Chuck Cannon also heard the sound of a lot of people chasing over, so it’s no wonder Gracia Stewart ran so fast.

People of Brayden Stewart were chasing her!

Want to kill everything!!

At this time, Gracia Stewart was seriously injured and must only have escaped.

But Chuck Cannon wondered, who is the owner of this gun?

Chuck Cannon also understood that he was framed by someone, and someone deliberately threw a gun here, waiting for the time to be seen by Gracia Stewart who had escaped.

Let Gracia Stewart break with him, this man has ulterior motives, who is it?

Chuck Cannon was annoyed. Gracia Stewart’s eyes were too strange just now, so he didn’t blame her. Why did he happen to be holding a gun?

Gracia Stewart’s misunderstanding is normal!

Chuck Cannon sighed, thinking that Gracia Stewart suffered such a serious injury, and he didn’t know if she would survive.

“Hurry up!!” Black Rose pulled Chuck Cannon to leave!

Too many people were chasing from behind, there was a lot of bullets, this is going to kill Gracia Stewart!

“Okay, Elder Rose.” Chuck Cannon didn’t stop, and ran quickly with Black Rose.

Chuck Cannon’s running speed was extremely fast, the same as Black Rose’s speed, and similar to Gracia Stewart’s.

There are too many people behind, and it may not work hard.

More than a dozen people from behind chased out from the woods!!

Everyone had a gun in their hands!


Suddenly, a leading eyebrow spotted Chuck Cannon, Black Rose!

He called!

Video call!


“Master! We found the other two people, are you going to kill them?” The leader pointed the camera towards Chuck Cannon’s escape.

When Brayden Stewart saw it, he smiled grimly, “Haha. It’s really bad! No matter how you Chuck Cannon came to me, I don’t care, you are a sheep in the mouth! Kill, kill all three of them for me! Kill that man! Bring it back to me!!”

Brayden Stewart was caught by Gracia Stewart just now, and his mentality has changed tremendously!

That kind of shame given to him by Gracia Stewart, he wants to come back doubled?


The leader hung up the call and gave an order, “Kill me the two people who ran just now. The man, the young master wants his head!”

These people are sent out with murderous intent!


A rain of bullets!

Chuck Cannon, Black Rose ran ahead, and Chuck Cannon could feel the bullets sliding by.

Chuck Cannon’s scalp was numb and Black Rose face does not change colour. This is really a gap in mental calmness.

“Over there!” Black Rose saw a commanding height. She needed to use her sniper methods to quickly kill all these people!!

Chuck Cannon saw it, and the two of them ran over and instantly covered their bodies with stones. Black Rose’s blue eyes were cold!!


Her white fingers shook the trigger!

The bullet came out!

The next second, a scream!

The opponent’s person was killed by a single shot!

Without struggling, he got headshot and died!

His partners were all exclaiming!

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. As the number one killer, Black Rose has this ability to fight back!

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. Now that Black Rose has stopped these people, they can kill them one by one as soon as possible. At least, they can buy some time for the seriously injured Gracia Stewart!

Chuck Cannon still had someone else’s sniper rifle in his hand. He hadn’t fired it before. In the same way as Black Rose, he also fired it!


A bullet came out and hit a person in the leg, screaming everywhere!!

“Not bad, you can hit someone for the first time!” Black Rose said.

She was also shocked, Chuck Cannon’s determination is good, even at top, this man is really a genius in fighting and killing!

If you didn’t study at that time and worked directly as a mercenary, Black Rose felt that Chuck Cannon’s horrible talent could also be quick to come forward!

“Be careful!”

Black Rose suddenly exclaimed, and a bomb came!

Black Rose wants to pull Chuck Cannon away, but Chuck Cannon has already taken the lead in pulling her!

The reaction speed seems to have surpassed the first killer Black Rose in an instant!

Black Rose was shocked!

Chuck Cannon took her long jump!


The bomb burst!


Earlier she was protecting him herself, but now he was protecting her?

Black Rose did not expect it!


Black Rose fell on Chuck Cannon, and Chuck Cannon protected her with his body. For a moment, Black Rose felt a warm flow in her heart.

She didn’t understand, just sluggish.

Is this the feeling of touched?


Chuck Cannon got up, pulled Black Rose and ran away. He had a bomb, so why didn’t he wait for his identity?

“Chuck Cannon…” Black Rose was blank.

Feeling like dreaming, she never thought that she would be protected by a man.

For the first time, it feels good and lingering.

She accepted this feeling, click!


While running, Chuck Cannon suddenly felt that Black Rose had stopped, and Chuck Cannon looked back and was shocked!

Black Rose was shot!

Blood is flowing out!

“Elder Rose?” Chuck Cannon put his arms around her, and Black Rose’s face turned white all at once.

Chuck Cannon was guilty and ran with his arms around her!

Chuck Cannon did not expect that Black Rose would be shot.

“Elder Rose, how are you?” Chuck Cannon was furious!

“I’m fine.” Black Rose shook her head and closed her eyes!

She felt very bored, and her body was blocked somewhere.

Chuck Cannon was shocked and angry. Black Rose was covered in blood. Is she dead?

Chuck Cannon shoots with a gun like crazy!



Every shot represents Chuck Cannon’s anger!

The dozen or so people who caught up were all well-trained masters!

The gunbattle broke out in an instant!

Suddenly, there was a scream!

The blood burst, just like the watermelon was opened!

Someone got a headshot!

A bullet appeared in the air and hit a person’s head!

Chuck Cannon looked up and saw an aeroplane!

His mom was on it!


His mother’s piercing eyes, her marksmanship is like a god, she has a hundred shots, every time she pulls the trigger, there is a scream!

“Master, master, rewind!”

The people over there exclaimed, completely frightened by Karen Lee’s marksmanship!

After escaping back, Chuck Cannon kept pulling the trigger until no bullet came out.

“Mom, Black Rose was shot.” Chuck Cannon shouted.

The plane dropped a rope, Chuck Cannon pulled the rope and put his arms around Black Rose, and the plane took off. Took Chuck Cannon out of here.

Black Rose must be given first aid!

Otherwise, she would die!

Chuck Cannon got on the plane with his mother, Betty Bernard, Yvette Jordan, and Logan on it.

Yvette Jordan and Logan felt distressed when they saw Chuck Cannon covered in blood.

Karen Lee took Black Rose, tore off Black Rose’s clothes, and began to take bullets for Black Rose. Karen Lee was very fast and very professional!

There are medical equipment needed on the plane!

This process lasted for half an hour and they almost arrived home. Karen Lee wiped off the sweat from her forehead, but Black Rose still did not wake up. Chuck Cannon got a bump, “Mom, how about Black Rose?”

She was motionless, her face was pale, Black Rose, was she dead?

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