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Chapter 73 – 74: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 73: Take Down the Martin Group?

“OK, no problem!” Lenard Wang was very angry, “This goddamn man dared to be rude to you. I’m gonna kill him!”

Barr Martin went directly to his second elder brother John Martin after he escaped.

At Martin group’s office-

“Brother, you must help me this time! Colin Ward was far too cocky. Besides, he has a a strong man like a crazy with him. The man can beat almost 30 people by himself without blinking an eye!” Barr Martin complained.

John Martin frowned after listening to him, “Beat almost 30 people by himself?”

Barr Martin kept nodding, “Yes, I saw it with my own eyes!”

With this, John Martin pondered for a moment and said, “But why did Colin Ward take people and barge in the company?”

Barr Martin rolled his eyes, “That’s because he’s crazy. He knows he’s a loser, but still calls himself Doris Lee’s husband.”

“Moreover, Doris Lee and I were no more than classmates. I saw her in a bad mood the other day, so I said something to make her feel better, but Colin Ward saw it. He was under the impression that we were having an affair. Today, Doris Lee actually came to talk to me about business, but Colin Ward just barged in here like crazy with some people. He’s got no respect for the Martin group!”

“Brother, don’t you know the guy called Brother Scar? Why don’t you go get him here? That strong man must can’t beat him!”

John Martin looked at Barr Martin and said with a sneer, “Doris Lee really came to talk to you about business?”

Barr Martin was surprised, “Of course she came to talk about business. what else would she come for?”

“Really? Won’t you want to do something after the talk?” John Martin obviously didn’t believe in Barr Martin’s character.

With this, Barr Martin was embarrassed, but he still refused to admit the fact, “brother, we were just talking business. Why would we do anything else?”

John Martin snorted and said nothing more, “Forget it, I don’t want to know whether you did it or not. However, since Colin Ward dared to offend our family and showed no respect, I will surely teach him a good lesson!”

“Thank you, brother!” Barr Martin grinned inwardly, thinking Colin Ward must be dead soon!

In the evening, Colin Ward was driving home after work. On his way home, however, he was stopped by a Cayenne car.

A man in dark glasses and a black suit got out of his car. He came to Colin Ward’s car and knocked on the window.

Colin Ward rolled down the window and looked at the man in the suit.

“My boss wants to meet you.”

Colin Ward raised his eyebrows and looked at the Cayenne. There was a man in his thirties in the car, who looked somewhat similar to Barr Martin. He must be John Martin, the second young master of Martin group.

“Then?” Said Colin ward, unconcerned.

The man in the suit felt shocked and sullenly said, “There is no then. My boss just wants to see you.”

“Oh, please tell your boss that I am very busy and have no time.” Colin Ward said lightly.

With this, the man in the suit was angry. “No one has ever turned down an invitation from my boss!”

Colin Ward started the car directly and left quickly.

Back in the car, John Martin frowned and asked, “What did he say?”

The man in the suit replied, “He said he’s busy.”

“Huh!” John Martin smiled contemptuously, “Go after him.”

More than ten minutes later, the Cayenne caught up with Colin Ward’s car, which forced Colin Ward to stop the car again.

Two cars parked on the side of the road.

Colin Ward got out of the car, took out a cigarette and lit it.

John Martin in the Cayenne also got out of the car and walked over to Colin Ward. He looked Colin Ward up and down like he was looking at trash, and he said, “Are you Colin Ward?”

Colin Ward was forced to stop the car and felt a little angry. He said furiously, “Yes, I am. What do you want from me? Please speak quickly!”

John Martin smiled and politely held out his hand and said, “I am John Martin, the second young master of Martin group.”

Seeing this, Colin Ward suddenly felt kind of awkward. John Martin’s politeness accentuated his rudeness. But on second thought,, Colin Ward reached out and held it.

But at this moment, John Martin took back his hand and thrust into his trouser pocket.

Colin Ward’s hand was frozen in the air, which made him feel embarrassed.

“John Martin, right?” Colin Ward said lightly, “I know who you are, and I also know why you came to me today. If you’re here to apologize for Barr Martin, don’t. I don’t accept any apology.”

Hearing this, John Martin laughed scornfully, “Apologize? Do you think I came to apologize for my brother?”

Colin Ward was just about to nod when John Martin said with disgust, “You are really shameless!”

“Speaking of apology, you’re the one who should be apologizing to my brother!” John Martin said sternly, “And you have to apologize to my brother in front of all the staff at his company!”

“Why should I apologize to him?”

“Because I can kill you at any time!” John Martin looked at Colin Ward with cruel eyes.

Colin Ward said with a sneer, “Then I’d say you’ve got a lot of nerve!”

John Martin’s eyes grew dark, “Colin Ward, don’t be ungrateful. I’m doing you a favor by giving you an opportunity to apologize. If you don’t appreciate it, I don’t mind using some other means!”

“Like what?” Colin Ward asked, raising his eyebrows..

John Martin snorted, “your wife is working for Lee group, right? If you don’t apologize, I can immediately make the Lee group disappear in Tianbei City. “

“And then?” Colin Ward asked dryly, as if he didn’t care at all.

“And then, I’ll tell the Li family that you caused all this. I’ll make the Lees hate you to the core.”

John Martin continued, “I heard that you’re working in Marquis group? Huh, I happen to know a few of the directors of the group, and and we do business with the Martin Group sometimes. As long as I say a word, I’ll have you out of the Marquis Group in no time!”

Colin Ward lowered his head so it was hard to see the look on his face, “are you going to be so heartless?”

“If you are scared, apologize to my brother!” John Martin was satisfied by the look on Colin Ward’s face. He said proudly, “You have to apologize to him in front of all the staff of the company!”

With this, Colin Ward raised his head and laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” John Martin frowned and asked.

Colin Ward took his mobile phone out of his shirt with a smile, “I’m so sorry. I recorded our conversation.”

“So what?” John Martin didn’t care. “It’s just a recording. Do you think the police will take care of it?”

Colin Ward shook his head, “It’s not for the police.”

John Martin frowned and looked at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward said dryly, “this is just to prove that I didn’t try to take down the Martin Group for no reason.”

With this, Colin Ward got in his car with his phone and left.

John Martin was stunned, then reacted quickly, and sarcastically said, “take down the Martin Group? Haha… you are crazy! Who does he think he is? Who Does he think he is? Take Down the Martin Group? Even the chairman of the Group has to think about it!”

Colin Ward didn’t see Doris Lee after returning to the villa. He was worried, so he called Doris Lee.

It turned out Flora Lewis answered the phone. She said Doris was staying at her place for a few days.

Chapter 74: Do it!

Colin Ward felt helpless and thought that the misunderstanding had been resolved. In addition, he thought his heroic act would make Doris Lee accept him completely. As a result, Flora Lewis cut in, which made him feel helpless…

The next two days were quiet, nothing special happened.

On the third morning, a father and appeared at the Marquis group.

Nina White took them to the conference room of the company.

Colin Ward was sitting in the chairman’s office, watching them talking on video like he did last time.

In the conference room, Baker Lee and Lord Lee sat face to face.

Webb Lee and the others wanted to come, but Lord Lee didn’t want to embarrass himself like last time, so he didn’t agree with them.

Lord Lee was looking at Baker Lee with a gloomy face at the moment.

Baker Lee on the other hand, was unperturbed, and gave a polite greeting at the sight of Lord Lee, “Dad.”

Lord Lee snorted, “Don’t call me dad, I don’t deserve that call from you! “

Baker Lee smiled bitterly and stopped talking.

At this point, Nina White said, “Gentlemen, my chairman wants a final decision today. So please try to keep your emotions in check and keep everyone talking in a win-win direction.”

The meeting room was quiet for a few seconds.

Baker Lee began by saying, “It’s day three. Dad please tell me what you have decided.”

“Fuck!” Lord Lee said angrily, “Have you ever treated me as your dad? Whose son would ask his father to apologize to his son?”

Baker Lee smiled wryly, “Dad, all you have to do is to admit that my mom is your woman and give her a name. Is that so hard?”

“I told you not to call me dad! I can’t afford to be a dad!” Lord Lee snorted.

There was an awkward silence in the room and a dilemma in the negotiations.

They sat there without saying a word, one of them looking away, the other drinking tea, neither looking at the other..

Standing on one side, Nina White waited for a while without seeing them speak. She frowned and said, “This is not going to solve the problem if you two are fighting it out like this. I’d like you to hold back and think about it in a more favorable direction.”

Hearing this, they were still not ready to compromise.

Nina White wanted to say more and Baker Lee cut in, “The three conditions I mentioned before, if dad does what I said, I’ll do what I say.”

Lord Lee turned his head and stared angrily at Baker Lee. “It’s not gonna happen!”

It was impossible for him to admit his past mistakes and lose his dignity!

Ask him as an elder to apologize to his daughter-in-law, which was something he could not do!

With this, Baker Lee frowned and said nothing.

Nina White was trying to say something when she was interrupted by the sound from the stereo in the conference room.

“Hello, I am the chairman of Marquis group.” He said gruffly.

Colin Ward was very angry when he saw them like this in the video. He has more important things to do, so he doesn’t want to waste more time on this father and son.

So he used a voice changer to interrupt them.

“I’ve got a rough idea of what happened between you two. In this situation, you may not want to give up your dignity, so I’ll be the judge, and you’ll all do as I say.”

“Lord Lee, it’s all your fault in the final analysis. To give your woman a family position is a man’s responsibility. you should put her memorial tablet in the Li family’s ancestral hall.”

“Baker Lee, you know, what your dad did wasn’t so great. So you don’t have to do this in front of everyone. That’s a bit of dignity for Lord Lee.”

“Lord Lee is your father after all, so there is no need to discuss the third condition.”

“That’s all I have to say. If you don’t have a problem, just do what I said. If you still don’t compromise, then… you’re going to go bankrupt. I’m sure the Marquis group can do that.”

Colin Ward’s words were very clear, and he seemed to be very decisive. There was no room for negotiation.

Colin Ward was giving them a way out. But if they didn’t accept it, he would do it the hard way.

After Colin Ward finished speaking, the conference room was silent again, and the atmosphere was more somber than ever.

Nina White, however, was surprised by Colin Ward’s decision. She didn’t expect Colin Ward to be such decisive.

In fact, it was not a good idea to keep them at each other’s throats. It was best if they each took a step back. However, letting Colin Ward be the judge really made him disliked by both sides.

Just when Nina White thought it would all work out…

“I agree with the chairman.” The old Lee sighed.

Nina White was surprised. She thought Baker Lee would say yes and Lord Lee would  disagree. After all, it was difficult for Lord Lee to lose his face since he was a man of consequence in society

As for Baker Lee, as long as his father admits the fact, then Baker Lee would have at least served his purpose, so he should have agreed. However…

“I disagree.” Said Baker Lee in a cold voice, and with apparent firmness.

“Do you know how many people have ridiculed me for more than 20 years? Even a junior dared to call me by my name, and to disrespect me, to laugh at me, to humiliate me.”

“You’ve never experienced such a thing, and don’t know that I’ve been experiencing it for more than twenty years, not twenty days! You have no idea what it’s like!”

“When I was a child, people used to point at me and called me a bastard. So I asked my mom, who’s my dad? My mom could only tell me that my dad was some big boss.”

“I asked why my dad wasn’t around? My mom told me that he was a big boss so he was busy, but he was always watching us.”

“But until later, my dad finally appeared. But it was the only time he ever showed up After he left, my mom cried her heart out. “

“After that, a woman from the Lee family came over to scold my mom, and even beat her with high heels, saying she was a fox, seducing a married man!”

“At that time, my mother realized that everything was a beautiful fantasy. It turned out that my dad had a wife!”

“The women also called me a bastard, that I was the bastard of a Fox!”

“From then on, I swore that one day I would make them all apologize to me, to my mother. My mother is not a fox, and I am not a bastard!”

“I have put up with it for more than twenty years. I want everyone to know it. This is the driving force for my forbearance!”

“If you think I’m asking too much, and you can’t do it, then you’ve never had such a desperate experience as mine. You are in no position to judge.”

“This is irrevocable for me! I have no room to regress, not even if Xinxi group is bankrupt from now on! I will not regress!”

With this, Baker Lee got up and went straight out of the conference room.

Lord Lee couldn’t help shivering after listening to these words, and his thoughts drifted away. No one knew what he was thinking.

This negotiation had been a complete failure thus far.

Nina White was a little upset. She thought the matter would be settled, but it became so difficult that it could not end satisfactorily.

Colin Ward, who was in the office at the moment, also felt helpless. Why did things become so troublesome?

After a while, Nina White came in.

“Lord Lee is gone, too?” Colin Ward looked up and asked.

Nina White nodded.

“Baker Lee didn’t agree, then what should we do next? Are we going to deal with Xinxi group?”

Colin Ward felt helpless. What the hell was he going to do?

If he really did that, if one day Doris Lee knew that he was the chairman of Marquis group, and he dealt with his father-in-law, then would she hate him to death?

Colin Ward was silent for a while and then narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Do it!”

“Well?” Nina White seemed to feel a little surprised by Colin Ward’s reply. Although the development of Xinxi group was not bad, and they have always planned to acquire this company, still, now the situation was somewhat complicated.

Colin Ward said, “The company I want to target is not Xinxi group, but Martin group.”

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