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“Mom, how is the situation with Black Rose?”

Chuck Cannon regretted that if he didn’t forcefully search for Gracia Stewart, then Black Rose would not have been shot!

But now it’s useless to regret it. The most important thing is to wake up Black Rose!

“The place where Black Rose was shot is very close to the heart. I still need to perform an operation on her.” Karen Lee sighed, the bullet Black Rose was just taken out of her, But there are still some debris that needs to be cleaned up!

This process is not something that can be done on an aeroplane.

Betty Bernard had already called someone to prepare, and now the plane flies directly to Karen Lee’s technology company!

Chuck Cannon was stunned.

This means that Black Rose will die anytime!

Yvette Jordan and Logan liked Black Rose very much, after all, they have never met Black Rose!

The three of them were all women, and they can be regarded as sympathetic.

Now that Black Rose is unconscious, they feel particularly uncomfortable in their hearts.

Chuck Cannon didn’t know how he got off the plane.

Anyway, this operation has been going on for a long time, only Karen Lee who is professional and careful can perform this operation!

No problem with surgery!

But medicine is needed!

This kind of medicine, Karen Lee’s science and technology company, has only recently started research and development. She is developing medicines for various diseases. This kind of gunshot wound and this kind of wound medicine near the heart are still being developed.

and so……

Karen Lee explained this, and Chuck Cannon understood, “Mom, what kind of medicine is needed, I will look for it now, this time I killed Black Rose! I want to save her!”

Chuck Cannon’s guilt to the extreme!

When Black Rose came over, she didn’t complain, knowing the danger, she followed and kept protecting him.

Why would Chuck Cannon be willing to let her die?


Karen Lee was pleased that Chuck Cannon was able to know what was wrong and realized that he was wrong, she was pleased, “This medicine, there are two places…”

“Which two places?” Chuck Cannon asked.

Logan understood this, her beautiful eyes flickered, and she roughly knew where the two places Karen Lee said were.

“The first one is in the hands of a doctor, but this doctor has recently disappeared and it is not easy to find him.” Karen Lee said.

“What about the second one?”

Logan sighed, Yvette Jordan was stunned, but also understood something, and understood whose hand the second medicine was in.

“Heidi Hudson, Heidi Hudson’s family has a dedicated family medical team.”

“She has?”

Chuck Cannon was shocked, how could it be in her hands?

Chuck Cannon understands that Hudson is the real first family, and there must be all kinds of drugs for Hudson. He doesn’t know how many years and how much manpower and material resources this research and development lasted!

So after Chuck Cannon was shocked, he also understood.

“Yes, but I won’t let you find her.” Karen Lee shook her head.

Looking for Heidi Hudson? Bow your head to her?

This is something Karen Lee can never do!

“Chuck, go and pack your things, and Betty Bernard will prepare the plane for you. In three days, find the doctor and get the medicine back! This is your chance to change!” Karen Lee was serious!

“Mom, I see,” Chuck Cannon nodded. Looking at the unconscious Black Rose, his heartaches.

When Black Rose wakes up, Chuck Cannon will not let her protect him.

Too dangerous!!

“I want to go too.” Yvette Jordan said.

“I’ll go too!” Logan said!

How can they rest assured that Chuck Cannon will go alone?

“Let Chuck go alone and do something wrong without having to bear the consequences?” Karen Lee was so serious for the first time.

Yvette Jordan, Logan was speechless!

Only impatient in my heart!

“Chuck, go and pack things!” Karen Lee said.

“En,” Chuck Cannon ran out.

Betty Bernard also went to prepare the plane.

“Is it too dangerous to let Chuck go alone?” Logan couldn’t help it.

Especially worried about Chuck Cannon.

“You, me, and Yvette Jordan, didn’t they all come here like this? If you are wrong, you have to remedy it! How else would people grow?” Karen Lee had no room for negotiation this time!

Yvette Jordan’s eyes were red, but she couldn’t resist Karen Lee’s majesty.

Karen Lee said to Yvette Jordan, “Brayden Stewart is now the Patriarch, you two, you have something to do.”

Yvette Jordan and Logan nodded.

The situation suddenly changed, but it was still under Karen Lee’s control. After all, Karen Lee’s design was to let Brayden Stewart sit in the position of the Patriarch!

Now that Brayden Stewart is seated, the plan is advanced.

Karen Lee told Logan and Yvette Jordan in detail what to do, Yvette Jordan and Logan went out.

Karen Lee had cast glass and saw Chuck Cannon running towards the plane. She sighed, “Chuck, don’t blame me, growth requires cruelty. If you are wrong, you should make up for it! This is the truth, you have to understand… Hope you come back safely!!”

Chuck Cannon got on the plane and Betty Bernard was ready to fly. Chuck Cannon heard Yvette Jordan’s cry.

Chuck Cannon ran out, and Yvette Jordan hugged him.

“Husband, don’t have an accident, don’t have an accident,” Yvette Jordan was extremely worried!

How to say?

This time Chuck Cannon went out, without the protection of the first killer Black Rose, how dangerous Chuck Cannon faced, he wanted to get it.

“Well, I will be back.” Chuck Cannon was confident.

Black Rose is still waiting for his return. In three days, he can definitely come back.

“Don’t blame Auntie, Auntie also has a lot to deal with.”

“I know,” Chuck Cannon knows, of course, what mom is going to do now, he can’t walk away at all!

On Brayden Stewart’s side, now Gracia Stewart has escaped. He is the logical homeowner of the Stewart family. Next, Brayden Stewart will deal with his mother and himself madly!

She has to face it!

Therefore, in these three days, Chuck Cannon had to come back as soon as possible to help his mother deal with Brayden Stewart.

According to his mother’s plan, there should be no problem.

Chuck Cannon believes in his mother!! Mom’s plan will definitely not be a problem!

“Well, be careful on the way, call if something happens,” Yvette Jordan was really reluctant.

But she also knew that she couldn’t waste time!

She kissed Chuck Cannon and got off the plane!

“Master, let’s go!”

Chuck Cannon sat down and the plane and took off!

Chuck Cannon looked down and saw his mother’s technology company, Black Rose. You have to wait for me. I will wake you up and apologize to you.

The plane flies in one direction fast!

Logan was below, her face full of worry, but when she saw Yvette Jordan, Logan bowed her head.

“Aunt Logan, let’s go too!” Yvette Jordan said.


The two of them drove out.

Karen Lee continued to take care of Black Rose, and at the same time began to deal with the Stewart controlled by Brayden Stewart!!

“Master, this is the doctor’s information,” Betty Bernard gave Chuck Cannon the information.

Chuck Cannon took a closer look. This doctor is relatively young and a genius doctor. He specializes in various difficult and complicated diseases. He has also developed some medicines with his team. The medicines needed by Black Rose are among his research and development.

However, he disappeared a few months ago. Chuck Cannon’s eyes flickered, and he is fine if he disappeared. In three days, he will definitely be found and Black Rose will wake up!!

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