Chapter 733 – 734: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 733: Above Detachment

“Not that I am too strong, but that you are too weak.”

Kris Chen smiled. With a waving, most of the fragments of Door of All Wonders in the body of Shengzong of Clan Wind broke out of the body!

As soon as the fragments of Door of All Wonders left his body, Shengzong died instantly. The Sun Soul collapsed, the mana was exhausted, and the organs in the body were decayed. He was dead indeed.

At the moment of his death, Wuxie felt the breath of Emperor Ancestor dissipated.

“Emperor Ancestor, no, Emperor Ancestor…”

He was in a panic, with strong enemies around. He had seven Treasures of Transcendence, but none of them could bring him a trace of courage.


“Surrender to life, otherwise die!”

Kris Chen didn’t want to talk nonsense.

“I submit, I submit!”

Wuxie knelt on the ground. Even Emperor Ancestor was not the enemy of his fists. How could he be an opponent?

He quickly presented the seven Treasures of Transcendence with both hands. Kris Chen’s heart moved, Demon Kris and others understood.

One person took one.

“You hand over the fragments yourself, or shall I?”

Sansheng Ying clenched his fists tightly. Kris Chen’s strength was far beyond him. Two or three punches killed Shengzong Wind. He was afraid he couldn’t hold up with a single blow.

“I’ll do it myself!”

Biting his teeth, Sansheng Ying forced out the fragments out of his body.

Taking the fragments in hand, the other two fragments in Kris Chen’s body had traction in an instant, which seemed that the fragments want to piece together.

“What about Treasure of Transcendence?”

Yu Ying was stunned. His heart was bleeding, but he had no other choices. If he didn’t do it, he would die!

Eight bronze men, God-killing gun, nine-devils tower.

“The gun and the nine-devils tower are not bad. They are suitable for me.”

Demon Kris was the real devil. The God-killing gun and the nine-devils tower were the most authentic magic weapons. If he couldn’t use it properly, that would be really weird.

Yuan Kris took away the All-Wonders Chessboard of Shengzong, which was also a very powerful Treasure of Transcendence.

“Come with me, you three.”

Kris Chen cut through the space and a group of people followed in one after another.

The three super-string magic arrays were also removed.

By the time the army of the three clans reacted, all were gone, and no one knew where they had gone.

Lin Wang, who was hiding hundreds of millions of miles away, was sweating.

It was too strong, terribly strong.

Even if he was infinitely close to the Fulfilled Period.

Although nobody knew what happened in the Battle Formation, but everyone was gone.

Either died or ran away. Either way, it both ended up horrible.

The leader of the Demon King army was not human.

“When he came, he took a look at me. Did he see me?”

When he looked this way, he was scared out of his soul.

“No, he must not see me. I was wrong.”

Lin Wang comforted himself and was about to leave. It was no longer safe here.

At this time, a voice suddenly rang out, “Want to go?”

At the moment of hearing the sound, Lin Wang was shocked tremendously.

He was so familiar with the sound. It was a voice that he would not like to hear it all his life.

“Run away!”

What made Lin Wang break down was that his body was not controlled by himself at all. He stood there and couldn’t move an inch.

Fear spread in the bottom of his heart. The body that had acted as he pleased was like a cold cocoon now. His soul was trapped in the cocoon and could not escape.

A thin and wizened hand stretched out from the void and seized Lin Wang.

Lin Wang felt dizziness, then he came to a world with only a little light.

Dark space?!

It was impossible. How was it possible?

Lin Wang opened his eyes wide. Clearly, he had exploded and self-destructed. How did Imperial Emperor find him?

“Have you had a good time outside these years?”

Imperial Emperor laughed, “Do you think I don’t know what you were doing?”

“Imperial Emperor, no, it’s not like that. Please let me explain!”

“Do you want to say that you’ve long known I had set up somethings in you, so you blew yourself up on purpose to make people think you’re dead?”

Lin Wang’s eyes were full of fear, “Yes, Imperial Emperor foretells like a God. That’s what I meant.”

“The Spirits you stole from Reverse Luck Bead condensed with separations, which is mine. All the Spirits were marked by me. If I want to, I can control everything of you at any time!”

Imperial Emperor said, “The Later Period is close to the Fulfilled Period. Although it’s a little bit worse, it can barely make up to use.”

After that, Lin Wang felt that his ideas were gradually worn out little by little, until in the end, he thoroughly lost consciousness. His eyes became dull instantaneously, and he became a vegetable.

“Time doesn’t wait for me! The cultivation of that man is very strong. Maybe he came from the Eternity!”

Imperial Emperor’s tone was serious, even slightly uneasy, “Damn, I’m 18 bones short, otherwise I will be able to reach the Fulfill Period. Now there is a flaw, but that’s enough!”

A white smoke floated out of the black shadow and settled in the flesh. The next moment, the dull eyes had a look.

With the Sun Soul that had unlimited access to the Tao King and the body of Fulfilled Period of Later Period, plus 188 bones, his breath soared.

“Well, it fits very well. The overall strength approaches the Tao King infinitely! To completely break through the Tao King, it is necessary to get the remaining bones back.”

Imperial Emperor narrowed his eyes. “However, that man is very powerful. I’m not at my peak now, and the body running-in will take another hundred years. It’s not late to find him again when I get back to my peak completely!”

At this point, he delimited the space and disappeared directly.

At this point, Alliance Domain!

“Come on, say what you know.”

Kris Chen said, “I heard that Clan Feng, Clan Xue and Clan Ying are not in this world. Where are you from?”

Ming Xue stood aside and did not speak. He had already said all he knew. The reason why Kris Chen asked this was that he did not fully believe it.

“Leader, our three clans are from Heaven Palace!”

“Oh, Heaven Palace?”

Kris Chen asked, “Where is that?”

Sansheng Ying said, “Heaven Palace is the Eternity Domain, one domain of the three thousand domains, ranking No. 2,000!

“Talk about the things of the Eternity Domain.”

Said Kris Chen.

Sansheng Ying looked at Ming Xue. He knew it clearly and did not hide it. He said, “The Eternity Domain is just one of the three thousand domains, ranking 2,500. But I have been in the lower world for so long, so I don’t know what the ranking is now.”

“The three thousand domains, every cave world similar to the Chaos World of the Other Realm is controlled by the Great Taoist Palace, and the Chaos World of the Other Realm is controlled by the Heaven Palace!”

Kris Chen nodded, which was exactly the same as Ming Xue said, “So what’s the status of the three of you in the Heaven Palace?”

“To be honest, before coming to the lower world, we were just ordinary service disciples in the Heaven Palace!”

“Shengzong Wind, Jingyou Xue and I were best friends. One day, we accidentally found some miraculous treasures as All Wonders Door in the ancient books, so we searched everywhere.”

“After all the efforts, it is said that a very precious magic weapon was soon to be born out of the Heaven Palace. Even the elders of Taoist Palace are excited.”

“The three of us made many inquiries, and finally came to the conclusion that this magic weapon to be born soon is the Door of All Wonders!”

“But how did you three get the Door of All Wonders since your strength was low?”

“It’s kind of a coincidence. The news of the impending birth of Door of All Wonders in the Heaven Palace was spread out, which attracted the siege of hundreds of Taoist Palaces. The battle fought so fiercely. The master of the Heaven Palace and a group of professionals broke the Door of All Wonders.”

Speaking of which, Sansheng Ying’s face revealed memory recalling, “It’s by chance that we could get the fragments. Shengzong got the biggest piece. Jingyou’s and mine add up together no more than what he got.”

“And how did you go to the lower world?”

“The Heaven Palace was destroyed. The war destructed most of the cave world. The three of us didn’t dare to make a public announcement about having accessing to the Door of All Wonders, so we sneaked into the cave world from the Upper World.”

“However, the master who guards the cave world knew that the three of us sneaked in, and the three of us join hands to suppress him. We knew that he was not dead yet and he was hiding in a corner of the Chaos World of the Other Realm.”

“We searched for hundreds of thousands of years, but still got nothing. At last, the three of us jointly set up a big array to fill the Barrier wall with the deadliness and resentment of the Chaos Silent Land, which can be broken only by the Fulfilled Period.”

What Sansheng Ying said was more detailed than Ming Xue, only then did Kris Chen understand that no wonder there was a Barrier outside the Chaotic Silent Land.

“Our three clans could have taken over the whole world, but 9.3 million years ago, Lanting Fairy Palace occupied the Heaven Palace. That ship was the will to supervise the major cave worlds. In order to increase the ascenders, Lanting Fairy Palace asked us to determine the King of Insect in the way of raising the insect. The ultimate winner will follow the Lanting Immortal Boat to soar to the Upper World.”

“Can individuals break the Boundaries?”

“Yes, but… Those who break the walls of Boundaries in private and ascend are called stowaways!”

“Oh? Why?”

Asked Kris Chen.

“The detachment of the lower world is not in the true sense of detachment!”

Sansheng Ying said: “The ascender will go to the ascending pool to wash the body and remove the brand of the cave world!”


“That’s right!”

Sansheng Ying said: “The brand is deeply hidden that it can’t be seen in the lower world. But in the upper world, the brand of each Great Taoist Palace will appear.”

Kris Chen suddenly thought of the cattle raised by the factory collectively, and they would brand the animals.

“So what happens if it’s found out?”

“Will he die?”

“Not so much!”

Sansheng Ying sighed, “But if you are found by hostile forces, you will probably be taken away to be used as the Barrier seed!”

“Barrier seed is the seed of the cave world. Open a hole from the top of head and bury the Barrier seed. The Barrier seed will take root and sprout quickly, and then firmly take root in the tendons and orifices, absorb your mana, Sun Soul and physical strength, to keep growing.”

“So, don’t think about breaking Boundaries without permission. Except for the Barrier Master, any creature breaking Boundaries will be found.”

Kris Chen nodded and asked, “I always have a question about one thing. Clearly, there are only nine Emperor Ancestors, and Domain Wang is not an imperial family at all. Why…”

“Did you find out?”

Sansheng Ying said: “Indeed, your strength is extraordinary, which has surpassed the master of the cave world.”

“This is the dreadful part of the master of the cave world. He can unconsciously influence people’s thinking. Reality is wrong, but under his interference, it becomes right.”

“Ten imperial clans is his provocation, so as to tell us that he’s ready to come back.”

“So he is the extra imperial clan, isn’t he?”

“That’s right!”

Sansheng Ying nodded.

“I ask you, what are the Stages above Detachment?” Asked Kris Chen.

Sansheng Ying replied: “Above Detachment is the king of Tao, above the king of Tao is the Tao Emperor. The elders of the Great Taoist Palaces are generally in the Tao King Stage, and the Tao Emperor is qualified to compete for the throne of the Palace Master!”

“Above the Tao Emperor is Immortal. The imperial realm has nine levels, one step one heaven. Those who can achieve Immortal are the strongest in each palace.”

“What about above Immortal?”

“Above Immortal is the Eternity. Past Eternity, Future Eternity, and Present Eternity are Immortal in the true sense!”

Chapter 734: The Lanting Immortal Boat

“The one who reaches eternity must be the Lord of the Tao Domain.” Sansheng Yin said.”He can make the heaven and earth submit to him.”

Kris was also surprised. He had thought Detachment Stage was already the highest stage, but that was not the case.

“Then eternity should be the end of cultivation, right?” Kris asked.

Sansheng shook his head. “After reaching the Eternity there is the Immortality Stage.”

“No one has ever seen a cultivator who has reached that stage. And no one knows how powerful they really are. They only exist in legends.”

Suddenly Kris had a new goal to continue his training. The Great Tao was a long and endless stage. He was determined to reach the highest stage.

“These people know too many secrets, and the Gate of Wonders is a treasure that they all want to get. If I kill them, I can prevent them from revealing these secrets, but they are all submissive to me. But if I do so, it is not in line with my principles.” Kris thought.

“Hand over your soul source to me and then open your divine mind. I’ll plant the seed of Divine Spiritual Power.” Kris ordered. This was the best way he could think of at the moment to prevent them from leaking his secrets.

The three of them were very reluctant to hand over their soul source, but they did not dare to disobey Kris’s order.

Sansheng was the first to hand over his soul source, and then Kris planted the seed of Divine Spiritual Power in his mind.

Then Yu Yin and Wuxie Feng did the same.

“You three need make the Great Tao oath.” Kris ordered.

Then they knelt down and made a Tao oath. When the sky thundered, this declared that the oath was in effect. Only then did Kris release the confinement on them.

“From today, you three need cooperate with the Alliance Domain to complete the reform of the Other Realm world. As for the Lord of Cave Realm, I will go find him.”


When they left, Kris returned to the Time Barrier.

He took out the pieces of the Gate of Wonders from his body, and then green light was released from the fracture of the four pieces. A moment later, a complete piece of the Gate of Wonders was put together.

“It is said that there are nine pieces of the Gate of Wonders, and each piece has a different function.” Kris murmured.

He eagerly began to cultivate. Immediately, an extremely powerful energy was poured into Kris’ mind. After a long time, he opened his eyes. “This is a super technique that can go straight to eternity. That’s great.” Kris was elated. Then he continued to practice magic art alone.

In the meantime, the outside world had changed. Feng Domain announced that it had joined the Alliance Domain, and then the Yin Domain joined it as well. Wuxie Feng, Yu Yin and Ming Xue all became part of the Demon King army.

Ten years later, the Alliance Domain ruled this whole area.

During these years, Demon Kris, Yuan Kris, Yang Buddha and others also reached the Transcendence Stage. It was all thanks to the fragments of the Gate of Wonders that elevated their physical bodies. It was just that their mana and sun soul were a little bit inferior.

Kris stayed in the Time Barrier for another 50 million years. His physical body power was further enhanced, and his every cell was elevated to the middle period of Detachment Stage. His cellular world also elevated to the Great World.

“I sense the Lanting Immortal Boat. I have to go. Hope you guys can reach the Detachment Stage soon.” He said to his buddies.

He only planned to take his four incarnations to the upper world, and let the other seven stay in the lower world.

Then he said goodbye to his loved ones and left.

A huge whirlpool appeared in the void. Then a ship sailed out of the whirlpool and finally stopped in front of the crowd.

Kris didn’t hesitate and turned around to get on the boat.


Soon, Kris came inside the Lanting Immortal Boa. It was not so much a ship as it was a huge city.

There were a lot of people here. They were almost all on the Detachment Stage. Several people dressed in blue approached him, and the word Lanting was tattooed in the center of their clothes.

“Are you the practitioners who just flew into the upper world from the lower world?” a man asked impatiently.

“Yes.” said Kris.

“Follow me.” The man said.

Kris frowned. This was completely different from what he had thought. He thought that after he boarded the boat, he would immediately be sent to the Eternal Domain.


“Keep quiet. I’m very busy. There are still 100,000 people waiting for me to greet them.”

Kris was surprised. “Are there so many cultivators who just flew into the upper world?

“Yeah, definitely.” The man said. “Hurry up and go test your strength. We need to register your information.”

Kris nodded and followed behind them. He arrived at a pavilion where a long line had formed in front of the pavilion.

“You take this and line up right here!” said the man. He gave him a token, which was marked with eight hundred and eighty-eight.

Then he hurriedly walked away.

“There are at least five hundred people in line here, how long do I have to wait?” Kris murmured.

To his surprise, the test went very fast. At the end of the test, all the practitioners are graded.

“It is said that the Ding grade is the worst. My sun soul just barely stepping into the Detachment stage, so I’m definitely Ding level.”

“The practitioners who are at the Ding level do some hard work. They either go to cook or clean.”

“Can I take magical pills or use the Treasure of Transcendence to forcibly boost my cultivation?”

“It’s useless. That testing magic weapons can accurately test your cultivation, and once they find out that you cheated, and then you’re done!”

“Thank you for telling me this. I almost did something stupid.”

Hearing their conservation, Kris guessed that these people should be the strongest in their world, but in the Eternal Domain, they were nobody.

Kris was in the Detachment Stage in both mana and physical body, as well as in primal spirit. He was confident that he should be the highest level.

“Put your hand on this jade token.” A man said to him.

Kris nodded his head and put his hand on the jade token.

“His physical body is at the early stage of Detachment Stage, his sun soul is at the early period of Normalization Stage, and his mana is at the early period of Normalization Stage. He is in the Bing Level.” The man said to the person in charge of logging in the information.

“Take your test card to the Bing room.” He said to Kris.

Taking the test token, Kris couldn’t believe that his strength was only level Bing. “Why am I only at Bing level? Could it be that the fragment of the Gate of Wonders is hiding my power? It’s so powerful that it can fool the magic weapons that specialize in testing cultivation.” Kris murmured.

Then he took the test token and walked into the Bing room.

“You, go chop wood. And you go pick 10,000 buckets of water to fill that water tank in the backyard.” The man ordered.

“We’ve worked so hard to get to the upper world. Now you’re asking me to do such lowly work?” A practitioner complained.

“You are nothing here.” The man sneered. He was stout, wearing an apron. He was holding a kitchen knife in one hand and a spoon in the other. Behind him were dozens of very fat people.

“Sir, you don’t have to waste time with them. If they don’t obey orders, kill them.” His subordinates shouted.

Just then, he waved his knife, and then he split the one who complained in half.

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