them.

“Come and dispatch one million billion Buddhist soldiers leaded by Ding Xue to the boarders. Fight with them no matter who offend us.”

“Yes, majesty.”

One million billion Buddhist soldiers was one third of their total soldiers.

At least eight million soldiers were needed if they wanted to wipe out the one million Buddhist soldiers.

“as thus, they have to think twice if they want to take action. So for sure they would not act rashly before their leader finish closing door.”

At the same time, at where the three worlds met, Lin Wang waited for two months but no war outburst. He was worried and furious.

It seemed that the three clans were much restrained than he thought.

“Xue Emperor reached cooperation agreement with other two clans before, but he not only stopped dispatching troops but asked one million billion soldiers to guard the boarders.”

Lin Wang squinted and murmured “It seemed the rumor is true. Xueyu really reached some agreement with the Demon King.”

Lin Wang was not afraid thinking of this, instead he was extremely excited.

There must be countless wounded and dead if the four clans had a melee.

Then he could broke Fulfilled period of detachment Stage, maybe he could even scale new heights.

He was excited thinking of this.

Then he could dominate the world. Beating Feng clan and stamping on Emperor Ancestor, at last improving to the Eternity.

“Just wait.”

Then Lin Wang closed his eyes.

In Time Barrier.

Kris Chen had brushed two thirds of his body cells. More and more cells opened up small worlds and each cell was like the early period of detachment Stage.

He could kill the ancestor of Xue Clan with one fist if he met him again. He did not need to waste much time on him.

He would own peerless ability when all of his cells were opened up.

Chaos Spirit Sword metamorphosed hundreds of thousands of years, finally it succeeded. And it was over one hundred times’ stronger than before.

It owned the power beyond detachment stage.

The four treasures Kris robbed from Ming Xue was absorbed by Fate power and it coupled back Kris greatly.

Xuanmiao energy emitted by Xuanmiao Door washed his body, Fate power enriched his Kungfu thus the process of world expansion was accelerated.

Time flied and the third month past.

The three clans were peaceful, but the troops of Feng and Ying Clan were dispatched to the borders.

Each clan dispatched six million trillion soldiers.

And on that day, Lin Wang was trying to do the same thing. The war among three clans outbroke finally.

Twelve hundred trillion soldiers fought with Twelve hundred trillion soldiers.

Soldiers filled the stars.

Several billion warships were like stars, countless cannonballs were shot and countless people were hurt or died.

Lin Wang looked like a shark smelt blood so that he flied out swiftly.

“Kill them, don’t stop. The more the better.”

Fate power was gathered without stopping, though most of the soldiers’ cultivation was not high, there were lots of soldiers.

Twenty two hundred million trillion soldiers were more than the people he absorbed these years.

What made Feng clan and Ying clan did not expect was Xue clan withdrew troops after several rounds of shooting.

All the people were surprised about it, no one knew what Xue troops hid in his sleeve.

“Catch them, quickly.”

“A cornered animal is a dangerous foe. It is suspicious when they suddenly withdraw troops. We can’t be tricked.”

“Transmit my order. Retreat.”

The Grand Marshals of two troops agreed with each other. They would die if they were encircled by the Demon King when they went deeper Xue clan.

They were familiar with the equipment of the Demon King’s troops. They were much better than their equipment.

Though there were fewer people there, they had no problem to solve two by one.

And according to the scouts, their newest equipment Divine Light Cannon could shoot more than ten times than theirs and its power was over ten times bigger than before.

As a bang, a large area could be swept even without any sound.

Maybe it was exaggerated, but no one dared to take the risk.

Troops of the Demon King had mighty deterrent force.

Lin Wang was confused. He had not yet absorbed enough but they stopped fighting.

Even Ding Xue he robbed was destroyed.

He was shocked if others found him?

He was worried thinking of this.

“Ran away first.”

He ran away without thinking too much.

He was not supposed to absorb this time, he was too careless. It was okay to use the scheme for one time, he thought others were stupid using twice.

“My strength improved too fast recently, so I am too proud.”

At the other side, Feng clan.

Wuxie got the news of Xue Troops withdrew troops. He was puzzled. “Mie Feng told me it was a scheme of Xue Troops and the Demon King, so that they dared not to chase.”

“Tell him not to act rashly. He is right not to chase. Keep the same pace with Ying Troops.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Chihou came and went in haste.

Wuxie went to the Imperial Palace.

Emperor ancestor was still relaxed. He never saw other expression from the face of Emperor ancestor for so long.

Of course the only time he saw astonishment from Emperor ancestor’s face was the time the Demon King wanted to fight with Emperor ancestor.

But his astonishment was slight, and soon it disappeared.

“Don’t rash to play chess this time, the one who worried would lose.”

Emperor ancestor said slightly.

“We have to set a trap to entice the leaders of Xue Clan and the Demon King troop and catch them all. It’s useless to fight like this. They would not be hurt at all even if soldiers of four clans were depleted.”

At his Stage, Feng clan would not die as long as their leader was not killed.

“Emperor ancestor, please tell me what shall I do?”

“It’s simple. Send out message of Zhongmiao Door, tell them new fragment would fall from Upper World.”

Wuxie thought for a second and said “Great idea, Emperor ancestor, it’s a good idea. They would come no matter it’s true or not. They we can set a tight dragnet.”

Emperor ancestor smiled and a dark green light showed up in his hand. It emitted detachment energy which made people palmic and longing.

“This detachment energy is for you. When you absorb it, your cultivation could be improved to Later period of Detachment Stage without any side effect.”

“Thank you for your reward.”

Wuxie shivered because of excitement. It was detachment energy gathered by Zhongmiao Door. Everyone was longing for it. He really wanted to use it to practice if the war was not coming.

“Get up.”

Emperor ancestor said. The green fragment as thick as a thumb flew to Wuxie. “This Chaos Jade absorbed lots of Zhongmiao energy so that it owns some characters of fragment.”

“Put it at the junction of three clans, I will arrange the rest.”

“Yes, Emperor ancestor.”

Wuxie took over the Chaos Jade and stepped back reverently.

“Hehe. Let me see where can you ran this time. Emperor ancestor will catch you all.”

He took out a duster, scratched the space and went inside.

Soon rumors spread around.

It’s said the Imperial War this time would be the last one in Chaos World of the Other Realm. And the winner would unify the entire world.

To commend the winner, Upper World would grant all kinds of magic weapons. And it was rumored one of the weapon would be even more precious than Treasure of Transcendence.

The treasure was called Zhongmiao Door. It’s said the one who got it could detached and flied to Upper World. From then on, he could enter Unfettered Stage.

Many people doubted about it, and at the same time many people found some treasures at the juncture of three clans.

So everyone was excited now.

A great treasure could not only add their survival chance but also increase the possibility of them to find the legendary Zhongmiao Door, and achieved detachment then entered unfettered stage at last.

So that these days the leaders of the three troops were confused that some soldiers also ran out in secret often.

And indeed some of them gained some magic weapons.

Let alone soldiers, even the leaders were envious.

But what they wanted to get was not the magic weapons, but Zhongmiao Door.

So the three troops were extremely peaceful recently. No war.

They were all trying to gain magic weapons as many as possible.

Though Lin Wang fled, he became bold again after days of calm.

They would take action if he was found. They would not wait until now.

He thought he was just too cautious.

He also heard the rumor and he even gained some treasures.

“I heard Zhongmiao Door before from Emperor Ancestor. It seemed it’s a powerful treasure. He also wanted it. If I could get it…”

Lin Wang could not help wandering at the junction of three troops thinking of this.

There was fluctuation from the void when he was seeking for treasures carefully. He was shocked to see the fluctuation.

“Someone is coming.”

He fled like a extremely frightened person.

He was ultimately close to Fulfilled period of detachment stage, but he still felt the danger. So the one who came must own strong power.

“Nothing was found? But I could feel it, it’s smell of Zhongmiao Door.”

“But I did not find it? It’s not time yet?”

Strong Divine Spiritual Power swept the sky.

“Ancestor, if you can offer me if we could find the fragment of Zhongmiao Door?”

“Scatterbrain. What can you do with it? Can you refine it? Even if you can, it would be many years later.”

“I’m stupid, please don’t get angry.”

“Hehe, I did not expect that these people could spend so much. They unexpectedly take Zhongmiao Door as the lure. There must be trap. Let’s go quickly.”

“Yes, ancestor.”

When they were going to leave, the space around suddenly collapsed. The Great Tao net trapped them. And the sound came “Don’t go since you came.”

“Feng ancestor, I know you set the trap. But you are not powerful enough to trap me.”

Ying ancestor sneered and landed a punch on the Great Tao net.

Crack crack.

The Great Tao net cracked immediately.

However, what he did not expected was there were densely packed net outside the Great Tao net. “Sansheng Ying, how could I look down upon you? The Great Tao net was I specially made for you.”

“It is remain unbroken and endless. I’m afraid it is not easy for you to get rid of it.”

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