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Chapter 73 – 74: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 73: The first time, Venus wanted Kerry (1)

Just when she thought she was going to die, the knife passed by her shoulder and shot directly into the wall behind her.

Before Venus Mu could react, she heard a laugh. Then Xiaozi appeared in front of her, her purple eyes shining with coquettish delight, and said, “You are too timid.”

After listening to his words, Venus realized that she was fooled by him on purpose. Venus thought that she was really stupid herself.

“Men are all bad, except for my father and brother.” Venus thought

Venus was a little angry, ignoring him directly, and quickly walked to the door. She was about to leave here and would never come in again.

Xiaozi noticed that she was angry, and instantly stood in front of her, and said, “I was just joking. Please don’t be angry.”

“You were just joking? You put my life at risk on a whim?” Venus said angrily.

“I was wrong just now, I apologize.” Xiaozi said.

Looking at his insincere expression, Venus ignored him.

“If I intentionally wanted to hurt you just now, would you still be alive?” Xiaozi said with a low voice.

Hearing what he said, Venus’s face was still cold and said, “Don’t do this anymore, otherwise I will never talk to you again.”

“If those who have hurt you apologize to you, will you forgive them?” Xiaozi asked meaningfully.

Venus felt that Xiaozi’s expression was too strange when she said this. She felt that he seemed to be hiding something. She thought for a while, and said, “It depends on what it is.”

“So what can’t you forgive?” Xiaozi asked inexplicably.

“Betrayal.” Venus said.

Xiaozi looked at her thoughtfully, and suddenly asked, “If one day your husband betrays you, what would you do?”

“I don’t know.” Venus thought for a while and said.

She didn’t care whether Kerry had an affair with other women. She was afraid that the woman he had an affair with was Xinyou Qiao.

Although Xinyou had explained the matter to her last time, she still felt that Xinyou was a little strange. She thought that there were things that Xinyou hadn’t told her.

Xiaozi stared at her and said indifferently, “I hope you can be like this all the time.”

“What?” Venus asked suspiciously without hearing clearly.

Xiaozi shook her head slowly, and said lightly, “Nothing.”

Venus looked around, and suddenly said, “Why did you put such a dangerous knife on your head just now? You even let the knife point at yourself?”

Xiaozi paused for a few seconds and continued, “I’m reminding myself not to forget my mission.”

“What mission?” Venus asked curiously.

Xiaozi’s expression became scary. He saw Venus tremble, and said coldly, “I want revenge.”

Venus was startled by his serious expression. She now knew that he was living in hatred.

His scary look sent cold fingers creeping up Venus spine. Venus instantly thought Kerry’s terrible look when he mentioned her brother.

Perhaps sensing that the atmosphere in the room was too tense, Xiaozi quickly became kind, and said gently, “Don’t be nervous. I won’t hurt you.”

“But you looked scary just now,” Venus said.

“I’m actually practicing.” Xiaozi said with a satisfied smile,

Venus was taken aback. His temper changed so quickly because he was practicing?

“I’m training my concentration.” He explained.

“How do you manipulate it? Hand or mind?” Venus suddenly took a sigh of relief and said.

“I can use both.” said he.

Venus stared at him with big eyes in surprise and said excitedly, “Please show me.”

“Okay.” Xiaozi faintly replied.

Chapter 73: The first time, Venus wanted Kerry (2)

Venus Mu widened her eyes, seeing him stretch out his finger first, and with a move in the air, the knife, as if sensing something, drew away from the wall bit by bit and then quickly rose into the air.

Looking at this magical scene, Venus couldn’t help but clap her hands to shout, “Awesome!”

Xiaozi then put his hands down, with his eyes closed, and meditated again like the first time. Then the knife went in circles up and down, even shifting different postures.

Venus focused on this, but she subconsciously cast her eyes on Xiaozi, noting that even the hem of the crescent long shirt he was wearing was gently fluttering, giving off a crystal-clear beauty under the sunlight.

So beautiful…

Venus couldn’t help but sigh.

Suddenly something came to her and she emerged an interpretation of ‘floating’. She laughed with excitement, for she finally had the idea of this design work ‘floating’.

“Xiaozi, I remembered I still have to go design the drawing. See you!” Venus seemed to apologize to him and left in a hurry.

She didn’t notice that as she turned to leave, his look was full of complexity.

Returning to her room, Venus quickly picked up a pen and began to draw. In a short time, she finished.

Meiling He had said that ‘floating’ was a series of brands and she drew a few more, and by the time they were all finished, it was almost evening. Venus checked them again to see if they needed to be improved.

The designs were similar, which were almost dressed. The cloth was two layers of gauze, one pink inside and the other white outside. The skirt was an irregular ruffle design, and the flower pattern was a plain but chic lily, meaning ‘forever love’ in Chinese.

Looking at her work, Venus frowned. Somehow, she still felt that something was missing, so what was it?

The next day, Venus went to work, bringing her design with her. She sat down on her seat.

Just then, Xinyou Qiao’s leaned on her, whose attention was all attached to the bag Venus held, and with her hands on her chin, asking in confusion, “Venus, what’s in your paper bag?”

Seeing her ask, Venus didn’t intend to conceal it, and said, “My design draft of ‘floating’.”

Xinyou was jealous when she heard this. She tried to keep calm and her tone was mixed with imperceptible jealousy, “Really?”

“Almost.” Venus smiled with modesty.

Xinyou stared at the paper bag on the desk, with a scornful smile.

Venus turned on the computer to search the information about Paris Fashion. She moved the mouse and there were pictures about beautiful models who on the T stage. Venus was occupied by them.

This year’s fashion trend was about simplicity and looking at the models’ floral stitching pattern grass skirt, Venus was surprised by their ideas.

She always felt that her work seemed to lack something and she was always striving for perfection, so she wished to find out the imperfection.

Suddenly, she noticed a set of unique clothes, designed by a famous French designer, who was good at adding tassels and other elements and this series of haute couture sold well all over the world.


Venus murmured thoughtfully. How could she add this to her own design?

Of course, she couldn’t completely copy it and she must use her own way to give this element a new look.

She felt a lot of threads were coming to her brain, but it was as if it was blocked by a thin sheet of paper, and she couldn’t poke it!

Just then, Meiling came to them and Venus’s thoughts were instantly interrupted, but she looked calm and greeted, “Hello, Manager He.”

“Manager He, is there anything you want us to do?” Xinyou raised in a decent smile, asking gently.

Meiling, who didn’t show her true feeling s at all, glanced at the two of them. Her tone mixed with coldness, “Have you done with your design?”

Xinyou nodded and said, “Sure.”

Chapter 73: The first time, Venus wanted Kerry (3)

Venus Mu frowned, looking at Meiling He with irritation inwardly. The thoughts in her mind were completely lost.

Seeing her was not in a good mood, Meiling still looked unchanged and asked in a calm tone, “Venus, how about you?”

Venus was so distracted by her stare that she could only point to the paper bag beside her and sullenly said, “Mine is also… finished.”

God knew how much courage it took her to say that. Although the work was finished, it wasn’t what she had expected, so it wasn’t finished for her.

Meiling was relieved to hear this. She had seen Venus’s ‘Spiritual Sea’ and her thoughts were unique, so this she was looking forward to seeing her work.

It wasn’t that she was so optimistic about her, but she and Zijie Li had fought for many years, and she knew his ability and he had always been her counterpart.

She expected Venus and Xinyou could help her to defeat him.

Venus didn’t notice what Meiling was thinking about and she was still trying to recall the inspiration that had just passed by, but she couldn’t get it back.

Meiling looked at them with hope and said in a cold tone, “You guys get ready. Meet in the conference room in 10 minutes.”

Venus looked stunned and immediately reacted, just as she was about to say something, Meiling had already gone away.

Xinyou turned back, intentionally glancing at the paper bag next to her, with her hands cupped together. Her look was somewhat weird.

Although she didn’t want to admit it that she wasn’t as excellent as Venus was, and it was all due to Venus’s ideas that she had been able to get noticed.

She couldn’t let Venus take her pride again! And she had to think some ways to stop her. Otherwise, people would know her true ability and then her design would be doubted by others.

What should she do…?

Venus picked up the paper bag to get up, but she suddenly wanted to urinate, so she hurriedly stood up and said to Xinyou, “Xinyou, I’m going to the toilet first. You go to the conference room by yourself.”

Then she picked up the paper bag and headed directly to the toilet.

A trick came to Xinyou all of a sudden and she hurriedly stopped her, her tone full of kindness, “It’s not good for you to go with your design. It’ll be troublesome if it gets wet. Why not let me hold it for you?”

Without thinking too much about it, she turned back to hand her the paper bag and left.

Until Venus’s figure disappeared, Xinyou glanced down at the paper bag in her hand, smiling coldly and said to herself, “Venus, aren’t you pushy? I’ll let you enjoy today!”

She used her fingers to open the seal of the paper bag, reaching in and pulling out the design inside. Looking at the beautiful design, Xinyou was filled with jealousy!

With a hateful glare, Xinyou laughed coldly and tore it in two.

Xinyou felt it was not enough, so she wanted to tear it one more time, but at the time, she heard the footsteps coming out of the toilet. She was so panicked that she hurriedly put the design back into the paper bag.

When Venus came back, she only saw Xinyou with her head down, looking at the paper bag in her hands and walked forward to take the paper bag, gently saying, “Thank you, Xinyou.”

“Sure.” Xinyou said with guilty, who was too scared to look at her at the moment.

Venus looked around and found that there wasn’t any colleague, so she went forward and took her hand and hurriedly said, “Everyone is in the conference room. Let’s hurry up.”


Entering the conference room, she found that all the personnel had arrived, and some were whispering.

Venus looked embarrassed and quickly came to sit down next to Meiling, saying with an apologetic face, “Manager He, I’m sorry. Xinyou and I just went to the toilet.”

Meiling glanced at them, who was just as usual, “It’s fine, Mr. Ye hasn’t come yet, so the meeting hasn’t started.”

Venus looked at the empty seat directly in the front, taking a deep breath. She relieved a lot.

Next, she noticed that the two managers’ sight, always unintentionally collided together, and in their eyes, the desire to win was quite strong, making Venus tremble.

For the first time in her life, she prayed that Kerry could quickly appear.

Chapter 74: He embarrassed her deliberately (1)

In the president’s office, Kerry closed his laptop and habitually looked at his watch, which showed th at there were 15 minutes before the meeting started.

He slowly stood up, picked up his suit on the seat, and walked out of the office. The moment the elevator door opened, a familiar figure appeared in front of him. That man was Hao Nangong.

“Hi! Kerry, where are you going?” Hao asked.

Looking at his expression, Kerry said lightly, “I have a meeting later. Why are you here at this time?”

“Of course I’m here to find my dear Venus,” Hao thought in his heart, but he couldn’t say those words.

A wicked smile lifted a corner of Hao’s lips.

“I’m not like you who run a company every day. I’m just idle and bored.” Hao sighed.

Kerry looked at Hao with a wink of gloom and said, “You have so many girlfriends, and you’re still bored?”

“I was interested in them at first, but I soon got tired of them.” Hao said.

Kerry felt a little surprised. It is like a man who loves eating meat never eats meat again suddenly.

“Really? Are you going to love her only??” He asked in disbelief.

He remembered that Hao said that even if he had to be a monk one day, he was to be a romantic monk.

When Hao heard him finish, he looked extremely serious and said, “Yeah, I want to save myself for her.”

Kerr said, “I don’t believe you are a one-woman guy.” Kerr teased.

Hao didn’t care about Kerry’s teasing. Now he was more determined. Ever since he met Venus, he had no interest in other women anymore and he only had her in his heart. He longed for the day when she knew that he liked her, she would love him too.

He was willing to change for Venus Mu.

Looking at Hao’s serious look, Kerry was stunned. He stopped laughing at him, and asked, “Who is she?”

Hao didn’t directly tell him who the woman he liked was. He only said, “She’s in your company.”

“Who?” Kerry asked.

Kerry was curious who can fascinate the picky Hao Nangong.

“Just make a guess.”Hao smiled and said casually.

There were thousands of female employees in Kerry’s company, so it was impossible for him to know who she was.

Ignoring him, Kerry glanced at his watch and his expression became gloomy.

Hao looked at his displeased face, and asked curiously, “What’s wrong with you?”

Kerry glared at him, and said angrily, “You happen to be here when I’m about to attend a meeting. Now the meeting has started for five minutes. I’m already late.”

At this time, Hao deliberately widened his eyes. His tone was full of excitement, “Great. I finally made you be late for a meeting.”

Kerry glared at him angrily and said, “You need to make up for me. So you should invite me to dinner tonight. Don’t forget to bring your 62-year-old French wine.”

When Hao heard this, he jokingly said, “It is very expensive. Can I bring other wines?”

“No. I have to drink that bottle.” Kerry said.

When they entered the elevators, Kerry looked at the declining number of floors, and said flatly, “You come down and wait for me. I will go to find you after I have a meeting.”

Hao nodded and asked, “Can you tell me about the meeting?”

“It’s a meeting of the Clothing Design Department. We’ll discuss the candidates of fashion designers and choose the women’s clothing brands this summer.” Kerry calmly said.

“Clothing Design Department? Venus is in this department. Maybe she will also participate in this meeting.” Hao thought.

Just when he was thinking about whether to attend the meeting with Kerry, the elevator door opened slowly, and Kerry quickly stepped out, turned and said, “You are waiting for me in the garage.”

“Wait, I also want to attend this meeting” Hao said suddenly.

Kerry was taken aback and asked, “Don’t you hate attending meetings the most?”

Hao smiled and said softly, “Ok, I tell you the truth. The person I like is in Clothing Design Department.”

Kerry was a little surprised.

At this moment, Zijie Li finally turned his look, as if he was trying to be gentlemanly.

Meiling then turned her gaze with satisfaction, and glanced at the paper bag in Venus’s hand.

“Venus, let me take a look at your work.” She said.

Venus nodded lightly, and handed her the paper bag.

Chapter 74: He embarrassed her deliberately (2)

Meiling deliberately held the paper bag high to get Zijie Li’s attention, then opened it in front of him and pulled out the design inside.

“What’s it?” Meiling was surprised and turned to look at Venus Mu, asking her in a low tone.

Zijie Li, who was across the room, said sarcastically, “I’m impressed by your staff’s work. I have never seen anyone design a drawing on half a sheet of paper”

Meiling gave him a cold glare and yelled loudly, “You shut up.”

Their argument also drew others attention.

Meiling looked at Venus and asked, “What’s going on? Give me an explanation right now.”

Venus was dumbfounded. After she saw only half of the design, she quickly picked up the paper bag and took out what was inside. It turned out to be the remaining part of her work.

Venus furrowed as she realized that her work had been destroyed.

Meiling took the remainder of her piece and understood what was going on quickly. But she didn’t panic. She looked up at the girls not far from her and said, “Anran, you go get a pen and seven sheets of design paper over here right now.”

Anran’s nodded and turned around to leave quickly.

Meiling looked at Venus, saw her nervousness and said, “Do you still remember your design?”

Venus looked stunned, and then understood what she meant and nodded gratefully.

Meiling tried her best to be calm, and said, “We’ll talk about it after the meeting. You need to draw it again. Mr. Ye didn’t come, you still have a chance.”

Venus nodded, thinking how to save time.

When there were footsteps outside the meeting room, Venus assumed it was Anran. However, when the man appeared in the doorway, Venus was stunned. It was Kerry coming in.

Next to Kerry was the debonair Hao Nangong, who suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

Anran arrived late, and immediately stopped at the door when she saw Kerry.

Kerry looked at Anran with an indifferent look and didn’t say anything.

Everyone present knew that Kerry hated people who were late for meeting. Although there was a reason for her, they all worried about her.

Just when everyone thought that Kerry would get mad, they only saw him sit down slowly and calmly, and said with an indifferent look, “Come in.”

Anran was relieved and she returned to her seat in a hurry. As she passed by Meiling, she handed her pen and paper.

Meiling handed it to Venus and motioned her to start quickly.

Venus understood what she meant and picked up the pen and started to draw it. Just then Kerry’s indifferent voice sounded, interrupting her.

“When did the conference room become a place to work? Meiling, don’t you know the rules here?” Kerry eyed Venus with a cool look, and then shifted his gaze to Meiling.

Venus trembled. Kerry didn’t accuse her directly, but blamed Meiling, which made her blame herself.

Zijie Li looked at her, gloating.

Meiling stood up and said seriously “Mr. Ye, this is my negligence. Venus’s design was ruined by someone. I want her to repaint it.”

Kerry looked at Venus and said coldly, “Who did it?”

Hearing Kerry’s question, Xinyou Qiao panicked. She thought about whether Venus would expose her. After all, the design was in her hands and she was the only one in the room. Venus must have known that she did it.

Xinyou tried to think of a countermeasure, regretting that she hadn’t thought it through properly.

Just at that moment, Venus said, “I’m not sure.”

Xinyou was relieved and thought that she was lucky that Venus didn’t know she did it, but she didn’t notice that when Venus said that, she glanced at her.

Chapter 74: He embarrassed her deliberately (3)

Venus Mu was quivering, and she suddenly felt very cold. A detail flashed back to her mind, and just this detail made her target Xinyou Qiao!

Hearing her words, Xinyou curled her mouth…

Xinyou, why did you do that! You’re my best friend! Why do you hurt me!

Kerry Ye raised a cool and faint smile at the corner of his mouth, and played the pen casually with his right hand, uttering indifferently, “If you can’t keep your own things, how could you be a designer?”

Venus’s body suddenly became stiff. She didn’t expect that Kerry would mock her in front of many people, and she felt painful just like being slapped by him.

Looking at her calm expression, faint impetuosity rose in Kerry’s heart. His cold blue eyes shone dark light, and he said indifferently, “Manager Meiling, write a review to me later.”

Meiling didn’t change her face and said, “Okay.”

Venus frowned tightly, and she became a little angry. It was all her fault, why he asked Meiling to write a review?”

“Kerry… Boss Ye. I caused this. I’m the one to be punished…”

“Meiling.Your salary will be halved this month!”


“A month!”

Venus was so furious that she was quivering. A layer of mist gathered in her clean eyes, and she never hated Kerry like this!

No matter how hard he tortured her in the normal times, she could try to bear it. But she couldn’t accept that he put all the anger on Manager Meiling because of her own fault.

Though Meiling was cold usually, she could feel the care Meiling gave to her.

And Venus never wanted to see the people who treated her well got hurt.

“Kerry, why do you always aim at Venus?” Gonghao Nan smiled innocently, and said casually.

But actually Gonghao was happy from the bottom of his heart. The worse Kerry treated her, the less chance for Venus to fall in love with him, and this was what he wanted most.

But he wouldn’t allow Kerry to embarrass Venus in front of many people.

Kerry gave him a look to prevent him from meddling.

Gonghao pretended to ignore that sign. He curled his mouth, and said deliberately, “There are so many people watching, not just me.”

Kerry glanced at him coldly, and regretted to let him come here. He had to stop shaming Venus, and said with a little anger, “Meeting starts. Manager Li, show your design with your group first!”

Shaojie Li gave Meiling a triumphant glance, and said, “Got it.”

The one who first stood from the seat, was a man around 27 or 28. He walked steadily to the back of the meeting room.

It was seen that there was a huge screen of a projector hanging on the wall. The man walked towards the projector and put the design paper on the machine. And at the same time, the design draft appeared on the screen.

The man cleared his throat, and said calmly, “Hi there, I’m Anyang Chen, and on the screen is my design…”

Venus felt awful in her heart. Looking at the white paper, Venus’s mind was also blank.

“Don’t worry. Trust yourself.” Cold voice appeared around her ear.

Venus was in a daze, and then she looked aside and saw Meiling. Her eyes were slightly moist, and nodded her head heavily.

For Meiling’s trust, Venus, you can make it!

Venus took a deep breath, and tried hard to force herself to calm down. She closed her eyes, ignored all the sounds in the surroundings, and tried to recollect the mood in which she had been composing yesterday.

She suddenly thought of Xiaozi, of his floating white hem, and then the tassels.


An idea flashed in her mind. Venus opened her eyes quickly. Without moving those white papers, she took out of the design paper of two years ago from the paper bag, picked up the pen, and then began to create.

She focused on drawing, and didn’t notice that two men were watching her tightly.

Gonghao looked at her intent look, and his heart became soft, with a gentle smile around his mouth.

But Kerry’s eyes were interspersed with examination.

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