Chuck Cannon is a man, Gracia Stewart is a woman, something will always happen.

So Heidi Hudson didn’t want to let Chuck Cannon and Gracia Stewart go on like this, it’s better to break!!

It is best to be an enemy.

Heidi Hudson will not give this kind of thing any possibility!

Her bodyguard thought for a long time and said, “Miss, how about this?…”

The voice became quieter, and Heidi Hudson smiled, “Yes, I have been letting you follow me for this reason so that you can give me some ideas!”

“Thank you, Miss for the compliment!” The man was delighted, “Miss, I’m here to talk to Black Tiger?”

“Let’s talk!” Heidi Hudson became lazy.

The man immediately continued to say to the Black Tiger over there, “Hey, miss let…”

“Black Rose, how about it?” Chuck Cannon also had the feeling of being stared at.

But he just can’t find this person staring at me, where is he.

“Don’t worry, I’m looking for it, don’t pretend, want to die?”

Black Rose scolded. Although Chuck Cannon said he was lying on the back, but he actually looked around, his head was sticking out, and he was going to beat him?

Black Rose pressed his hand, Chuck Cannon was speechless, “It hurts.”

“Pain? I still want to slap!” Black Rose said indifferently, “Remember, there is only one life, don’t be kidding!!”

“I see, elder Rose,” Chuck Cannon nodded.

Black Rose glared but didn’t say anything, tacitly defaulting to Chuck Cannon calling her that.

“Hush, there is a sound, over there, I’ll go and see! Hide here,” Black Rose crawled forward.

Of course, Chuck Cannon followed, as he wouldn’t hold back.

“I’ve said it all, just stay!” Black Rose scolded.

“Stop talking, I’m not bad, go, elder Rose,” Chuck Cannon smiled, Black Rose was too protective for him.

Chuck Cannon felt like being cared for by his big sister.

Black Rose was angry and can’t wait to kick Chuck Cannon. When is it, still hippie smiling, not afraid of death?

Black Rose can’t help it, hit Chuck Cannon?

The two of them were close to where the sound appeared.

Black Rose was worried that Chuck Cannon was beaten, so she pulled Chuck Cannon all the way, letting Chuck Cannon stay behind her, and protect Chuck Cannon with her own body.

“Stay here, let me see! This person may have gone, because for the killer, after completing the target, he will not shoot anyone outside the target.” Black Rose analyzed according to her experience.

That’s what she does. She didn’t easily fire a bullet of half a million dollars. Besides, firing a shot at someone other than the target meant what it meant, extra-junctions and hidden dangers to herself!

Top killers pay special attention to this.

Black Rose approached. Behind a hidden stone, she saw something, frowned, and Chuck Cannon ran over, “Elder Rose… Hey, what’s the situation with this guy? Don’t he want to drop the gun?”

There is a sniper rifle on the ground!

Chuck Cannon was immediately confused. The sniper rifle is very important to the killer, right?

This is a tool for eating, how can someone lose it?

“Don’t move, there may be a trap!” Black Rose protected Chuck Cannon with her body.

She watched for a while and didn’t feel the trap.

“Why did this person left the gun?” Black Rose was patrolling with her gun.

No one else was found.

“Let me see,” Chuck Cannon picked it up and looked at it with interest. It’s okay, there are still bullets in it!

This is a sniper rifle made here in the United States, very heavy!

“Don’t take it, let it go,” Black Rose said angrily.

“I’ll take a look, thinking that my mother will match me with one.” Chuck Cannon said, but it’s better to find Alice who specializes in making arms.

As for her guns, she must be a little more professional than her mother, and there are many more types.

Tell Alice about this, and let her design a sniper rifle herself.

“Chuck Cannon!!!”

Suddenly, a woman rushed out of the woods with a pale face and a bloody muzzle on his shoulder.

Chuck Cannon was shocked, “Gracia Stewart!”

Yes, this rushed out is Gracia Stewart. She was shot just now. Suddenly, she couldn’t control her hand. The capital of the dagger fell underground. Of course, Brayden Stewart was ecstatic, turned around and took advantage of this opportunity and kicked Gracia Stewart!!

Gracia Stewart was seriously injured, and this shot was about to abolish her hand.

No way, she faced the siege of four bodyguards, and she managed to escape.

There are still a lot of bodyguards chasing after her. People like her will get revenge if they have grudges!

So she wants to find this guy who shot her!

Unexpectedly, as soon as she found it according to her feelings, she saw Chuck Cannon holding a gun!

Gracia Stewart knows guns very well, and it was definitely the gun in Chuck Cannon’s hands that hit her!!

Chuck Cannon is holding it, so it means that Chuck Cannon was the one who hit her just now?

At this moment, Gracia Stewart was surprised and angry!!

Chuck Cannon actually shot her! why!

Did you miss it? Chuck Cannon is like this, the one who put a secret gun behind him?

“Chuck Cannon, I’m never finished with it!!”

Facing the tracking of the bodyguard behind her, Gracia Stewart did not lose any time. She was shot in the body and must escape to survive!

This kind of cold eyes and cold voice!

With the anger of Gracia Stewart!

Chuck Cannon was stunned. He had just seen Gracia Stewart and was pleasantly surprised. Gracia Stewart was still alive, but she was scarred.

Chuck Cannon feels distressed. This friend who has not known each other for a long time is now hurt like this.

Chuck Cannon wants to take her away!

But Gracia Stewart’s indifferent eyes were so strange.


Chuck Cannon stunned, “Gracia Stewart…”

“It works! It works! I regret letting go, regret it!”

There was only a cold voice, and Gracia Stewart rushed into the forest with a swish, disappearing instantly.

“What’s the matter?” Chuck Cannon was stunned, why did Gracia Stewart say harsh words to himself?

Chuck Cannon was shocked by the look just now, it was a murderous look!

In other words, Gracia Stewart just wanted to kill himself!

“Gracia Stewart thought you shot her.” Black Rose understood that she would think so too.

Because as a killer, the gun, unless she dies, she will not discard it!

Chuck Cannon held the gun that shot her, and of course, Gracia Stewart was cold!

“Me? Why would I hit her?” Chuck Cannon understood and lost the gun in his hand.

“A gun, no sniper will lose it. This is common sense. With a gun, people will definitely think so.”

Chuck Cannon was speechless, this misunderstanding is big, Gracia Stewart just wanted to kill him!

“Gracia Stewart, it’s not me, it’s not me…” Chuck Cannon caught up, but Gracia Stewart’s speed was too fast, and it disappeared in an instant.

But suddenly, Black Rose was shocked!!

“Chuck Cannon, get away! Bullet!” Black Rose pushed Chuck Cannon away.

In fact, Chuck Cannon had already sensed it. When Black Rose pushed him, Chuck Cannon was ready to flash.


A bullet hit a tree!

The bursting sound was harsh to the extreme!

Black Rose lay on Chuck Cannon, “Someone is here, guns, many…hide!”

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