Chapter 731 – 732: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 731: Semi-Taoist King

“Emperor ancestor, you are so omnipotent that you know some people could not restrain to come.”

Wuxie Feng said admirably.

“But only one rat came. What shall we do with the other two? ”

“We can go to them if they do not come to us.”

The faces of the Emperor Ancestor of Ying clan and Yu Ying turned pale.

“Yu Ying, the Great Tao net could not trap me. You are responsible for the young one, I will handle the old one. We can dominate the world once we kill them.”

“Yes, ancestor. I will not let you down.”

Yu Ying nodded with satisfaction. Then eight bronze warriors appeared around him, and each of them was as powerful as the one at Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage.

“Merge together.”

The eight bronze warriors merged together, then they merged together with Yu Ying.

Smell of Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage emitted from Yu Ying.

In theory, his stage would not fall as long as the bronze warriors did not die. But at the same time, there were disadvantages.

The longer time it delayed, the bigger damage it would cause to the body.

“Break it.”

The grandfather and grandson tried to break the net and immediately countless the Great Tao net were broke.

But no real endless exist in the world. Especially both of them were at Fulfilled period of Detachment stage.

“Wuxie, be careful.”

“Thank you, grandpa. I will.”

Wuxie took out the detached energy and swallowed it.

Mighty power filled all his acupuncture point and his strength was enhanced immediately. So that he got Later period of Detachment Stage from ultimate close to Detachment Stage. And it had no side effect.

“Yu Ying, I thought it might be Ming Xue who was trapped. But I did not expect it was you. Why did I enter into alliance with you?”

The duster in Wuxie’s hands were like steel wires and each of them was as sharp as a needle. They pierced the space and went to Wuxie from all directions.

“Later period of Detachment Stage impelled Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence therefore for sure its mighty.”

Yu Ying was entangled. Though it could not hurt him at all, the duster was difficult to deal with. It was as hard as diamond when it was strong and it was as soft as water when it was soft.

Flame was spit, it worked but not much.

“Dominate the world.”

Continuous demon energy was emitted from him, which was a striking contrast with soft god energy.

No matter it was a demon or god, they were just two kinds among clans.

God could conquer Demon and Demon could suppress God.

“Get out of here.”

Eight bronze warriors brought Yu Ying not only super power but also the body similar with Later period of Detachment Stage.

His power was at Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage and his body was at Later period of Detachment Stage. His power was beyond a man.


Countless strings were broken.

Wuxie frowned and thought of course Yu Ying was not easy to handle. Yu Ying owned brute force so that even Wuxie could not win him easily.

Especially his body was so tough that Wuxie’s attack could not hurt him at all.

World checkerboard.

He took the world as his checkerboard and the people as his chess pieces.

A checkerboard appeared in front of Wuxie and it was the Treasure of Transcendence of Feng clan and it was also the treasure of Testimony of Feng clan.

Buzz buzz.

At the moment the checkerboard appeared, the world was suppressed and even the Great Tao stopped moving.

The strong suppress greatly limited the activity of Yu Ying.

There was no chess pieces on the checkerboard and the sky shined upon.

“Surround them.”

A chess piece appeared in Wuxie’s hand without foundation. And countless attack went to Yu Ying.

Countless the Great Tao pushed aside him it seemed they were going to kill him.

“Get out of here.”

Yu Ying shook his fist for million times in a flash so that the starry sky was broken and countless stars were destroyed.

The junction where the three troops met were a mess.

And even the three troops retreated far away.

It was not a war they could get involved, even onlookers would die.

“It’s horrible. Is there anyone who could reach such stage?”

Many people thought like this, and many people even wanted to flee.

Unity, magic weapons, zhongmiao Door, was there anymore more important than life?

One would try to win someone when their strength had little difference.

He would not be convinced when the enemy was little bit stronger than him. But he would stop fighting when his opponent was much stronger than himself.

No one was stupid, the first skill a brave soldier learned in battlefield was saving his own life.

He could create bigger value when he was alive.

“The entire starry sky was broken, the Chaos world of the Other Realm is going to be broken up.”

“Will the world be destroyed by them?”

“brace yourselves up for me.”

Mie Feng said “Emperor ancestor and Emperor joined the fight in person so that for sure we would win at last.”

“The Grand Marshal was right, Emperor ancestor and Emperor joined the fight for they care about us. How smart are they.”

“Emperor ancestor and Emperor are wise.”

Soldiers of Feng Clan shouted at the same time.

“Sansheng Ying, the fragment you got that very year was the smallest. I might spare you if you surrender and offer your fragment.”

“Do you really think I am a three year old boy? Could I be deceived so easily?”

Sansheng sneered “I will die for sure if I offer you my fragment, and you are not sure that you could win me.”

Shengzong Feng said “Do you want to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit?”

He counted on his finger to point, immediately Divine light burst into bloom. The world was lightened by the light in a flash.

“Demon Flame dashed to the sky.”

Demon flame lighted the void sky and it spread immediately.

“Bang Bang Bang.”

They fought countless moves in a flash.

“ Your body is at Later period of Detachment Stage. Your power is at Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage. Your sun soul is at Later period of Detachment Stage. No wonder you are so confident.”

Sansheng felt the strength of Shengzong after they fought, indeed Shengzong was much stronger than him.

“You are not bad. You did not waste your millions eras.”

Shengzong squinted. Actually he was surprised Sansheng was so strong now. After all Sansheng only got two fingers-big fragment which was the smallest among the three of them.

But his strength was extremely strong now.

His body was at Fulfilled period of Detachment Stage. His power was at Later period of Detachment Stage. His sun soul was at Middle period of Detachment Stage.

The gift of a Demon was better than a God.

He would suffer in a close combat, consumption was no realistic. He had sixty percent possibility to win this time.

He thought before he had overwhelmed strength but it seemed now he was not.

“Fortunately I kept an idea up for I was afraid you would find Zhongmiao Door before me.”

At that very year, Shengzong got the largest fragment. And it was bigger than the total of the other two.

But it took five million ears to refine it.

And he only practiced five million eras. It seemed now that they practiced Zhongmiao Door fragment before him.

He took out his checkerboard and said “Sansheng, I concentrated on studying the checkerboard these years to fight with you. It’s called Zhongmiao Checkerboard. Only four great Detachment can break it. Are you ready?”

He threw the checkerboard to the sky immediately the starry sky changed.

Sansheng suddenly realized he was in the checkerboard now.

The powerful lock-power made his action slow. He would be totally locked if his body was not strong enough.

Shengzong was also in suffer. They were like the chess in the checkerboard.


A simple word made Sansheng’s back cold. A giant white chess fell from the sky and went to him.

“Break it.”

“Surround it.”

“Break it.”


They fought back and forth, soon they fought for hundreds rounds.

Sansheng was out of breath. It was much tougher than fighting for three days in the checkerboard.

Endless void power turned into attack to attack others.

And at the other side, Yu Ying was upset. He could not run away neither could he touch the opponent.

“I would die if it continues like this.”

Yu Ying frowned and took out his Deicide Spear and Demon-Sealing Tower.

The two magic weapons, one for defend, one for attack. Deicide Spear was supreme Treasure of Transcendence which was great at attacking.

Demon-Sealing Tower was Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence with peerless defense ability. And it could offer power to Yu Ying without stopping. It could even offset the side effect of eight bronze warriors.

“Break it.”

Deicide Spear was an epic proportion. Countless chess pieces were speared into powder.

“Suppress, surround and kill them.”

Three continuous chess pieces did not suppressed the arrogance of Yu Ying.

“Yellow Apricot, Green Lotus, Flame, White Cloud Bound, Water-control.”

The five flags flied out to suppress the east, south, north, west and the central. Each flag was ultimate close to Supper-grade Treasure of Transcendence. They were like Treasure of Transcendence when they cooperated, and they were a sacred flag array of five hues which could defense and attack.

“A sacred flag array of five hues Chaos.”

Their power was hard to predict when the world checkerboard cooperated together.

Thus Yu Ying retreated one step after another. And his Deicide Spear was airtight, but there was attack fell on Demon-Sealing Tower.


Demon energy collected at the tine of Deicide Spear and it seemed it was going to cut through everything. However, it stopped by the Battle Formation evolved by the sacred flag array of five hues.

He was annoyed. He was good at close combat. But the opponent kept tangling him and did not fight with him face to face.

He got more annoyed when he fought longer time. The longer time he fought, the more mistakes he made.

It was afraid he would be badly hurt if Demon-Sealing Tower did not protect him.

People though the higher cultivation, the more difficult was the fight. Actually, the higher cultivation, the faster was the fight.

Because they had fought countless times so that they could find any weakness of his enemy.

From the begining, Wuxie knew his strength. So that he did his best to avoid close combat with his opponent. He tried to consume, surround and kill his enemy from long distance.

“Wu Xie, dare you fight with me?”

Demon Yu was furious.

Wuxie sneered “Am I fighting with a stupid now?”

“Die peacefully. I will treat your wife well. And I will raise your son.”

“It’s said Empress Nishang is indescribably beautiful and striking. And she is endowed with both beauty and talent. Thank you so much.”

“Ah…Wuxie, you shall die.”

Demon Yu suddenly got crazy. Nishang and his children were his negate scales and his largest care. Wuxie’s words totally riled him.

“Demon-Sealing Tower, infuse all the Demon energy on me.”

“Deicide Spear, we are going to launch an incredible strike. We have to break it anyway. I have to kill this son of bitch.”

He did not care about anything now. He only wanted to kill Wuxie and went back to accompany Nishang and his kids.

“Wuxie, I will kill you today for sure.”

“Demon is arriving.”

Thus the smell on Yu Ying boomed again thus he was improved a big step from Fulfilled period of Detachment to a new stage.

According to his ancestor, it was Taoist King Stage beyond Detachment Stage.

Then he could be called Semi-Taoist King now.

At the moment he was the owner of heretical sect.

“Break it for me.”

Chapter 732: Kill one by one

Wuxie Feng was astonished by the aura of Yu Ying at this moment.

The Deicide Spear bounced all the attacks easily against the edge of the Sacred Flag Array of Five Hues.


Trembled violently, the great array seemed to border on the collapse.

“That’s impossible! How could he break the great array?”

The Horsetail Whisk flew off Wuxie’s hand, participating in the fierce battle.

At this moment, Yu was like a deity carefully protected by the shelter from the Demon-Sealing Tower.

“Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!”

A series of Sword Energy was emitted in a sudden through bountiful swordsmanship.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The Great Chaos Array derived from five great flags collapsed all of a sudden. Holding the flags in hand, Wuxie’s face took on a ghastly expression.

“Break the damned chessboard!”


The chessboard was immediately broken into pieces, giving off an infinite demon power and finally served as the demon origin after it polluted the fairy aura.

The torn space, which became the demon origin-the ominous place, would need countless years to repair.

“Ancestor, help me, please!”

Yu who was in extreme aggressiveness greatly frightened Wuxie. He had thought that he could defeat Yu with ease, but the truth was he was no match for him at all.

He was regretful and should have listened to his ancestor’s advice to cultivate his body.

“Banished Immortal, come out!”

A man that was much alike Fengsheng Sect got out of his body.

Three Immortals were formed through one aura.

The Banished Immortal had nearly half the power of Fengsheng Sect.

“Devastating Palm!”

The enormous hand sheltering the sky and the sun grinded the infinite Demon Aura so as to crush Yu into pieces.

“Wanna kill me? But I will kill you first!”

With constant sneering, Yu held tight the Deicide Spear as his body expanded larger and larger, “Be off!”


That was the sound from the strong collision of the Deicide Spear and the big palm.

“The guy’s body is so strong that his palm is surrounded with a thick layer of fairy aura.”

The spear in Yu’s hand was slightly bent as if it were about to break off.

“Tear the demons down!”

The Deicide Spear was a paramount sacred weapon which was refined by a vast of demons through their Murderous Aura and Power of Fate.

“I didn’t expect to unseal the spell, but now I must do that.”

The Deicide Spear was so murderous that it might probably hurt his owner. However, he had no choice but to unseal its spell when his life was at stake.

Looking at his ancestor locked by the enemies, Yu felt even more anxious.

Once defeated, the Ying Family might go to perish.

Actually, he didn’t care whether the Ying Family would survive or not. Instead, what he cared about was Nichang as well as their unborn baby.

“Nichang, your brother Yu will certainly come back to you.”

“My dear little thing, your will surely be proud of your father,” said Nichang to her unborn baby.

“Kill both the demons and the immortals!”

Yu’s eyes turned into red gradually as the Murderous Aura got into his body. The pain spread all over his body when his nerves and meridians were eroded by the aura,

His power was therefore enforced.


The spear penetrated the Banished Immortal’s palm.

He had a hole through his palm as enormous as a cave, from which his Murderous Aura and demon aura was leaking, undermining his magic power and meridians.

He gritted his teeth and broke his right hand.


Clank! Clank! Clank!

The Horsetail Whisk flew over and blocked the attack for the Banished Immortal.

“The Board of Heaven and Earth, suppress!”

“Sacred Flag Array of Five Hues, suppress!”

“Ancestor, we two will certainly kill him with our joint efforts.”

Yu’s even more expanded attack frightened Wuxie a lot.

“Give the Immortal King Sword to me!” said the Banished Immortal.

After a short while of astonishment, Wuxie took out the sword.

The Immortal King Sword, a paramount Treasure of Transcendence, was of tremendous murderousness that was not worse than that of the Deicide Spear.

It was just because Wuxie possessed too many magic weapons which were hard to manipulate.

The Banished Immortal took over the Immortal King Sword with his regrown right arm.

He exerted a Sword Energy with the sword in his hand, “You damned demon!”

“Sweep the Immortals.”

The Sword Energy collided with the spear, rendering the detached space broken in a sudden. Numerous wraiths fell from the sky, forming a huge cluster of resentment that gradually filled the space!

The resentment of the wraiths could be assimilated by the demon aura, while the fairy aura could only be eradicated or assimilated by other auras.

“You are not able to kill me!”

Endeavoring to suppress his expanded inner organs, he felt the extremeness of his body.

His body was almost a sieve with the Demon Aura and the Murderous Aura corroding him at the same time.

“I can’t die here.”

“Immortal King Chop!”


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The three fought together again.

Over the other side, Fengsheng Sect successfully restrained Sansheng.

“You old monster are quiet mean and shameless. Even if your incompetent grandson is defeated by my grandson, it’s humiliated of you to send out your banished immortal incarnation to fight with us!”

He knew that the other two incarnations of Fengsheng Sect hadn’t come out yet and that he also had his last Sunday punch hidden.

“You are unable to suppress us this time. How about making a deal to halt together?”

“That depends! Yu has nearly run out of his energy. What supports him now is nothing but his will. Never try cheating us!”

“After we have dealt with that little thing, you are just like the prey at our mercy. You’d better pray for yourself!”

“Aren’t you afraid that we should perish together?” asked Sansheng as he put on a darker face.

“You are such a person who cherishes his life to the utmost, so perishing with us is the thing that I bet you won’t dare to do. Moreover, be they immortals or demons, infinite avarice for them is just like a boundless hole that can never be filled.”

“The longer they have lived, the more they will fear death.”

“Or won’t you be afraid that the old Xue would reap the harvest of our collision?”

“The piece he got was bigger and powerful than mine. Therefore, it’s of high possibility that he will do that,” said Sansheng, sneering.

“It’s been so long, and I don’t think he is unaware of what is happening with us. Perhaps, he is just monitoring us in a hidden place.”

Sansheng was so familiar with Fengsheng Sect who wouldn’t do anything without success.

Because after all, he could only be more prudent and paranoid than ten million years ago.

His information was based on his own absolute strength, and after setting a trap he found he wasn’t as vulnerable as he had thought. As a result, he could be sure that the opponent was managing to retreat.

Indeed, Fengsheng Sect did harbor such worry.

He would freak out once the harvest was reaped by others, for he has waited for ten million years already!

Thinking of the leader of the Demon King Army and that person, a feeling of retreat overwhelmed him.

But on the other hand, he couldn’t do that with nothing gained!

“Immortal Lin and Immortal Mu, come out!”

The other two incarnations came out of his body.

“You’re… so stubborn!”

Sansheng’s face looked angrily pale. He hadn’t expected Fengsheng Sect would call out the other two incarnations.

“Demon Lin!”

Awakening his Demon Blood, Sansheng became a ferocious demon, with four heads and eight arms, each holding a different magic weapon.

“Come! I will eat you all today!” said Sansheng furiously.

As he sneered, he turned into a streamer shooting directly to Yu.

“Devastating Palm!”


A huge palm fell directly on Yu, almost killing him.

Both the Deicide Spear and the Demon-Sealing Tower were kicked off by his palm.

“It’s mine!”


Even he finally realized Fengsheng Sect had been hoping to cease fighting, Sansheng was not reconciled to retreat with nothing gained.

“You’re an old bastard, Fengsheng Sect. I will kill you by myself someday!”

While saying that, he managed to pull himself away from the fight.

As for saving Yu, it was obviously unnecessary. Yu was defeated, but if they insisted leading off a joint attack, it was very likely they would die there.

At this moment, a voice came, “How shameless are you to overcome a group of fewer people? I can’t stand you anymore.”

“Who is saying? Show up!”

Fengsheng exclaimed loudly, “Liyan Xue, you’re an old bastard! Is that you who is teasing me?”

What concerned everyone happened finally!

“Dude, let’s kill the shameless person together.”

Hearing this, Sansheng looked elated.

“Enemies were enemies, while friends were friends.”

“Who is your dude? Do open your own eyes widely!”

Kris Chen, together with a crowd of incarnations, stepped out of the vanity space.

Having laid down a magic array while flying to escape, twenty-one people imprisoned the space of this party.

“The Great Tao was imprisoned, sinking into pain!”

Three Barriers were all Superstring Sacred Arrays.

“It’s you!”

“The leader of the Demon King Army!” said the Dengsheng Sect.


The leader of the Demon King Army?

Everyone cast their glance to them.

“The younger was for you to handle, and I will deal with the older ones.”

“Vibration Fist!”

Kris punched on the Immortal Mu with his powerful fist.


The Immortal was easily blown out.

“How could a flesh body be strong as that?”

Even for Kris himself, he was amazed at the strength he had in his fist.

But it was also reasonable because every cell of his sixty trillion cells in his body has been transcended and it was a piece of cake for him to blow out an incarnation with only one fist.

“Escape? No way!”


The Immortal Lin was also blown out.

Not far from the battlefield, Fengsheng Sect was gravely attacked. The so called three Incarnations from an Immortal Aura were refined from three souls.

The three incarnations shook violently and Fengsheng Sect’s sun soul also received the attack.

“Is there one called the Banished Immortal? It’s shameful of you to bully the smaller than you!”

As he flicked his finger, the Great Tao was lingering around his fingers, penetrating the Banished Immortal’s head, leaving no time for him to escape.

Till now, the three Immortals have been killed.

Sansheng was greatly shocked at this scene.

“You’ve reached the Taoist King Stage? That’s impossible!” exclaimed he doubtfully.

“The stage beyond the Detachment Stage?” asked Kris.

“You don’t know that?” asked Sansheng in puzzlement.

“Alright. You’d better stay with me so that I could protect you.”

“Super Cosmic Explosion Fist with fifty times of strength!” said Kris with a vicious smile.

As the fist pressed the heaven and earth, time stopped and space was compacted to its limit, with hundreds of millions of miles away being seen as if it were close at hand.


Fesheng Sect hurried to escape, but failed to crash open the Barriers.

“You cannot escape from here! I hate people like you who bully the smaller.”

When hearing this, Fengsheng Sect was scared, his back covered in a layer of tiny sweat.


He turned around, beginning to exert his strongest magic power in an attempt to resist the fist, but all he did was in vain.

He was like a falling star onto the earth as his sun soul began to tear apart. Without the protection of the Magic Pneuma from the Magic Door, he might have died with ninety-nine percent of his cells withering away and six apertures in the head of his body vanishing into the air.

“Oh? Still alive? You are strong!”

Kris was somewhat astonished seeing the counterpart was still alive, after all he has injected half of his energy in that fist.


Fengsheng Sect was constrained under his attack, and couldn’t do anything except breathing.

Wuxie was completely stunned at this.

The invincible Emperor Ancestor defeated his opponent with great ease, who threw in the sponge under his one fist.

That was incredible!

“No, that couldn’t be true. The ancestor has fought with you the other day, and it turned out that you were inferior to him!”

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